Exhibitors List WorldFood Kazakhstan 2013, Agroworld Kazakhstan 2013, Kazupack/KazPrintmedia 2013


Russia - Moscow

Supply, maintenance and service of packaging machines -A2, SIAT, ARCA, GG Macchine, Extend and other producers.

Materials for transport packing; Cars and the equipment for registration of packing products; Membranula; Packing materials; Packing machines and the equipment; Label;


Hungary - Nyiregyhaza

2.8.9 Fruit and vegetable processing equipment; 2.9.2 Drying and roasting equipment; 2.9.6 Heating equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.1.1 Bottling equipment; 3.1.2 Corking equipment; 3.1.4 Filtering equipment; 3.1.7 Food automatisation; 3.1.8 Spare parts; 3.1.9 Cleaning equipment;


Russia - Moscow

Christmas Gift wrapping made of cardboard and tin, cardboard packaging for food and non-food industries

Cardboard goffered; Microcorrugated cardboard; Multilayered materials; Gift packaging; Printing with hologram; Packing for confectionery and culinary items; Packing for the perfumery-cosmetic goods; Packing from a paper, a cardboard, a corrugated cardboard, a foil;