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Kazakhstan - Astana

на перевод


Poland - Lubawa

Fruit & Vegetables Processing Plant “Lubawa” has been producing jam, marmalades, plum spread and vegetables for over 50 years. The company is located in the Region of Warmian and Masurian – one of the last polluted parts of Poland. To produce high quality products a combination of tradition recipes, the finest ingredients and modern technology are implemented. The company aims to satisfy the customer’s expectation with its high quality products. The fruit come from the company’s own farm and from local farmers. We ensure that only the very best fruits are used in the production process. Every single fruit is hand sorted before preparation. The selected fruits are cooked in a traditional way, therefore retaining more of their original flavor and colour. Hence, it is guaranteed that our products are free from chemical additives and artificial ingredients. Offer : • Classical jam • Low sugar jam, • Preserve, • Plum Spread – Polish Povidel, • Marmalade, • Artificial honey, • Tomato extrac


Poland - Lubartow

Mixler is a family owned and operated company since its creation in 1992 by the two pioneering brothers Janusz and Jarosłw Waśkowscy. They started with a simple concept of manufacturing high quality pasta products. In recent years the food industry has been particularly demanding quality criteria, in order to comply with EU standards. The company launched the modern technological line of Italian company "Pavan" so the production of pasta is fully automated. As a result of these actions P.W. "Mlexer" was implemented the HACCP system - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. This system guarantees the health and safety of our products covering all stages of production, from raw materials to deliver an acceptable product ready for consumption. The result of these activities was the signing of favorable trade agreements, which resulted in: noodles, chips, gimlets, shells, noodles, macaroni, etc. (together about 12 different forms).


Korea - Seoul

3C Corporation, is sole exporter of products of Dongsuh Foods' Company, leading producer of non dairy creamer, coffee and vegetable milk powder in South Korea.


Kyrgyzstan - Kara-Balta


France - Paris

The professional French grouping of equipment manufacturers, suppliers of input, experts and engineering and design departments in the agriculture and agri-food industry. 220 members.


Russia - Moscow

AGAVA - the leader of the exclusive design of packing. Production of polychromatic pasteboard packing from the micro-corrugationcardboard and the cardboard chromium- ersatz. Luxurious collection of packing for the new-year gifts.

Cardboard goffered; Microcorrugated cardboard; Soft packing; Other packing products; Other packing materials; Packing for confectionery and culinary items; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing for the perfumery-cosmetic goods; Packing for tobacco industry; Packing for chemical production; Packing from a paper, a cardboard, a corrugated cardboard, a foil; Packing transport; Packing items; Packing materials;


Germany - Bad Essen

Trading and breeding in vegetableseeds. Onion, Sweetcorn, Carrots and all other vegetables


Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek

Consulting services in the sector of agricultural business


Serbia - Belgrade

Production of high quality grafted grapvine seedlings and fruit trees from 1992. Annual exports to CIS countries about 4.5 million pieces of grapvine seedlings and about 2 million pieces of fruit trees (apple, pear, plum, cherry, cherry, apricot).


Austria - Vienna

Company Agrovo has been in existence since 1994. Headquarters are in Vienna, Austria. Since 1997 we are the sole agent of the company Moba for the CIS countries. Our activities are focused on the supply and servicing of complete logistics systems for egg packing stations for poultry farms. Additionally our company specialises in equipment for meat processing.


Poland - Lublin

I conduct trading business in the broadly understood agri-food sector with contractors from Poland, the European Union, Russia and the Ukraine. I offer, among others, cereals, peas, beans, fruit and vegetables (fresh and frozen), processed products such as groats, flour, fruit concentrates, and other food products available in Poland and other European countries. I count on co-operation in the trading of agri-food products


China - Yichang,Hubei

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd, founded in 1986, is a listed high-tech yeast company in China, which is specialized in the production of yeast and yeast derivatives. As one of the largest yeast and yeast extract manufacturers in the world, up to now, Angel has set up 10 factories in china and Egypt.Angel's main products include baker's yeast, brewing yeast, yeast extract, nutritional yeast for human and for animal,ect,


Germany - Berlin

Information about of German trade fairs and exhibitions. Trade inquiries.


Poland - Swidnik

FULL ATC OBR OFFER INCLUDES • PET Stretch blow molding machines • Blowing Molds / Containers design • Unscrambling machines • Conveyors • Packaging machines (Shrink wrappers, Handle applicators, Palletizers) • PET Injection machines • Filling machines • Labeling machines • Turn key projects • Bag-in-Box packaging systems ||| In realisation projects delegate to ATC OBR we provide: • PROFFESIONAL TECHNICAL CONSULTING • DESIGN OF THE PROPOSED SOLUTION • MACHINES PRODUCTION • INSTALLATION • SERVICE


Lithuania - Alytus

Company Group ALITA, AB was founded in 1963. The gold portfolio of the company is a series of specialists in sparkling wine raised by it and a wide variety of drinks. A special attention at the Company is paid to the quality of manufactured products. The introduction of quality control system has secured the permanent and total quality controls of produced goods and the effective service of consumers as well. It also serves as a guarantee for the international acknowledgement and expansion throughout all European and Baltic states. The best proof of quality of ALITA products are awards received at international shows and competitions. More than 90 times beverages of ALITA were awarded medals, diplomas and prizes. The most popular brand of the company is the sparkling wine ALITA, which has been a "business card" of the enterprise for a long period of time. Alita also produces vodka, brandy, cognac, bitters and other drinks.


Lithuania - Marijampole

CSC „Arvi cukrus“ sugar factory is the first sugar factory in Lithuania established in 1931. From the year 1999 sugar factory is a member of ARVI enterprises group. From the year 2008 CSC „Arvi cukrus“ has 24043 quota for sugar production from sugar beets. During the production season, the company processes over 2,400 tons of sugar beet and produces around 350 tons of sugar, 100 tons of molasses and 60 tons of granulated bagasse out from the processed sugar beet quantity per day. In the year 2010 CSC „Arvi cukrus“ made an investment for refining 400 tons per day of raw sugar. Today, CSC "Arvi cukrus" products has been known in the Lithuanian market and beyond including customers in such countries as Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Austria and others.


Lithuania - Marijampolė

CSC “Arvi fertis” is a member of ARVI enterprises group. Its main operations are fertilizer production and trade, agricultural consulting, freight forwarding services and trade in coal. We can produce fertilizers of about 150 formulas that are adapted to different cultures and regions. Such fertilizers are exclusive because one granule contains all materials that are necessary for the plant: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and different microelements. Fertilizers made by ARVI are exported to Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Germany, to other European countries, Asia, Africa, S. America. Annual company sales total over 260 000 tons of various fertilizers. “Arvi fertis” produces complex granular fertilizers as well as fertilizers in small packages for vegetables, flowers, lawn. “Arvi fertis” supplies the competitive advantage of freight forwarding by rail. The company efficiently delivers freight to Baltic, CIS countries and others abroad.


Lithuania - Marijampoles municipality

Turkey growing and slaughtering, production and sales


Belarus - Buda-Koshelevo

APET film and disposable package; PET/PE; multilayer barrier materials on the basis of film, foil, paper, cardboard; LLDPE films; containers; flexographic printing.

Blisternaja packing; Paper laminated, self-glued; Flexible packing; Flexible packing materials; Multilayered materials; Multilayered materials; Disposable ware, bottles; Membranula; Other packing products; Other packing materials; Packing for confectionery and culinary items; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing for tobacco industry; Packing for chemical production; Packing items; Packing materials;


Russia - Abinsk

ALMA PRODUCTION is located in the region of Krasnodar in Russia and cultivates and offers a wide selection of apples. The general varities : Gala, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji. Besides, ALMA PRODUCTION offers anti-hail nets for orchards.


Russia - Starokamyshinsk, Kopeysk, Chelyabinsk region

Today, printing the "Alliance" has its own playground and high-tech manufacturing self-adhesive labels, is the area under production buildings and offices of 1,800 m2. This factor plays an important role in the pricing of our company. Geography printing received the "Alliance" orders of labels - from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg.Manufacturing equipment includes two 6-cell flexo machine Nilpeter (Denmark) with a wide blade to 250 mm and 9-cell servo Flexographic Printing Presses Mark Andy-XP - 5000 (USA) with a width of 330 mm blade, as well as machines for New Foil Stamping -3500 (England) and Sam Mecanica (Italy).

Paper laminated, self-glued; Flexible packing; Materials for transport packing; Packing for confectionery and culinary items; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing for the perfumery-cosmetic goods; Packing for tobacco industry; Packing for chemical production; Packing transport; Packing items; Label;


United States of America - Stone Mountain, GA

The USA Poultry & Egg Export Council is a non-profit, industry sponsored organization dedicated to increasing export of U.S. poultry and egg food products in all foreign markets. USAPEEC was founded in 1984. Today USAPEEC members account for more than 90 percent of all poultry and egg exports. Members include nearly all main poultry and egg producing and processing companies, as well as many international trading firms. USAPEEC's world headquarters is located in Stone Mountain, Georgia. USAPEEC has a regional consultant in Central Asia. Regional website: www.usapeec.kz


Lithuania - Kaunas

JSC "Boslita" ir Ko was established in 1997 in Kaunas, Lithuania. Sparkling wine and wine beverages make up the biggest part of "Boslita" ir Ko products. "Bosca Anniversary" is one of the main and most popular products of the company. Currently company's production is sold not only in Lithuania, but also exported to Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Ireland, Great Britain, Ukraine, Russia and the USA.


Ukraine - Brovary, Kyiv region

German-Ukrainian Research – and - Production firm “Brovapharma” Ltd. Brovapharma is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of veterinary products. On the basis of use of well-known substances, modern equipment and technologies and also effective cooperation with research organizations of the sphere, the enterprise worked out series of antimicrobial, antimastitis preparations and means of therapy of reproductive organs. Group of antiparasitic preparations is presented especially widely. Numerous research-and-production tests (more than 200 publications) prove that quality of the veterinary preparations produced by “Brovafarma” Ltd. corresponds to the level of the famous analogues of European manufacturers. Production of the firm is awarded with diplomas of different competitions and public organizations. In December of 2007, the firm got a certificate on managing system of quality ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001-2000). Brovapharma - 19 years of the impeccable work at the Ukrainian market!


Poland - Warsaw

Bakoma Sp. z o. o. is a leading Polish producer of dairy products. The Company was established in 1989. At present, it offers yoghurts, yellow and homogenized cheese, milk desserts, fruit mousse in a few dozen flavours and a variety of packaging sizes. Our products are available in the USA, Portugal, Baltic Countries, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Russia, Hungary and Canada. Seeking to ensure high quality and safety of its products the Company has implemented and maintained the hazard analysis and critical control point system (HACCP) and quality assurance system in accordance with the international ISO 9001 standards.


Germany - Biedenkopf

BANSS supplies modern slaughtering and meat processing systems as well as storage and cooling room transport systems for cattle, pigs and sheep worldwide. For more than 140 years our experts have been developing, designing and manufacturing customer-specific slaughtering and meat processing systems.


Bulgaria - Plovdiv

Bartlink International, together with its affiliated cutting plant Unitemp, for more than 18 years is providing meat for the meat processing industry from all over the world. Our advantages: • We know the meat • We specialize in meat • We trade in meat • We produce the meat


Germany - Arnsberg

Company portrait Our company founders Gustav Bayha and Theodor Strackbein set out more than 60 years ago with the firm intention to develop, manufacture and sell stable-value and economical products made to match requirements. Thanks to the consistent implementation of this philosophy, which will continue to have a major influence on our complete entrepreneurial thinking and actions in future, too, our company is one of the top adresses world-wide for technologically sophisticated systems. We not only use innovative technologies sensibly, we are continually developing them with our ideas and our know-how in order to further benefit users.


Belarus - Gomel

Manufacture and wholesale of chips potato "Megachips", "Premier", sunflower seeds "Gold kernel", pistachioes salty and a peanut salty "Gold nutlet". Modern manufacture and own cargo motor-vehicle pool, system of a quality management of let out production ISO 9001


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Cars and the equipment for manufacture of packing products; Packing for confectionery and culinary items; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing for chemical production; Packing transport; Packing machines and the equipment;


Russia - Moscow

Biaxplen is the bigest Russian BOPP producer. Biaxplen is a leading steady growing manufacturer of BOPP films in Russia. The company was founded in 2003. Biaxplen has a clear focus on the development and manufacturing of a diversified line of specialty packaging BOPP films. Biaxplen made his debut with the first film in August, 2005. Since then Biaxplen has created its own unshakable niche in the rapidly growing market of Russian BOPP producers. A team of qualified specialists work at unique recipes of specialty films. Biaxplen invests a lot in R&D to develop pioneering innovations in plactic films. In the near future Biaxplen plans to pioneer with innovative films which are aimed to replace well-known polymer materials widely used at the moment. The Biaxplen portfolio includes around 40 types of film ranging from 10 to 40 microns applied for food and non-food flexible packaging and labels. A special stress is placed on the production of low thickness films.

Flexible packing materials; Multilayered materials; Membranula; Packing for tobacco industry;


Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek

Our quality product – guarantee of your success! BISHKEK METAL PACKAGING (BMP) plant, is situated in the capital city of Kyrgyzstan Bishkek. Ocupation of BMP is pruducing metal packing. Our priority. Using the word «Leader of quality and innovation» , we produce quality packing for canner. Central Asia is based on the agriculture and animal husbandry, that’s why, canner should development every time. Our mission Every day trying to be more successful in the aria of sales and production, we want to be in the list of first Central Asia companies. Politics of our quality - Our professional team produce product, which differs from another companies with high quality. - We think that the most important play in the product quality takes a working team, that’s why we work with skilled spesialists. - We try to get know to our team that quality and profitability are most important things in our production.

Other packing products;


Russia - Zelenograd

Confectionary factory "Bogatir'" has been successfully operating in the market of confectionery products since 1996. The company owns advanced equipment and production technologies that can quickly respond to market dynamics, producing relevant and high quality products. Since April 2010 the factory became the owner of the Certificate of ISO 9001-2008, which is part of an international quality management system. Since June of 2011. launched a joint project of the factory "Hercules" and the company "Aeroflot": on all flights in the meals as a dessert all included assortimentproduktsii on the basis of nougat and soft candies, ie More than 60 thousand people a day were able to meet and taste the candy under the trademark "Arbat", TM "Country Tales", TM "Dema".


Italy - ZANE'

BRAZZALE GROUP is one of leading company in Italy in the production of butter and cheese.It covers all the chian from breading to production, seasoning and packaging.Based in Zanè with butter dairy "BURRO DELLE ALPI",and seasoning warehouses,in Campodoro and in Monte di Malo's plants with GRANA PADANO, ASIAGO, PROVOLONE VALPADANA and the new entry VERENA are produced. In Moravia,wonderful rural area in the north of Alps, GRAN MORAVIA, a long seasoning cheese certified "Halal" is produced according to the highest level of quality and technological standards.


Netherlands - Vianen

Brodhan is specialized in turnkey projects for your poultry farm. We have successfully introduced our knowledge and products throughout the market in Europe, Russia and the Middle East for the last 15 years. During those years we have build a strong network that supports our clients worldwide. Brodhan stands for service and high quality products. We help you set up single farms to complete turnkey projects from start to end. The Brodhan team is ready to design, engineer ,supervise and service your projects. The Head office and distribution center of Brodhan are located in the center of the Netherlands.


Russia - Stavropol

The company specializes in production of ingredients for the baking, confectionery and dairy industries. Today the main activity of «Berta» is production of fruit and milk-fat fillings, toppings, gels, emulsions for lubrication of forms, sheets and trays as well as production of dry mixes for manufacturing of bakery and confectionery products (breads, sponge cakes, muffins, doughnuts and etc). Development of individual recipes on client’s request is available.


Russia - Moscow


Italy - Modica

Caffè Moak was founded in 1967 in Modica, Sicily, by Giovanni Spadola. After a few years, the first importation of the best quality raw coffee beans from India, Africa, south and middle America began. With the entrance of his son Alessandro and daughter Annalisa, the growth and the evolution of the company reached the second generation, specializing particularly in HORECA and distribution in all continents. The company’s desire is to focus principally on quality. The raw ingredients are the base of a good coffee, but it is not the only element: Unlike the majority of the companies operating in this field, Moak submits every type of coffee to a single and specific roasting . In this way, Moak enhances and maintains the differences and the characteristics of the green beans, achieving perfectly balanced blends. Giovanni Spadola realised the importance of the single roasting process when he founded the company and Moak uses this working method still today


Canada - Toronto

Canastra Inc. specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing machinery for processing leaf and root vegetables, fruits, snacks and beverages. We offer complete turnkey solutions; customized food-processing lines to handle production from raw input right down the line to the final stages of packaging. Our deep industry insight ensures a superior production line, tailored to your operational requirements and backed by reputable service after sale support. We are with you every step of the way providing the expertise you need to manage your food processing enterprise – our experience is the difference.


Spain - Riudarenes

The company Cárnica Batallé specialises in pork carcass quartering, with two lines of products: Duroc and White. Norfrisa, the group’s affiliate slaughterhouse, slaughters and prepares the animals from our own farms and our own suppliers, which work with the genetics developed by Selección Batallé and which are duly approved and audited, holding the traceability certificate in the pork sector. From Norfrisa, we receive cold carcasses, which are classified according to their morphology. The quartering process is highly automated and supervised by quartering specialists. We uphold and adhere to extremely demanding standards for the sanitary control and the cleanliness of our facilities. The wide variety of cuts offered by our quartering process enables us to tailor our products to the real needs of today’s market. BATALLÉ DUROC pork is especially worthy of note, as this particular breed is selected for its intramuscular fat content and its oleic acid.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Agriculture storage systems Celtic is a specialist when it comes to (long) term storage of all agriculture products, like potatoes, onions, carrots, etc. Due to many years of experience in this field, we can offer you the best solution. • Ventilation floor systems for bulk products • Ventilation walls for products stored in crates • Ventilation systems • Heating systems Depending on your specific situation we can help you find the best solution for the storages of your products, we can offer you the most energy friendly system and help you keep the running cost as low as possible.





Turkey - MERSIN

Cihan Group is one of the leading companies in the tea trade with having the import capacity of more than 15 million kg of tea annually. Cihan Tea is blended with the best and finest tea leaves from the finest tea farms in Sri Lanka.


France - FIRMINY

Worldwide leader for twin screw extrusion technology and couscous semolina production lines, design and supplies turn key lines, advanced process solutions and the services associated to twin screw extrusion and drying technologies for food processing industry (extruded products, pasta, couscous)


Italy - Marcianise (CE)

CO.DA.P. was born in the early sixties as the first European manufacturing food firm of Whipped Cream in aerosol cans and vegetable cream in tetra pak, to become the European leader in this sector.Today CO.DA.P. is a technologically modern up-to-date firm, provided with high quality standards and always conforming to the most severe regulations.CO.DA.P. exports towards Europe, Asia and South America over 70% of its production. is leader in Italy in the field of aerosol cream and can boast and has a leading position in the most important markets worldwide in the production of non dairy cream for whipping and cooking. Innovative, flexible, always focused on the customers' needs, CO.DA.P. stands out for its constant activity of innovation in the field of cream for bakery and pastry.


Norway - Maaloey
Phone: 47 578 53700

Coast Seafood was established in 1994 and is today one of the major exporter of Atlantic salmon and fjord trout from Norway. We have our own plant for VAP from salmon and trout, and a pelagic factory for herring, mackerel and horse mackerel.



"Creating new tastes and flavors " We are one of leading food additive companies in Korea mainly dealing with food flavors, Concentrates, and natural colors since establishment in 1984. We promise that all of our employees will do our best from now on to be the best company.


Germany - Geilenkirchen

The CSB-System is the industry-specific turnkey IT-solution for operative and strategic corporate management and the planning of enterprise resources and business processes for the food industry and retail & logistics companies. CSB-System presents Know-How to carry out process rationalisation, implement cost savings and consequently improve profitability and competitiveness


Poland - Miedzyrzec Podlaski

Zaniewicz Confectionery is a family patisserie with traditions, which was founded in 1993. We specialise in baking handmade Polish organic and regional delicacies. Our top product is Sekacz Zaniewicz’s, which is baked on a basis of the recipe from the 19th century, handed down from generation to generation. Our “Sękacz” is a confectionery handicraft product and belongs to the culinary heritage of Poland. It derives from the Eastern Borderlands of the Republic of Poland. Preserving Polish Culinary Heritage Baking Sekacz Zaniewicz is not an easy task. It takes considerable amount of time, true artistry and tremendous patience. The process involves pouring subsequent layers of dough onto a heated rotating wooden rod, hence preserving the true taste and aroma of this unique handmade confectionary. By using this traditional method of baking we were able to achieve the exquisite shape of amber icicles – the pride and glory of every genuine Sekacz Zaniewicz.We proudly recommend our products.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Packaging materials and equipment for shrink packaging of fresh and frozen meat, poultry, sausages, cheese, cottage cheese, fish and seafood, ready meals, milk, vegetable oil, sauces. Expert consulting on equipment systems selection.


China - DALIAN

Dalian JieShun Aquatic Products&Food Co.LTD., which had established in 2004, locate in Dalian Lushun economic development zone. It is an enterprise that runs both factory and international business. It has almost 1000 workers , including of two wings for dried and frozen food. It had already obtained the certificate of ISO9001-2000 and HACCP. The major products are Dried shredded squid and Dried fish and other sea fish and shrimp deeply processing food. Mainly are exported to Russia and Japan and so on. In order to satisfy customers needs and wants , we have developed tens of kinds of products with unique taste ,favored by most of customers .Our managing tenet is sincere cooperation and common prosperity. Mean while ,we will strive for making more and more perfect products to the customers and make closely cooperation with partners and friends to establish mutual development and booming future.



Founded in 1947, Danube International offers high tech quality at a competitive price. Danube is to day one of the biggest manufacturers of Flatwork dryer-ironers, sanitary barrier washers, front load washers and tumble dryers for hotels, restaurants, food processing industry, hospitals... Danube, a world market leader in the laundry equipment industry.


Kyrgyzstan - Batken

Processed production: dried fruits (dried apricots, a dried apricot, almonds, raisin), rice of batken (akturpak and leylek), 14 names of tinned production (jam, compotes, salads, adjika, marinaded cucumbers and tomatoes), fresh fruit (pomegranates, apples, pears, a quince, a persimmon)


France - WAVRIN

Worldwide Leader in non-stick silicone moulds for bakery and pastry. Flexipan®, unlike the competitors’ products, is a composite material: a mat of fibreglass covered with food silicone. The transmission of warmth is quicker in baking and in freezing Life durability: 2000 to 3000 bakings on average The mat can be used from - 40°C to + 280°C.


Czech Republic - Brno

Manufacture and offer of : Minibreweries and industrial breweries from 30 to 3.000 tons/year Kiselguhr filters for beer, kvass, wine Kieselguhr screens filters to 3 tons/hour Kieselguhr candles filters to 64 tons/hour Kieselguhr filters for secundery sterilize filtration for beer Equipment on propagation and stocking clean culture yeast


Russia - Moskovskaya obl., Balashiha


Russia - Novosibirsk

The company "Dienta" invites to cooperation and offer you the equipment for manufacturing the original product - 100% natural air-extruder and breads slices. Our equipment is designed for existing organizations concerned with the production and realization-zation of food, and for those who want to start your own business! We offer - a compact automatic machines extrusion technology of various modification functions for baking breads from a mixture of wheat and rice flour, and cereals. The devices are small enough and can be installed directly in the sales rooms of stores or in shopping malls. Buyers are seeing the process of baking products, will not remain indifferent-governmental taste for breads and appreciate them highly!


Germany - Ellwangen

The company Dorit-DFT Fleischereimaschinen GmbH is specialized in supplying meat processing equipment in countries all over the world, especially vacuum tumblers, injectors and presses. Based on long lasting experience Dorit-DFT is able to offer a complete assortment of vacuum tumblers (with or without cooling system) from 20 to 10000 litres. Typical for the company's injectors is an even brine distribution through an ideal needle pattern.Depending on the type of machine, the injectors are equipped with 12 up to 360 needles. Appropriate injection- and brine filtering systems ensure the possibility of the injection from all kinds of brine with different viscosities. The large range of Dorit-DFT-machines contains the ideal unit for small, medium and large industrial processors for meat as well as for fish.


Kyrgyzstan - Kara-Balta

Growing of fruits and vegetables, grain/cereal crops (seed growing), and also processing of fruits and vegetables.


Poland - Warszawa

Polski Koncern Mięsny DUDA S.A. is one of the largest producers of pork meat in Poland and one of few companies in the sector that is listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company’s daily output capacity is 4 500 pigs. Apart from slaughtering, the company is involved in cutting and sale of pork elements. The production facilities of PKM Duda are licensed to export to the EU; they have implemented the HACCP system and are BRC certified. The Company exports its products e.g. to a majority of EU Member States, to the markets of East Europe, Far East, Central Asia as well as Africa and is one of Poland’s largest exporters. It is one of few Polish companies that holds its own pig farms and that produces meat with the PQS (Pork Quality System) sign under the domestic system guaranteeing top and unchanged quality of pork meat.


Malaysia - Kuching
Phone: 60 82 432317

Incorporated in 2005, EAPP operates a modern & highly automated production facility for edible oils, confectionary & bakery fats. EAPP instituted good manufacturing practices and stringent quality control to deliver products and services excellence at competitive values. Certification of HACCP & HALAL, EAPP’s commitment to quality is genuine and affirmative.


Italy - Milano

Editrice Zeus: magazine publishing house, focusing on technologies, machinery and equipment for food&beverage and packaging industries, since 1981. Rassegna Alimentare is the first technical magazine published by Editrice Zeus; bimonthly, it achieves in a short time a great relevance thanks to its revolutionary features and graphics. A few years later, Editrice Zeus begins to release two international magazines: Food Processing, in English and German/French/Spanish, and Italian Food Machines, in Russian and Chinese. In 2001 Editrice Zeus issues www.itfoodonline.com, the first web portal focused on technology, machinery, equipment and components for food, beverage and packaging industries; published in ten languages, it is visited from all over the world.


Poland - Łomża

The EDPOL company was established and has been in operation since 1991. EDPOL is the leading producer, importer and exporter of spices, herbs, spice blends, functional additives and production technology for meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. EDPOL produces a wide range of bread crumbs and coatings used in different branches of the food industry. To satisfy the most discerning taste, EDPOL can custom prepare spice blends and technology according to the demand of the given region or country. Carefully chosen raw materials, innovative technologies and recipes, and many years of experience guarantee the highest product quality and complete satisfaction of our clients. EDPOL supplies materials and technology B2B for the following industries: -meat -fish -vegetable & fruit -baked goods -confectionery Our products are well-known all around the world. To be certain of customer satisfaction, we have implemented ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000 systems within HACCP regulations.


Egypt - Cairo

We are a 27 year old leading Exporting Company in Egypt; we are a manufacturer and a supplier of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. We own our farms and factories'. Our logo on any product means the highest quality and the best service. Our policy is to support our customers.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

One of the first company on the Kazakhstan market saling food ingredients used to produce soft drinks, in bakery, in production of meat and dairy products, as well as sausage casing and detergents and disinfectants for food processing equipment Our company imports all the products listed avobe from different countries of the European Union, CIS and Republic of Lithuania.


Germany - Nienburg/Weser

Planning, production and implementation of industrial turn-key plants in the food industry. Building of slaughterhouses and manufacturing of slaughter lines for poultry,pigs, cattle, sheep, meat- and fish processing lines machines, cold stores and freezing installations.


Kazakhstan - Oberrohrbach

esarom is an internationally active company that operates independently. It is one of the leading suppliers for the food and luxury foodstuffs industry. esarom gmbh consists of subsidiaries and joint ventures and works with distribution partners in more than 20 countries. To enable our customers to offer exiting new tastes and standardised products of a persistently high quality, we offer flavours, bases, emulsions, concentrates, destillates, extracts, stabilizers, additives etc. for non alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, confectionery, pastries, ice cream, dairy and savoury.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

The Etol-Kazakhstan is branch ETOL d.d. Tovarna arom in etericnih olj Celje Slovenia (established in 1924), specializing on manufacture flavor and color for the food-processing industry (more than 3000 products): Soft drinks complete solutions: Clear drinks and flavored waters Emulsions for cloudy drinks Natural herb extracts, flavors Alcoholic drinks complete solutions: Liqueurs and spirits, extracts Low-alcoholic drinks, vodka, wine Confectionery, bakery, chocolate products Powder flavours and fruit powders Selection of application recipes, development of new products, consultations of highly skilled experts, an individual approach to each client. All production is made according to international quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001.


Lithuania - Vilnius

Euromonitor International is the world's leading provider of global business intelligence and strategic market analysis. We have 39 years’ experience of publishing market reports, business reference books, online databases and consulting projects. Our research offers insight into industries, countries and consumers. We deliver quality information solutions to support strategic business planning.


Kazakhstan - Astana



FAVID is specialised in the production of chicken, turkey and pork MDM and 3mm baader meats. Every year, FAVID produces every year more than 20.000 tons of meats that are supplied to food processing companies that manufactures saussages, loncheon meat.


Italy - Schio (VI)

Frau Impianti is a company founded in 1913. Frau Impianti designs and manufactures equipment for the dairy, fruit juice and beverage sectors. We offer both single machines and complete systems including turnkey plants, fully automatic separators, centrifuges (bactofuges, clearifiers), degasser, lines UHT, autom. / semiautomatic. pasteurizers, homogenizers, CIP cleaning units, receiving lines, engineering and automation.


Egypt - -



Germany - Herbrechtingen

Production of meat processing machines and convenience food lines


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Company FoodMaster is a leader in producing high quality dairy products in the Kazakhstan and owns palm into the start of many dairy categories in the territory of our Republic. Today the company is represented by 4 plants and has 16 branches. The company produces the largest range of products, and always take care to satisfy the tastes and preferences of Kazakhstan. Currently, the company plants produce more than 100 kinds of dairy products. Each year the company updates the product range, offering a new very high quality, made from natural ingredients without preservatives. Since 2004 Food Master Group is member of the International Lactalis Group (France) - leader in producing high quality dairy products in the world, bringing together over 200 companies worldwide.


Kazakhstan - Kostanay city

LP «FORMICA» - is successfully developing company on the construction market of Kazakhstan, which main specialization is building frameless arch structures. Flexible pricing policy, quality materials and a willingness to work with all regions of Kazakhstan is distinguishing characteristic of LP «FORMICA».


Poland - Koszalin

Dear Madam and Gentelmen! GAMA Plawgo & Zawisza Spółka Jawna is placed in Koszalin, in Poland. Major subject of company is equiping gastro objects. It means restaurants, kitchens, cafeterias, pubs... We are dealer of many Polish, Italian, Germany factories. So we have many sorts of gastro equipment: (cutlery, pots, frying pans, schowcases, ice makers, grills, gastro stainless steal futnitures, cookers, gas or electric stoves, wall cooling displays,cooling tables, and the most important for us convection – steam ovens, and many other).Our company not only sell these machines we usually design and prepare places for using them, and of course we offer our own service which works in all the country.


Netherlands - AH ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Since 1858 Grasso is one of the world leaders in all aspects of industrial refrigeration, complete solutions as well as component production, particularly for the food and beverage industries. Grasso manufactures reciprocating and screw compressors (-packages), ammonia-chillers, and other components for industrial refrigeration systems. Furthermore Grasso provides design, engineering, installation & commissioning, service & maintenance of refrigeration systems and components on a worldwide basis for customized industrial refrigeration solutions in the following applications: • Food Processing Industry • Poultry (Slaughterhouses and Further Processing) • Meat (Slaughterhouses and Further Processing) • Fish Processing • Cold Stores • (Pre-)Cooling and Freezing Systems • Fruit & Vegetables • Breweries & Beverage • Dairy and Ice Cream Factories • Marine Applications • Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Metallurgical Processes


Hungary - Dunakeszi

Global Meat Kft was founded in 2002 as a joint venture of Cooperl Arc Atlantique (www.cooperl.com) and Daniel Cohen. Cooperl is the largest pork producer in France, slaughtering 120.000 pigs a week, with an annual turnover of 2 billion Euros. Our company is trading ± 50.000 T / year frozen and fresh meat on all Central-and Eastern European markets. We have a daughter company Premium Meat Kft with the same activity. Our qualified and experienced staff is at your disposal any time.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Delivery and realisation of complements for industrial refrigeration equipment by the gross and by retail. Compressors, condensers, freezers, copper pipes, fittings, freon, compressor oil, ventilators, instruments, electrical controllers and etc. Development and installation of refrigerating systems including central refrigeration supply and water-cooling system.


Russia - Moscow

Manufacturer of process equipment in the field of processing non-food animal products and animal feed production. ° Rendering – protein contained animal waste processing: birds, pigs, cattle and others in the meat and bone meal and fat. ° Fish meal and fish oil - waste and the whole fish processing to produce high quality fish meal and oil. ° Production of pet food - from accumulation, transport, crushing, boiling, cooling of meal etc. ° Drying of industrial and waste waters in treatment ponds. ° Drying barda and wet cake after the process of brewing and alcohol production. ° Drying of biomass in the production of fuel pallets. Haarslev Industries equipment is offered individually and designed to meet the needs of the customer. We can provide solutions in the form of individual machines and turnkey projects.



HEE CHANG DAIRY & FOOD INDUSTRY CO.,LTD, one of the leading Korean manufacturer and exporter since 1969. The products are all kinds of powder produced by latest Spray Dryer for Non Dairy application, fruit juices, teas and more proprietary recipes specifically formulates for customers.


Pakistan - Karachi

Hilal has been synonymous with excellent quality confectionery products for the past fifty years. Over the last half century, the company has diversified its product range, with a variety of popular new confectioneries for consumers all over the world to enjoy. Hilal Confectionery is a market pioneer and leader with their classic range. We are producing following products: - 1. BUBBLE GUM & CHEWING GUM 2. HARD BOILED CANDIES 3. JELLIES 4. INSTANT POWDER DRINKS 5. CAKE 6. PAN MASSALA 7. CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS Hilal, along with its ancillary concerns, currently holds the title of market leader in confectionery, and it envisions to not only maintain this position, but also to replicate this success in new product categories also. Being number one means having to anticipate the customer’s needs and desires.


China - Suining

Located in Suining, a city between Chengdu and Chongqing in West China, Huajing Glass Co., Ltd was established in 1986. Of its 800 staffs, some 170 are technical engineers or professionals. The annual bottle output of Huajing is about 30M. In 2003, it got the the ISO9001:2000 QA Certificate. Sincethe establishment, Huajing has been providing almost all the famous sprits distilleries in China(Mou Tai, Wu Liang Ye, Wenjun, State Cellar 1573, etc.) with quality spirits bottles.While catering for domestic clients, Huajing has exported its products to clients abroad which incude USA, Middle Asia countries, Isreal, Vietnam, Korea, and Germany. We have set up our office in Ha Noi yeas ago to focus on the Indochina clients.Sticking to the principle of quality first, Huajing is interested in expanding its business in major Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malasia and Indonesia. It’s our pleasure to have the opportunity of cooperating with you, our current or potential clients.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

C.Illies & Co is an international supplier of machinery for agriculture and food sector and represents the following manufacturers: • Petkus Technology GmbH (cleaning, drying, transporting, storing grain and seed, feed mills) • Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH (processing of oilseeds and edible oil production) • Stork Poultry Processing/Marel (slaughter, processing and packaging Poultry) , • GeaGrasso International GmbH (refrigeration equipment) • Haarslev Industries (waste processing) • It also is a supplier of equipment for stockkeeping and rearing of poultry, hatchery, mill complexes, equipment for the production of bread, pastry and pasta products, equipment for processing and bottling of milk and milk products


Russia - Moscow


Lithuania - Mazeikiai

UAB "Ingman ledai" - the most high-tech manufacturer of ice-creram in the Baltic countries.Company owns 4 companies - ice cream manufacturer, located in Soderkule (Finland), Ahuse (Sweden), Gomel (Belarus) and Mazeikiai (Lithuania). Manufactured UAB "Ingman ledai" products are sold in all the Baltic countries.In 2008 the company started to operate a fully automated warehouse of finished products in which technology is used exclusively high-level storage system operating at a temperature of minus 25 ° C. In 2005, the company has implemented and updated annually quality management system ISO 9001:2000 and BRC - Global Standard Food.


Lithuania - Kuanas

JSC ITALIANA LT is the first privately owned alcohol beverage producer in Lithuania founded in 1995. Company invested in the development and production processes, creating the following basic categories of alcoholic beverages: sparkling wine, vermouth, brandy, bitter, liquor, special technology berry fruit wine and etc. Modern control of manufacturing processes, competence, high level of expertise ensure high quality of products, which is proven by the valuable collection of awards from international exhibitions . A well-known sparkling wine and vermouth brand ITALIANA is appreciated by customers as one of the highest quality and most reliable products on the market. The company’s production is exported to Baltic, EU countries, Russia, Belarus and the United States. JSC ITALIANA LT is expressly customer oriented and it is its main business principle based in which company makes solutions which are best adapted for customers and for proprietary client's unique brands.


Canada - Cambridge

Джеймсвей – лидер по производству инкубаторов – предлагает полный выбор инкубационных систем, систем вентиляции, вспомогательного оборудования и оборудования для автоматизации процессов в инкубатории. Джеймсвей разработает планировку вашего инкубатория, рассчитает вентиляционную систему, осуществит индивидуальные консалтинговые программы и подберет оборудование для автоматизации процессов инкубатория. Каждый инкубаторий уникален. Каждый зал инкубатория требует соответствующего оборудования и имеет специфические требования к микроклимату.


Kazakhstan - Korday, Korday rayon, Jambyl region


Kyrgyzstan - Kant

Processing of milk, production of milk products


Germany - Kassel

K+S KALI GmbH is your global partner for potassium and magnesium products, to be used for agricultural purposes as well as for a wide range of technical, industrial and pharmaceutical applications. The company produces a wide range of highest grade potassium and magnesium products for Health Care & Nutrition and animal feed stuffs. Our products are available in various levels of purity and specific granulations.


Kazakhstan - Pavlodar

Located in Pavlodar (Republic of Kazakhstan), KEMMI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of beshbarmak, lagman (national pastas), and soup noodles and macaroni products, with a trademark of its own. The products are widely known and sell well all over Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, and many regions of Russia. Prosperity and continual growth are the major principles of the company which is reflected in KEMMI trade mark depicting the evergreen tree as the symbol of life.


Switzerland - Lugano

At Kinetika we manufacture an extensive, and constantly evolving, range of bakery enzymes to fulfil the needs of the bakery sector. Our mission is: to accelerate innovation in bakery enzymes by providing the best enzyme for your bread.


Russia - Moscow

“King Lion” is one of the key players (TOP 3) in the segment of high-grade meat fast food meals and leader in the premium category. We actually forms a premium-segment of dehydrated products market. Group of Companies "King Lion" has been working since 1994 in the Russian market. In 2003 the own plant in Efremov, Tula region, was launched. We are proud of our own Research Center and Multi-Stage quality control System. The company bases its work on the permanent innovation, inculcating new technologies and original gourmet recipes. But our main advantage - the use of natural ingredients in the production of the entire line of products. The range of our products fully meets the needs of 100% of the target audience. Our products are represented in all segments from economy to premium. Our brands: • "King Lion", • "Business Lunch", • "Smart Lunch", • "Business Menu", • "Fasto Pasto».


Belgium - Oostrozebeke

Production and delivery of meat raw materials made by Kipco-Damaco. Deliveries of meat raw materilas from European producers. Deliveries of meat products and raw materials from South America, USA, Canada. Deliveries of frozen vegetables from Belgium.


Russia - Kolomna

JSC Kolnag is a leading producer of agricultural machinery. Dairy and meat husbandry, potato and vegetable growing or harvesting – everywhere application of modern Russian technologies and agricultural machines of our production. Strict quality control and world standards for the whole product line – potato harvesters and cultivators, ploughs and, potato planters, seed drills, feeding mixers – and spare parts .


Kazakhstan - Almaty


Kazakhstan - Kostanay


Germany - Kehl am Rhein

The German company KRONEN manufactures vegetable + fruit processing machines and lines – completely of stainless steel - (washing, peeling, cutting, packaging equipment – capacity: 70 - 3000 kg/hour).


Kazakhstan - Almaty

LTD «KazTechnologyPak» was established in 2002 and existed as dealer in Kazakhstan from companies as: «Shaller» Austria, LTD «Belkozin» Russia, «Poly-Clip» Germany, LTD «Macros» the Ukraine, LTD «Bogatyr» Russia, LTD «Plastyc Systems» Russia, LTD «Techno-Clip» Russia. LTD «KazTechnologyPak» supplying equipments, spices, expendable materials for meat producing industries. The second direction of our company is supplying equipments and the stock for cleaning premises. LTD «KazTechnologyPak» is exclusive representative of Swiss company «CLEANFIX» in Kazakhstan, which sells equipments for cleaning. Company have wide assortments of professional and chemical products as German companies like «Dr. Schnell», also Swiss company «Pramol», the stock which taking care of premises and glass surfaces «VDM» Italy, «Contico» England, «Ettore» the USA, pumps, devices of highly pressure «Interpump Group» Italy, auto chemical goods and auto cosmetics of Italian company «FRA-BER».


Russia - Novosibirskaya oblast, Chanovskiy rayon, poselok Ozero Karachi


United Arab Emirates - Dubai

The Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Company is one of the leading producers of quality food products in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries. KDD is the market leader in Kuwait, producing and distributing 24 different types of dairy products, 75 different varieties of ice cream, 27 types of natural fruit juices and fruit drinks, as well as tomato paste and Kuwaiti Dakkus. KDD is a leading manufacturer and distributor of food and beverage products in the Arabian Gulf. It's the longest established, most diversified and most innovative dairy in the region. The company's market share and brand equity reflect this position. Based in Kuwait, KDD is a closed shareholding company. The company's products are famous for their quality about 160 unique products fall into the dairy, juice, ice cream, and culinary categories and are sold across the Gulf and the Levant.


Poland - LUBLIN

Lactex is a polish company specializing in sales and export of milk products all over the world. It is trustworthy business partner in Poland and abroad. This fully polish –capital company is successfully managed by the people who have specialized in that business for over twenty years. Our cooperation with many partners in Europe , Asia and both Americans has been built on the solid foundation of honesty, reliability and professionalism. Polish dairy plants are known for their incessant development which results in the highest quality and purity of local dairy products so goods offered by Lactex are in conformity with al l requirements of European Union as well with requirements of our customers.


Poland - Morag

LACTIMA Ltd established in 1989 specializes in processed cheese production We produce processed cheese slices 100g / 130g / 200g / 250g / 600g, processed cheese portions 140g/280g, bars 100g, “sausages” 100g, cheese spread in cups 100g / 150g and also cream spread – Cremetta 150g and butter and amrgarine 10g/15g. The company posess quality management systems ISO 9001 : 2001, ISO 22000 : 2009 (HACCP)


China - Beijing

Leili Group, located in Beijing, China, is an internationalized group of companies specializing in science for agriculture and human health. Leili Group independently researched and developed natural seaweed plant nutrients and food additives which have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions. With high quality and good service, Leili has become a leading enterprise in Asia and one of the top 5 seaweed fertilizer manufactures in the world. Leili’s R&D and production base lied in Beijing suburb Huairou district. In the suburb of Beijing, Hebei, Chengdu, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Jiangsu and Hainan, Leili owns seaweed raw material collection & processing base, humic acid, amino acid, seaweed organic fertilizer and organic-inorganic seaweed compound fertilizer production base, etc.. Leili has become the largest group of industries in seaweed & natural plant nutrients in Asia.


Lithuania - Marijampolė

The successful development of the turkey breeding business had induced ARVI & Co to start an other closely related activity - production and sale of fodder. In January 2004 Marijampolės Pašarai a daughter enterprise of ARVI began production of combined fodder. High quality and well balanced poultry feeds make up to 70 percent of the bird cost price and are one of the main factors influencing the competitive ability of meat production. Realizing the effect of fodder on the quality of meat and poultry built a combined fodder plant where the most advanced achievements of the fodder production industry аге implemented. All the equipment was supplied by Danish companies Cimbria Unigrain A/S and Sprout Matador that are well knownand highlyappreciated by the professionals working in the sphere. The main part of Marijampolės Pašarai production are supplied to the turkey breeding farms of ARVI & Co, the rest of the production is supplied to other livestock and poultry breeders.


Germany - Dornhan

MADO has been fulfilling the requirements of the professionals in the butcher´s trade, meat-processing industry, rendering plants, supermarkets and gastronomy since 50 years. MADO is the partner for the entire meat-processing sector. MADO special machines belong to the leading products of this sector today. MADO simplifies work in the meat-processing sector thanks to its continuous system innovations. Numerous tests and experiments before serial production and continuous quality checks during production guarantee that only flawless products leave the factory. MADO maintains a quality management system as per DIN EN ISO 9001. MADO offers: Sharpeners Bandsaws Grinders (Shop grinders, manual grinders, automatic grindes, industry grinders) Mixer Cutter Portioning system Customized complete solutions



Malaysia was the top cocoa grinders in the Asia and Oceania region in 2010. In that year, Malaysia grinding was 302,366 tonnes, contributed about 43% to the total grindings in Asia and Oceania and ranked 5th largest cocoa grinders in the world. In term of quality control, Malaysia is very conscientious in maintaining and improving qualities of its cocoa products. Malaysian cocoa supplies have always been associated with reliability and the manufacturers have proven track record of producing products that meet international standards at competitive prices. As such, Malaysia has increasingly become an important and reliable source of cocoa paste, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, chocolate and chocolate confectioneries.


Russia - Moscow

MANE company is one of the leading producer of flavours, fragrances and food ingredients (vanilla, first of all). Family owned company founded in France 140 years ago is №6 in the world today and works successfully in 62 countries. Wide range of flavours for beverages, dairy & ice cream, confectionery & bakery, seasonings & snacks. Different flavour tehnologies: liquid, granules, powder, emulsions, capsules & pastes. Natural premium & cost-effective solutions. Expert market analysis and development of innovative flavours in line with the latest world trends.


Kazakhstan - Kostanay


Turkey - Istanbul

Medicavet Ilaç LTD, situated in Istanbul/Turkey, is one of the fastest growing companies in Turkey, which sells and markets veterinarian vaccines, medicines, disinfectants and feed additives. Although it has been serving the market since 2003, its experienced and professional team has placed her among the best veterinarian companies in very short time in Turkey. Today Medicavet has its own products (medicines and disinfectants), which are produced at the facilities of well-known elite pharmaceuticals and chemical producers via outsourcing agreements and also has signed several distribution agreements with worldwide powerful brands according to their field of expertise.


Russia - Sankt-Peterburg

Medovy dom is the largest producer of package honey in Russia. We've got the biggest assortment of package honey in different packs which includes the honey blend with nuts and dehydrated fruits and the HONEY GRANULES - absolutely new product on the Russian market.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Swiss firm ROVABO is an international company, represents and sells equipment to restaurants, cafes, canteens, meat and bakery production facilities. Starting work in this area in 1983, day after day trying to meet the growing needs of its partners and customers, and constantly acquire new experience, especially needed for complex projects. With the success of working not only to Western Europe, but also with countries in Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan. Proud that our partners are world-famous enterprises, such as MKN, DEBAG, HALLDE, GRANULDISK, JONI FOODLINE and others, which is the main representatives of our company in Eastern Europe. We are not just a company that consults, designs, sells, we provide the equipment already sold technical support.


Israel - Maalot

MGT-PROCESS is a division of the MGT Liquid & Process Systems group of companies, specializing in planning, designing and construction of small & medium size dairies and food processing plants. MGT-PROCESS offers a turnkey solution for dairies and food processing plants: • Initial survey • Planning • Comprehensive Design • In house manufacturing of dairy components • Installation and Commissioning • Training (Technical, Technological) • After Sales Support MGT-PROCESS provides solutions for a wide range of dairy processes including: • Whole and Skimmed milk • ESL (Extended Shelf Life) Milk • Flavoured milk • Yoghurt (Stirred and Set, Flavoured) • Soft cheeses • Hard cheeses • Cream and butter • Ice cream


Russia - Minusinsk

The factory makes and realizes following commodity groups: cookies, a zephyr, sweets, fruit candy, cakes, spice-cakes, pies and other kinds of confectionery. All production is made according to GOST. Production sending is carried out automobile and by rail.


Russia - Krasnoyarsk

The “Mir Upakovki” Company has been working in the rigid polymeric packaging market since 1999 and in the last 10 years it has become a leading enterprise in the branch. The basic spheres of our activity are the manufacture of the standardized polymeric packaging for the mass market and the production of exclusive packaging products made to order. The technologies applied for polymer processing are injection moulding and blow moulding.

Banks, cylinders, flanks, cans, tanks, drums, cases; PeT-preformy; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing for the perfumery-cosmetic goods;


Russia - Moscow

Missfoods LLC. is the exclusive importer of coffee drinks of trade mark Misscafe in Russia. ТМ Misscafe it is made at leading Malaysian factories. We guarantee high quality of production, uninterrupted deliveries of the goods, support on development of trade mark Misscafe. We bring to your attention the following production: - Refined coffee drinks Misscafe in disposable bags - 6 flavoring kinds. - Soluble tea drinks under trade mark Misstea assortment from 3 tastes (a raspberry, a black currant, a lemon). In the summer they can be drunk cold, and in the winter the hot. - Hot chocolate Misscafe Instant Hot Chocolate Mix a drink prepared from high-quality cocoa, thanks to the high maintenance of cocoa. The product differs the sated taste and aroma.


Germany - Arnstein

MIWE was founded in 1919 by Michael Wenz in the Franconian town of Arnstein and is well-known worldwide for its expertise and experience in heating and cooling processes for bakeries, automation technology, and plant construction. MIWE has become synonymous with many important innovations in the baking industry over the past 90 odd years, for example the introduction of the rack oven to Central Europe and the targeted development of “sight and smell” baking which led to the wide-spread use of in-store baking. The product portfolio of MIWE is focused on baking ovens for shops and production in different seizes and heating systems, bakery refrigeration systems, loading systems and automation equipment


Belarus - Fanipol


Belarus - Mogilev

JSC "MOGELIT" is a leading manufacturer of edible gelatin in the Customs Union. In an effort to meet the requirements of the market and to meet all the needs and desires of consumers, the company continues to develop. Each year, expanding the product range and improving its quality, increased sales volume and number of customers. Our products are manufactured on modern equipment of advanced technology, in accordance with the standards of quality. Today, the quality of products "MOGELIT" trust and give their preference to consumers of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and the EU countries. For many long years works, the company firmly entrenched in the market ingredients become our reliable partner and a major supplier to manufacturers of food products. Currently, the company specializes in manufacturing various kinds of gelatin, including halal, as well as dry concentrates jelly.


Poland - Monki

P.U.P.H. MONROL the limited liability company has been on the market since 1991. We are a renowned,professional producer of wood chips for bets of capital groups,S.A. in the butcher’s, fish and cheese-making industry. Selected wood chips used in the production, come from ecological clean wooded areas of the European Union. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificates are a confirmation the high quality of our wood chips. Our new offer is directed to individual persons (barbecue’s and home smoking chambers’ users) - enables applications of our product for a domestic consumption. A kind of wooden chips, used in production, substantially influences the quality of smoked meat products, changing their taste and aroma, which are such important features for real gourmets.With the aim of enhancing the offer for individual users, we also introduced blends of hard deciduous wood with other improving kinds.


Russia - Moscow

Plant "Molmash" - the manufacturer of equipment for the food industry since 1932.Output range - vessels and heat exchangers (pasteurization and sterilization,cooling, cooling systems), equipment for production of natural and mixed oils, cheese, condensed milk, mayonnaise, ketchup and sauces. Also Molmash engaged in complex supply and commissioning of lines and dairy plants for milk processing "turn key" with the introduction of modern technology and staff training.The geography of our supplies - Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, as well as neighboring countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, etc.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Multivac is a world leading supplier of packaging solutions for food products, sterile medical products and various industrial and consumer articles, with more than 2600 employees in over 55 countries on all continents. The comprehensive range of machines includes fully automated thermoforming machines, traysealers, vacuum chamber machines and labellers. Multivac installs around 1400 industrial machines and 4000 semi-automated machines per year; that comes to a total of over 115,000 Multivac machines worldwide since the foundation of the company in 1961. More than 800 consultants and service technicians worldwide ensure that Multivac packaging systems are available throughout the world.


Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek


Kazakhstan - Almaty

JSC "Nurbank" is among the top ten banks in Kazakhstan and one of reliable partners in trade finance. Who has credit lines for trade financing from leading Western and Russian banks - JSC "Sberbank of Russia" (Kazakhstan), Commerzbank AG (Germany), Bank (OJSC) Investtorgbank (Russia), DB JSC "Alfa-Bank" (Kazakhstan). The Bank has an extensive branch network - 16 branches and 54 banking centers of the universal in all major regions of Kazakhstan. You can get detailed information on products trade finance (letters of credit and bank guarantees) in online mode: TF@nurbank.kz, or by telephone: +7 (727) 250-67-80 (Head Office in Almaty). Phone call center: +7 (727) 250 00 00 244 44 44 8 800 0 800 900 - calls from fixed phones for Kazakhstan.


Poland - Lublin

NERO Ltd. is an international trade company dealing with beef, pork and poultry, established in 1993. Our main activity is meat export and import. A new branch of our activity is cooked and roasted meat in dices, slices, shredded or in natural shape. We co-operate with the best Polish meat producers on the base of long-term contracts. Our top quality supplies and excellent service have earned us numerous customers in Europe and on other continents. We deliver goods from various parts of the world and own shares in outstanding Polish meat producers.


Spain - Barcelona

Nipa Trading specialises in the export of pork with a share in the cutting plant MarcJoan that debones 7500 pigs a week ,as well as legs . Nipa Trading also trades beef and chicken . These products come from Spain ,France, Germany . Our main markets are Russia , Asia, Africa .


Russia - Saratov

CJSC Nita-Farm is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies of Russia, created in 1995 on the bank of great Volga. The quality of the preparations produced is provided with conformity of system of a quality management to the international standard ISO 9001, high qualification of experts, close cooperation with leading scientific institutions of Russia, the technical control at all production phases. Having powerful scientific and industrial potential, the company delivers preparations on the market of Tajikistan: Ivermec, Nitoks200, Tilozin 50 and 200, Amoxycilline 150, Enronit, Pneumotil, Ditrim, Alvet-suspension, Nitamin, Ferran, Mastomycin, Neozidin, Iodopen, E-selenium, GAN, Uteroton and others. All preparations have passed wide industrial tests and are certificated.


South Korea - Seoul

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Norway - Maloy

Norway Pelagic AS is the world's largest company within production and sales of pelagic fish for human consumption. Today, the company operates 15 modern industrial facilities along the Norwegian coast.


Russia - Moscow

The Norwegian Seafood Export Council is the marketing board for seafood from Norway, with its main office in Tromsø, Norway. The main activity comprise marketing and PR, market information, market access, information and preparedness.


Kazakhstan - ALMATY


Russia - Moscow

Headquartered in Kentucky with offices and distributors in 128 countries, Alltech plays a leadership role in the animal health and nutrition industry. Being a leader brings responsibility - a responsibility to care about the impact we have on the people and places touched by our mission to improve animal health and performance around the world. We are committed to provide natural solutions to meet the needs of the animal production industry, delivering performance to the Animal, being beneficial for the Customer and safe for the Environment.


Turkey - Istanbul

PACCOR® is a European-based manufacturer of rigid packaging providing customized packaging as well as complete packaging solutions. We specialize in the development and manufacturing of high-class packaging for the consumer goods sector. As one of the leading European packaging companies, PACCOR® is a trusted partner of many world-class consumer companies. Our extensive product range of plastic and paper cups, containers, lids, trays and coextruded sheets for food and non-food applications provide superior packaging solutions for customers in all major European markets.


Switzerland - Stetten

Pacovis is leading swiss producer of spices and other ingredients for the meat industry with more than 12 work experience on the russian market.



PADOVANI is world leader in the manufacturing of rotary moulding rollers and rotary cutting rollers for biscuits, pellets, cracker. High precision work and quality of the materials of PADOVANI rollers assure the customers a perfect engraving and a perfect release of the biscuits from the moulds even for the most sticky dough. Already more than 20 years, Padovani Сompany supplies equipment for biscuit factories, from the single machine to complete automatic lines, for the production of : • Soft biscuits • Hard biscuits • Creckers • Filled biscuits • Wire-cut biscuits • Prianiki PADOVANI is also one of the world leader producing machines for filled biscuits, prianiki and wire-cut biscuits. MULTIEXTRUSION models (for prianiki dough and other hard or difficult types of dough) and the new model ALADIN (for soft types and semi-soft types of dough) allow to obtain a very wide range of shapes for filled biscuits in 1, 2 even 3 colours.


Turkey - Istanbul

PANEL SISTEM A.S was established in 1991 and working in the refrigeration field. Since the establishment, Panel Sistem has rapidly grown up and we are proud to announce that the volume of manufacturing has been raised to approximately 2.000 pieces refrigeration units per year. Last year we have exported 60% of our units to especially European countries. Panel Sistem has got ISO 9001:2000 quality management certificate, CE, GOST and UKR-Sepro certificates. Our mainly products are; silent outdoor units, split units, monoblock units, industrial type refr. systems, central units and chillers. Our contacts in Almaty: Company Name : TOO FRIGOBLOCK Addresse : Maylina 85 Almaty Contact : Musa AGGUL Mobile : +7 701 711 49 99 Telephone/Fax : +7 327 250 23 57 e-mail : kzmusa@yahoo.com


Russia - Moscow

Production industrial labels and packing (cosmetic and perfumery production, pharmaceutics, foodstuffs, household chemical goods, petrochemical industry and so on); polygraphic production any complexity (booklets, catalogues, promotional goods), professional creative design (design of labels, packing and polygraphic production, working out company style, creation a logotype, brand-book); marketing services (market research and good's consumer properties, analysis of competitors and buying pattern, forming "a portrait of consumer"); creation and copywriting (working out a promotional conception, creation ideas, philosophy of company and legend for a brand, working out a name and slogan).

Blisternaja packing; Flexible packing; Caps, covers, stoppers, labels; Other packing products; Packing for confectionery and culinary items; Packing for dairy and articles of food; Packing for the perfumery-cosmetic goods; Packing from a paper, a cardboard, a corrugated cardboard, a foil; Label;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Petkus Technologie GmbH is one of the world’s leading companies for the supply of seed and grain technology and of filtration equipment. We offer machinery and equipment for: - Separation and cleaning - Grain and seed storage - Grain and seed conveying - Treating and coating - Drying systems - Feed mills


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Pfizer Animal Health is dedicated to transforming the care of animals—both companion and livestock species—for a healthier world. We have operations in more than 60 countries, with leading market positions across four geographic regions. Additionally, we have an extensive global R&D network—with major research centers on four continents. Globally, we have more than 5,000 Pfizer Animal Health colleagues, including 700 scientists, veterinarians and specialists. We have leadership positions across all species categories: companion animals—dogs, cats and horses; as well as farm animals— dairy and beef cattle, poultry, swine, sheep and fish. Around the globe, we are working harder than ever to create value and contribute to the continued success of our customers—from companion animal care givers to veterinarians to livestock owners: • through a vast and well-balanced family of veterinary products • exceptional customer service • outstanding technical support



Polyethylene pipes for drip irrigation Aquadrop, Aquatape and Gold-drip. Accessories and equipment for irrigation


Germany - Taufkirchen

The firm Plattenhardt + Wirth GmbH was founded in 1965. From installation of cold stores for storage of fruit at the beginning, firm Plattenhardt + Wirth has come today to the highest professionalism in complex building on a turn-key basis and equipment of warehouses for storage of fruit and vegetables, wholesale markets, the centres of logistics and manufacturing departments of a various types. The keystone of firm philosophy is the complex approach, professionalism and quality. Therefore we have own designing department, own manufacturing department of gas-tight ULO doors and of special installation tools. Also we keep a check on calculation and planning of refrigerating engineering, technique of regulation of atmosphere, automatic control and instruments for air composition analysis and we produce own constituent parts.


Poland - Warszawa

The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ), helps investors to enter the Polish market and find the best ways to utilise the possibilities available to them. We guide investors through all the essential administrative and legal procedures that involve a project; we also support firms that are already active in Poland. We provide rapid access to the complex information relating to legal and business matters regarding the investments, help in finding the appropriate partners and suppliers, together with new locations. PAIiIZ’s mission is also to create a positive image of Poland across the world, promoting Polish goods and services.


Russia - Moscow

POLY-CLIP SYSTEM GMBH & CO. KG Poly-clip System is the worldwide leader in providing clip closure and automation solutions to the food processing industries. Our customers can rely on a unique system with the biggest range of clipping machines, clips, loops incl. automation solutions and a professional after-sales service for the processing and packaging of pasty products. - Automatic clipping machines - manual and semi-automatic clipping machines - automatic machines that form casings from a film - clips and loops. Clipping of: - sausages and meat products - cheeses, dairy products, oils and fats - ready meals, soups, salads, sauces - frozen chicken - various products in bags and nets - non-food chemical products (pastes, inks, silicone, etc.). Clips for: - any kind of natural, collagen (Belkozin, etc.), polyamide and other casings - multi-layered polyamide films - films of aluminum foil.


Belarus - Borisov

Polymya Ltd. is of the leading companies in Belarus that is engaged in selling and manufacturing of agricultural equipment (equipment for animal feed and animal breeding). Polymya Ltd is known as a seller of nearly all type of agricultural machinery (cultivation, harvesting, seeding, fertilizing and etc.). Our main sphere of work – is grain and seed cleaning plants, grain storage systems and grain drying complexes. We do not just sell the equipment but also perform assembling and service maintenance.


Netherlands - Amersfoort

Privatelabeltrader.com is worlds largest online private label exhibition where retail buyers are able to contact suppliers in food and non-food Also organized is a sourcing company for the largest supermarket chains worldwide, with 2 offices in the Netherlands and China. We sell baby- and milkpowder on a worldwide scale. Other products we sell are: phosphate free dishwashing tablets, microwave popcorn, baby and milkpowder and canned asparagus.


Kazakhstan - Pavlodar

The company „ PROGAST – Kazakhstan" LLP is the exclusive distributor in Kazakhstan firm Progast based in 1991 in Czechoslovakia, in a to Bratislava. The companyis main activities include selling of food additives and materials for the meat industry. - The combined mixtures - Dyes - Natural spices - Animal protein - Functional additives - Marinades - Readily soluble broths and sauces - Auxiliary materials - Various types of envelopes. - Breadcrumbs - Soya изолят Progasoy 90 E, soya t


Slovak Republic - Svidník

PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s., operating on the market since 1974. Its products include: 1. meat processing machines: meat grinders, frozen meat grinders, meat grinders with mixing, univewersal mixers, cutters vacuum and anvacuum, smoking chambers, airs-conditioned chambers, massagers, separators, vacuum stuffing machines, speed flaker, micro cutters, lifting equipment 2. brewery equipment, custom manufacturing as well as pressure and non-pressure vessels 90 % of production output is exported to countries in West and East Europe, Australia, East Africa as well as Central and North America.


Iran - Tehran

PST Co. is one of the biggest producers of the equipments for industrial poultry growers . Our commitment is to manufacture the highest quality products, consultations, and after sales services in order to assist our customers overcome the obstacles in their way. PST Co. is now a trusted and well known name in the poultry equipments such as: - Pan feeding system - Chain feeding system - Drinking system - Ventilation System - Cages By using the most technologically advanced machinery, skilled labor, and constant supervision, our goal is to provide the best products and services in our industry.


Poland - Lukowa

We specialize in pouring all sorts of honey from the apiaries situated on ecologically unspoilt area of Roztocze Środkowe and Puszcza Solska. Our apiary ( about 1000 beehives) has a long family tradition and experience is passed from generation to generation which result in honey of the highest quality. In order to keep high standard of our products' quality we improve the apiary methods and invest in new technologies.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Pipes, fittings and armatures made of stainless steel (Distribution of AWH/Neumo-Germany). Engineering, manufacturing of equipment, mechanical and electrical installation, automatisation of processes for the food and bewerage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.


Germany - Rosenberg

JRS' Business Unit Food takes focus especially on modern, health functional and technologically state-of-the-art excipients. Due to procedural developments, continuous research we made up a comprehensive knowledge and experience in our area of expertise.


Poland - Bialystok

We offer large range of products with high quality, and sell in Poland Germany, UK, USA, France, Italy, Austria under brand “Forest Treasures”, such as: - marinated mushrooms in acid pickle, in jars and tins - mushrooms in oil, in jars and tins - sterilized mushrooms in neutral pickle, in jars and tins - jams from forest fruits - dried mushrooms - frozen mushrooms - frozen forest fruits. We specialize in processing: - wild mushrooms, like: Boletus Edulis, Cantharellus Cibarius, Xerocomus Badius, Suillus Luteus, Lactarius Delicious, Armillaria - forest fruits like: cranberry, red berry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry - cultivated mushrooms like: Agaricus Bisporus, Pholiota Nameko , Shii Take , Volvaria Volvacea. We invite You to visit our website at: www.kasol.com.pl/lskarby to get a better picture of our activity.



Slaughtering Equipment


Russia - Moscow

Production and packaging of food, groceries, spices, sauces, spices.


Belarus - Rogachev

OJSC “Rogachev Tinned Dairy Industrial Complex” is one of the largest export oriented enterprises of Dairy Industry of Republic of Belarus`. The history of its development is more than seven decades. The assortment of production is tinned dairy products, butter, dry milk products, and hard cheeses. At the enterprise there were applied and certificated the tinned dairy products quality management system according to requirements of Belarus` State Standard ISO 9001; tinned dairy products and dry milk products quality and safety management system on basis of "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point" (HACCP) according to requirements of Belarus` State Standard 1470-2004.



We are company production eggs and trade - LTD.CO. our producing daily fresh shelled eggs our firme was established in 1968 – We are got a daily 800.000-850.000 fresh shelled eggs capacity and we export to all countries and we have all sizes witch high quality and world calls also we have certificats from the food world.



Rosal, S.A. is a company specialized in the designing and manufacturing of feed mills, fish feed plants, full fat Soya, cereal extrusion plants, etc. - Turn key feed mills plant - Premix plants - Pellet presses - Hammermills - Bucket elevators - Conveyors - Sieves - Chains - Counterplos coolers – Granifigor.


Lithuania - Gargzdai

JSC „Roteksas“ situated in Gargzdai, Lithuania is a modern company producing nonstandard machinery and equipment from stainless steel for food industry which meets high quality requirements. It applies the newest and the most progressive technologies in production process. The basic specialisation object is designing, producing, assembling and maintenance of various non standard transporters and conveying systems both from stainless steel and steel.


Lithuania - SIAULIAI

RŪTA is well-known as a company, which enshrines traditions but also successfully applies up-to-date methods using modern recipes, up to date technologies, innovative range of product, collaboration with scientists, and participation in various EU projects. The company is very proud of its long history, and the reputation the factory has achieved. At present RŪTA is a middle-sized company with 240 employees, seven sweet production departments, technological and microbiological laboratories, in which the quality of raw materials, semi-manufactures and ready production is monitored.


Kazakhstan - Astana

Ruukki supplies metal-based components, systems and integrated systems to the construction and mechanical engineering industries. The company has a wide range of metal products and services. Ruukki has operations in 27 countries and employs around 11,700 people across Europe. Net sales in 2010 totalled EUR 2.4 billion. The company’s registered office is in Helsinki, Finland. Rautaruukki’s share is quoted on Nasdaq OMX Helsinki (Rautaruukki Oyj: RTRKS).


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Bosch Thermotechnik is one of subdivisions of Bosch Group of companies. Buderus is a complex provider of steam supply systems, energy efficient heating and hot water supply systems.


Netherlands - AV Boxmeer

Global supplier of poultry processing equipment, integrated systems and services With the largest installed base worldwide Marel Stork Poultry Processing is a global supplier of poultry processing equipment, integrated systems and service support. With a strong focus on innovative technologies and service, we provide in-line solutions for each stage in the process and every capacity level.. Always the best solution Our systems are modular, can be combined with other equipment and with manual processes. We offer solutions for the processing of 500 to 13,500 broilers per hour, which are the most efficient, reliable and profitable. Optimum reliability, optimum service Our equipment is made to work. For us, maximizing yield, throughput and uptime whilst ensuring low cost of ownership are key factors. To back this up, specialized engineers operate from sales & service centers located across the globe.


Azerbaijan - Nakhchivan AR

Manufacturing of mineral water Sirab


Denmark - Copenhagen
Phone: 45 39 556200

Scandinavian Tobacco Group is the world's largest player in the field of pipe tobacco, holds a shared no. 1 position within the world of cigars, and has within fine-cut tobacco a strong position in Scandinavia and a strengthened position in USA.


Serbia - Belgrade

Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA) was created in 2001 by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Our mission is to support foreign companies seeking to set up or expand their presence in Serbia and Serbian companies doing business abroad. Use SIEPA’s expert team to understand the key characteristics and issues in the Serbian fresh and frozen fruit sector.


Turkey - BURSA

we are the leader manufacturer of milking machines,milking systems and farm equipments in Turkey.We estblished in 1978.Regarding our experiance we have 266 distributor in domestic market and we export our products over 30 country.Our aim is provide to our voluable customers the first quality with acceptable prices



SINOGLORY, debuted in 1990’s in soy protein industry in China, and has embarked with more than fifteen years of experience on production, research and exportation of soy protein series. Sinoglory’s factories are certificated by ISO 22000,HACCP,Kosher, Halal HARD IP(SGS) and BRC. As a recognized reliable supplier of soy protein series, in the years of development, SINOGLORY has been continuously committed to offering customers consistent quality products. SINOGLORY enjoys a good reputation both in local and oversea market and continues growing our worldwide partners.



Shandong Yuxin Soybean Protein Co., Ltd, mainly produce low temperature soy flakes, soy oil, isolated soy protein, textured soy protein ,concentrated soy protein ,defatted soy flour and soy fiber. The industry scale, automatic control degree and quality level all range in the industry front-runner. At present, we have exported the products to more than 40 countries and been the famed cooperation partner with the food processing enterprises in the meat, bakery, dairy, beverage, health care products and infant food industries. Shandong Yuxin Soybean Protein Co., Ltd make use of the international advanced soybean processing technology, strictly select the NON-GMO soybean of the Northeast China as the raw material and follows the requirements of the food safety and quality management system. We have passed the ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO22000:2005, Kosher, Halal, and IP (Non-GMO), assuring the products quality, safety and stability.


China - Shanghai

Established in 1993, reconstructed in 1999, Shanghai Triowin Automation Machinery Company Limited is specialized in providing complete plants for tomato & other fruits processing and packaging. Thanks to our technical & developing team with rich experiences over 30 years and 110 whole lines, Triowin is capable for execution on turn-key base with capacity ranging from 60 TPD to 2000 TPD for different varieties of fruits and vegetables. Due to our continuous investment on R & D and upgrading in industrial application year by year, Triowin has formed its own unique and beneficial characters in design and process technology. All the plants are manufactured strictly under guideline of ISO 9001, 5S management system. And due to our high level management, Triowin has awarded CE certificate, and our products have been exported to USA, Japan, Australia, Singapore, EU, South-eastern Asia, Africa, Mid-Asia, Mid-east regions etc.


Russia - Ekaterinburg

Manufacture and «turn-key» supplies of packing equipment and packing lines, transportation and marking systems for single-peace, granular, powdered products with solid, weight linear and combination dosing devices. Always available special kittings and tunings for the effective operation of equipment on a definite product. We offer simple and full modernization, trade-in. Start-ups and personnel training are included in the cost for the equipment. Guaranty and post-guaranty servicing. Warranty up to 3 years. Flexible discount system.


China - NINGBO

Among the Fortune Global 500 companies, Sinochem is the leading professional supplier of dehydrated vegetables, spices and dried fruits for more than 20 years in China. Our company have been certificated by ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 awarded by TUV in Germany. We are working with excellent clients from more than 50 countries, we are glad to become your long term reliable parter in China.


France - CHANGE

In France and abroad, the SIT Group offers you integrated process solutions and utilities for the agro-foodstuffs industry: - Turnkey dairies - 1,000 to 10,000 litres per day mini-dairy/cheese-making facility - Baby food process (milk for infants, purée) - Special equipment: pasteurisation units, dosing modules, CIP stations - Sheet metal work: stainless steel technological tanks, built onto skids - Audits, studies, set-up and start-up of your equipment and facilities - Maintenance service


Russia - Novosibirsk

The company "Trimex" - Russian producer of convenience foods. We have developed a brand "Skorovar," which has taken a worthy place in the food markets of both Russia and in neighboring countries of Central Asia. Our customers have come to love these products from the "Skorovar" as Lagman, instant noodles, mashed potatoes, buckwheat porridge fast food, broths and soups.


Russia - Cheboksary

The manufacturer lamellar heat-exchanging the equipment, heat-exchanging plates and rubber and technical goods for the dairy (food) industry: - pasteurizing and cooling installations for milk and dairy products; - the capacitor and non-standart equipment; - CIP (automatic in-place washing) - stations of acceptance and the account of milk with functions of cooling and clearing; - heat-exchanging plates made of stainless steel; - engineering, restoration of the equipment



Producer of maturing cheeses RADAMER and STARY (OLD) OLĘDER, HOLLENDER, KASZTAN, cheeses under OLD POLAND brand, butter, milk and whey powders.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Steelmaster LLP is a Kazakh company, providing engineering and utility services for food industry in the sphere of equipment service, and production and repair of big technological equipment and production lines. Owing to the latest equipment of own production facilities the following services are rendered: assemblage of food equipment and its commissioning; repair of worn or corrosion damaged parts – with the help of the method of physical vapour deposition, for example: repair of homogenizer plungers, cutting of stainless steel and other metals, 200 mm in thickness by the method of water jet cutting, for example: production of cut knifes, axles for meat mixers, rotors for rotor syringes, knives for meat mincers, repair of face seals, argon welding of pipelines, repair of milk pumps, and preparation of different equipment made to order.


Poland - Rakszawa

Europe's leading manufacturer of confectionery equipment. Machines one, two and three Bunkers (Maxdrop, Duomax, Triomax), mini-droping, universal line CreaLine capacity up to 1000 kg.chas for the production of sandwiches, sophisticated products, shortbread, a width of 60 to 120 cm long and 300 meters. The tunnel and rotary ovens, enrobers, planetary mixers, silos, no container storage and ball mills.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

SCHALLER LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK® is a leading European provider for spices, ingredients, equipment and supplies for meat, poultry & fish processing industries, also for equipment for slicing, packing, weighting & labeling for any industries. The company offers full range of services, such as consultation, technical and technological support, projecting, financing, training and after-sales.For many years SCHALLER LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK® has accumulated significant experience& own know how in projecting, planning& development of complex solutions. We offer equipment for slaughtering and deboning, processing, convenience food production, slicing& packaging, labeling, weighting, commissioning& logistics. Sanitary& hygiene equipment accomplishes our complex programmes.


Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek

Production of sausages and meat delicacies


Kyrgyzstan - Balykchy

Poultry farming, production and processing of poultry meat, production of sausages


Russia - Obilnoe

Federal State unitary enterprise poultry breeding plant «North Caucasus regional poultry breeding pilot station» attached to the Russian Academy of the Agriculture Sciences» (FSUE PBP "NCRPBPS" of the Russian Agricultural Academy") is the only institution in the Russian Federation dealing with selective breeding and pedigree work with turkeys. New breeds of turkeys and some crosses were made by the group of the station; the unique genepool of turkeys was collected and is been keeping for more than 40 years activity int he field of selective breeding and pedigree work and constant searching of highly-effective ways of developing of turkey-keeping. Main kinds of activity are: - taking selective breeding and pedigree work, keeping genepool, creating new crosses of turkeys; - production the incubator eggs of turkeys; - incubatory ofthe turkeys' eggs with purpose of the realization of daily and rising young animals; - production of the half-finished products from turkeys' meat.


Kyrgyzstan - Talas

Processing of milk, production of Dutch and smoked cheese and butter

TAN company is successfully working since 1994 and is one of the leaders in the field of designing and manufacturing of equipment for oil-and-fats industry. We provide complex decisions from the idea up to the result. The company manufactures an equipment for primary purification of pressed plant oils, refining, winterization, bleaching, deodorization, hydrogenation in the process of fat-mass production. We have also developed and certified equipment for motor fuel “biodiesel” production. During our activities the company became a world competitive manufacturing. We supply equipment into the markets of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Latvia and Germany. All our products have certificate of conformity of the Ukraine and of the State Standard of the Russian Federation also. “TAN” Ltd. is: • Seventeen years of successful work; • Leading position in the market of equipment in the industrial branch; • Individual approach to each customer; • High quality of the equipment and it operation stability; • Estimation and design works; • Installation and patronage installation; • Long-term guarantee and post-guarantee; “TAN” LLC. means advances decisions, modern technologies and reliable partnership for You.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Since 2000 year Technokaz provides feed additives and veterinary products for animals and poultry. Technokaz is an official distributor of the following global manufactures: DSM Nutritional Products (Netherlands) – vitamins, premixes. The trade mark ROVIMIX, enzymes RONOZYME, aminoacids Biomin (Austria) – natural mycotoxins binders under the Trade mark Mycofix, organic acids – acidifiers Biotronic. Biomin is a leader company which has mycotoxins risk management successfully. Lohmann Animal Health (Germany) – poultry vaccines. Trade mark AVIPRO. Liquid vitamins –LOVIT. Socorex (Switzerland) – the best animal health syringes. Technokaz in associations with the partners provides the technical support to the farms and organize technical poultry seminars for the nutritionists and veterinarians.


Russia - Moskow

"Termopak" one of the first Russian factories that offer excellent solutions for large and small businesses in the ​​packaging area


Ukraine - Kiev

Today the Ukrainian company TEXHA is the universally recognized leader in the field of cage equipment production for poultry farming industry. TEXHA was established in 2000, and now it has already gained the confidence of the agro-industrial enterprises in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and Latin America. During the first few years of its existence TEXHA was organizing the production process and working at the Ukrainian market. In 2004 we entered the CIS countries market and established good business relations with adjoining countries. TEXHA started dealing with its prospective partners and dealers. Today TEXHA produces the following equipment: • Cage for broilers management • Cage for breeders management • Cage for commercial management of layers • Cage for management of pullets and broilers • Cage for industrial management of layers according to European standards The equipment produced by TEXHA is high-qualitative and satisfies the requirements of European standards of quality.


Bulgaria - Stara Zagora

"Thermohran Engineering" PLC is engineering company working in the field of dairy and canning industries, fruit and vegetable puree, aseptic filling, automated juice lines, jam preparation installations. It activities includeс projecting, machine design, mounting and start up of complete plants.


Germany - Glinde bei Hamburg

TIPPER TIE TECHNOPACK has been producing high quality clipping and packaging machines and superior clips and closures for over 40 years. TIPPER TIE TECHNOPACK is your premier partner for packaging of sausages, ham, whole muscle meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, and dairy products.


Kazakhstan - Almaty


Italy - Canelli

The brand TOSTI is well known all over the world for the production of sparkling wines. The wine house was founded in 1820 and now there is 7th generation that rule the company. We achieved success thanks to high quality of the wine`s production, fashion of the bottles and good price range. Now our main markets are U.S., Italy, U.K., Russian Federation and Japan, but we are present in more than 40 countries all around the world. Giovanni Bosca Tosti Ivi Spa is the biggest producer of Moscato d'Asti in the world and one of the biggest producers of Asti spumante and vermouths. The portfolio include wide range of sparkling and still wines, vermouths and liquors.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

1. Activities associated with promotion of Polish export in the Kazakhstani and Kyrgyz markets. Assistance in organizing exhibitions, economic missions, workshops, information, maintenance of the Export Promotion Portal of Poland’s Ministry of Economy with regard to delivery of offers; 2. Collaboration with the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency in promotion of foreign investment; 3. Help and assistance for Polish exporters, provision of information on trade and investment; 4. Provision of the database on Polish, Kazakhstani and Kyrgyz enterprises; 5. Provision of comprehensive assistance for Polish, Kazakhstani and Kyrgyz economic entities in various areas with regard to cooperation development.


Poland - Łomża

UNICO was established in 1995, specializing from the very beginning in supplying the food industry, mainly the meat and dairy sector, with ingredients and components used in the production process. Our offer includes a. o. compounds and functional blends for processed meat, spice and aroma blends, flavorings, natural colors, spice concentrates. UNICO's products are formulated by the experienced specialists and apart from an extensive range of standard products we also offer individual solutions to meet special costumer requirements. We can provide comprehensive service for projects, which include: • developing ingredient formulations according to individual customer requirements • testing of process technology according to customer expectations • the improvement and upgrading of customers own recipes • a comprehensive database of UNICO formulations and recipes that covers a broad range of products developed for consumer Let us help you to make your visions come true...


Poland - Poznan


Kazakhstan - Almaty

UTS Group of Companies presented their offices and warehouses in many cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Holland and China with headquarters in St. Petersburg. The total warehouse area of over 24,000 square meters, employs more than 300 people. Activity: Export / import of chemical raw materials and building materials from over 150 foreign manufacturers.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

International company "VetAktiv" - a direct distributor of the world's leading manufacturers of veterinary products and feed additives, representing and protecting their interests in Kazakhstan. Company’s mission - providing farms in Kazakhstan the best products produced by the standards of GMP, at affordable prices for the domestic market. The development of integrated veterinary and feeding programs involving leading experts from Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries.


Russia - Saratov

Russian leading manufacturer of bakery and pastry equipment. Specialized sequential management system of alimentary production safety Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. Quality control system is certified according to the BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Bakery ovens «Musson-rotor®», «Musson-turbo®», «Musson-termic», «KhPE» - gas, liquid fuel, electric heating Dough proofers «Breeze®» Dough mixing machines «Prima®» Bakery production lines «Voskhod®-3000» Dough dividing machines «Voskhod®», dough rounder machines «Voskhod®», intermediate dough proofers «Breeze®-plus», dough molding machines «Voskhod®», baguette molding machines «Voskhod®» Bread slicer «Kayman» Dough sheeters «Roll-auto» Complete bakeries, confectionaries, technological lines.


Italy - Galeata (Forli)

We manufacture all models of layer cages from 2 to 12 tiers including all models of the enriched colony systems, all models of rearing cages from 2 to 12 tiers, all model of enriched cages, feeding systems (hoppers, flat chain, spiral), egg collection systems (lifters, de-escalators, elevators or rod conveyors), drinking equipment (nipple, cups, water tanks), manure handling and drying systems, (scrapers, augers, belts, chain conveyors), feed bins and feed augers, automatic broiler cages, and turnkey projects.


Germany - Zarrentin

VARIOVAC thermoformer and traysealer are characterized by various patented technical refinements to simplify operation. Next to pure machinery engineering VARIOVAC also provides packaging development, based on more than 40 years of business experience. Worldwide sales, made in Germany.


Germany - Kandel

We specialize in manufacturing and providing turn-key flooring system mainly in the Food, Beverage, Dairy industries which are Acid and Chemical resistant with single source of responsibility for the end users. We provide everything from: Floor Design, Drainage, Supply, Execution, Maintenance, Warranty, with single source of responsibility.


Lithuania - Vilnius

Vilniaus degtine AB is one of the biggest vodka factory in Lithuania. Vodka makes the major portion of the company's production sales. Besides vodka, the company also makes a very special type of brandy called “trauktines,” as well as fine liqueurs. The company's production is made from natural ingredients including nuts, berries, fruits, juices, and honey. Maintaining deep Lithuanian traditions, the products by “Vilniaus degtine” have won numerous awards for quality and exceptional recipes. We also can offer You vodka with Your private label ( glass or pet bottles). One of the sample of private label is MAMA VODKA created for one Danish company. More about this vodka http://www.mamavodka.com/.


Kazakhstan - Almaty


Ukraine - Odessa

"Vitmark-Ukraine" Company is one of the largest Ukrainian manufacturers of juices, nectars, juicy and soft drinks, baby food and semi-finished products like purees and concentrates. Year of establishment – 1994. Company's juices market share comprises 27,5%. The sales volume of the Company in 2010 comprised 970 mln UAH. Nowadays “Vitmark-Ukraine” is one of the leaders of Ukrainian market of juices, nectars, juicy drinks and baby food, and it's also an absolute leader of innovations.Company's products are recognized and popular not only within Ukraine, but far beyond its limits – juices and nectars of “Vitmark-Ukraine” are exported in 21 countries of the world, located on four continents (Eurasia, Northern America, Africa, Australia).Company's Branches are opened in 12 large cities of Ukraine, there are remote offices and 6 focus teams in 14 cities. Big and united team of the Company comprises more than 2,500 people.


Lithuania - Kaunas

The oldest industrial brewery in Lithuania was established by Rafailas Volfas in 1853. Nowadays JSC "Volfas Engelman“ is a part of OLVI group, based in Finland. Olvi group has 4 companies based in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and one in Belarus. JSC "Volfas Engelman" offers cooperation for companies, who: • Would like to buy ready made products and brands • Produce and distribute their own brands. JSC "Volfas Engelman" focus on the best performance in production of: • Fermented apple juice. Fine filtration (11% - 13%) and ultra fine filtration (14%-16%). Intended for cider or long drinks production. Delivery in tanks or in ready-made packages with preferred alcohol – cider or long drinks (glass/PET); • Pre-made products. Double concentration products can be delivered in tanks, and filled out at the customer’s premises; • Branded & private label products (ready-made). Cider, beer, long drinks, kwass, others.


Austria - Vienna

Trade company with 100 years tradition. Austrian family owned company with long time experience in distributing acknowledged quality products for the beverage industry. At these times Vulcascot alredy represent a number of world-renowned suppliers. The product range includes presses, filters, pasteurisers, cooling systems, kegs as well filter aids (diatomite, perlite, cellulose, mixed products), bleaching earth, activated carbon, beer stabilisers, filter sheets and cartridges etc. Today, Vulcascot has subsidiaries or local partners with warehouses in more than 20 countries in Europe and Asia. In Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries is main topic support in area beverages, especially beer production and vegetable oil technologies. Important partner in this sector is company Südchemie AG (Germany), producer of bleaching earth.


Kazakhstan - Aktau

на перевод


Russia - Hilden

bakery ovens an refrigeration equipment Experience, craft skills and the highest quality standardsBaking oven manufacturing experience since 1923. This is the incentive that drives further developments, courageous steps towards the future and longterm relationship with our customers.In two German production facilities – Hilden and Pulsnitz – approx. 170 employees manufacture the complete craft baking oven program, from „small“ in-store baking ovens to semi-automatic multi deck ovens with reversible belts.Cooperation with strong partners in the areas of refrigeration engineering and make up equipment create useful synergies according to our principle: from everything the best for our customers


Kazakhstan - г.Алмата

ТОО "Youngsan Kazakhstan" является эксклюзивным дистрибъютером южно-корейской компании Китурами. Деятельность данной компании связана с продажей отопительных систем, кондиционирования и различной потребительской продукцией производства Кореи.



Yichang Tianyuan Canned Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned private enterprise, which was established in September 2004. It is a mainly export-oriented enterprises which specializes in the production and sales various types of fruit and vegetable canned food products. Our main products are all kinds of canned beans,peas,mixed vegetables,tin packing tomato paste and canned fruits.welcome to visit our factory and discuss business.


China - Shijiazhuang

Yuanchang Food Mechanism & Technology co.Ltd established in 1986, processes a group of excellent technicians and qualified professionals. Distinguished ourselves through our quality and reliability.We specialized in producing various kind of meat sausage processing machines for sausage playing the Leading Role in the China’s meat machinery industry dealing with most Meat Industry Owners for many years. We invented new style pneumatic aluminum-coil dual clipper & Mechanical Greatwall dual clipper which have replaced the old ones, consider originator of the whole machine‘s movement. Designing different requirements of the machinery will be possible. The outstanding quality we made, advanced technique, abundant strength, it holds advanced professional technology in domestic meat produce as well as customer‘s high praise. Hence occupies the excellent economic and social efficiency for customers and enterprise.


Russia - ___
Web: zlak.ru



Russia - Novosibirsk

На перевод


Russia - Kemerovo

Zavod Prodmash javljaetsja proizvoditelem oborudovanija,kotoroe uspeshno primenjaetsja na predprijatijah APK,gorno-metallurgicheskogo kompleksa i piwevoj promyshlennosti.Osnovnymi vidami produkcii zavoda javljajutsja: Konvejernoe oborudovanie - Lentochnye konvejery. - Lentochnye bezrolikovye konvejery. -Vintovye konvejery v zhelobe. -Zakrytye vintovye v trube. -Cepnye konvejery s pogruzhnymi skrebkami - norii Kombikormovye zavody. Smesiteli. Drobilki molotkovye. Biogazovye ustanovki. Linii briketirovanija. Vypuskaemye izdelija sootvetstvujut trebovanijam Rostehnadzora i ne ustupajut v kachestve zarubezhnym analogam.


Spain - Beriain

Poultry equipment for eggs and broiler production, manure drying system. 30 years ago developed diferent point of view about cage, revolution new cage without screws, which had a big success. Company with experience in big projects like «fool automatic system» in Russia and wide would.


Kyrgyzstan - Kyzyl-Kiya

Processing of agricultural products. Production of canned fruits and vegetables.


Russia - Novosibirsk

Membranula; Packing items;


Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek

Vacuum drying of fruits and berries, production of nonalcoholic beverages and kvass.


Belgium - Bastogne

Pulviver Egg Powders, More than 40 years of Experience in Egg Powder Technology. The pioneer in applying “Instant Powder” to egg powders and also developed a unique process for drying and agglomerating egg albumen powder that very few egg powder companies offer. Our Egg powders are internationally renowned and distributed in more than 60 countries worldwide.


Russia - Novosibirsk

LLC NPO « Compass of Health » is based in 1996. The company specializes on mass production of useful, non-polluting products of a daily food and natural cosmetics. The compounding of products is created on principles of use of local vegetative raw materials and the account of interaction of herbs. Company mission «Compass of Health » - working out and introduction in life of strategy and tactics of transfer of the population on uses of natural and useful products. Now by the company it is made more than 70 names of production and as much again is in a working out and manufacturing stage. Our production has received an appreciation of domestic and foreign experts and is popular among the population of Russia, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States and many other countries.


Russia - Скопинский р-н

ООО «Скопинский мясоперерабатывающий комбинат» занимает лидирующие позиции по производству и реализации мясных консервов (порядка 10% от общей доли мясной консервации) на рынке РФ. Предприятие отвечает всем современным требованиям: мощная производственная база, широкий ассортимент производимой продукции, развитая логистическая инфраструктура. Продукция является одной из самых качественных на постсоветском пространстве и пользуется большим спросом у потребителя. Комбинат выпускает продукцию в соответствии требованиям ГОСТов: свинина, говядина, конина, баранина, каши. Реализацией продукции ООО «СМПК», за пределами РФ занимается дочернее предприятие комбината ООО «КОНЭКС». (konecs@yandex.ru)


Lithuania - Kretinga

UAB „TEREKAS“ is leading manufacturer of blow moulding machinery and the largest PET container producer in the Baltic States. These interrelated areas support each other and set us apart from competitors. Currently, company has its equipment and technical service centers in more then 12 countries in Europe and Asia (including Kazakhstan).