Exhibitors List Shymkent Build 2016


Kazakhstan - Aktobe

Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP (ARBZ LLP) is an innovative enterprise founded by National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC in cooperation with private investors under State Program of Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014. Based on the results of 2014 ARBZ LLP was awarded Altyn Sapa, the special prize of the President of the RoK, as Best Industrial Project of the Year. According to the Decree of Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.126 dated February 24, 2014, project "Construction of Rail and Section Works in Aktobe with annual designed capacity of 430 thousand tons of rolled products" which is under execution by Aktobe Rail and Section Works LLP is included into Program for Industrial Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The product mix of ARBZ LLP includes the following: -P65 rails up to 120 m long; -medium sections (angles, channels, beams).

Metal rolling steel;



Kazakhstan - Ust-Kamenogorsk

MAIN ACTIVITIES: 1.Production and sale of thermo profile, 2.Production of thermo panelson the basis of LSTC, 3.Delivery of complete buildings, 4.Development of project documentation with the assignment for rolling of the part of steel structures details SSD. Design works, production, delivery, erection supervision: - Residential buildings from LSTK & LMK, - Enclosing structures to high-rise buildings. Production is carried out at our factory with the use of Finnish fully automated equipment manufactured by SAMESOR. Special calculation complex StruCAD allows designers to prepare the assignment for the production of thermo profile for production line, the accuracy of which allows production of profiles with the accuracy up to 0.01 mm. Automated production process allows achieving production capacity of 4500t. of metal constructions per year, efficiency of mounting operations is 450000m2 of panels ready for installation, production capacity of the line is 150000m2 of finished houses per year.

Light gauge steel frame;



Uzbekistan - Almalyk

Almalyk MMC is the leading manufacturer of non-ferrous metals in Uzbekistan. Almalyk produces copper cathodes, zinc ingots, cadmium, selenium, tellurium, rhenium and etc. Also Almalyk started production of copper tubes for general purposes, grey and white cements.

Shutoff valves; Copper; Cement, mixes;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Arkharly Stone, LLP is working in Almaty region of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2001 in the field of natural face stone production and processing. It has subsoil use contract for the deposit of construction and face stone with gabbro-diabase intrusive rock, East-Zholomanskiy site, Arkharly. This stone is often produced in the form of beds or tiles of subvertical heading, so it is often called as tilestone. The Zholoman gabbro-diabase tilestone is also known as “Arkharly stone, tilestone” by place of location. Its advantages are in outstanding durability, longevity, nice appearance and versatility. It is resistant to abrasion, compression, spots and humidity repellent. The stone is widely used in facing in its natural and sawn form (tilestone, tile), it is also suitable for production of paving stone, both sawn and split, and also for production of other materials used for pavage, and which are produced and marketed by the company.

Granite and marble; Finishing stone; Building stone ; Building materials ; Mosaic, tile, coverings; Facing materials;



Kazakhstan - Astana

The Group is consolidating 25 plants and exporting products into more than 50 countries. The annual turnover of the Group is about 2 bln. euro; staff number – more than 7 thousand people. The headquarter of the Group is situated in Moscow. Today Arystan is the biggest enterprise in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is situated in Akmolinskaya region, Stepnogorsk, industrial area of ‘SPZ’ JSC Production and warehouse area – 36, 262 м2 Ready made products sold for 2011-2015 – 93, 308 tons.

Polypropylene pipes; The water systems; Sewerage systems; Pipes polyethylene; Plugs for pipes and valves;



Kazakhstan - Astana

Since its inception in 1998 a national company ALIT has been specializing in the production of high quality finishing construction materials in the form of dry building mixes. Today the company ALIT produces high-quality materials for more than 40 dry building mixes and continues to expand its range systematically as a result of accumulated experience on the basis of proprietary solutions, based on current trends of domestic and European developments in the field of dry building mixtures in reliance on consumer demand and continuous improvement of materials. Our materials are used in construction of new facilities as well as in renewal of old buildings from private residences to public buildings and industrial facilities.

Dry admixtures; Building admixtures; Bulk floors; Plaster;