Exhibitors List WorldFood Kazakhstan 2013, Agroworld Kazakhstan 2013, Kazupack/KazPrintmedia 2013


Poland - Bielsk Duzy

Company TOP-SAD was established in 2011 year. The headquarter is located in central area of Poland, in the area of the biggest fruit fields, of surroundings for years known from the so-called tradition "Orchards of Europe". We are producers of high quality fruits. Our offer includes apples of varieties: Champion, Idared, Gloster, Golden Delicious, Mutsu, Ligol, Lobo apple, Cortland apple tree. TOP-SAD is a distributor of high-quality fruit throughout the Polish, the European Union and CIS markets. Our company has a big back for storing fruits with the ULO controlled atmosphere, we have own sorting machine heavy-duty. Top-Sad is a newly created but dynamically developing company. We are able to carry extensive orders out about high parameters of goods in the short time. We are open to a cooperation.



Kazakhstan - Almaty


2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.8.2 Coffee-machines and coffee; 2.8.3 Kitchen equipment; 2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.8.6 Meat processing equipment; 2.8.8 Equipment for macaroni, ravioli production; 2.8.9 Fruit and vegetable processing equipment; 2.9.2 Drying and roasting equipment; 2.9.3 Bakery equipment; 2.9.6 Heating equipment; 2.9.7 Trade and showcase equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment;


Lithuania - Kretinga

UAB "TEREKAS" is manufacturer of blow moulding equipment and the biggest manufacturer of PET containers in the Baltic States. During the 18 years of company’s successful operation highly technological blow moulding equipment was created as well as compact packing machine and compact depalletizing machine for ready to use production. UAB ‘TEREKAS” comes also as a representative for companies establishing filling lines for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages filling into PET or glass bottles. At the moment company has its representatives and technical service centers in more than 12 countries in Europe and Asia.



Ukraine - Belaya Tserkov

Packing equipment plant "Thermo-Pack"Ltd specializes in manufacturing of complete filling lines for different types of beverages - still water, carbonated water, beer, etc. Besides supply of complete filling lines, we can offer you machinery separately - blow molder, filler, rinser, capping machine, labeler, shrink wrapping and conveyor systems.

Packing machines and the equipment;