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Canada - Cambridge, ON

Jamesway is an undisputed leader in the incubation industry. The Company is running successfully since 1900. Our production facilities are located in Cambridge, Canada. Jamesway offers a wide range of the most energy efficient and robust incubation systems, along with ventilation, accessories and automation equipment. Team of qualified professionals is ready to elaborate a hatchery design in the shortest possible time and to provide you with urgent service support, assistance and consulting in solving any current issues. Company's main strategy implies individual approach to each hatchery and constant elaboration of innovative technologies, which helps us to remain a reliable partner and to offer our customers state-of-the-art and best equipment. Our incubators, hatchers and microclimate equipment as well as any required assistance from our specialists allows you to have the most efficient hatchery operation.



Poland - Warszawa

JAR Jaskulski Aromaty is a Polish producer of food flavourings for confectionery, bakery, dairy, ice cream, beverages and food supplement production. JAR flavourings are available in both liquid and powder form. The company was founded in 1979. Since this time, we have not only reached a leading position in our home market, but have also had regular business relations with customers abroad. Every year, we are expanding our business onto new markets. Correspondingly, in order to meet world food trends, a team of specialists continually creates new products in JAR’s modern laboratory. JAR is certified with ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP. Our team does its best to be fast and flexible. The company is also open to engaging in tailor-made projects. Our goal is to provide top quality products and customer service at a reasonable price. Moreover, JAR’s strategy is to expand its operations with Eastern markets and is, thus, looking for long-term and reliable partners in these countries.

2.6.1 Flavoring agents; 2.6.9 Colouring agent;


Lithuania - Joniskis

PLC "Joniskio grudai" is considered as a founder of combined feed production in Lithuania. We are proud to be in production business over 55 years. We offer a wide range of premixes, protein, vitamin and mineral supplementary and combined feeds for all types of animals and poultry. Also, we produce, feed for dog, bait for fish, high quality wheat and rye flour.

Fodder, premixes;


Latvia - Jaunpils novads

The company started its activity in 1912. Traditions of milk processing in Jaunpils are long and stable. The company fully complies with requirements of the European Union, Russia and other countries, allowing products to be sold not only in Latvia but beyond its borders as well – in Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Israel, USA, UK. Our company has many years of experience in milk and cheese production. The dairy is equipped with modern machinery and it lets to have a complete processing cycle of wide range cheese, sour cream, sour cream with 2 month warranty and curd. Company guarantees 100% of production quality. "Jaunpils Pienotava” exports more than 80% of total production volume. There are 300 t of fresh milk processed every day.

1.6 DIARY PRODUCTS; 1.6.4 Cheese;