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Kazakhstan - -


1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.3.1 Mayonnaise; 1.3.2 Sauces, ketchups, mustard; 2.6 INGREDIENTS, ADDITIVES, SPICES; 2.6.1 Flavoring agents; 2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry; 2.6.3 Gelatin; 2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.5 Ingredients for diary industry; 2.6.8 Conserving agents; 2.6.9 Colouring agent; 2.7.3 Sausage coating; 2.7.6 Salt, spices; 2.7.7 Soybean products; 2.7.8 Herbs and spices; 2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.8.6 Meat processing equipment; 2.9.2 Drying and roasting equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.1.3 Packing materials; 3.1.8 Spare parts;


Kazakhstan - -
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2.6 INGREDIENTS, ADDITIVES, SPICES; 2.6.1 Flavoring agents; 2.6.3 Gelatin; 2.6.8 Conserving agents; 2.6.9 Colouring agent; 2.7.1 Starch and derivatives; 2.7.3 Sausage coating; 2.7.6 Salt, spices; 2.7.7 Soybean products;


Czech Republic - Pacov

The company PACOVSKÉ STROJÍRNY, a. s. specializes in the production of stainless steel and copper. We manufacture stainless steel tanks for the food and chemical industry, agriculture, pharmaceutical industry and other food sectors. In addition, the company’s production covers small breweries, grower´s distilleries and equipment for breweries and distilleries.  Complete technological equipment for microbreweries are available in various forms, with the beer capacity of 250 to 20,000 hl a year, in the design of stainless steel or copper coating.  Production of cooling equipment for agriculture. Cooling equipment of various types – mobile tanks, open cooling tanks and closed cooling tanks.  All kinds of stainless steel tanks are of different shapes and sizes – including pressure and non-pressure tanks according to the certification authority TÜV, ASME, Germanischer Lloyd and GOST.  Other product range consists of silos, hot water vessels, large stainless steel tanks, containers, mixers, kettles, vacuum vessels, filter vessels and heat exchangers.



Russia - Porhov, Pskovskiy region

Porhov cheese factory is engaged in the production and trading of natural rennet and soft cheeses, melted sausage cheese and cheese products, as well as butter and fat products under TM Alantal and Sir-Bor.

Dairy products; 1.6.4 Cheese;


Russia - -

на перевод

Dairy products; Cheeses;

2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment;


Ukraine - -

IKF-Service is a well known in Dairy Industry company which provides dairy plants, laboratories with the best equipment for processing milk and detecting milk quality. We supply to our customers Bulgarian Ultrasonic Milk Analyzers, Charm Tests for detecting level of antibiotics in milk and honey, centrifuges, thermometers, Andritz (Austria, Italia) dairy separators, homogenizers, pasteurizers also the equipment for veterinary (Draminski) .

2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment;


Kazakhstan - -

Paper laminated, self-glued; Paper packing, wrapping; Flexible packing; Flexible packing materials; Cardboard goffered; Bags, bags, packages, container, tubes, containers, trays, etc.; Microcorrugated cardboard; Soft packing; Disposable ware, bottles; Parchment, under parchment; Membranula; Other packing products; Raw materials and half-finished products for container and packing manufacture; Packing for confectionery and culinary items; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing from a paper, a cardboard, a corrugated cardboard, a foil; Packing items; Foil aluminium; Label;


Korea - Jeonbuk-Do

Miwami was established in 2009 with the ideology of increasing the value-added of Korean agricultural products, inheriting and developing traditional Korean tea, and cultivating overseas markets for Korean agricultural products. We are an exporting manufacture company specializing on traditional Korean tea by research and development of mainly traditional Korean tea for the exportation of citron tea, jujube tea, black raspberry tea, honey pear tea and more. We acquired HALAL Certificate, GOST Certificate, ISO 9001:2008 Certificate & FDA FCE Registration.

2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks;


Kazakhstan - Ust-Kamenogorsk

1.03 Equipment for restaurants, bars, cafes; 1.07 Fast food equipment; 1.10 Cash registers, the weight equipment; 1.12 Trading and shocase equipment; 4.1 Automation systems, software;


Korea - Gyeongsangnam-do

Aloefarm lies in Geoje City (Geoje island), on the southern cost of Gyeongsangnam-do province, South Korea. Geoje island is the second largest one in Korea and is joined to land by the bridge from Busan city and Tongyoung city, playing a role as land rather than island. Aloe of Aloefarm grows under the sea wind blowing in from every direction, eating minerals that are not in land and is chewy in texture because it is cultivated by oyster shells that are abundant in Geoje. Geojedo aloe has been cultivated on a large scale since 1985 with approximately 2,000 ton of aloe produced on a yearly basis, taking up over 60% of supply in Korea. Aloefarm puts all its effort to do both cultivation and processing of aloe. we use aloe healthily grown by eco-friendly(pesticide-free)cultivation based on long experience of agricutural technology in Geojedo.

1.1.2 Honey; 1.1.5 Jams, confitures; 2.1.1 Dietary and diabetic products; 2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks; 2.2.6 Juices and nectars;


Korea - Hwasung city

Jinsung is manufacturer of consumer products under the system of HACCP, GMP, FSSC22000. Our main goal are supply the best food products with closely resembles nature and quintessence.

1.3.2 Sauces, ketchups, mustard;


Korea - Seoul
Phone: 82 2 5973949

Nokchawon is producing the best quality teas in eco-friendly environment and in control of all directly from tea farm to customer. For such efforts, Nokchawon received the international organic certificate of USDA-NOP and EU Organic and came no.1 organic tea brand in Korea.

1.9 HEALTHY FOOD; 2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks;


Latvia - Kaletu region, Priekule

Company was found in year 2012. Company produce six kind of seed nut mixes «Рижская Бутербродная», with various spices.

1.2.8 Nuts, dried fruits, seeds; 2.1.1 Dietary and diabetic products;


Korea - SEOUL

Since its establishment in 2001, THREE C Corporation has become one of the professional trading companies in South Korea which does business in Russia and CIS regions. THREE C Corporation is comprised of experts on Russia and CIS regions. This fact not only aids in the export of the complete products but also enables us to develope and maintain good relationships with these regions. As THREE C delivers, we do not hesitate to Change, Create and Challenge for the better future. We will always try to make customers satisfied with our qualified products and service.

1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.1.1 Confectionery; 1.1.3 Bakery, cakes; 3.2.1 National stand, group;


Korea - Mokpo

Our varied products are currently exported to Japan,Taiwan,Hong kong,China, The united stated,Singapore,and Thiland. Our world wide market continue to grow. In the process of creating delicious products our company received many certificats and international awards for superior product quality the industry. These awards have forced us to create new and varied products for our ever-expanding world market.

1.2.5 Dried seafood;


Korea - Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

We, Geumsan Dukwon Ginseng & Medical Herb Agricultural Union, were established under the Act on Special Measures for Development of Agricultural and Fishery Areas. Our aim is to improve agricultural productivity and increase the incomes of members through agricultural safety and reasonableness of agricultural management. We understand the realistic difficulties of domestic and foreign agriculture and the pressure to open up the domestic agricultural market in this rapidly changing environment caused in part by professionalism and globalization. We intend to help substantial agricultural management by directly processing, manufacturing, and exporting local specialties through collective cultivation of special ...



Russia - Vishniy Volochek
Web: 9jn.ru

We possess international awards and have more than 120-year experience in the production of glass containers. We are pleased to offer you standard and exclusive bottles and jars of various geometrical forms and configurations with a capacity from 0, 1 l to 1,75 l made of flint glass: for soft drinks and light alcoholic drinks for liqueurs, vodka, vermouth for cognacs for wines for coffee, tea, jam, honey of various configurations, etc. Guaranteed quality of the world standard. Perfect combination of price and quality of the products. Operational efficiency and cost effectiveness of orders' fulfilment.


Russia - Izhevsk

The company LLC «SOK Admiral» makes production more than 13 years. Our production is made in the environmentally friendly region of Udmurtia village Kiyasovo. In a basis is put the latest hi-tech automatic equipment. Production was repeatedly noted at the All-Russian exhibitions, awarded by a set of gold and silver medals, diplomas.

2.2 SOFT DRINKS; 2.2.6 Juices and nectars; 2.6 INGREDIENTS, ADDITIVES, SPICES; 2.7.9 Vinegar;


Turkey - Izmir

Agri Sciences started its activities in January 2010 in Izmir as one of many companies and concerns of global GMS HOLDINGS. Established on 26.01.2010 Agri Sciences continues its activities on 5,000 m2 of closed and 12.000 m2 of total space at Pancar Place. EC, SC, SL, WP, SP,WG, SG and DF formulations, Plant Protection and Plant Nutrition product are manufactured with latest technology equipments. Agri Sciences carries out its activities with the same vision and approach,primarily in Turkey market, as well as in Middle East, North Africa and Middle Asia countries. Following all global developments with its experts in all fields and embracing the motto of “High Quality, Well Care” in supplying food and nutrition demands of Turkey and the whole World, Agri Sciences is also committed to promoting a safer and healthier environment.Our aim is to become a world leader in agriculture with international client potential.

Fertilisers, agrochemistry;


Russia - Ufa

biological product for agriculture



Kazakhstan - Stepnogorsk

Fodder, premixes;


Spain - Tafalla


3.2 OTHER;


Turkey - Gaziantep


1.1.5 Jams, confitures; 1.2.2 Macaroni; 1.3.1 Mayonnaise; 1.3.2 Sauces, ketchups, mustard; 2.2 SOFT DRINKS; 2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks; 2.7.9 Vinegar;


Thailand - Bangkok

Ampol Food Processing LTD. is one of the leading innovative food and drink manufacturers in Thailand. We aim to create new healthy products by applying thorough research and high technology manufacturing process. The goal is to give our customers around the world happiness with ease and “The Healthy Taste”.



China - Bengbu,Anhui

B&G,Anhui COFCO Biochemical &GALACTIC Lactic Acid Company Limited began operations in 2002 as a joint venture between the Chinese company Anhui COFCO Biochemical Co. Ltd. and the Belgian company GALACTIC s.a. B&G shares its location with COFCO Biochemical in Bengbu, the “pearl city” in the Huaihe River valley in Anhui Province, China. B&G is the leading supplier in the world market of lactic acid and lactates.

2.6.1 Flavoring agents; 2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.5 Ingredients for diary industry; 2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery; 2.6.8 Conserving agents;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

«Aqua Alliance» LLP has been working in Kazakhstan since 2013. The head office is located at: Almaty, 5/1, Al-Farabi, Block 3A, Office 707, Office phone/fax: +7 727 3115468/69, email: erlan.alliance@gmail.com Aqua Alliance is engaged in the production of extruded mixed feed for carp, sturgeon and trout types of fish, as well as the artificial cultivation of rainbow trout. In the resources in the company there is the best knowledge of national experts in the field of aquaculture and advanced foreign technology. The company has built strong partnerships with world leaders in these sectors, taking over their experience and integrating the innovative technical process.

1.5 FISH AND SEAFOOD; 3.2.5 Consulting;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Complex solutions for coding and marking, packaging and labeling. Ink jet, laser and thermal transfer printing.

Printing paints; Packing machines and the equipment; Label;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Sales of natural and artificial flavors, emulsions, flavors FTNF (From the Name Fruit, 100% natural) natural dyes for the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, confectionery and oil and fat production, the production of ice cream. Culinary flavors, natural antioxidants, natural preservatives encapsulated high concentration (dry) flavors, natural extracts (heat-resistant), vitamin complexes, cheese powders.

2.6.1 Flavoring agents; 2.6.2 Yeast; 2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.5 Ingredients for diary industry; 2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery; 2.6.8 Conserving agents; 2.6.9 Colouring agent; 2.7.2 Minerals and vitamins; 2.7.4 Sugar, sweeteners and sugar substitute;


Azerbaijan - Khirdalan

Being the manufacturer and the developer of the process equipment complete compound feed factories and complete plants for slaughter and poultry processing, Asena is capable not only to offer the customer classical decisions, but also to develop the original equipment completely corresponding the industrial-technology requirements of the Buyer. Well-equipped machine tool park, leading design office with modern methods of designing, engineering structure with sufficient knowledge of the work, flexible and skilled assembly groups provide to us success in the decision of any difficult industrial problem. Principles of cooperation with the customers, are based on the courageous approach in the decision of the most difficult industrial problems, invariably yield the results, strengthening reputation of Asena as the reliable business partner capable not only to offer, but also to realize the most courageous projects.

Components for agricultural machinery; Agricultural equipment; Agricultural machinery;


Poland - Warsaw

Association of Butchers and Producers of Processed Meat of the Republic of Poland (Polish abbrev. SRW RP) is the oldest organization working for the meat industry in Poland. It was re-activated in 1990 in Warsaw at the initiative of tradesmen interested in forming a representative body supporting their activities. The Association of Butchers and Meat Producers of the Republic of Poland currently bands together 210 meat and meat product manufacturers and other companies operating on the meat market, which constitutes a quarter of the total number of Polish manufacturers. At the same time, the Association covers 55% of the pork meat production market, 48% beef and 45% veal. It is a voluntary and autonomous association of butchers and cold cuts producers who operate in the meat and meat products industry and of other entities operating in related or similar industries.

3.3.2 Other;


Germany - Berlin
E-mail: info@auma.de

Information about of German trade fairs and exhibitions.


Belgium - Louvain La Neuve

AstroTurf Poultry Pad: the original nest pad! Less floor eggs, Open structure, Cleaner eggs, Suitable for all kinds of nests (all dimensions are possible), Resistant to moisture, bacteria, funghi and insects, Durable, Large surfaces to avoid 2 or 3 small nest pads. Beware of pale copies! www.astroturfpoultrypads.com



South Korea - Seoul
E-mail: expo@at.or.kr

aT(Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corp.) is a wholly government-invested enterprise responsible for agricultural marketing services and international trade since its incorporation in 1967. aT provides publicly-profitable support services in agricultural marketing sector. We have performed our own export sales as well as undertaking export agent functions for a large number of small and medium size agroprocessors and various agricultural trade information is provided by aT to domestic exporters and foreign buyers. To support overseas market development, aT is operating its branch offices(Overseas Agro-Trade Center) in Rotterdam, New York, LA, Tokyo, Osaka,Indonesia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Taiwan and Hanoi.

3.2.3 Governmental organisations;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

"Atlantis Fish" LLP has been working in Kazakhstan since 2013. The office is located at: Almaty, 5/1, Al-Farabi Ave, Block 3A, Office 707, Office phone/fax: +7 727 3115468/69, email: atlantis.ala@mail.ru The main activity of the company is import of marine fish and export of freshwater fish. We are working with countries such as Russia and the countries of the European Union. Our objective is to promote the beneficial properties of marine fish, to provide the Kazakhstan people with the best seafood.



Hungary - Budapest

Agricultural Marketing

3.3.2 Other;


Kazakhstan - Almaty
Web: -


3.3.2 Other;


Belarus - Vitebsk

2.2.2 Mineral water; 2.3.4 Vodka; 2.3.5 Gin; 2.3.6 Cognac, brandy; 2.3.7 Liquors;


Poland - LANCUT

ARGO was founded in 1992 in Poland, focusing on production of lollipops and caramels – high quality candies at a friendly price. Now it includes hard and filled caramels, as well as lollipops, particularly those with bubble gum. Currently the Company produces about 3 million kilograms of products per annum, including 200 million pieces of lollipops. The highest level IFS certificate, awarded to the Company in 2007, summed up high quality of our products, our hard work and numerous investments in the infrastructure, machinery and the newly established laboratory. For several years ARGO has been executing its quality policy, using in its products only natural colours and flavourings, fruit juice and vitamins, and extending its range with pro-health products. We sell to the following countries: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, USA, Uzbekistan, Algier and Libya.

1.1.1 Confectionery;


Austria - Rottenmann

AHT Cooling Systems GmbH is a producer of refrigerators in Austria. The company serves the market worldwide with more than a 97% share of business going into exports. AHT is considered to be a mid-sized company and currently provides stable jobs to around 800 qualified employees in Austria. AHT Cooling Systems GmbH operates in two sectors: industrial refrigeration and deep freezing. The main lines of business are freezers and deep freezes for supermarkets, ice-cream chests and food & beverage refrigeration. The philosophy of being a complete provider is being strictly pursued by AHT in terms of having the best-possible customer satisfaction. For this purpose, the company has created and is constantly expanding a worldwide service network. All AHT products are serviced worldwide by certified partners according to exactly defined standards and they are repaired with original spare parts. That way, customers can be sure to have the best quality, not only directly from the factory.

2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment;


Bulgaria - PLOVDIV

Bartlink International, together with its affiliated cutting plant Unitemp, for more than 18 years is providing meat for the meat processing industry from all over the world. Our advantages: • We know the meat • We specialize in meat • We trade in meat • We produce the meat

1.4 MEAT PRODUCT; 1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.4 Poultry and game;


Germany - Arnsberg

With more than 65.000 installed production lines for meat and sausage in more than 80 countries all over the world we are among the first addresses. Our high standard of quality claim is based on the experience of more than 60 years. This gives us the reason to develop innovative systems for the production of high-quality meat and sausage products. Our programme includes: Universal cooking and smoking installations, Climate smoke maturing installations, Climate after-ripening installations, Cooking and roasting installations, Intensive cooling installations, Smoke generators, Catalytic exhaust cleaner for smoking installations, Cooking kettles, Operating equipment for food processing industry and catering and Hygiene technology.

2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.8.6 Meat processing equipment; 3.1.8 Spare parts; 3.1.9 Cleaning equipment; 3.2 OTHER; 3.3.2 Other;


China - Beijing

Beijing Heronsbill Chemical Material Co.,Ltd is located in.Established in 2010. Heronsbill has all together kinds of food ingredients and food additives for sale,these contains:Instant tea powder series,Food grade flavor series, Concentrated fruit and vegetable juice series and Food additives series. Food additives mainly contains Sweeteners, Vitamin,Mal-β-CD and Pectin etc. Our products has been sold to Europe and America,Africa,Japan and South Korea and Australia. Heronsbill has sticked to the brand principle of "Natural & Green”, offering clients worldwide premium products and service as our first goal, based on technological innovation as motive force and perfect sales service system.

2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks; 2.6 INGREDIENTS, ADDITIVES, SPICES; 2.6.1 Flavoring agents; 2.6.3 Gelatin; 2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.5 Ingredients for diary industry; 2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery; 2.6.8 Conserving agents; 2.7.2 Minerals and vitamins; 2.7.4 Sugar, sweeteners and sugar substitute;


Latvia - Tukums

"Berzciems" Ltd, established in 1992, guarantees a stable and high quality, which is based on a long production expierence. Products are manufactured at the specific recipes, using of accumulated knowledge by generations, which gets back to 1920s. The most popular "Berzciems" Ltd products is unsterilised fish preserves, preserved with salt, sugar and other additives.

1.5.1 Canned fish;


Russia - Moscow

«Biaxplen» is a leading steady growing manufacturer of BOPP films in Russia. Biaxplen portfolio includes around 40 types of film ranging from 10 to 70 microns applied for food and non-food flexible packaging, adhesive tapes and label production. Biaxplen production facilities with capacity about 150.000 mt/year are located in Nizhegorodskaya region, Kursk, Zheleznodorojnij and Samara region. Biaxplen is a part of the largest Russia`s petrochemical company - SIBUR.

Packaging ;


Poland - TUSZYN

Biofix-Biofluid - Producer of fruit, herbal, black, green, influsions, organic teas and the supplemants of diet . Producer offer fruit and herbal, organic and conventional raw materials. Producer of many private labels tea. We offer three kind of our brands tea: Biofix, Thea, Dr. Fruit

2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks;


Germany - Sigmaringen

Finest German brewing tradition placed at fhe foot of the castle of Hohenzollern since 1845 and a strict advocator of the brewing tradition based bythe purity law of 1516. Our beers are awarded highest for quality and taste.

2.3.8 Beer;


Belarus - Brest

Public joint-stock company «BRESTSELMASH» specializes in heating and agricultural machinery production: block burners on liquid and gas fuel, heat generators on liquid and gas fuel, heating units, air heaters on liquid and gas fuel, grain-cleaning and during complexes, fertilizer application units, heating hot-water boilers.

Grain storage; Agricultural equipment; Agricultural machinery;



Buhler – Innovations for a better world. Bühler is a specialist and technology partner for plant and equipment and related services for processing basic foods and manufacturing highgrade materials. With its expertise and over 150 years of experience, Bühler time and again rolls out unique and innovative solutions for its customers, helping them achieve success in the marketplace. The Group is a global market leader in the supply of flour production plants, pasta and chocolate production lines, animal feed manufacturing installations, elevators and sorting equipment Sortex and BYJT which takes optical sorting to a new level of excellence.

2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.8.7 Fat and oil processing equipment; 2.8.8 Equipment for macaroni, ravioli production; 2.8.9 Fruit and vegetable processing equipment; 2.9.2 Drying and roasting equipment; 2.9.4 Brewery equipment;


Belarus - Volkovysk

“Bellakt” JSC in Volkovysk is the sole manufacturer of baby food products in the Republic of Belarus and one of the largest producers of milk powder products in CIS. The company portfolio of products includes: - powdered milk formulas for infants and children, - instant cereals for feeding children, - nutrition products for pregnant women and nursing mothers, - sportsmen nutrition, - milk powder for baby food production. “Bellakt – Let’s grow with pleasure!”

1.6 DIARY PRODUCTS; 1.6.3 Sour-milk products;


Belarus - Minsk

OJSC "Belryba" is one of the largest fish processing enterprises in the country. For its more than 55 year history, the company has achieved outstanding success in the preparation and distribution of a wide range of fish products: dried, salted, frozen fish, hot and cold smoked fish, seaweed, seafood and sea delicatessen, fish semis, canned and preserved fish. Fish and seafood wholesale and retail carried out all over the country, products are exported to Armenia, Russia, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Canada.

1.5 FISH AND SEAFOOD; 1.5.1 Canned fish;


Russia - Stavropol

The company specializes in production of ingredients for the baking, confectionery and dairy industries. Today the main activity of «Berta» is production of fruit and milk-fat fillings, toppings, gels, emulsions for lubrication of forms, sheets and trays as well as production of dry mixes for manufacturing of bakery and confectionery products (breads, sponge cakes, muffins, doughnuts and etc). Development of individual recipes on client’s request is available.

2.6 INGREDIENTS, ADDITIVES, SPICES; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery; 2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.7.5 Syrups, toppings;


Russia - Moscow

Torgoviy dom Belagro Co. Ltd. is a member of one of the largest agricultural holdings in Latvia SIA “Agrolats”, including 13 companies in different countries. Company has a ten years' experience of supply chain management of protein components and grains to CIS countries for production of combined feeds: fish meal, soya and sunflower meal, wheat, corn, being one of the largest suppliers on these markets. The cooperation with Torgoviy dom Belagro Co. Ltd. is attractive and highly effective, due to the competitive prices and delivery terms, flexible logistics system, free consultations of experts and high professionalism of employees. Torgoviy dom Belagro Co. Ltd. Believe in business strategy “win to win”.

Fodder, premixes;


Siyazan region, Bigger Hamya village

Specialized in winemaking, "Caspian Coast Winery & Vineyards" LLC is one of the leading producers of wine-cognac products in Azerbaijan. The plant "Primorsk" restored its activities under the name of "CASPIAN COAST" going through huge-scale reconstruction. And starting from 2010 it belongs to "Synergy Group" OJSC. It produces 21 brands of high quality wines and 3 brands of cognac. “Caspian Coast Winery & Vineyards” is known for its finest and authentic Azerbaijani wine brands Matrasa and Bayan Shira. The main goal of the team of professional winemakers of "Caspian Coast Winery & Vineyards" wine house is to deliver the unique taste of the authentic Azerbaijan wine to every connoisseur of the drink.

Wine; Cognac, brandy;


Kazakhstan - Almaty
E-mail: info@cht.kz

"Chemie and Technology" is stable, growing company in the area of the chemical products supply. Main line is provision of enterprises with high quality reagents from various industries. An active participation in the development of the agricultural sector of the country is one of the priority goals of the company. The company supplies fertilizers, disinfectants and unique greenhouse tape, which has no analogues in Kazakhstan to the farmers.

Fertilisers, agrochemistry;


Italy - Bologna

Cermac is a group of Italian producers of machinery, accessories and tools for agriculture, zootechnics and agro-industry. Visit our member companies: RINIERI srl – www.rinieri.com - Offset machinery, shredders, bush cutters, trimmers and pruners, soil tilling, forklift SPINAZZE spa – www.spinazzegroup.com - Prestressed concrete poles for grape varieties and orchards T.R. Turoni SRL – www.trsnc.com - Instruments for ground chemical analysis and meteorological instruments Instruments for fruit quality control UNITEC spa – www.unitec.group.com - Machines for fruit and vegetables processing, selection and calibration FRUIT CONTROL EQUIPMENTS srl – www.fruitcontrol.it - Controlled atmosphere plants and systems for fruit and vegetables preservation TECO srl – www.tecoitaly.com - Automatic machines for corrugated paperboard holders INFIA srl – www.infia.it – Innovative packaging for fruit and vegetables VIVAI MAZZONI – www.mazzonigroup.com – Nurseries: fruit plants, rootstocks, straw



China - Beijing

China Meheco Corp., a state-holding listed company, holds a leading position in specializing medical and health industry in China. It engages in import and export, manufacturing and processing regarding human medicines, veterinary drugs and equipments.

Fertilisers, agrochemistry; Poultry; Veterinary;


Germany - Wernigerode

CHOCOTECH provides the latest technologies for sweets industry - a world wide network of agents in 65 countries for contact to our customers and expert service - a highly qualified and experienced team of constructing engineers, technologists and managers - pilot plants installed in a fully equipped lab to support mutual product research and demonstration - latest production technique for sake of quality assurance of your order

2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.8.4 Laboratory and analytical equipment; 3.1.8 Spare parts;


Kazakhstan - Astana
E-mail: office@cca.kz
Web: cca.kz

"Crown Central Asia" LLP designs complex projects for poultry -farming, grainstorage and feedmill projects, meat processing, waste cleaning and processing systems and many other. We deliver high quality innovate equipment for agricultural sector and food industry, as well as provide technical, after-sales services and logistics. We are representatives of worldwide known companies - designers and developers of technology such as: "Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies", "Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V.","Meat Precessing Systems", "Sanovo Technology Group", "Mavitec" (The Netherlands), "Sitol" LLP (Kazakhstan), "Scafco Grain Systems" (USA), "K.H. Witte Anlagenbau GmbH & CO. KG", "Big Dutchman International GmbH" (Germany).

Grain storage; Components for agricultural machinery; Fodder, premixes; Poultry; Agricultural equipment; Agricultural machinery;


Denmark - Copenhagen V
E-mail: ome@lf.dk
Web: www.lf.dk

Danish Agriculture & Food Council is an interprofessionel body for most Danish meat producers and exporters. As our stand sharer you will the leading Danish beef company, DC Beef (a part of the Danish Crown Group).


Latvia - Daugavpils

Daugavpils meat factory is a part of the holding company in Latvia, which has a leading position in Latvia among meat products manufacturers. The company offers a wide range of such products as: smoked sausage, cold smoked sausage, dried sausage, canned meat, smoked meat and other products from horse meat, beef and chicken. Daugavpils meat factory has been successfully developed its own products under the brand "Dinaburga", which has already gained its position in the market. At the moment, company manufactures ~ 15 tons of finished products per day, potential of production - about 30 tons per day. The company conducted a partial reconstruction of manufacturing, built a new warehouse of products, and continues to implement the project of the European Union, which provides an increase of production capacity. „DINABURGA” - BALTIC TASTE AND QUALITY!

1.4 MEAT PRODUCT; 1.4.1 Canned meat; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen; 1.4.4 Poultry and game;


Hungary - Szolnok

Debreceni Group LLC is one of the leading meat product producer companies in Hungary with strong presence on other European countries.Our goal is to become innovation leader of market in terms of providing our clients with products and services of the highest quality and guarantee on every level.

1.4 MEAT PRODUCT; 1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen; 1.4.4 Poultry and game;


Kazakhstan - Almatinskaya reg.

2.6 INGREDIENTS, ADDITIVES, SPICES; 2.6.5 Ingredients for diary industry; 2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry;


Korea - SEOUL

Dongwon F&B Co., Ltd. is leading the most healthy life culture as a general food company which manufactures and sells approximately 1,700 kinds of products from its food processing business and health food business.

1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.2.5 Dried seafood; 1.2.7 Fast food products (soups, mashes, porridges); 1.4.1 Canned meat; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen; 1.5.1 Canned fish; 2.2.2 Mineral water; 2.2.6 Juices and nectars;


China - Jiangsu

Dongtai Chaoyang Food Machinery Co., Ltd., with our history of over 30 years, is a national medium-scaled enterprise specializing in manufacturing packaging and foodstuff equipment. Our company has abundant technical personal and can manufacture complete lines for candy, biscuit and cake, fast foods, beverage production and complete set of packaging lines as well. Our 5 series of lines are the combinations of some individual machines from nearly 100 kinds. Our equipment now enjoys high reputation among our clients from domestic market, and has been exported to Malaysia, Russia and some African countries. Located in Jiangsu Province, we have ability to design and manufacture food packing machines. Our products have higher market prestige. Because of function credibility, high efficiency of our equipment and reasonable price, our products are launched into the market due to customers' trust. We welcome domestic and international customers' patronage!

1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.1.4 Chocolate, cocoa products;


Russia - Pavlovsky Posad district

Ecopack company engaged in the production of special packaging designed for the confectionery industry worldwide. With many years of cooperation with major European and American manufacturers of confectionery sector, Ecopack constantly updates its expertise in creating paper forms that are suitable for industrial use in the manufacture of capsules for automated production lines, as well as forms for industrial lines panettone. Ecopack has more than 500 customers of distributors in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, the U.S. and South America.

3.1.3 Packing materials;


Poland - Lodz

Eko-Vit is a leading Polish beverage producer with brands such as Ozone, Ronin, Replay, Dr Fruit, Kuzin Vodka and others. Present on the international market for more than 12 years, we are developing products from the recipe to the ready drink, using our own database of flavors or using our clients' ideas. We are specializing in energy drinks. Our products are present in more than 40 countries, including: USA, UK, Sweden, Israel, Australia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kenia, Italy, Uruguay, Romania, Hungary and others. Established: 2001 as limited liability company. Turnover: 60 mio EUR / year. Employees: 70. Production capacity: 350 mio cans. Certificates: HACCP, IFS, Sanepid, FDA, Kosher, Halal. Main clients: Carrefour, JMD, Orlen, Baccardi-Martini, Stock, Diageo (Smirnoff Ice), Pepsico (Adrenaline), BLU Drinks, Ustronianka, Agros Nova, Dr Witt, Nutramino, Glomex. Eko-Vit Sp. z o.o. ul. Techniczna 16/18, 92-518 Lodz, Poland www.eko-vit.pl,eko-vit@eko-vit.pl

2.2 SOFT DRINKS; 2.2.1 Flavored drinks; 2.2.7 Energetic drinks; 2.3 ALCOHOLIC DRINKS; 2.4.2 Low alcohol drinks;


Germany - Nienburg
E-mail: info@emf.de

Planning, production and implementation of turn-key food processing plants of variable sizes, in particular: slaughtering plants for cattle, pigs and sheep, red meat processing, poultry slaughtering and processing lines, fish processing, canning factories, cooling and freezing technology. In-house manufacture of machinery and installations in Germany.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

EOR CO., LTD from Korea provides «Antibiotics», «Disinfectants», «Multi-Vitamins», «Metabolic- Stimulants» and “VACCINES” for Poultry and Swine to Kazakhstan, Russia and other CIS countries, in particular:Live Vaccine for GENOTYPE VII Newcastle disease "N PLUS LIVE VACCINE"; Inactivated, Oil Vaccine for GENOTYPE VII Newcastle disease "N PLUS OIL VACCINE"; Live Vaccine for Infectious Bronchitis "B PLUS LIVE VACCINE"; Live Vaccine for Infectious Bursal disease "IBD LIVE VACCINE"; Vaccine for Swine for respiratory diseases "DONOBAN -10". The representatives of EOR CO., LTD in Almaty is «ONEMAN», LTD.

Veterinary; Cattle breeding; Poultry;


Lithuania - Vilnius

Euromonitor International is the world leader in strategy research for consumer markets. As an independent company, it offers unmatched detail and unbiased content for every region, country, category and channel. From socio-economic context to intimate detail on the smallest products or markets, Euromonitor International provides market research focused on your organisation’s needs. Euromonitor International is headquartered in London, with regional offices in Chicago, Singapore, Shanghai, Vilnius, Santiago, Dubai, Cape Town, Tokyo, Sydney, Bangalore and São Paulo. The company has a network of over 800 analysts worldwide. Its extensive network of strategic analysts in 80 countries provides the depth of global, national and local business information required in today’s increasingly international business environment.

3.2.5 Consulting;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

1.5 FISH AND SEAFOOD; 1.5.1 Canned fish; 1.5.2 Caviar;


Russia - Ekaterinburg

Flexible packing; Flexible packing materials; Multilayered materials; Multilayered materials; Soft packing; Membranula; Packing for confectionery and culinary items; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing for the perfumery-cosmetic goods; Packing for chemical production; Packing materials; Label;



BUSINESS ACTIVITY FACCO, a leader in the poultry world since 1961, is present worldwide & constantly expanding. Its highly qualified personnel researches, designs, manufactures, installs and assists its customers. FACCO supplies integrated poultry equipment: pullet, layer, broiler and parent stock farms; prefabricated houses for poultry; ventilation, cooling and heating systems; manure removing drying and composting systems; egg collection systems; hatcheries; cold rooms; and more.



Czech Republic - Česká Skalice
E-mail: dtd@farmet.cz

Farmet a.s., Czech company founded in 1992 is one of the world-wide leading specialist in production of equipment and technologies for vegetable oil pressing and feed extrusion. We are strong partner it the field of oildseeds pressing, vegetable oil filtration, refinement, degumming and feed extrusion. Our product portfolio ranges from individual machines, compact plants to large-capacity plants using of oil presses and extruders of various capacities. Our technologies based on own development and production provide the customers the best costeffective, economic and environmentally friendly solution.

Agricultural machinery; Other;


France - Parthenay

We are specialised in the production of mechanically deboned meat (MDM) and 3mm bader meat of chicken and turkey. Every year we produce more than 20 000 tons of frozen meats that can be halal.

1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.4 Poultry and game;


Russia - Vladimir

FGBI «Federal Centre for Animal Health» is a leading scientific research institution in the field of veterinary with a large scientific subject area,a modern scientific production basis and a high international status.The activity of the centre is many-sided: carrying out scientific research and epizootic monitoring,working out prognosis,making recommendations on animal health care,participation in the prevention and treatment activities,development and manufacturing of highly effective medical means for veterinary use. FGBI “ARRIAH” is given national and international statuses: 1.OIE Regional Reference Laboratory for FMD 2.OIE Collaborating Centre for Diagnosis and Control of Animal Diseases for the Countries of Eastern Europe,Central Asia and Transcaucasia 3.The basic molecular diagnostics Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture,RF 4.The federal diagnostic center for BSE and rabies in the RF 5.National Refererence Laboratory for Avian Influenza 6.Testing Center for Food safety.



Belgium - Zaventem
E-mail: info@fbpe.be

Firestone Building Products is a leading manufacturer of single-ply rubber based roofing and lining systems.

Irrigation, watering systems; Other;


Hungary - Budapest

FIT FOOD Ltd has been a remarkable player of Hungarian canning industry for more than 17 years. Our products are well known in several European and Asian countries as well. Our high priority is to collect the best possible and most healthy ingredients for our products. We have great experience in this field. It is not only publicity, it is a matter of ethic for us not to sell harmful food. FIT FOOD guarantees the finest quality.

1.8.2 Canned fruits and vegetables;


Korea - Pohang

Food Science Inc. is a bio-technology based enterprise established by D. Eng., Mr. J.H. Park in 2003 in Pohang, a southern city of South Korea. Pohang is home to POSCO (one of the top steel mills of the world) and its invested technical institute, POSTECH, where Dr. Park received his doctoral degree. Food Science's technological competence has also been acknowledged by Korean government’s official certification. Morning Power is a patented hangover drink developed by Food Science as the first case of the technology transfer program from POSTECH. Utilizing the excellent effect of globefish to dissolve alcohol, Morning Power effectively improves the function of the alcohol-absorbed-liver with the strengthened synergy effects of several natural plant ingredients. Morning Power has won several prizes in exhibitions and fairs, and is being widely circulated through all convenience stores and supermarkets in Korea. Export Status: Bulgaria, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Vietnam, China

2.2 SOFT DRINKS; 2.2.7 Energetic drinks;


Kazakhstan - Astana

The company Favourite Techno: • One of the largest companies specializing since 1998 on the equipment of enterprises of food and processing industry, as individual pieces of equipment and integrated production lines in the following areas: bakery, confectionery, packaging. • We - the official representative of the major Italian manufacturers who are the undisputed leaders in the design and manufacture of bakery and confectionery equipment. • We provide and assist our clients in the development of the project, we select the right equipment, manufacture, installation, commissioning, train staff to work on modern technological equipment, provide warranty and post-warranty service. • Our equipment is in use in many cities of Russia and CIS countries. There are branches: Russia, Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Ukraine, Kharkov, Kazakhstan, Astana, Almaty, Moldova, Chisinau.

1.1.1 Confectionery; 2.8.1 Confectionery equipment;


Italy - Постиома ди Паезе (ТВ)

OOO Galdi Service Center B. Novodmitrovskaya str., 23, b.3, BC «ZPLAZA» 127015, Moscow, Russia Tel.: +7 (495) 287 1253 Fax: +7 (495) 287 1254 Email: info.russia@galdi.ru Website: www.galdi.ru Galdi is specialised in the design, building, installation and after-sales assistance of filling and packing machines for the food & drink industry, especially the dairy, fruit juice and non-carbonated drinks sector. Galdi’s products range includes machines for the filling of Gable-Top cartons (RG series), plastic cups (YR series) and plastic bottles (BM series). All machines can be equipped with a wide range of optional equipment, including a patented disinfection system called Ultra Clean System. Galdi collaborates with packaging multinationals and is constantly engaged in R&D projects. Galdi manufactures filling machines for the filling of liquid dairy and juice products in gable-top cartons, cups and plastic bottles.

The equipment for pouring;


Germany - Bonn

Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology


Kazakhstan - Almaty
E-mail: info@glpak.ru

Blisternaja packing; Flexible packing; Disposable ware, bottles; Packing for confectionery and culinary items;


Russia - Saint-Petersburg

Gofro Technology supplies corrugated cardboard making equipment in Russia and CIS countries.

Cars and the equipment for manufacture of packing products; Packing machines and the equipment;


Korea - Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do

As citron tea factory is located in Goheung-county, the quality control of citron fruits in the farm is directly done by us in the spring and citrons are hygienically processed through high-end automatic fruit washer and cutting facilities in the autumn harvest. Sterilized vacuum packing of citron allows you to enjoy the fresh flavor of citron tea for two-year expiration. Particularly, citron tea produced under low-temperature sterilizing facilities gives you the strong fresh flavor of original citron, compared to other companies’ products.

1.1.5 Jams, confitures;


Ukraine - Kiev

Güntner GmbH & Co. KG has its headquarters in Fürstenfeldbruck in Germany and is a global leader for the manufacturing of refrigeration and air conditioning components. Decades of experience in the sector, as well as consistent use of the latest technologies and research results, ensure the high quality standard of Güntner solutions in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and “Eurovent Certify All”. Operators include the international vehicle, food, pharmaceutical and computer industries, as well as a range of public utilities. Founded in Germany in 1931, the Güntner Group currently serves its customers and partners with nine production facilities and 40 subsidiaries and representative offices throughout the world.

2.8.9 Fruit and vegetable processing equipment; 2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment; 2.9.5 Fish processing equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment; 3.2.9 Storage and warehousing;


Belarus - Gomel





HEE CHANG DAIRY AND FOOD INDUSTRY CO.,LTD, one of the leading Korean manufacturer and exporter as a progressive company was established in 1969. The products ranges under the registered "SOPYO"are all kinds of powder produced by latest Spray Dryer for Non Dairy application, fruit juices, teas and more proprietary recipes specifically formulates for customers.

1.6 DIARY PRODUCTS; 2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks;


China - HENAN

Lianhua company is one of 520 key companies in China and also one of the first 151 leading companies of China agricultural industrialization which is identified by Ministry of Agriculture of China Central Government. At present, it turns out to be China's largest production and export base of Bouillon Cubes and Granules, Gourmet Powder(MSG) and Vital Wheat Gluten, with a registered capital of CNY1,062,024,310.00(about USD0.17 Billion), total assets of CNY 4.544 billion(about USD0.73 Billion), it has a number of more than 15000 employees, the value of trade mark LIANHUA rises to more than CNY 2 billion(USD0.32 billion) since year 1999.Key Business and service Manufacturer of various types of bouillon cubes and granules, gourmet powder, wheat flour, vital wheat gluten, corn germ oil, glucose, maltose, maltitol, glutamic acid, animal feed, leather garment, leather shoes, compounded fertilizer, .

1.2.1 Groats and beans; 1.2.3 Flour; 1.2.6 Cereals; 2.6 INGREDIENTS, ADDITIVES, SPICES; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery;


Poland - GADKI

HENDI Polska is a part of the global Hendi group, which for over 70 has been manufacturing and trading in professional food service equipment. The Company has been operating in Poland since 2005. The group comprises branches operating in Austria, Poland and Romania and an agency in Germany. Our customers include hundreds of distributors in all European countries. Our extensive collection consists of over 4000 products that have been specifically designed for the professional catering market. Among the many food service products that Hendi supplies, you can find professional coffee machines, deep fryers, buffet equipment, electrical and gas appliances, small kitchen appliances, grills, kitchen- and tableware, porcelain and cutlery. Our offer is continuously widen with new products. All of them guarantee high quality and are developed basing on many year’s experience and gastronomic market analysis.

2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.8.3 Kitchen equipment; 2.9.6 Heating equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

“HOLODOM-IMPORT” LTD is a leader in the industrial refrigeration equipment market of Kazakhstan. The Company sells spare parts of leading European manufacturers of industrial refrigeration equipment from Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Slovakia and etc. Our Company provides the following services in the market of Kazakhstan: development, manufacture and implementation of industrial refrigeration units, cold storage rooms and water cooling systems, supply of materials, spare parts, Freon, etc. The basic work is providing refrigeration units to the food industry and non-food industry businesses, where products should be cooled according to the technology requirements. Since 2013 a representative office was opened in Azerbaijan, Baku.

2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment;


Russia - Ivanteevka

The world leader in disposable tableware and packaging. The company has been successfully operating in the Russian market more than 20 years since 1994.Huhtamaki has extensive knowledge and experience in paper,plastic and biodegradable disposable tableware and packaging production. Huhtamaki packaging carries the world`s most renowned brands.

Disposable ware, bottles; Packing from a paper, a cardboard, a corrugated cardboard, a foil; Packing materials;

Goodfnb containing a natural healthy foods safely delivered from the farm to the table saying conviction was founded in 2006. Goodfnb fresh fruits and vegetables produced by processing a variety of beverages and food processing is a professional supplier. Goodfnb ISO22000 the international standard food safety management system and the Food and Drug Administration's Hazard Analysis Critical Control standards with the introduction of the HACCP system life cycle from production to distribution of the hazard can produce thoroughly and safely blocked. Goodfnb nature and people, a healthy symbiosis between man and man to provide for the safe food is a good company with the best.

2.2.6 Juices and nectars;


Kazakhstan - Karaganda

Mixes for bakery and confectionery production. Wholesale.

1.1.4 Chocolate, cocoa products; 1.1.5 Jams, confitures; 2.6.1 Flavoring agents; 2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery;


Austria - Vienna

Ice cream machinery, Freezing cabinets, Refrigeration and freezing equipment for supermarket chains

2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment; 2.9.7 Trade and showcase equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment; 3.3.2 Other;


Spain - Tajonar (Navarra)

Icek works for corporate business development internationalization offering global services to Spanish companies in a strategic country in Central Asia

3.2.7 Trade association;


Bulgaria - Plovdiv

Manufacturing machines and technological lines for the food, beverage and canning industry. Ultra clean bottling lines for milk, milk products, natural juices and etc.

2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.1.1 Bottling equipment; 3.1.2 Corking equipment;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Cardboard goffered; Microcorrugated cardboard; Packing for confectionery and culinary items;


Netherlands - Moerkapelle

The company Interko (1968) is the inventor and world leader in the design and manufacture of banana ripening systems ( and other fruits as well). More than 6000 Interko banana ripening systems work on all continents. Impeccable quality and a lot of know-how - these are the main ingredients for success of the company. Currently, we manufacture equipment for one-, two- and three-tier ripening chambers. The apparent advantage of our ripening systems is the possibility of their use for pre-cooling of all vegetables and fruits.

Refrigerating machinery; Storage and warehousing;


Poland - Gdansk

Inwestpol-Consulting established in 1992. Since 2002 we have been leading our own production of the machines for small and medium industry. Our company offers a wide range of machinery and equipment for the meat industry – machinery and equipment for dismembering and processing, for sausage production, poultry processing machinery and equipment. Next to brand new machines we also offer second hand equipment after complete renovation and with warranty. We also supply the after-warranty service.

2.8.6 Meat processing equipment; 3.2.1 National stand, group;


Russia - Moscow

Wholesale of dried fruits and nuts

1.2.8 Nuts, dried fruits, seeds;


Turkey - Istanbul

Established in 1989,Izvar involves in manufacturing of industrial packaging, reconditioning of industrial packaging and building of packaging machinery in a factory site of 30.000 m2 in Gebze,Turkey. Today, Izvar is one of the biggest industrial packaging supplier in Turkey and owns four main divisions as; Steel, Plastic, Fiber and Reconditioning Packaging. Izvar produces fully automatic turn-key steel drum production machinery. Production Areas: STEEL PACKAGING: Cylindirical or conical steel drums in various sizes. PLASTIC PACKAGING: From 20 lt. up to 60 lt. FIBER PACKAGING: Large and intermediate size fiber drums made of kraft paper, RECONDITIONED PACKAGING: Reconditioning of steel drums and IBC’s, MACHINERY MANUFACTURING: Designing and manufacturing of fully automatic steel drum production lines. All productions are running under ISO 9001 , ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, drums are tested according to UN. Izvar already exports many countries.

Bags, bags, packages, container, tubes, containers, trays, etc.; Banks, cylinders, flanks, cans, tanks, drums, cases; Cars and the equipment for manufacture of packing products; Other packing materials; Other packing products; Packing for chemical production; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing machines and the equipment;


Czech Republic - Praha

We are specialised in design, manufacturing, sale and service of equipment and complete plants for the industrial production of ice cream.

2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment; 3.3.2 Other;


Canada - Cambridge, ON

Jamesway is an undisputed leader in the incubation industry. The Company is running successfully since 1900. Our production facilities are located in Cambridge, Canada. Jamesway offers a wide range of the most energy efficient and robust incubation systems, along with ventilation, accessories and automation equipment. Team of qualified professionals is ready to elaborate a hatchery design in the shortest possible time and to provide you with urgent service support, assistance and consulting in solving any current issues. Company's main strategy implies individual approach to each hatchery and constant elaboration of innovative technologies, which helps us to remain a reliable partner and to offer our customers state-of-the-art and best equipment. Our incubators, hatchers and microclimate equipment as well as any required assistance from our specialists allows you to have the most efficient hatchery operation.



Poland - Warszawa

JAR Jaskulski Aromaty is a Polish producer of food flavourings for confectionery, bakery, dairy, ice cream, beverages and food supplement production. JAR flavourings are available in both liquid and powder form. The company was founded in 1979. Since this time, we have not only reached a leading position in our home market, but have also had regular business relations with customers abroad. Every year, we are expanding our business onto new markets. Correspondingly, in order to meet world food trends, a team of specialists continually creates new products in JAR’s modern laboratory. JAR is certified with ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP. Our team does its best to be fast and flexible. The company is also open to engaging in tailor-made projects. Our goal is to provide top quality products and customer service at a reasonable price. Moreover, JAR’s strategy is to expand its operations with Eastern markets and is, thus, looking for long-term and reliable partners in these countries.

2.6.1 Flavoring agents; 2.6.9 Colouring agent;


Lithuania - Joniskis
E-mail: jg@litagra.lt

PLC "Joniskio grudai" is considered as a founder of combined feed production in Lithuania. We are proud to be in production business over 55 years. We offer a wide range of premixes, protein, vitamin and mineral supplementary and combined feeds for all types of animals and poultry. Also, we produce, feed for dog, bait for fish, high quality wheat and rye flour.

Fodder, premixes;


Latvia - Jaunpils novads

The company started its activity in 1912. Traditions of milk processing in Jaunpils are long and stable. The company fully complies with requirements of the European Union, Russia and other countries, allowing products to be sold not only in Latvia but beyond its borders as well – in Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Israel, USA, UK. Our company has many years of experience in milk and cheese production. The dairy is equipped with modern machinery and it lets to have a complete processing cycle of wide range cheese, sour cream, sour cream with 2 month warranty and curd. Company guarantees 100% of production quality. "Jaunpils Pienotava” exports more than 80% of total production volume. There are 300 t of fresh milk processed every day.

1.6 DIARY PRODUCTS; 1.6.4 Cheese;


Kazakhstan - Almaty city
E-mail: info@kph.kz

Installation of building cold rooms, refrigerated warehouses, vegetable stores, fruit storage "turnkey" of any size, type and functionality. refrigeration doors Delivery of sandwich panels. Components, copper pipes, refrigerant compressors Direct delivery, low prices, deadlines, quality, service, warranty!

Refrigerating machinery; Cold rooms and doors;


Kazakhstan - Pavlodar

The company "KEMMI GROUP" is located in Pavlodar (Republic of Kazakhstan). Is a leading producer and supplier of a national series of noodles, among which: besbarmak, laghman and soup noodles as well as the New East series, the Italian series "Special Format" and pasta for kids. Products are widely known and implemented throughout Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany and many regions of Russia. Prosperity and steady growth - the main principles of the company, which is reflected in the trademark "KEMMI" - evergreen tree as a symbol of life.

1.2.2 Macaroni;


Russia - Moscow

«Коudijs MKorma» is a joint Russian-Dutch enterprise of two companies: «De Heus», one of the leaders of the animal feed and feed additives international market which has 100 years history, and «MKorma», the exclusive distributer of «De Heus» products in Russia. At present the company provides the full complex of services for farm livestock feeding. Main proud of the company – technological department, its experts provide qualified consulting support for the managers and specialists of the farms dealing with farm livestock breeding and keeping. «Koudijs MKorma» owns «De Heus» plant in Russia. Productive capacity of the enterprise allows producing up to 60 000 tons of premixes annually.

Fodder, premixes;


Belarus - Minsk

Production quality beer, beer cocktails, kvass, soft drinks, food concentrates (jelly, pudding, tsevita, cocoa)

2.2.1 Flavored drinks; 2.2.3 Drinking water; 2.2.5 Kissel, compote; 2.3.8 Beer; 2.4.2 Low alcohol drinks;


Netherlands - Terborg
E-mail: info@kaak.nl

Kaak Group Total Bakery Concepts The Kaak Group is today’s answer to complex sales markets for bread and other baked products. Highly qualified experts in six subsidiaries and eight divisions together focus on developing and providing optimal technical and technological variations and nuances for each product, be it mixed bread, toast, baguette, brioche or country-style breads. Within the Kaak Group, we combine the in-depth knowledge of our engineers and technologists in a flexible system which delivers tailor-made solutions without intergration problems. The result: authentic products made on tailor-made automated production lines which comply with the market’s requirements and are convincing in terms of economy and ecology.

2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.9.3 Bakery equipment; 2.9.6 Heating equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment; 3.1.5 Software systems; 3.1.8 Spare parts; 3.1.9 Cleaning equipment;


Kazakhstan - Almatinskaya obl., Abay village

Kagazy Recycling LLP, a subsidiary of Kazakhstan Kagazy JSC - is the biggest manufacturer of paper, cardboard and corrugated packaging in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The unique feature of company production is that it produces paper only from recycled paper. Kagazy Recycling LLP is a vertically-integrated business with a full production cycle: from its own waste paper collection to production of finished goods. Kagazy Recycling is the only company in Kazakhstan which has a network of waste paper collection points throughout the country. Every year Kagazy Recycling LLP collects and recycles approximately 50 thousand tons of waste paper and saves from deforestation around 500 thousand of matured trees, or 10 sq.km. of forest. The company is committed to principles of environmental safety and social responsibility. It is the first company in Kazakhstan and Cental Asia to receive a certificate of International Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Paper for goffering; Cardboard goffered; Packing for confectionery and culinary items; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing from a paper, a cardboard, a corrugated cardboard, a foil; Packing transport;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

1.3.1 Mayonnaise; 1.3.2 Sauces, ketchups, mustard; 1.4 MEAT PRODUCT; 1.4.4 Poultry and game; 1.5 FISH AND SEAFOOD; 1.5.1 Canned fish; 1.5.2 Caviar; 1.6 DIARY PRODUCTS; 1.6.4 Cheese;



KazMelt company is a producer of self-adhesive labels in rolls of any type of complexity: embossing, cold/hot foil, print on the adhesive layer, wash-off labels. Label production on mono materials: print of flexible packaging, wrap around labels, shrink-sleeve labels. Moreover, company produces thermal labels of various sizes, with and without logo, cash register tape. KazMelt company is official representative of Italian production company Leuenberger+C in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Delivery and sales of adhesive products, used in packaging, printing and other industries.



Ukraine - Drohobych

Compounding company, since 1998. Main activity: - Production of complex food additives. - Technological support meat processing industry. - Development of formulations and implementation of technology of meat products. - Food Engineering.

2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Plant LLP "Kormovik" launched in February 2011 and is a local company using European technology and equipped with computerized Dutch equipment. Performance of 7.5 tons per hour production. The main activity of the plant "Kormovik" is the production of premixes and concentrates for all types of animals and birds. Our products will help poultry and livestock complexes increase the safety of livestock, improved feed efficiency, enhance the immune system and increase the productivity of animals and bird.

Fodder, premixes;



Kreis Pack Sp. z o.o. is a Polish producer of disposable food packaging. The company specializes in thermoforming OPS and PP foil. The offer includes OPS confectionery and salad containers, PP salad containers, sealable lunch boxes, plates, bowls, cups and disposable cutlery. The company is ready to realize customized packaging. Kreis Pack's production is supported by ISO 9001 and HACCP certificates.

Bags, bags, packages, container, tubes, containers, trays, etc.; Disposable ware, bottles; Foil aluminium; Other packing materials; Other packing products; Packing for confectionery and culinary items; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing from a paper, a cardboard, a corrugated cardboard, a foil; Packing items; Packing materials;


Turkey - Izmir

Kutlusan Poultry Equipment CO. was founded in 1996 in order to avoid the deficiency of quality equipment in Turkish poultry Industry. Kutlusan that grows in a secure way, has become the choice of wise Investor with its advenced technology, strong structure of human resorces end professionalism, which are keys to quality and success. Kutlusan Poultry Equipment Co. has taken the philosophy of "to give the best quality to the breeder" as a goal and presents the beet solutions with optimum prices.

Cattle breeding; Metal work, complex buildings; Poultry;


South Korea - Seoul

Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd(KDP) was established in 1963 by Choi,Soo Boo,Chairman and it has played a great role to improve and continue to public health care and quality of life in Korea. KDP is diversified with not only pharmaceutical product with oriental herbal health Medicine, anticancer medicine and cardiovascular medicine etc but also soft drink of ‘Vita500’ Vitamin C health drink and ‘Cornsilk tea drink as the No1 leading brands in Korean local market, Red ginseng drinks, ‘Drop’ fruit juice drinks and so on.

1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.9 HEALTHY FOOD; 2.2 SOFT DRINKS; 2.2.2 Mineral water; 2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks; 2.2.6 Juices and nectars;


Belarus - Minsk

RUE “Minsk Kristall” is the largest producer of alcoholic beverages in the Republic of Belarus. The trademark Kristall is a classic, recognized not only in Belarus, but also far abroad. We may proudly state that modern Kristall is the brand. The special bottle, unified design line and patented trademarks, all this undoubtedly contributes to mind share and 100% recognizability of our products. While the years and decades are passing, the production is being advanced to higher levels and the style of operation is being improved, one thing remains unchanged — the highest quality of the products. The enterprise is the winner of the Premium of the Government of the Republic of Belarus in the field of quality.

2.3 ALCOHOLIC DRINKS; 2.3.1 Vermouth; 2.3.2 Wine; 2.3.3 Whisky, bourbon; 2.3.4 Vodka; 2.3.5 Gin; 2.3.6 Cognac, brandy; 2.3.7 Liquors; 2.3.9 Rum; 2.4.3 Tequila;


Belarus - Brest

Production of meat-processing equipment: Screw and rotor vacuum fillers complete with lifters, twisters and chopper attachments; Manual and automatic clippers with date markers; Machines for mincing frozen food blocks; Tare washers; U-type and continuous-type clips, piece loops and loops glued on the tape, labeling tape.

2.8.6 Meat processing equipment;


Germany - Aalen
Phone: 49 7361 5620

Supplier of complete lines of production machinery for the cocoa -, chocolate - and compound industry.

1.1.4 Chocolate, cocoa products; 2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.9.2 Drying and roasting equipment;



Lappas John was etablished in 1960. John Lappas Ltd's business activity expanded in every section of bakery and confectionery interest: production of new technology bakery machines, cheese pie make up line, fillo line, strudel leaves, kataif-konafa,cooperation with foreign firms and exporting in Europe and the Middle East. Quality, service and customer care are the main issues for John Lappas Ltd. Bakers and confectioners who address our company will be able to solve every production problem or improve the existing machinery. Equipment available in Lappas: Multi-Deck, Ovens, Rotor Ovens, Mixers, Lifters, Dough Dividers, Horizontal Mixers, Kataif-Konafa Machines, Baklava, Fillo Line for Strudel leaves, Thin Dough production plant with filling, Sambusak Line, Yufka Line, Make-up table, Puff Pastry Machines and Special project construction.

1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.1.1 Confectionery; 1.1.3 Bakery, cakes; 2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.9.3 Bakery equipment;


Phone: 36 42 500458

We provide machines and lines for the following industries: canning industry (fruit and vegetables), specialty food and drink industry (ketchup, juice, soft drinks).

2.8.9 Fruit and vegetable processing equipment;


Poland - LOWICZ


1.6 DIARY PRODUCTS; 1.6.3 Sour-milk products; 1.6.4 Cheese;


China - Yantai

We are one of the leading exporters from China specializing in Aluminum pilferproof bottle caps, Norefillable bottle caps, and Production line for bottle caps.

2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.1.1 Bottling equipment; 3.1.3 Packing materials; 3.1.4 Filtering equipment;


Russia - Penza

для перевода

Confectionery products;


Russia - Moscow

The Molopttorg company works at the market of cheeses and dairy production since 1994. The company began the activity as the distributor of the New Zealand dairy products. Now, we have in the portfolio distribution by famous Russian and European Trademarks and producers, such as: Fleshard C.A.C. (France, brand Parisian Burenka, etc.,), Mlekovita (Poland), Mlekpol (Poland), Polmlek (Poland), Vloszhzchevo (Poland), SEKO (Poland), Porkhovsky mol.zavod (Russia), Brasovsky cheeses (Russia), Lukhsky plant (Russia) and others. As, we are direct importers of cheeses from Europe: TM Frendship (Germany, Denmark), TM Oldenburger (Germany), Dzhagibo (Holland) This year we started developing own SENATOR trademark including a wide line of cheeses: Maasdam, Gauda, Edam, Tilziter, Swiss – orders on which we place with leading European producers. And as the Mozzarella Senator cheese made In the Moscow region from the most qualitative European raw materials.

Cheeses; Milk; 1.6 DIARY PRODUCTS;


Russia - Moscow

1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.4 Poultry and game; 1.8.1 Frozen fruits and vegetables; 1.8.3 Mushrooms;


Ukraine - Lugansk
Web: makdak.ua

Confectionary "Mak-daK" was founded in 1999, is a Ukrainian producer of food. Currently, Confectionary "Mak-daK" produces about 500 types of products. The production structure of the company consists of 2 plants: 1.extrusion production (corn sticks, pads, bars, bread, bran, popcorn); 2.confectionery production (butter, puff pastry, croissants, muffins, waffles, fruit jelly, marshmallow).At the moment, Confectionary "Mak-daK" has partners throughout Ukraine, as well as, exports its products to several countries, and offers cooperation to companies in countries near and far abroad. The main principle of the Company - the production of quality, natural and healthy product for our customers.

1.1.1 Confectionery; 1.2.6 Cereals;


Uzbekistan - Tashkent region

Marwin Brands LLC is produces juice and nectars under “DENA” brand. Company was founded in 27 june of 2007. And holds leading position in Uzbekistan market. “DENA” juice and nectar has 14 tastes:Apple juice, apple nectar, apricot nectar, peach nectar, nectar Multifruit, Quince nectar, orange juice, pineapple juice, grape and apple juice, tomato juice, apple-black currant nectar, apple-cherry nectar, pear nectar, Carrot - apple nectar. Apart from Uzbekistan market “DENA” is exported to Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

2.2.6 Juices and nectars;


Belarus - MINSK

Production of coffee and tea under own trade marks. Assortment of tea and coffee includes more than 120 items in different price segments.

2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks;


Russia - Miass

Makiz-Ural is one of the largest which specializes on saling bakery and pastry equipment since 1992. Makiz-Ural company is official dealer of many well-known European companies, who are certain leadery in bakery and pastry equipment production.

2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.8.8 Equipment for macaroni, ravioli production; 2.9.2 Drying and roasting equipment; 2.9.3 Bakery equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment;


Poland - Lukow

The "Łmeat – Łuków" S.A. meat processing plant has been in operation since 1973. Profile of our business activities: Purchase and slaughter of porkers (approx. 400 thousand head/year) and beef cattle (approx. 75 thousand head/year), Cutting pork (approx. 110 tonnes/8 hours) and beef (approx. 80 tonnes/8 hours), Production and distribution of meats, cold meats, tinned meat and fats, Production of pet food, Own retail network ( 100shops) and 6 wholesale centres, Own specialist transport of livestock and ready-made products. We have authorization for export to Russia,Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Korea, Canada and others. Contact: Export Department Artur Osiak phone: 0048 25 797 27 19 Mobile 0048 667 984 724 e-mail: aosiak@zmlukow.pl export@zmlukow.pl www.zmlukow.pl



Germany - Bremen

Melitta® is one of the leading coffee brands in Germany, the largest European market of natural roasted coffee. Melitta® offers a large variety of fresh ground vaccuum packed coffee, whole beans of 100% Arabica, freeze dried instant coffee as well as cappuccino style instant drinks in different packaging sizes. Produced in Germany.

2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks;


Netherlands - Oostzaan

Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. is a leading manufacturer of lines for slaughtering, cutting and further, processing of agricultural poultry meat. Company suggests a wide range of slaughter conveyers, lines for cutting and processing with the opportunity to choose speed characteristics and bird sizes. It allows achieving efficient productivity with absolute minimum labour-outlet in meat processing industry.

Other; Poultry;


Russia - Moscow

2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.5 Ingredients for diary industry; 2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery;


Poland - Warsaw
E-mail: mg@mg.gov.pl

The Polish Ministry of Economy supports Polish-Kazakhstani cooperation. Polish food and machinery are known worldwide. High quality, good price and taste makes Polish manufacturers world leaders in the sector. The offer amazes even the most demanding clients. Visit the info stand and learn more about possible business.

3.2.1 National stand, group; 3.2.3 Governmental organisations; 3.3.1 Embassy;


Germany - Arnstein

Making life easier for bakers has been the top priority at MIWE for more than 90 years. If our customers are successful, we are too. That is why we do everything we can to help our customers strengthen their position in the market by delivering top-quality products, professional advice and first-class service. Our core expertise is the heating and cooling process in the bakery and efficient process design, and that is what we concentrate on. Our product portfolio is focused on baking ovens for large-scale production and stores, as well as bakery refrigeration systems and automation equipment.

2.9.3 Bakery equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment; 3.1.7 Food automatisation;


Sri Lanka - Peliyagoda

Sri Lankan family tea company Dilmah, founded by Merrill J. Fernando, has preached quality, authenticity and variety in tea for decades. Dilmah pioneered the concept of Single Origin Tea in 1988 when the family company went against industry trends to declare its commitment to authenticity. Garden fresh, unblended tea is a hallmark of Dilmah which is a brand built on integrity, embodied in the Six Pillars of Dilmah. Our range includes traditional Speciality Gourmet and Premium Tea, Herbal Infusions, pure Green Tea and Fun flavoured Teas, Spiced Chais, Organic Tea, the Dilmah Exceptional range with its contemporary selection of teas and our boutique Watte and t-Series. Dilmah is the world’s first truly Ethical Tea, going beyond Fair Trade, in that all packaging profits are retained in Sri Lanka and fund the MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation. We believe that Business is a Matter of Human Service. www.mjffoundation.org, www.dilmahconservation.org

2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks;

Plant "Molmash" – the manufacturer of equipment for the food industry since 1932. Output range - vessels and heat exchangers (pasteurization and sterilization, cooling, cooling systems), equipment for production of natural and mixed oils, cheese, condensed milk, mayonnaise, ketchup and sauces. Also Molmash engaged in complex supply and commissioning of lines and dairy plants for milk processing "turn key" with the introduction of modern technology and staff training. The geography of our supplies - Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, as well as neighboring countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, etc.

2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.8.7 Fat and oil processing equipment; 2.8.9 Fruit and vegetable processing equipment; 2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment; 2.9.6 Heating equipment; 3.1.5 Software systems; 3.1.9 Cleaning equipment;


Germany - Wolfertschwenden

Multivac is a world leading supplier of packaging solutions for food products, sterile medical products and various industrial and consumer articles, with more than 2600 employees in over 55 countries on all continents. The comprehensive range of machines includes fully automated thermoforming machines, traysealers, vacuum chamber machines and labellers. Multivac installs around 1400 industrial machines and 4000 semi-automated machines per year; that comes to a total of over 115,000 Multivac machines worldwide since the foundation of the company in 1961. More than 800 consultants and service technicians worldwide ensure that Multivac packaging systems are available throughout the world.

1.1.2 Honey; 1.1.5 Jams, confitures; 1.3.1 Mayonnaise; 1.3.2 Sauces, ketchups, mustard; 1.4 MEAT PRODUCT; 1.4.1 Canned meat; 1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen; 1.4.4 Poultry and game; 1.5 FISH AND SEAFOOD; 1.5.1 Canned fish; 1.6 DIARY PRODUCTS; 1.6.3 Sour-milk products; 1.6.4 Cheese; 2.7.3 Sausage coating; 2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.8.6 Meat processing equipment; 2.8.8 Equipment for macaroni, ravioli production; 2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment; 2.9.2 Drying and roasting equipment; 2.9.5 Fish processing equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.1.3 Packing materials;


Poland - Monki

P.U.P.H. MONROL the limited liability company has been on the market since 1991. We are a renowned, professional producer of wood chips for bets of capital groups,S.A. in the butcher’s, fish and cheese-making industry. Selected wood chips used in the production, come from ecological clean wooded areas of the European Union. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificates are a confirmation the high quality of our wood chips. Our new offer is directed to individual persons (barbecue’s and home smoking chambers’ users) - enables applications of our product for a domestic consumption.

1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen; 1.4.4 Poultry and game;


Belarus - Mogilev

Republican unitary manufacture enterprise «Mogilevhlebprom» is the largest producer of baked goods and pastry in Mogilev and Mogilev area. The enterprise comprises 8 manufactures, which produce over 140 tonnes of baked goods and 20 tonnes of pastry. Assortment numbers over 200 kinds of baked goods and 300 kinds of pastry (baked pastry, spice cakes, shortcakes, oatmeal cookies, waffles, cakes, fancy cakes, Swiss rolls, loaf and sorbet and other). Unit weight of diet and diabetic goods in total production volume makes up over 35%. A wide range of goods, high quality, use of natural raw materials and modern improved technologies allow the enterprise to present its products at the internal market as well as outside Belarus. The policy of «Mogilevhlebprom» bases on safe and quality production which meets compulsory requirements and customer’s demands, provided by complex approach to the objects of provision, management and procedure upgrade. Brands “Hlebniy Dar” and “Domochay”, produced from natural ecological materials without artificial components and flavor additives, present pastry and baked goods of «Mogilevhlebprom». Customers of all ages and categories purchase its products.

1.1.3 Bakery, cakes; 1.1.1 Confectionery;


Poland - Oborniki Śląskie

ZWC „Miś” Sp. z o.o., based in Oborniki Śląskie, produces and distributes a wide range of biscuits, dry wafers, crispy wafers combined with soft cream, fluffy marshmallows, chocolate-covered ptasie mleczko and other confectioneries and baked treats. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we have developed our own special recipes, gifting our products a unique flavour. The Miś brand is well-known for a tradition which stretches back over 50 years – along with the use of the highest quality raw materials, this is our recipe for sweet success.

1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.1.1 Confectionery; 1.1.3 Bakery, cakes; 1.1.4 Chocolate, cocoa products;


Russia - Orenburg

2.2 SOFT DRINKS; 2.2.1 Flavored drinks; 2.2.2 Mineral water; 2.2.3 Drinking water;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

"Neos Ingredinsts" Ltd supplies high-quality nutrional supplements, ingredients, raw materials for baking industry from Russia, Europe, China. The company is a distributor of Boyens Backservice GmbH, Dubor Groneweg GmbH & Co. KG, Ernst Böcker GmbH & Co. KG, Aromatic AB, Kallbergs Industry AB, ThermPhos, Russian Ingredients. The dealer network enables hight-qality service and helps customers in the different regions. The company offers skilled technology consulting, including outreach; flexible pricing system: discounts, opportunity for postponement of payment,supply of food additives, ingredints and raw materials regarding pre-order from customers. All products have the State registration.

2.6.2 Yeast; 2.6.3 Gelatin; 2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.5 Ingredients for diary industry; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery; 2.6.8 Conserving agents; 2.8.8 Equipment for macaroni, ravioli production; 2.9.3 Bakery equipment;


Korea - Seoul

Noodle(Udon) specialty company

1.2.3 Flour;


Germany - Cologne

Anton Ohlert is a well known trading house with more than 140 years experience specialized in the trade with CIS-countries. Anton Ohlert represents more than 30 Western European machinery building companies in the food&beverage-, packaging-, plastic– and building industry. The office in Almaty takes care for our customers in Khasachstan and several lines in the food, packaging and building industry were already delivered and successfully commissioned.

2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.9.3 Bakery equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.2.7 Trade association;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Manufacturing of self-adhesive labels.



Kazakhstan - Алматы

1.2.4 Snacks (chips, dried crusts, pop corn); 1.3.2 Sauces, ketchups, mustard; 2.6.1 Flavoring agents; 2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.5 Ingredients for diary industry; 2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery; 3.1.3 Packing materials;


Italy - Gradara ( PU )

OMAG manufactures since 1973 vertical packaging machines for 4-side sealed sachets and horizontal machines for 3 and/or 4 side sealed sachets for powdery, free-flowing, fluid and liquid products, tablets and capsules. Vertical packaging machines for tablets and capsules in strip format. Vertical packaging machines for powdery, free-flowing, creamy and liquid products, in stick pack style and tetrahedron style. Full complete packaging lines. Moscow office: Russia, Mosca, Leninskij pr-t, 148, off 1-2 Tel +7 / 495 / 980 66 45 Fax +7 / 495 / 980 66 46 e-mail: omag@omag.ru http: www.omag.ru Kiew office: Ucraina, Kiev, Str. Geroev Stalingrada 20-A Tel +38 / 044 / 537 65 47 Fax +38 / 044 / 537 65 33 e-mail: omag@omag.com.ua http: www.omag.com.ua

Other; Packing machines and the equipment;


Belarus - Borisov

Flexible packing materials; Multilayered materials; Membranula; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing materials; Label;


Russia - Moscow

1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.1.1 Confectionery; 1.2 GROCERY; 1.2.1 Groats and beans; 1.2.4 Snacks (chips, dried crusts, pop corn); 1.2.6 Cereals; 1.2.7 Fast food products (soups, mashes, porridges); 1.9 HEALTHY FOOD; 2.1.1 Dietary and diabetic products; 2.1.2 Baby food; 2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery;


Russia - Moscow

Supply, maintenance and service of packaging machines -A2, SIAT, ARCA, GG Macchine, Extend and other producers.

Materials for transport packing; Cars and the equipment for registration of packing products; Membranula; Packing materials; Packing machines and the equipment; Label;



Flavoured extruded corn products; Wellnut nut substitute mixture product line; Baking ingredients; Agricultural and mill-industrial crops

1.2.1 Groats and beans; 1.2.4 Snacks (chips, dried crusts, pop corn); 2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery;


Italy - Badia Polesine

Already more than 20 years, Padovani Сompany supplies equipment for the production of : • Soft biscuits • Hard biscuits • Creckers • Filled biscuits • Wire-cut biscuits • Prianiki Padovani equipment is very much appreciated, because the high technological level is accompanied by ease exploitation and experience in utilizing raw materials of C.I.S. customers. Forming machines for filled biscuits and prianiki production allow to obtain a wide range of shapes for filled biscuits in 1or 2, 3 colours. PADOVANI is also world leader in the manufacturing of rotary moulding rollers and rotary cutting rollers for biscuits, pellets, crackers. PADOVANI supply their rollers for their own rotary machines and for all competitors’ rotary machines. Padovani’s rollers are appreciated all over the world for the highest engraving precision and quality of the materials.

2.8.1 Confectionery equipment;



PANEL SISTEM A.S was established in 1991 and working in the refrigeration field. Since the establishment, Panel Sistem has rapidly grown up and we are proud to announce that the volume of manufacturing has been raised to approximately 4.000 pieces refrigeration units per year. Last year we have exported 60% of our units to especially European countries. Panel Sistem has got ISO 9001:2008 quality management certificate, CE, GOST and UKR-Sepro certificates. Our mainly products are; silent outdoor units, split units, monoblock units, industrial type refr. systems, central units and chillers.

2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment;


Netherlands - Zeddam

Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies designs and develops new technology and equipment for single stage incubation. Pas Reform Academy successfully conducts research-works on biological and physical aspects of embryo development and its physiology. Pas Reform develops various types of hatchery equipment meeting the highest standards for ensuring optimal incubation conditions, which affect hatchery and quality of one-day chickens: with optimal feed costs they gain maximum weight, which is critical for profitable poultry breeding.



Belgium - Olsene (Zulte)

Petersime is the world leader in the development of incubators, hatchery equipment and turnkey hatcheries, with regional offices in Russia and Brazil, distributors in over 60 countries and customers in over 150 countries. The S-line is a range of single-stage incubators designed for high, uniform chick output at a low labour, maintenance and energy costs. The BioStreamer™ is the top-of-the-range product adding an extended user interface and autopilot functions based on Embryo-Response Incubation™ technologies: CO2NTROL™, Dynamic Weight Loss System™, OvoScan™ and Synchro-Hatch™. Petersime has 40 years of experience in designing turnkey hatcheries. We offer a unique 24/7, worldwide customer service.



Hungary - Janossomorja

PEZ Production Europe LTD. is a 100 % subsidiary of the PEZ AG. who, started to produce effervescent tablets in 1999, vitamintablets and sweetener based on the know-how with own team including granulating, pressing and packaging. We are private label producers and also contract manufacturer and looking for our new distributor in Kazahstan and in the region.

2.1.1 Dietary and diabetic products;


Ukraine - Poltava

Production of confectionary products (sweets, chocolate, biscuits, wafers, dragee, candy, halva).

1.1.1 Confectionery;


Germany - Taufkirchen

Plattenhardt + Wirth GmbH is a medium-sized enterprise active for more than 45 years. To its core competency belong the design and erection of industrial projects in the fields of insulation and refrigeration. In order to accelerate and streamline the realization of such plant projects – especially in the event of a turnkey contract – Plattenhardt + Wirth GmbH acts as the general planner and general contractor in close cooperation with local partners. Product range / Services: • Project development, production, delivery, installation and service; • long term CA and ULO storages for fruit and vegetables; • large wholesale markets, distributive and logistics centers; • sorting- and packing centres; • transshipment warehouses in all temperature ranges for fruit and vegetables; • deep freez facilities for storing of poultry, meat, fish, dairy products, etc.;

2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment;


Hungary - SZEGED
Phone: 36 62 542662

Our company PM World Trade Kft is producing, growing, feeding, slaughtering and selling fatty geese and ducks more than 20 years in Hungary. Our main products are fatty goose liver and fatty goose meat: breast, leg, wings etc and fatty duck liver and fatty duck meat: breast, leg, wings, etc.We are producing smoked meat also ( smoked goose breast , smoked duck breast) and goose liver and duck liver conserves .

1.4.1 Canned meat; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen; 1.4.4 Poultry and game;


Poland - Warsaw

Polish Association of Organic Products Processors and Producers

3.3.2 Other;


Germany - Hattersheim am Main

Poly-clip System is the worldwide leading company for clip closure solutions providing products and services to the sausage and other food processing industries. The range of products and services forms a unique system. It comprises the biggest range of clipping machines, as well as matching clips and loops for the processing of sausage and the packaging of pasty products. Additionally to this, the comprehensive application advice and professional after-sales service forms an important part of the customer care program. The factory and its products are approved by ISO 9000:2008 regulations.

1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.3.1 Mayonnaise; 1.3.2 Sauces, ketchups, mustard; 1.4 MEAT PRODUCT; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen; 1.4.4 Poultry and game; 1.6 DIARY PRODUCTS; 1.6.2 Ice-cream; 1.6.3 Sour-milk products; 1.6.4 Cheese; 2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.8.6 Meat processing equipment; 2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.1.3 Packing materials;

Prima Group exports fresh fruits and vegetables. We regularly sell our products to Russia, and other countries. We co-cooperate with retail networks and big companies. We specialize in exports of apples, pears, cabbage, Chinese cabbage and other products.



Russia - Pyatigorsk

Packing machines and the equipment; Foil aluminium; Label;


Poland - Poznan

Profitto Poland company engaged in food distribution. Our portfolio of both sweets: pralines, chocolates, cakes, packages, croissants, lollipops, as well as coffee, tea, wine, olive oil and the broader deli and meat products and bakery. We always try to adapt to the needs of our customers and meet their requirements for taste, quality and above all value for money. We have customers all over the world, but now we want to establish direct cooperation with the eastern countries, mainly Kazakhstan and neighboring countries

1.1.1 Confectionery; 1.1.3 Bakery, cakes; 1.1.4 Chocolate, cocoa products; 1.2 GROCERY;


Russia - Perm region
E-mail: sales@pzpi.ru

Banks, cylinders, flanks, cans, tanks, drums, cases; Other; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing for the perfumery-cosmetic goods; Packing for chemical production;



Pierce (Tianjin) Irrigation Equipment Co. Ltd founded in 2011, belongs to joint venture between Saudi Arabia and China. It is located in No.1 Shunyi Road, Beihua Industry Area, Jinghai District, Tianjin, it is mainly engaged in the production of agricultural irrigation equipment and accessories, sales and technical advisory services.

Agricultural equipment; Agricultural machinery;


Latvia - Daugavpils

Company "RITAL D" was founded in 1998. It is located in the second largest city in Latvia Daugavpils. The high quality of products is testified not only by the recognition the company has received, but also the loyalty of our customers the number of which is costantly increasing. "RITAL D" continuously improves and develops new products, adjusting to the needs of the customers and the latest trends of the market. Company exports its products to Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Turkmenistan, Tadzikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan.

1.4.1 Canned meat;



Veterinary; Other; Fodder, premixes; Poultry; Seed growing; Fertilisers, agrochemistry;


Poland - Krakow

Regis Food Technology, Ltd is a rising global leader in pioneering innovative food technologies and ingredients for food processing, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition foods essential for health and life. More than two decades of nutrition science research, structured innovation and intense collaboration with customers have culminated in a wide range of functional products organized into four brands: SMAKOVITA Food Processing Solutions, ACTIVLAB Sports Nutrition, TASTE-PRO Industrial Bouillon and Broths, and VET FOOD Pet Health and Nutrition.

1.2.7 Fast food products (soups, mashes, porridges); 2.6 INGREDIENTS, ADDITIVES, SPICES; 2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry; 2.7.3 Sausage coating; 2.8.6 Meat processing equipment;


Poland - Pila

We have been a coffee and tea producer since 1991. Most of all we offer coffees packed in several kinds of universal single dosing systems like well know coffee PADS, coffee CAPSULES. We also offer variety of different bean coffees and ground coffee and cappuccino mixes. Most of all we sell our products under our brands - Rene and Celmar. We sell our coffees and teas not only in Poland but also in entire Europe. Although we focus primarily on Europe we also have customers in the Middle and Far East and North Africa. We offer following kind of coffee: - Ground coffee - Bean coffee - Soluble coffee packed in glass jars We are also a producer of all kinds of tea (black, green, herbal, fruit) packed in PYRAMID as well as single and double chamber teabags. We offer wide following kind of teas packed in square and pyramid teabags: - Black teas / black flavored teas - Natural fruit teas - Green tea - Herbal tea

2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks;


Kazakhstan - Almaty
E-mail: info@rhode.kz

Engineering, automation, installation services, manufacturing of equipment for the food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Distributor of: “AWH/Neumo, Germany” - pipes, fittings and armatures made of stainless steel, “Reda, Italy” - beverage processing systems, “Bertoli, Italy” – homogenizer, “Ilpra, Italy” – Packing and filling machines, “IMA, Italy” – Packing equipment, “Sezer, Turkey” - milking and farm equipment.

2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment; 2.9.4 Brewery equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.1.1 Bottling equipment; 3.1.2 Corking equipment; 3.1.5 Software systems; 3.1.8 Spare parts;


Russia - Moscow

Gift and Christmas packaging. Packing with the Soul! Tubes, boxes, bags. Always in stock and on order. Delightful and charming collection designs, any customization

Banks, cylinders, flanks, cans, tanks, drums, cases; Paper packing, wrapping; Bags, bags, packages, container, tubes, containers, trays, etc.; Other packing products; Packing for confectionery and culinary items; Packing for the perfumery-cosmetic goods; Packing from a paper, a cardboard, a corrugated cardboard, a foil;


Russia - Chelyabinsk

In 2012 was formed company «RUSMAK», which became popular in the southern Urals, and the neighboring regions of the manufacturer of macaroni products of high quality. Combining modern technology and time-tested recipes, today the company produces 11 types of pasta, relished the lovers of tasty and home-cooked meal on the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan. All kinds of macaroni products, produced under the trade mark «RUSMAK», passed voluntary certification. Therefore, each buyer, buying products under the brand «RUSMAK»makes his choice in favor of safe and ecologically clean production - the main source of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins necessary for good and healthy nutrition.

1.2.2 Macaroni;


Russia - Obninsk

Ruukki specialises in steel and steel construction. We provide customers with energy-efficient steel solutions for better living, working and moving. We have around 9,000 employees and an extensive distribution and dealer network across some 30 countries including the Nordic countries, Russia and elsewhere in Europe and the emerging markets, such as India, China and South America. Net sales in 2012 totalled €2.8 billion. The company's share is quoted on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki (Rautaruukki Oyj: RTRKS). www.ruukki.com

Metal work, complex buildings;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

"Rybprom" LLP has been registered from February 4, 2000. The company headquarter address is as follows: Almaty, #22, Baitursynov Street, office phone/fax: +7 727 2781012, sales department: +7 727 233-03-13; 233-89-13; email: info@rybprom-fwf.com The main activity is catching, processing and sales of freshwater fish and fish products (fillets and wholes of fine-mesh fish, derivatives (cheeks, beef), dried fish). The company's manufacturing facilities are located in all south and south-east inland waters of Kazakhstan: Balkhash Lake, in the delta of the Ili River, on Alakol Lake System, Zaisan Lake, Buhtarma and Kapshagay reservoirs.




RUIAGRO is a manufacturer with 20 years’ history, belonging to RUICHEM GROUP in east of China. We are professional at agrichemical Tech, formulation and end packing, and our products enjoy high reputation in East Europe and Mid Asia markets. We are very pleased to cooperate with partners all over world with a win-win situation.

Fertilisers, agrochemistry;


China - Nanjing

Established in Sep.2007, Jiangsu Skyrun Foods Technology Co., Ltd is one of the most famous enterprises in manufacturing agricultural food, health food products.

1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.2.7 Fast food products (soups, mashes, porridges); 2.2.6 Juices and nectars;


Azerbaijan - Sirab village, Babek region

OJSC Babek “Sirab” is one of the largest company that manufacturing natural mineral water “Sirab” in Azerbaijan.

Mineral cotton wool;


Poland - Goszczyn

The company "SADPOL" started its activity in the domestic market in 1992, and more than 20 years there in the foreign market. The company "SADPOL" is a trading company, that is operating in the largest region of fruit-growing in Poland. We produce and sell fruits and vegetables in any quantity and best quality. We have more than 100 hectares of our own orchards and we carefully select the rest of our suppliers. Confirmation of this is the certificate GLOBALGAP. We have: appropriately qualified and trained staff, computer-controlled sorting machine for apples, large storage facilities and refrigerated chambers ULO own fleet of trucks. We export our goods to most countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. We supply to our customers apples, pears, plums, strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, chinese cabbage,carrots and other fruits and vegetables.



Germany - Dietzenbach

Since 1962 SALMET has been developing, manufacturing and distributing systems for rearing and laying hens. SALMET manufactures high-quality equipment in its own production facilities, offers innovative technological solutions and continuously tests all of its systems in its own farms. SALMET combines experience from egg production with the development of highest standard equipment.



Kazakhstan - Almaty

SCHALLER® is a reliable partner for food processors and a leading European provider for all-in-one solutions: from projecting of whole industrial complexes till technological developing of final products. We offer the equipment for slaughtering and deboning, processing, convenience food production, slicing& packaging, labeling, weighting, commissioning& logistics. In this year was presented the new company brand Schaller Premium, which bundles these products such as spices, additives, breadcrumb coatings, binding agents and coatings for different products. The important unit of SCHALLER® is the HAAS group of company. This is the family business which specializes on producing of equipment for confectionary industry. The manufacturing program includes the producing lines for wafers, biscuits, gingerbreads, cornets, roll pastries, marshmallow, aerated chocolate and other aerated products.

1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.1.1 Confectionery; 1.4 MEAT PRODUCT; 1.4.1 Canned meat; 1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen; 1.4.4 Poultry and game; 2.6 INGREDIENTS, ADDITIVES, SPICES; 2.6.1 Flavoring agents; 2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry; 2.6.9 Colouring agent; 2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.8.6 Meat processing equipment; 2.9.3 Bakery equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.1.8 Spare parts;


Russia - Moscow
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System approach and value proposition in the area of shrink food packaging of perishable products and production hygiene. Innovative packaging solutions for packaging fresh red meat and poultry, processed meat, cheese, fish and ready meals. Packaging systems and automated packaging line of different capacity.

2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.1.3 Packing materials;



Shandong Longkou Xinlong Foodstuff CO.,Ltd It own the advanced product line the of dried seafood ,smoked seafood ,freezing seafood,salted seafood etc , the output of shredded squid, seasoned fish fillet, squid ring, blue whiting fillet, dried capelin and other kinds of dried seafood ,smoked seafood is 8000 tons a year, the output of freezing seafood ,salted seafood is 800 tons a year.all material is with strictly inspection and exquisite ingredients, the products are kept the original natural nutrition.The honoured customers are from Russia, Ukraine, Korea, Japan, America,Canada and EU etc country and district.

1.2.5 Dried seafood;


Russia - Ekaterinburg

Manufacture and «turn-key» supplies of packing equipment and packing lines, transportation and marking systems for single-peace, granular, powdered products with solid, weight linear and combination dosing devices. Always available special kittings and tunings for the effective operation of equipment on a definite product. We offer simple and full modernization, trade-in. Start-ups and personnel training are included in the cost for the equipment. Guaranty and post-guaranty servicing. Warranty up to 3 years. Flexible discount system.

Packing machines and the equipment;


Russia - Magnitogorsk

Healthy food products production for human health! The mission and life philosophy of the company comprises the group of companies under the brand name "Sitno." Today, the company's brand "Sitno" unites the following activities: department of agriculture (crops, livestock, pig-breeding and vegetable), flour and grain department (production of flour, animal feed products and pasts), the department of poultry (broiler and egg production, sausage production), department of bread, baking and milk production, and department of commerce. A closed technological cycle with a detailed quality control at every stage of production, which allows ensure the production of high quality and natural foods.

1.1.1 Confectionery; 1.1.3 Bakery, cakes; 1.2.2 Macaroni; 1.2.3 Flour; 1.2.4 Snacks (chips, dried crusts, pop corn); 1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen; 1.4.4 Poultry and game; 1.7 EGGS;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

"Sitol" LLP is specialized on agricultural and food waste processing systems. Manufacturer realized incineration by pyrolysis and gasification of fuel and high-temperature combustion process.

Cattle breeding; Grain storage; Poultry;


Russia - city Dolgoprudnyj

Wholesale vegetable, fruit and mushroom conservation. One of the leading brands on the Russian market

1.8.2 Canned fruits and vegetables; 1.8.3 Mushrooms;


France - Le Havre

Created in 1972 following the merger of hundred-year-old companies, SLAUR recently took over Sardet, a renowned French company, making it now one of France‘s leading manufacturers of alcoholic beverages and syrups. Ideally located in Le Havre, only a few kilometres away from France‘s main container port, SLAUR is naturally very well export oriented. Each year, SLAUR dispatches around 1400 containers and over 700 trucks from its warehouse to 110 countries worldwide.



Germany - Troisdorf Spich

SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH (Germany) is a manufacturer of blow molding machines and offers PET and PP, conveyors, tracker, complete bottling milk, drinks and sunflower oil.

2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.1.1 Bottling equipment; 3.1.3 Packing materials; 3.1.8 Spare parts;


Germany - Bad Salzuflen

Sollich is the market leader for bar and praline forming systems, coating systems for chocolate, caramel and icing compounds and chocolate tempering machines. The manufacturing range comprises depositing and sandwiching systems for biscuits and wafers, fondant and caramel enrobing machines, chocolate tanks, pumps, de-crystallization systems, tempering machine and heat exchangers, praline forming machines, chocolate/caramel/jelly enrobers, decorators, cooling tunnels, ice cream enrobers, bar forming and cutting lines.

1.1.1 Confectionery; 2.8.1 Confectionery equipment;


Italy - Sandrigo

Since 1963, SPEROTTO is a leading Italian company in the manufacture and supply of prefabricated buildings for poultry and livestock, in hot dip galvanized steel, and poultry equipment. SPEROTTO operates in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia, Central and South America. SPEROTTO has got top International Quality Certificates for its products.

Metal work, complex buildings;


Thailand - Bangkok

Spice Garden is a privately owned corporation; all partners are actively involved in day to day operations - allowing us unique flexibility and responsiveness. Spice Garden products are authentic Thai'homemade style' food products reflective of the quality and healthfulness of Thai herbs and spices.

1.1.3 Bakery, cakes; 1.2 GROCERY;


Latvia - Spilve

"SPILVA" is one of the leading food and garnish processing companies in the Baltic States. The Company offers more than 290 products, divided in eight main groups - tomato sauces and ketchups; mayonnaise; dressings; mustard and horseradish; desserts; juices; pickled vegetables; soups and main courses. High quality, appetizing package design and rich flavoured taste characterize any product branded with "SPILVA" name.Its products are sold not only in Baltic countries, but also on Western and Eastern European markets.

1.1.5 Jams, confitures; 1.3.1 Mayonnaise; 1.3.2 Sauces, ketchups, mustard; 2.2.6 Juices and nectars;


Poland - Bialystok

Spółdzielnia Obrotu Towarowego Przemysłu Mleczarskiego (SOT) was established in 1991 to organize sale of dairy products made by their owners. Our founders – dairy cooperatives from the north-east Poland - are leading Polish dairy plants making the highest quality dairy products. We offer over 2000 milk products from ecologically clean regions, among them: 1) Milk and cream: milk, cream, UHT products. 2) Hard and semi-hard cheese: ripening cheese. 3) Milk fat: butter, anhydrous milk fat. 4) Mouldy cheese: blue cheese, white mould cheese. 5) Other: curd cheese, cream cheese, yoghurt, kefir, drinking buttermilk, desserts and other dairy products. 6) Milk powder products: milk, whey, drinking buttermilk, casein. All offered products fulfill the highest health and quality standards.

1.6 DIARY PRODUCTS; 1.6.3 Sour-milk products; 1.6.4 Cheese;


Russia - Saint-Petersburg

Cattle breeding; Fodder, premixes;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

“Sultan Marketing” Company, head office of which is situated in Almaty, the trade and economic center of Kazakhstan, was established in 1996 for distribution and marketing of the product with the brand name “Sultan”. In a very short period of time this company became a marketing firm, which is able to concur on all the territory of Kazakhstan. Nowadays “Sultan Marketing” deals with export and import of not only products produced by branch enterprises, but other products of third producers as well. Today “Sultan Marketing” has more than 257 employees and acts in 11 regions of Kazakhstan and 7 countries, having own branches, provided by transport, storehouses, net of wholesale and distributing companies, as well as rather wide staff of spreaders.The firms uses closed store houses with the total area of 15 000 m?, and from the very date of establishment has export relations with 14 countries, among them Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia...

1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.1.1 Confectionery; 1.2 GROCERY; 1.2.1 Groats and beans; 1.2.2 Macaroni; 1.2.3 Flour;


Turkey - Istanbul

TAVSAN POULTRY EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING CO. , being the oldest and the biggest poultry equipment manufacturer in Turkey, manufactures feeding, drinking, lighting, heating, ventilation, feed storage and transport, climate control systems since the establishment date, 1975. Besides manufacturing a complete range of poultry equipment, Tavsan also performs sales and after sales services to customers. Tavsan also started to offer turnkey poultry projects both in local and international market.



Ukraine - Kyiv

Thanks to considered development strategy and professional staff the TEXHA company has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech equipment for poultry production. Our equipment is being delivered to 20 countries throughout the world. We have our representatives in 11 of them. Since 2000 we have put into service more than 1 200 projects on 60 million hen places at agricultural enterprises of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and Latin Americas. The equipment of Ukrainian company is installed at the enterprises of the world's largest producers of agricultural products, such as the American "TYSON FOODS", Ukrainian "Ovostar UNION", European "BALTICOVO" etc. TEXHA products quality is confirmed by Ukrainian, Russian and European certificates of compliance for the entire range of equipment manufactured. Company has implemented a quality management system in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001:2010.

Metal work, complex buildings; Poultry; Agricultural equipment;


Germany - Dresden

The competence of THEEGARTEN-PACTEC lies in the design and manufacture of individual machines as well as complex systems for the packaging of high-boiled sweets, toffees, chewy candies, chewing gum, chocolates, cube sugar, soup tablets, pastries and also non-food articles (such as dishwasher and detergent tablets) in various wrapping styles and for different speeds.

2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment;


Germany - Aachen

Supplier of production machinery for the cocoa -, chocolate - and compound industry.

1.1.4 Chocolate, cocoa products; 2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.9.2 Drying and roasting equipment;


Hungary - Tolcsva

Tokaj Kereskedőház is the largest vintner and commercial wine enterprise in the historical Tokaj wine region. The company possesses over half a century's worth of wine-making experience, as a consequence of which it has always been a defining actor in the life of Hegyalja. The company is market leader in Hungary and exports tokaji wine products to more then 30 countries.

2.3 ALCOHOLIC DRINKS; 2.3.2 Wine;


Poland - Bielsk Duzy

Company TOP-SAD was established in 2011 year. The headquarter is located in central area of Poland, in the area of the biggest fruit fields, of surroundings for years known from the so-called tradition "Orchards of Europe". We are producers of high quality fruits. Our offer includes apples of varieties: Champion, Idared, Gloster, Golden Delicious, Mutsu, Ligol, Lobo apple, Cortland apple tree. TOP-SAD is a distributor of high-quality fruit throughout the Polish, the European Union and CIS markets. Our company has a big back for storing fruits with the ULO controlled atmosphere, we have own sorting machine heavy-duty. Top-Sad is a newly created but dynamically developing company. We are able to carry extensive orders out about high parameters of goods in the short time. We are open to a cooperation.



2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.8.2 Coffee-machines and coffee; 2.8.3 Kitchen equipment; 2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.8.6 Meat processing equipment; 2.8.8 Equipment for macaroni, ravioli production; 2.8.9 Fruit and vegetable processing equipment; 2.9.2 Drying and roasting equipment; 2.9.3 Bakery equipment; 2.9.6 Heating equipment; 2.9.7 Trade and showcase equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment;


Turkey - Izmir

Turkish Seafood Promotion Committee was established in the leadership of the Ministry of Economics in 2008 and consists of members with the participation of the directors from the Board of Directors of the Aegean, Istanbul and Mediterranean Seafood and Animal Products Exporters’ Association. The Committee intends increasing exports and consumption, finding new markets and increasing our share in such markets. Turkey, surrounded by seas on three sides, enjoys great potential of seafood output both by sea-catch and aquaculture of Mediterranean species and freshwater farming varieties. Total annual output of sea-catch amounts to 396.000 tons with aquaculture production of 212.000 tons today. Mediterranean species mainly European sea bass and gilthead sea bream, also common sea bream, sheep head sea bream, common dentex, meagre, brown meagre, white grouper, shi drum, white sea bream, red-banded sea bream are also implemented in Turkey.



Lithuania - Kretinga

UAB "TEREKAS" is manufacturer of blow moulding equipment and the biggest manufacturer of PET containers in the Baltic States. During the 18 years of company’s successful operation highly technological blow moulding equipment was created as well as compact packing machine and compact depalletizing machine for ready to use production. UAB ‘TEREKAS” comes also as a representative for companies establishing filling lines for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages filling into PET or glass bottles. At the moment company has its representatives and technical service centers in more than 12 countries in Europe and Asia.



Bulgaria - Stara Zagora

Thermohran Engineering PLC is engineering company working in the field of dairy and canning industries, fruit and vegetable puree,aseptic filling, automated juice lines, jam preparation installations. It activities included projecting, machine design, mounting and start up of complete plants.

2.8.9 Fruit and vegetable processing equipment; 2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment;


China - Chongqing

Chongqing Weima Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in R&D, production, and sales of Agricultural machines. Its main products include multi-function tillers, garden-maintenance machines, multi-function excavators and tea pickers. Now WEIMA owns more than 40,000 square meters workshop area, and 700 employees. Weima products are sold to most provinces of China and more than 70 countries overseas. With the principle of energy-saving and environmental friendly, WEIMA products gained many certificates of environment protection and safety for different countries. Weima products of more than 100 different models are all with design of energy-saving, high-efficiency, and low noise

Agricultural machinery;


Hungary - Nyiregyhaza

2.8.9 Fruit and vegetable processing equipment; 2.9.2 Drying and roasting equipment; 2.9.6 Heating equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.1.1 Bottling equipment; 3.1.2 Corking equipment; 3.1.4 Filtering equipment; 3.1.7 Food automatisation; 3.1.8 Spare parts; 3.1.9 Cleaning equipment;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Uni-Tech specializes in supplying, installation and servicing Food Processing, Packaging, Filling Equipment, Air Compressors and Water Treatment Systems in Eurasia, Middle East and North Africa. We’ve been dedicated to serving our customers since 2004 providing them with better and smarter solutions. Over the past 9 years Uni-Tech has become one of the leading suppliers of quality machinery and has gained recognition for outstanding service and support. Our professional team has formed successful business relationships with Europe’s leading manufacturers.

2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.8.6 Meat processing equipment; 2.8.8 Equipment for macaroni, ravioli production; 2.9.1 Dairy processing equipment; 2.9.4 Brewery equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment; 3.1.1 Bottling equipment; 3.1.2 Corking equipment;


Russia - Moscow

Christmas Gift wrapping made of cardboard and tin, cardboard packaging for food and non-food industries

Cardboard goffered; Microcorrugated cardboard; Multilayered materials; Gift packaging; Printing with hologram; Packing for confectionery and culinary items; Packing for the perfumery-cosmetic goods; Packing from a paper, a cardboard, a corrugated cardboard, a foil;


United States of America - Stone Mountain

The USA Poultry & Egg Export Council is a non-profit, industry sponsored organization dedicated to increasing export of U.S. poultry and egg food products in all foreign markets. USAPEEC was founded in 1984. Today USAPEEC members account for more than 90 percent of all poultry and egg exports. Members include nearly all main poultry and egg producing and processing companies, as well as many international trading firms. USAPEEC's world headquarters is located in Stone Mountain Georgia. USAPEEC has a regional consultant in Central Asia. www.usapeec.kz


Russian leading manufacturer of bakery and pastry equipment. Specialized sequential management system of alimentary production safety Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. Quality control system is certified according to the BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Bakery ovens «Musson-rotor®», «Cyclone-rotor®», «Musson-turbo®», «KhPE» - gas, liquid fuel, electric heating Dough proofers «Breeze®» Dough mixing machines «Prima®» Bakery production lines «Voskhod®-3000» Dough dividing machines «Voskhod®», dough rounder machines «Voskhod®», intermediate dough proofers «Breeze®-plus», dough molding machines «Voskhod®», baguette molding machines «Voskhod®» Bread slicer «Kayman» Dough sheeters «Roll-auto» Complete bakeries, confectionaries, technological lines.

2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.9.3 Bakery equipment;


Russia - Cheboksary


1.1.1 Confectionery; 1.2.2 Macaroni; 1.2.4 Snacks (chips, dried crusts, pop corn); 1.2.6 Cereals; 2.2.1 Flavored drinks; 2.2.2 Mineral water; 2.2.3 Drinking water;


Kazakhstan - Karaganda

Food additives of production of firm Van Hees in Kazakhstan. Categories of production: sokhranitel of freshness, stabilizers, additives to a brine, emulsifiers, zheliruyushchy substances and thickeners, dyes, antioxidants, raw smoked meat products, mixes for raw smoked sausages, products Dyoner, amplifiers of taste and aroma, marinades, breadings, sauces, desserts, fragrances.

2.6 INGREDIENTS, ADDITIVES, SPICES; 2.6.1 Flavoring agents; 2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry; 2.6.9 Colouring agent; 2.7.8 Herbs and spices;


Turkey - Istanbul