Exhibitors List Kazbuild 2013


Ukraine - Zaporozhye

INDUSTRIAL-TRADING HOUSE STROYKAMEN Stone-working enterprise of Zaporozhye region produces and sells products from the Granites of Ukraine. Products range: - Facing plates, thickness 10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, 40mm; - FuDsawn stone blocks with heat - treated face; - Steps and treads: - Window-siB plates; - Table-tops. Total efficiency of the production complex enterprise equipped with Italian machines Bombieri & Venturi and Pedrini SpA, is up to 100 000 sq.m of facing plate in a year.

Granite and marble; Finishing stone; Facing materials; Steps and footboards;


Russia - Omsk

Research and Production Association "Siberian Armature", Ltd is a manufacturer of composite armature and flexible links brands ANK-S (fiberglass plastic) and ANK-B (basalt plastic). Our composite armature is a worthy alternative to metal products. As for today, fiberglass plastic basalt armature is used in different industries along with traditional metal reinforcement bars, gradually displacing them. The composite armature of new generation is a high strength fiberglass or basalt rod with double cross-spiral winding. New developments made it possible to enhance armature's physical and mechanical properties in comparison with the existing products.

Other; Building materials ; Ready equipment ; Equipment for glass manufacture; Fiber glass products; Building materials from fiber glass;


Russia - Moscow

Consulting services in ceramic industry. Project planning for modernisation of existing ceramic plants. Multipurpose engieering services. Technical audit for the ceramic plants. General representative in Russia and CIS of compagnies MAIC TECHNICOS (Spain), MORTE (Spain), POITTEMILL (France), TMI ORION (France). Partner of CERIC TECHNOLOGIE (France).

Circulation systems; Designing; Engineering equipment; Engineering services; Equipment for brick and tile industry; Extrusion equipment; Forming equipment ; Shipping equipment ;


Russia - Omsk
E-mail: sibek@bk.ru

High-tech lime-ash bricks manufacturing plant was launched in 2009. Production capacity equals 79 million bricks per year. The main production component is ash generated by heat-and-power plants. It is perfect for production of building materials such as cement, concrete, dry mortars and heat-insulating materials, and can serve as a substitute for sand, crushed stone and soil. Manufacturing process involves highly automated German line "W+K Maschinenfabrik" that allows to improve the geometric and strength properties of the produced bricks, to achieve an increase of frost resistance and reduce thermal conductivity. Production technical procedures are fully automated; computer-aided quality control program is implemented. Technical tests are regularly conducted in the company's laboratory, which makes it possible to ensure required quality of the products. There are 5 brick’s brands in assortment - М50, М75, М100, М125, М150. We also offer dry mortars.

Brick, building blocks; Building materials ;


Kazakhstan - -


Gate garage, industrial; Automatic doors ; Engineering services; Designing; Designing, installation and manufacturing of metal designs; Building; Sandwich panel ;


Russia - Moscow

Building materials ; Equipment for welding;


Italy - Calvenzano (BG)

STM Technologies is a worldwide supplier of complete glass wool and rock wool technological lines. Based in Italy, STM supplies and commissions a full range of production lines for mineral wool insulating products, implementing continuous design enhancements and ongoing R&D advances. With 25 years of experience and more than 100 plants and equipment installations in five continents, STM technological systems guarantee finished products in line with worldwide industry standards (EN, ASTM), more and more used in the construction business and other industries in order to comply with local directives and increasingly stringent energy efficiency, fire protection and pollution abatement requirements.

Engineering equipment; Engineering services; Equipment for glass manufacture; Facade; Fiber glass products; Fiberboard plate; Fire-resistant materials; Heat insulation materials; Mineral cotton wool; Roofing materials; Sandwich panel ;


China - Xinjiang

Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd. a national large-scale chlor-alkali chemical enterprise.this company has achieved the annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons of PVCR, 1.1 million tons of ionic membrane caustic soda, 1.55 million kilowatts of cogeneration generating units and 1.9 million tons of calcium carbide, with its scale ranking second in the national chlorine-alkali industry. It has had its Qingfeng series products win the honor of Xinjiang’s famous product and applied for the honor of national famous product, selling them in Xinjiang, East and South China and the 5 Central Asian countries, Russia and other countries and regions.

PVC materials;