Exhibitors List WorldFood Kazakhstan 2013, Agroworld Kazakhstan 2013, Kazupack/KazPrintmedia 2013


Kazakhstan - Karaganda

Mixes for bakery and confectionery production. Wholesale.

1.1.4 Chocolate, cocoa products; 1.1.5 Jams, confitures; 2.6.1 Flavoring agents; 2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery;


Austria - Vienna

Ice cream machinery, Freezing cabinets, Refrigeration and freezing equipment for supermarket chains

2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment; 2.9.7 Trade and showcase equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment; 3.3.2 Other;


Spain - Tajonar (Navarra)

Icek works for corporate business development internationalization offering global services to Spanish companies in a strategic country in Central Asia

3.2.7 Trade association;


Bulgaria - Plovdiv

Manufacturing machines and technological lines for the food, beverage and canning industry. Ultra clean bottling lines for milk, milk products, natural juices and etc.

2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.1.1 Bottling equipment; 3.1.2 Corking equipment;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Cardboard goffered; Microcorrugated cardboard; Packing for confectionery and culinary items;


Netherlands - Moerkapelle

The company Interko (1968) is the inventor and world leader in the design and manufacture of banana ripening systems ( and other fruits as well). More than 6000 Interko banana ripening systems work on all continents. Impeccable quality and a lot of know-how - these are the main ingredients for success of the company. Currently, we manufacture equipment for one-, two- and three-tier ripening chambers. The apparent advantage of our ripening systems is the possibility of their use for pre-cooling of all vegetables and fruits.

Refrigerating machinery; Storage and warehousing;


Poland - Gdansk

Inwestpol-Consulting established in 1992. Since 2002 we have been leading our own production of the machines for small and medium industry. Our company offers a wide range of machinery and equipment for the meat industry – machinery and equipment for dismembering and processing, for sausage production, poultry processing machinery and equipment. Next to brand new machines we also offer second hand equipment after complete renovation and with warranty. We also supply the after-warranty service.

2.8.6 Meat processing equipment; 3.2.1 National stand, group;


Russia - Moscow

Wholesale of dried fruits and nuts

1.2.8 Nuts, dried fruits, seeds;


Turkey - Istanbul

Established in 1989,Izvar involves in manufacturing of industrial packaging, reconditioning of industrial packaging and building of packaging machinery in a factory site of 30.000 m2 in Gebze,Turkey. Today, Izvar is one of the biggest industrial packaging supplier in Turkey and owns four main divisions as; Steel, Plastic, Fiber and Reconditioning Packaging. Izvar produces fully automatic turn-key steel drum production machinery. Production Areas: STEEL PACKAGING: Cylindirical or conical steel drums in various sizes. PLASTIC PACKAGING: From 20 lt. up to 60 lt. FIBER PACKAGING: Large and intermediate size fiber drums made of kraft paper, RECONDITIONED PACKAGING: Reconditioning of steel drums and IBC’s, MACHINERY MANUFACTURING: Designing and manufacturing of fully automatic steel drum production lines. All productions are running under ISO 9001 , ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, drums are tested according to UN. Izvar already exports many countries.

Bags, bags, packages, container, tubes, containers, trays, etc.; Banks, cylinders, flanks, cans, tanks, drums, cases; Cars and the equipment for manufacture of packing products; Other packing materials; Other packing products; Packing for chemical production; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing machines and the equipment;


Czech Republic - Praha

We are specialised in design, manufacturing, sale and service of equipment and complete plants for the industrial production of ice cream.

2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment; 3.3.2 Other;