Exhibitors List Shymkent Build 2016


Kazakhstan - Shymkent

Since its founding “Otau – Stroy” LLP has been working efficiently and productively on the country’s market, actively promoting the most important State Program of forced industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan in the sphere of housing, industrial construction and construction of communal property objects. As a national producer our Group of Companies focuses on long-term and reliable presence in the construction sector of the country. Over 13 years of work “Otau – Stroy” LLP has a portfolio of a number of construction objects built and put into commission and the objects with interior finishing works. The powerful material and technical base and highly qualified staff of “Otau – Story” LLP allow you to perform complex tasks at the highest level, using the materials of its own production. We constantly work on improving and expanding a range of the services provided.

Asphalt plants ; Concrete, cement and technologies; Сoncrete spreaders; Bitumen and asphalt mixtures; Aerated Concrete Blocks; Ferro-concrete designs; Fences and fencings; Precast plants; Tile glue ; Building materials ; Bulk floors; Designing; Designing, installation and manufacturing of metal designs; Asphalt manufacture ; Building admixtures; Contractor construction and repair ; Building; Dry admixtures;



Kazakhstan - Alamty

"Trading company "Omega Mera" with the trademark Tiger in Kazakhstan, offers luxury glass products decorated with Italian technology, using the latest high-quality Italian materials: tiles, panels, kitchen wall’s panels, stained glass, interior partitions, stair fencing, mirrors and many others. Glass decorative elements in the interior – modern alternative to the traditional ceramic ones. Glass elements look great and at the same time they are hygienic, durable and easy to care of. Decorative glass elements are resistant to thermal stress, easy to clean, not afraid of moisture and can be used as in interior, either in exterior. Moreover, glass surfaces have a very useful property: they are able visually to “move apart” the boundaries of the room, thus increasing small areas.

Decorative glass; Fire-resistant glass; Glasses with coverings; Glass for stained-glass windows; Glass decorative, decor elements; Glass; Photo design;