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Russia - Penza

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Confectionery products;


Russia - Moscow

The Molopttorg company works at the market of cheeses and dairy production since 1994. The company began the activity as the distributor of the New Zealand dairy products. Now, we have in the portfolio distribution by famous Russian and European Trademarks and producers, such as: Fleshard C.A.C. (France, brand Parisian Burenka, etc.,), Mlekovita (Poland), Mlekpol (Poland), Polmlek (Poland), Vloszhzchevo (Poland), SEKO (Poland), Porkhovsky mol.zavod (Russia), Brasovsky cheeses (Russia), Lukhsky plant (Russia) and others. As, we are direct importers of cheeses from Europe: TM Frendship (Germany, Denmark), TM Oldenburger (Germany), Dzhagibo (Holland) This year we started developing own SENATOR trademark including a wide line of cheeses: Maasdam, Gauda, Edam, Tilziter, Swiss – orders on which we place with leading European producers. And as the Mozzarella Senator cheese made In the Moscow region from the most qualitative European raw materials.

Cheeses; Milk; 1.6 DIARY PRODUCTS;


Russia - Moscow

1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.4 Poultry and game; 1.8.1 Frozen fruits and vegetables; 1.8.3 Mushrooms;


Ukraine - Lugansk
Web: makdak.ua

Confectionary "Mak-daK" was founded in 1999, is a Ukrainian producer of food. Currently, Confectionary "Mak-daK" produces about 500 types of products. The production structure of the company consists of 2 plants: 1.extrusion production (corn sticks, pads, bars, bread, bran, popcorn); 2.confectionery production (butter, puff pastry, croissants, muffins, waffles, fruit jelly, marshmallow).At the moment, Confectionary "Mak-daK" has partners throughout Ukraine, as well as, exports its products to several countries, and offers cooperation to companies in countries near and far abroad. The main principle of the Company - the production of quality, natural and healthy product for our customers.

1.1.1 Confectionery; 1.2.6 Cereals;


Uzbekistan - Tashkent region

Marwin Brands LLC is produces juice and nectars under “DENA” brand. Company was founded in 27 june of 2007. And holds leading position in Uzbekistan market. “DENA” juice and nectar has 14 tastes:Apple juice, apple nectar, apricot nectar, peach nectar, nectar Multifruit, Quince nectar, orange juice, pineapple juice, grape and apple juice, tomato juice, apple-black currant nectar, apple-cherry nectar, pear nectar, Carrot - apple nectar. Apart from Uzbekistan market “DENA” is exported to Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

2.2.6 Juices and nectars;


Belarus - MINSK

Production of coffee and tea under own trade marks. Assortment of tea and coffee includes more than 120 items in different price segments.

2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks;


Russia - Miass

Makiz-Ural is one of the largest which specializes on saling bakery and pastry equipment since 1992. Makiz-Ural company is official dealer of many well-known European companies, who are certain leadery in bakery and pastry equipment production.

2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.8.8 Equipment for macaroni, ravioli production; 2.9.2 Drying and roasting equipment; 2.9.3 Bakery equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment;


Poland - Lukow

The "Łmeat – Łuków" S.A. meat processing plant has been in operation since 1973. Profile of our business activities: Purchase and slaughter of porkers (approx. 400 thousand head/year) and beef cattle (approx. 75 thousand head/year), Cutting pork (approx. 110 tonnes/8 hours) and beef (approx. 80 tonnes/8 hours), Production and distribution of meats, cold meats, tinned meat and fats, Production of pet food, Own retail network ( 100shops) and 6 wholesale centres, Own specialist transport of livestock and ready-made products. We have authorization for export to Russia,Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Korea, Canada and others. Contact: Export Department Artur Osiak phone: 0048 25 797 27 19 Mobile 0048 667 984 724 e-mail: aosiak@zmlukow.pl export@zmlukow.pl www.zmlukow.pl



Germany - Bremen

Melitta® is one of the leading coffee brands in Germany, the largest European market of natural roasted coffee. Melitta® offers a large variety of fresh ground vaccuum packed coffee, whole beans of 100% Arabica, freeze dried instant coffee as well as cappuccino style instant drinks in different packaging sizes. Produced in Germany.

2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks;


Netherlands - Oostzaan

Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. is a leading manufacturer of lines for slaughtering, cutting and further, processing of agricultural poultry meat. Company suggests a wide range of slaughter conveyers, lines for cutting and processing with the opportunity to choose speed characteristics and bird sizes. It allows achieving efficient productivity with absolute minimum labour-outlet in meat processing industry.

Other; Poultry;


Russia - Moscow

2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.5 Ingredients for diary industry; 2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery;


Poland - Warsaw

The Polish Ministry of Economy supports Polish-Kazakhstani cooperation. Polish food and machinery are known worldwide. High quality, good price and taste makes Polish manufacturers world leaders in the sector. The offer amazes even the most demanding clients. Visit the info stand and learn more about possible business.

3.2.1 National stand, group; 3.2.3 Governmental organisations; 3.3.1 Embassy;


Germany - Arnstein

Making life easier for bakers has been the top priority at MIWE for more than 90 years. If our customers are successful, we are too. That is why we do everything we can to help our customers strengthen their position in the market by delivering top-quality products, professional advice and first-class service. Our core expertise is the heating and cooling process in the bakery and efficient process design, and that is what we concentrate on. Our product portfolio is focused on baking ovens for large-scale production and stores, as well as bakery refrigeration systems and automation equipment.

2.9.3 Bakery equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment; 3.1.7 Food automatisation;


Sri Lanka - Peliyagoda

Sri Lankan family tea company Dilmah, founded by Merrill J. Fernando, has preached quality, authenticity and variety in tea for decades. Dilmah pioneered the concept of Single Origin Tea in 1988 when the family company went against industry trends to declare its commitment to authenticity. Garden fresh, unblended tea is a hallmark of Dilmah which is a brand built on integrity, embodied in the Six Pillars of Dilmah. Our range includes traditional Speciality Gourmet and Premium Tea, Herbal Infusions, pure Green Tea and Fun flavoured Teas, Spiced Chais, Organic Tea, the Dilmah Exceptional range with its contemporary selection of teas and our boutique Watte and t-Series. Dilmah is the world’s first truly Ethical Tea, going beyond Fair Trade, in that all packaging profits are retained in Sri Lanka and fund the MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation. We believe that Business is a Matter of Human Service. www.mjffoundation.org, www.dilmahconservation.org

2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks;


Russia - Moscow

Plant "Molmash" – the manufacturer of equipment for the food industry since 1932. Output range - vessels and heat exchangers (pasteurization and sterilization, cooling, cooling systems), equipment for production of natural and mixed oils, cheese, condensed milk, mayonnaise, ketchup and sauces. Also Molmash engaged in complex supply and commissioning of lines and dairy plants for milk processing "turn key" with the introduction of modern technology and staff training. The geography of our supplies - Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, as well as neighboring countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, etc.

2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.8.7 Fat and oil processing equipment; 2.8.9 Fruit and vegetable processing equipment; 2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment; 2.9.6 Heating equipment; 3.1.5 Software systems; 3.1.9 Cleaning equipment;


Germany - Wolfertschwenden

Multivac is a world leading supplier of packaging solutions for food products, sterile medical products and various industrial and consumer articles, with more than 2600 employees in over 55 countries on all continents. The comprehensive range of machines includes fully automated thermoforming machines, traysealers, vacuum chamber machines and labellers. Multivac installs around 1400 industrial machines and 4000 semi-automated machines per year; that comes to a total of over 115,000 Multivac machines worldwide since the foundation of the company in 1961. More than 800 consultants and service technicians worldwide ensure that Multivac packaging systems are available throughout the world.

1.1.2 Honey; 1.1.5 Jams, confitures; 1.3.1 Mayonnaise; 1.3.2 Sauces, ketchups, mustard; 1.4 MEAT PRODUCT; 1.4.1 Canned meat; 1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen; 1.4.4 Poultry and game; 1.5 FISH AND SEAFOOD; 1.5.1 Canned fish; 1.6 DIARY PRODUCTS; 1.6.3 Sour-milk products; 1.6.4 Cheese; 2.7.3 Sausage coating; 2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.8.6 Meat processing equipment; 2.8.8 Equipment for macaroni, ravioli production; 2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment; 2.9.2 Drying and roasting equipment; 2.9.5 Fish processing equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.1.3 Packing materials;


Poland - Monki

P.U.P.H. MONROL the limited liability company has been on the market since 1991. We are a renowned, professional producer of wood chips for bets of capital groups,S.A. in the butcher’s, fish and cheese-making industry. Selected wood chips used in the production, come from ecological clean wooded areas of the European Union. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificates are a confirmation the high quality of our wood chips. Our new offer is directed to individual persons (barbecue’s and home smoking chambers’ users) - enables applications of our product for a domestic consumption.

1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen; 1.4.4 Poultry and game;


Belarus - Mogilev

Republican unitary manufacture enterprise «Mogilevhlebprom» is the largest producer of baked goods and pastry in Mogilev and Mogilev area. The enterprise comprises 8 manufactures, which produce over 140 tonnes of baked goods and 20 tonnes of pastry. Assortment numbers over 200 kinds of baked goods and 300 kinds of pastry (baked pastry, spice cakes, shortcakes, oatmeal cookies, waffles, cakes, fancy cakes, Swiss rolls, loaf and sorbet and other). Unit weight of diet and diabetic goods in total production volume makes up over 35%. A wide range of goods, high quality, use of natural raw materials and modern improved technologies allow the enterprise to present its products at the internal market as well as outside Belarus. The policy of «Mogilevhlebprom» bases on safe and quality production which meets compulsory requirements and customer’s demands, provided by complex approach to the objects of provision, management and procedure upgrade. Brands “Hlebniy Dar” and “Domochay”, produced from natural ecological materials without artificial components and flavor additives, present pastry and baked goods of «Mogilevhlebprom». Customers of all ages and categories purchase its products.

1.1.3 Bakery, cakes; 1.1.1 Confectionery;


Poland - Oborniki Śląskie

ZWC „Miś” Sp. z o.o., based in Oborniki Śląskie, produces and distributes a wide range of biscuits, dry wafers, crispy wafers combined with soft cream, fluffy marshmallows, chocolate-covered ptasie mleczko and other confectioneries and baked treats. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we have developed our own special recipes, gifting our products a unique flavour. The Miś brand is well-known for a tradition which stretches back over 50 years – along with the use of the highest quality raw materials, this is our recipe for sweet success.

1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.1.1 Confectionery; 1.1.3 Bakery, cakes; 1.1.4 Chocolate, cocoa products;