Exhibitors List WorldFood Kazakhstan 2013, Agroworld Kazakhstan 2013, Kazupack/KazPrintmedia 2013


Russia - Ekaterinburg

Flexible packing; Flexible packing materials; Multilayered materials; Multilayered materials; Soft packing; Membranula; Packing for confectionery and culinary items; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing for the perfumery-cosmetic goods; Packing for chemical production; Packing materials; Label;


Czech Republic - Česká Skalice

Farmet a.s., Czech company founded in 1992 is one of the world-wide leading specialist in production of equipment and technologies for vegetable oil pressing and feed extrusion. We are strong partner it the field of oildseeds pressing, vegetable oil filtration, refinement, degumming and feed extrusion. Our product portfolio ranges from individual machines, compact plants to large-capacity plants using of oil presses and extruders of various capacities. Our technologies based on own development and production provide the customers the best costeffective, economic and environmentally friendly solution.

Agricultural machinery; Other;


Russia - Vladimir

FGBI «Federal Centre for Animal Health» is a leading scientific research institution in the field of veterinary with a large scientific subject area,a modern scientific production basis and a high international status.The activity of the centre is many-sided: carrying out scientific research and epizootic monitoring,working out prognosis,making recommendations on animal health care,participation in the prevention and treatment activities,development and manufacturing of highly effective medical means for veterinary use. FGBI “ARRIAH” is given national and international statuses: 1.OIE Regional Reference Laboratory for FMD 2.OIE Collaborating Centre for Diagnosis and Control of Animal Diseases for the Countries of Eastern Europe,Central Asia and Transcaucasia 3.The basic molecular diagnostics Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture,RF 4.The federal diagnostic center for BSE and rabies in the RF 5.National Refererence Laboratory for Avian Influenza 6.Testing Center for Food safety.



Hungary - Budapest

FIT FOOD Ltd has been a remarkable player of Hungarian canning industry for more than 17 years. Our products are well known in several European and Asian countries as well. Our high priority is to collect the best possible and most healthy ingredients for our products. We have great experience in this field. It is not only publicity, it is a matter of ethic for us not to sell harmful food. FIT FOOD guarantees the finest quality.

1.8.2 Canned fruits and vegetables;


Kazakhstan - Astana

The company Favourite Techno: • One of the largest companies specializing since 1998 on the equipment of enterprises of food and processing industry, as individual pieces of equipment and integrated production lines in the following areas: bakery, confectionery, packaging. • We - the official representative of the major Italian manufacturers who are the undisputed leaders in the design and manufacture of bakery and confectionery equipment. • We provide and assist our clients in the development of the project, we select the right equipment, manufacture, installation, commissioning, train staff to work on modern technological equipment, provide warranty and post-warranty service. • Our equipment is in use in many cities of Russia and CIS countries. There are branches: Russia, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Ukraine, Kharkov, Kazakhstan, Astana, Almaty, Moldova, Chisinau.

1.1.1 Confectionery; 2.8.1 Confectionery equipment;