Exhibitors List WorldFood Kazakhstan 2013, Agroworld Kazakhstan 2013, Kazupack/KazPrintmedia 2013


Kazakhstan - Almaty city

Installation of building cold rooms, refrigerated warehouses, vegetable stores, fruit storage "turnkey" of any size, type and functionality. refrigeration doors Delivery of sandwich panels. Components, copper pipes, refrigerant compressors Direct delivery, low prices, deadlines, quality, service, warranty!

Refrigerating machinery; Cold rooms and doors;


Kazakhstan - Pavlodar

The company "KEMMI GROUP" is located in Pavlodar (Republic of Kazakhstan). Is a leading producer and supplier of a national series of noodles, among which: besbarmak, laghman and soup noodles as well as the New East series, the Italian series "Special Format" and pasta for kids. Products are widely known and implemented throughout Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany and many regions of Russia. Prosperity and steady growth - the main principles of the company, which is reflected in the trademark "KEMMI" - evergreen tree as a symbol of life.

1.2.2 Macaroni;


Russia - Moscow

«Коudijs MKorma» is a joint Russian-Dutch enterprise of two companies: «De Heus», one of the leaders of the animal feed and feed additives international market which has 100 years history, and «MKorma», the exclusive distributer of «De Heus» products in Russia. At present the company provides the full complex of services for farm livestock feeding. Main proud of the company – technological department, its experts provide qualified consulting support for the managers and specialists of the farms dealing with farm livestock breeding and keeping. «Koudijs MKorma» owns «De Heus» plant in Russia. Productive capacity of the enterprise allows producing up to 60 000 tons of premixes annually.

Fodder, premixes;


Belarus - Minsk

Production quality beer, beer cocktails, kvass, soft drinks, food concentrates (jelly, pudding, tsevita, cocoa)

2.2.1 Flavored drinks; 2.2.3 Drinking water; 2.2.5 Kissel, compote; 2.3.8 Beer; 2.4.2 Low alcohol drinks;


Netherlands - Terborg

Kaak Group Total Bakery Concepts The Kaak Group is today’s answer to complex sales markets for bread and other baked products. Highly qualified experts in six subsidiaries and eight divisions together focus on developing and providing optimal technical and technological variations and nuances for each product, be it mixed bread, toast, baguette, brioche or country-style breads. Within the Kaak Group, we combine the in-depth knowledge of our engineers and technologists in a flexible system which delivers tailor-made solutions without intergration problems. The result: authentic products made on tailor-made automated production lines which comply with the market’s requirements and are convincing in terms of economy and ecology.

2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.9.3 Bakery equipment; 2.9.6 Heating equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment; 3.1.5 Software systems; 3.1.8 Spare parts; 3.1.9 Cleaning equipment;


Kazakhstan - Almatinskaya obl., Abay village

Kagazy Recycling LLP, a subsidiary of Kazakhstan Kagazy JSC - is the biggest manufacturer of paper, cardboard and corrugated packaging in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The unique feature of company production is that it produces paper only from recycled paper. Kagazy Recycling LLP is a vertically-integrated business with a full production cycle: from its own waste paper collection to production of finished goods. Kagazy Recycling is the only company in Kazakhstan which has a network of waste paper collection points throughout the country. Every year Kagazy Recycling LLP collects and recycles approximately 50 thousand tons of waste paper and saves from deforestation around 500 thousand of matured trees, or 10 sq.km. of forest. The company is committed to principles of environmental safety and social responsibility. It is the first company in Kazakhstan and Cental Asia to receive a certificate of International Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Paper for goffering; Cardboard goffered; Packing for confectionery and culinary items; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing from a paper, a cardboard, a corrugated cardboard, a foil; Packing transport;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

1.3.1 Mayonnaise; 1.3.2 Sauces, ketchups, mustard; 1.4 MEAT PRODUCT; 1.4.4 Poultry and game; 1.5 FISH AND SEAFOOD; 1.5.1 Canned fish; 1.5.2 Caviar; 1.6 DIARY PRODUCTS; 1.6.4 Cheese;



KazMelt company is a producer of self-adhesive labels in rolls of any type of complexity: embossing, cold/hot foil, print on the adhesive layer, wash-off labels. Label production on mono materials: print of flexible packaging, wrap around labels, shrink-sleeve labels. Moreover, company produces thermal labels of various sizes, with and without logo, cash register tape. KazMelt company is official representative of Italian production company Leuenberger+C in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Delivery and sales of adhesive products, used in packaging, printing and other industries.



Ukraine - Drohobych

Compounding company, since 1998. Main activity: - Production of complex food additives. - Technological support meat processing industry. - Development of formulations and implementation of technology of meat products. - Food Engineering.

2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Plant LLP "Kormovik" launched in February 2011 and is a local company using European technology and equipped with computerized Dutch equipment. Performance of 7.5 tons per hour production. The main activity of the plant "Kormovik" is the production of premixes and concentrates for all types of animals and birds. Our products will help poultry and livestock complexes increase the safety of livestock, improved feed efficiency, enhance the immune system and increase the productivity of animals and bird.

Fodder, premixes;



Kreis Pack Sp. z o.o. is a Polish producer of disposable food packaging. The company specializes in thermoforming OPS and PP foil. The offer includes OPS confectionery and salad containers, PP salad containers, sealable lunch boxes, plates, bowls, cups and disposable cutlery. The company is ready to realize customized packaging. Kreis Pack's production is supported by ISO 9001 and HACCP certificates.

Bags, bags, packages, container, tubes, containers, trays, etc.; Disposable ware, bottles; Foil aluminium; Other packing materials; Other packing products; Packing for confectionery and culinary items; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing from a paper, a cardboard, a corrugated cardboard, a foil; Packing items; Packing materials;


Turkey - Izmir

Kutlusan Poultry Equipment CO. was founded in 1996 in order to avoid the deficiency of quality equipment in Turkish poultry Industry. Kutlusan that grows in a secure way, has become the choice of wise Investor with its advenced technology, strong structure of human resorces end professionalism, which are keys to quality and success. Kutlusan Poultry Equipment Co. has taken the philosophy of "to give the best quality to the breeder" as a goal and presents the beet solutions with optimum prices.

Cattle breeding; Metal work, complex buildings; Poultry;


South Korea - Seoul

Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd(KDP) was established in 1963 by Choi,Soo Boo,Chairman and it has played a great role to improve and continue to public health care and quality of life in Korea. KDP is diversified with not only pharmaceutical product with oriental herbal health Medicine, anticancer medicine and cardiovascular medicine etc but also soft drink of ‘Vita500’ Vitamin C health drink and ‘Cornsilk tea drink as the No1 leading brands in Korean local market, Red ginseng drinks, ‘Drop’ fruit juice drinks and so on.

1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.9 HEALTHY FOOD; 2.2 SOFT DRINKS; 2.2.2 Mineral water; 2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks; 2.2.6 Juices and nectars;


Belarus - Minsk

RUE “Minsk Kristall” is the largest producer of alcoholic beverages in the Republic of Belarus. The trademark Kristall is a classic, recognized not only in Belarus, but also far abroad. We may proudly state that modern Kristall is the brand. The special bottle, unified design line and patented trademarks, all this undoubtedly contributes to mind share and 100% recognizability of our products. While the years and decades are passing, the production is being advanced to higher levels and the style of operation is being improved, one thing remains unchanged — the highest quality of the products. The enterprise is the winner of the Premium of the Government of the Republic of Belarus in the field of quality.

2.3 ALCOHOLIC DRINKS; 2.3.1 Vermouth; 2.3.2 Wine; 2.3.3 Whisky, bourbon; 2.3.4 Vodka; 2.3.5 Gin; 2.3.6 Cognac, brandy; 2.3.7 Liquors; 2.3.9 Rum; 2.4.3 Tequila;


Belarus - Brest

Production of meat-processing equipment: Screw and rotor vacuum fillers complete with lifters, twisters and chopper attachments; Manual and automatic clippers with date markers; Machines for mincing frozen food blocks; Tare washers; U-type and continuous-type clips, piece loops and loops glued on the tape, labeling tape.

2.8.6 Meat processing equipment;