Exhibitors List Kazbuild 2013


Russia - Omsk

Construction and Manufacturing Company "Triada" is active in building material commerce and performs full scope of construction and installation works. The company concluded dealer agreements with leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of building materials. Among company's key activities are the following: - Procurement of construction materials - Mounting of ventilated facades - Mounting and overhaul of roof coverings of any complexity - Installation of metal structures - Fit-out and finishing works - Capital construction - Reconstruction of buildings and premises - Art forging - Automatic gates and access systems The company possesses warehouses and production areas (of total square more than 2000 sqm.): joinery and sheet-bending manufacturing facilities, metal workshop, paint-and-varnish workshop, workshops for automatic gates and expanded polystyrene products manufacturing. At the disposal there is also a fleet of cargo and passenger vehicles, and of specialized machineries.

Ventilated facades; Internal partitions; Drains; Gate garage, industrial; Decorative sections and drop aprons; Fences and fencings; Engineering services; Finishing stone; Ceramic Granite; Fixture for metal designs; Fixture, fixing materials; Roofing materials; Roof metal; Waterproofing materials ; Sound-proof materials ; Insulating materials; Building materials ; Heat insulation materials; Metal staircases; Metal rolling steel; Curtain wall systems; Facing materials; Timbering, accessories; PVC materials; Saw-timbers; Designing, installation and manufacturing of metal designs; Siding; Fiber glass products; Panels from expanded polystyrene; Joiner's products; Building; Facade;


China - XIAMEN


Building stone ;


Kazakhstan - ALMATY
E-mail: mp-co@mail.ru

Lawn-mowers and saws; Drill; Automatic tool ; Diamond tool ; Tool for are sharp a stone; Measuring tool ; Pneumatic tool ; Professional tool ; Cutting tool ; Manual tool ; Garden tool ; Sets of tools; Compressor; Fixture for metal designs; Fixture, fixing materials; Technics for garden works; Scissors, knifes, edges; Woodworking equipment; Equipment for packing and processing of floors; Measuring equipment ; Drilling equipment ; Building equipment ; Punchers; Door loops ; Dust removal systems; Hardware; Machine tools, the equipment; Electrical equipment;


Kazakhstan - Almaty
E-mail: az-5@mail.ru

Sales of devices and equipment for testing and quality control of building materials; Engineering researches for construction; Cerrying out of the shot-term and long-term control of bridge elements, buildings and constructions; Inspection of buildings and constructions.

Engineering services; Inspection of buildings and constructions; Devices and equipment for tests and quality control of construction materials ;


Russia - Ekaterinburg

Our company is in the construction market since 2005. Performs general construction and special types of metal structures rabot.Sobstvennoe can respond quickly to any requests of the market and implement various proekty.Montazh metal as a kind of construction work - is a way of high-quality and fast assembly of individual elements being constructed facilities into one. In construction, installation of metal structures in great demand. Mounting technology to save time and money.

Fixture for metal designs; Metal rolling steel; Building;



TEOREMA is an Italian company leader in Sanitary Taps for bathroom and kitchen,founded in 1905. In Italy, Teorema is one of the first company to develop a single lever mixer called “Tex”, which represents a real revolution in the sector. In 2011 the brand became part of WTS GROUP S.p.A., an Italian company with a sales goal of more than 45 million Euros in 2012. TEOREMA’s activity is always inspired by three basic principles: -QUALITY -DESIGN -WATER SAVING. Thanks to its long experience, TEOREMA is able to offer a 10 YERS WARRANTY on all its products. TEOREMA developed a unique technology that allows to save 40% of water consumption if compared with a common tap. This means ecological products with high quality and unique design.



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Screen; Sealants; Water-repellent materials; Window and door PVC;



Supreme is a leading manufacturer exporter from India of various extruded and moulded plastic products with a special emphasis on Plastics Piping Systems made out of PVC, PPR, CPVC & HDPE for pressure and non-pressure applications with an installed production capacity of 175,000 tons. Supreme is accredited with QMS-ISO 9001, EMS-ISO 14001 & HHMS- ISO 18001. Supreme offer complete range of PPR pipes & fittings for hot and cold water applications.

Building materials ; Drainage systems and materials; Heat insulation materials; Insulating materials; PVC extrusion; PVC materials; Waterproof materials; Waterproofing materials ;


Switzerland - Andeer

In our stone quarries carefully and low-emissions quarried natural stones find in Switzerland as well as worldwide use and attention in the inside and outside architecture as well as in the horticulture: Andeer granite, originated before more than 300 Mil. years, is an extremely resistant and nice building material which finds use in the inside and outside area as floorings, stairs, claddings and windowsills. His robustness against abrasion, frost and aggressors like rope salts is confirmed by the test reports of the material testing institution of Würzburg. San Bernardino Silber is a Para gneiss which finds use primarily with stairs, floorings and claddings. Toscano AG natural stone is the exclusive supplier of these natural stones and since 1952 a family-owned company.

Building materials ; Building stone ; Facade; Finishing stone; Granite and marble;


Russia - Moscow

The company "TRIMO-VSK" - known in Russian manufacturer of facade and roof systems based panels. Ltd. "TRIMO-VSK" in the Russian part of the concern TRIMO GROUP - a leading European group specializing in the production of facade and roof systems. TRIMO GROUP for more than 50 years of experience in the market, the products are used in construction of buildings and structures for various purposes in 50 countries. The developed system of decorative and additional elements will form the finished look of the building and each of its absolute value. Of the products of "TRIMO-FAC" pre-fabricated buildings were built in European Russia, the North Caucasus, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East, as well as abroad.

Roofing materials; Designing; Sandwich panel ; Facade;