Management and Supervision
Russia - Omsk
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Omsk region Export Support center was established in August 1, 2012 by the Ministry of Economics of the Omsk region and is a part of the unified regional infrastructure for enterprise development and investment activities - the Development and Investment Agency of Omsk Region. The competence of the Center is to stimulate and involve small and medium-sized enterprises in export activities, to help them to entry into foreign markets of goods, services and technologies, as well as to increase competitiveness and efficiency of their foreign economic activities. Omsk region Export Support center provides small and medium-sized enterprises planning and conducting export activities with a range of state support services free of charge, including information and analytical, consulting, organizational, financial and other services.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

LLP "Meat Processing company BIZHAN" was founded in 1998. The assortment of the company is more than 90 kinds: smoked, boiled products, meat delicacies and national wares from horse meat, frozen semi-finished products. In 2011 The modern slaughterhouse complex of cattle and horses in Kokshetau LLP Meat Processing Complex BIZHAN with its own fattening base has been put into operation, as well as production of sausage and meat products, meat and canned meat and semi-finished products. All products with HALAL certification. Environmentally friendly BIZHAN products is supplied to the Kazakhstan market, and to its own chain of stores "MEAT WORLD".

1.4 MEAT PRODUCT; 1.4.1 Canned meat; 1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen;


Russia - Krasnoyarsk
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Export Support Center within Business Development Agency offers small and medium-sized enterprises a wide spectrum of financial and non-financial services aimed at promotion of local products on international markets. Export Support Center assists in finding foreign business partners, business cooperation development, participation in international exhibitions, business missions abroad, etc.

3.2.3 Governmental organisations;


Belarus - Brest, Republic of Belarus
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OJSC «Brest Meat Processing Plant» is one of the largest enterprises in the meat industry of the Republic of Belarus. It is present on the market for over 75 years. The main activity of the enterprise is processing of agricultural raw materials, production meat and sausages and prefabricated products . Quality raw materials, advanced equipment, preservation of traditions are the components of success of OJSC «Brest Meat Processing Plant».

1.4 MEAT PRODUCT; 1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen;

Asia international company LTD works in the territory of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan since 1997. Currently represents the interests of Company Craemer (Germany). Craemer is known for its high development competence and innovative strength. As part of the World Food 2018, the company presents its extensive product range for the food processing industries and the entire logistics sector. The five palette families offer a suitable solution for every application. Craemer reusable plastic pallets have proven themselves millions of times and are particularly found in closed circuits in which automation, process safety and hygiene play decisive roles. The container program for the food industry is perfectly tailored to the requirements of hygiene-sensitive areas of protection and impresses with its durable, robust quality. The food-grade large containers, vats and buckets have been used for years wherever goods are mixed, stored and transported.

2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.1.3 Packing materials; 3.2 OTHER; 3.2.8 Transportation, logistics; 3.2.9 Storage and warehousing;


State entity
Russia - Gatchina
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Industry development center was established in 2017 by the decision of the Leningrad region government to promote the industrial enterprises competitiveness in the region. The center offers solutions to regional producers in the field of sales markets expansion, network of partners, development of export activity, increase of processes and personnel efficiency.

The national stand, group;


Russia - Kirov

The Kirov region booth will demonstrate products from food and package production enterprises of the region: 1) OOO «SladEks» - official exporter of products made under TM «Sladkaya Sloboda». Product range: sugar and hard-dough biscuits, butter cookies, souffle cookies, waffles. 2) «2 Andreys» (Petrovykh E.V., Private entrepreneur) – manufacturer of flexible package for food products and industrial goods. Products demonstrated: printed of flexible package, packets with manual cutting, t-shirt bags, filler packets. 3) Maksimov A.S., Private entrepreneur – production of exclusive packing materials from natural wood and plywood.

3.2.3 Governmental organisations;


Belarus - Mogilev
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JSC «MOGELIT» – is one of the largest and best-known producers of gelatin on the CIS territory and the only one in the Eurasian Economic Union. Today the company specializes in producing different types of gelatin and functional beef protein «BELPRO». These products are well-known not only to the Belarusian, but also to the Russian consumer, it is also exported to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, the CIS and the European Union. Gelatin and functional beef protein «BELPRO» from JSC «MOGELIT» are made entirely of raw beef (type B) and have the certificate «HALAL». The company also has permission to export products to the European Union countries in the TRACES system (registration number - BY 06-14-25). The company is founded and steadily functions since 1937.

2.6 INGREDIENTS, ADDITIVES, SPICES; 2.6.3 Gelatin; 2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.5 Ingredients for diary industry; 2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery;


Kazakhstan - Almaty
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«Neos Ingredients Asia ltd» distributes high quality functional food ingredients and equipment for confectionary and bakery industries. We are officially representing such producers as «Russian Ingredients», «Ernst Bocker GmbH & Co. KG», «Dubor Groneweg GmbH & Co. KG», «Boyens Backservice GmbH», «Kallbergs Industry AB», «Aromatic AB», «Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd.», «FoodChem International Corporation», LASENOR-Russia.

2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery; 2.6.8 Conserving agents; 2.8.1 Confectionery equipment;


Belarus - PINSK

Production of meat, meat products, sausages

1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen;

Manufacturing of electric power generation, control and protection aircraft systems, lamps and aeronautical lights for all types of planes and helicopters in Russia, as well as production of civil products for technical and industrial purposes. The company produces floor electric transport with load capacity up to 3 tons, dough machines, lift equipment, electric motors of different use: • Asynchronous explosive proof motors (up to 15kWt); • Traction motors (for travel mechanism of electric trucks and forklifts of Russian producers; can be also used in repair of analogues trucks of Bulgarian producers); • Motor drives for forklift hydraulic pumps; • Electric drives for lift hoist gear and for door opening motors.

2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.8.8 Equipment for macaroni, ravioli production;


Russia - Kirov
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Dear ladies and gentlemen! The confectionery producer TM Sladkaya Sloboda is looking forward to cooperating with you. We are glad to offer you the following production of Sladkaya Sloboda trademark: sugar biscuits, prolong cookies, enrobed biscuits, souffle biscuits and butter biscuits. The production of Sladkaya Sloboda TM is represented in Russia, CIS countries, Germany, the USA and Canada. The shelf life of products is 12 months. The shipment may be performed by trucks, containers and wagons. All shipping details are discussible. Do not hesitate to contact in case of questions on cooperation via e-mail: sl@sladeks.ru.

1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.1.1 Confectionery; Biscuit and cookies;


United States of America - Denver
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U.S. Meat Export Federation USMEF is a nonprofit trade association working to create new opportunities and develop existing international markets for U.S. red meat. www.usmef.org

1.4 MEAT PRODUCT; 1.4.1 Canned meat; 1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen; 1.9 HEALTHY FOOD; 2.7.3 Sausage coating;


United States of America - Stone Mountain, GA

USAPEEC is a non-profit organization promoting exports of U.S. poultry meat and egg products. The Council’s members are almost all major U.S. poultry and egg producing and trading companies representing over 90% of all exports of these products from the United States. Among associated member are financial, transportation and logistics companies, cold stores, commodity organizations and other entities involved in exports of U.S. poultry and egg products. USAPEEC has regional offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico and Monterrey, as well as regional consultants in Johannesburg, Seoul, Tokyo, EU, Latin America, Eurasian Economic Union and Middle East.

1.4.4 Poultry and game; 1.7 EGGS; 3.2.4 Marketing and advertising; 3.2.5 Consulting; 3.2.7 Trade association; 3.2.8 Transportation, logistics;


Russia - Saratov
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The market leader of bakery and pastry equipment. Specialized sequential management system of alimentary production safety Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. Quality control system is certified according to the BS EN ISO 9001:2015. Bakery ovens, dough proofers, dough mixing machines, dough dividing machines, dough rounders, intermediate proofers, dough molding machines, baguette molding machines, bread slicers, dough depositing machines, planetary mixers, dough sheeters. Bakeries, confectionary shops, technological lines.

2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.9.3 Bakery equipment;


Poland - Bydgoszcz
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The Polish company AKO S.A. is a manufacturer of ingredients for the bakery and confectionery industry. The company produces a wide range of mixes for biscuits, stabilisers for cream, mixes and bread improvers. AKO S.A. supplies its products to more than 20 countries worldwide. A professional international team, using its experience in Europe, offers individual solutions for manufacturers to make their products unique.

1.1.1 Confectionery; 1.1.3 Bakery, cakes; 1.6.2 Ice-cream; 2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery;


Kazakhstan - Almaty
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Iteca LLP organises trade events in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, and is part of the ITE Group, one of the world’s leading organisers of international exhibitions and conferences. Kazakhstan based Iteca LLP has proved itself to be a leading organizer of exhibitions and conferences in Central Asian region. The company organizes about 40 events annually in Astana, Almaty, Atyrau, Aktau, and Shymkent. These events cover 22 different economy sectors among which are oil and gas, energy, mining and metallurgy, construction, tourism, transport and logistics, food industry and agriculture, and medicine. Every year Iteca brings together 4 000 exhibitors and 2 400 delegates from 74 countries and attracts about 70 000 professional visitors. The total exhibition area of all events per year totals 100,000 sq. m.


Electronic Equipment & Services
Russia - the village of Belozerye, Romodanovsky District,

All goods are manufactured on the basis of the traditional home-made recipes for stewed meat and dry-cured sausages. The key component of our production facility that releases HALAL products is a strict quality control from purchase of raw materials to storage, transportation and sale of products that comply with all the canons and traditions of a faithful Muslim. Constantly developing and expanding the range of products, we use only environmentally friendly meat of animals grown in the private family farms. Our products include stewed meat and dry-cured sausages («Kazalyk» horse sausage, «Kurakhan» chicken sausage).

1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen;