Exhibitors List Kazbuild 2013


Russia - Moscow

Cable Support Systems (CSS);

Synthetic, terracotta, concrete, glass, metal; Ceramic tile, floor; Ceramic tile, wall; Ceramic Granite; Tile glue ; Mosaic, tile, coverings; Sanitary ceramics and faience for bathroom; Dry admixtures;


United Arab Emirates - Dubai

PinnacleLGS provides its clients with the world’s leading solution for light gauge steel (LGS) framed building construction. PinnacleLGS adopts a turn-key approach to satisfy its clients with LGS construction know-how from design, production to building completion. PinnacleLGS ensures its worldwide clients with an A to Z sustainable building process which incorporates its cutting edge design & detailing software, PinnacleCAD, with its versatile and competitive roll-forming hardware, PinnacleFRAMER, complimented by its 20+ years LGS construction knowhow.

Building equipment ; Metal rolling from nonferrous metals, stainless steels in building;


Poland - Szprotawa

Company Poli-Eco – leading European producer of PVC finishing profiles. There are in the offer i.a. profiles for all kind of floor coverings finishing: laminated floors, parquets, wall-to-wall carpets, flexible floors and ceramic tiles.

Boards wooden, metal, plastic, canvas; PVC extrusion; PVC materials; Wall covers;


Kazakhstan - Kapshagai
E-mail: info@pm-t.kz

LLP "PolimerMetall-T" is the largest domestic manufacturer of wall and roof sandwich panels operating on the Kazakhstani market for over 8 years. The company also manufactures products for the category "building materials", such as metal, corrugated sheet, shapes, block-modules.

Roofing materials; Professional flooring of a reinforcing profile, sandwich of panels; Building; Sandwich panel ;


Belarus - Polotsk

JSC "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" – one of the leading manufacturers of glass fiber and the products on its basis in the world. The goods are exported into 45 countries of the world. JSC “POLOTSK-STEKLOVOLOKNO” manufactures the following products: glass yarns and rovings, glass meshes, silica materials, glass fabrics for plastics reinforcement, electric insulation glass fabrics. Among the building materials a big niche is occupied by glass fabrics – the basis of roofing materials; fiberglass alkaline-resistance mesh fabrics and insulation needle felts.

Abrasive materials; Geotextiles; Waterproofing; Waterproofing materials ; Sound-proof materials ; Building materials ; Heat insulation materials; Wall-paper; Reinforcing profile; Grids against mosquitoes; Fiber glass products;


Spain - Albolote, Granada

POYATOS ranks among the leading international manufacturers of equipment to make concrete products (blocks, interlocks, ...) thanks to offering equipment which combines reliability, high performance and user-friendliness to customers all around the world. POYATOS manufactures complete plants to make mass production of concrete products, including vibrocompressing machines, batching plants and systems for handling and cubing the products.

Concrete, cement and technologies; Equipment for brick and tile industry; Precast plants; Splitters;


Russia - 8603 Schwerzenbach

Proceq manufactures quality nondestructive portable testing instruments for metal hardness, concrete properties and paper roll hardness. Proceq invented the Equotip portable metal hardness tester and the world’s first portable concrete test hammer, the Schmidt concrete test hammer. The SilverSchmidt portable concrete test hammer belongs to the latest generation of Schmidt hammers. Proceq also produces other concrete test equipment, such as the Profometer 5+/Profoscope rebar detector and covermeter, the Canin+ Corrosion Analyzing Instrument, the Pundit Lab Ultrasonic Instrument and other Non-Destructive Testing instruments for quality control and inspection.

Concrete, cement and technologies; Ferro-concrete designs; Measuring tool ; Diagnostic equipment ; Equipment for check and regulation of durability of building materials; Equipment for welding; Measuring equipment ;


Poland - Dabrowka

PROMStahl specializes in designing, manufacturing and installation of loading equipment in the European market, especially in Central and West Europe. Products manufactured by PROMStahl comply with all European standards in safety and operation.

Automatic doors ; Designing, installation and manufacturing of metal designs; Equipment mechanisation (doors, windows); Gate garage, industrial;


Kazakhstan - Almaty
E-mail: info@psk-k.kz

PROMSTROYKONTRAKT-A. Walls shuttering,Columns shuttering, Radial shuttering, Elevating and adjustable shuttering system, Shuttering for one-side concrete casting, Round columns shuttering

Tower and mobile cranes, truck cranes; Concrete, cement and technologies; Ventilated facades; Geotextiles; The hydraulic and pneumatic equipment; Waterproofing; The ready equipment; Other; Spare parts and accessories for building cars and the equipment; Isolation; The engineering equipment; Engineering services; The tool for are sharp a stone; Cranes and lifts; Fixture, fixing materials; Roofing materials; Cars for a lining of tunnels; Mineral cotton wool; Bulk floors; Timbering, accessories; PVC materials; Septums internal; Designing; Machine tools, the equipment; The building equipment; Building woods, step-ladders; Building admixtures; Connection sleeves; Building; Materials for heat preservation; Technical consultations; Sealing road cars and the equipment; Plywood, plywood partitions; Plaster; Dredges, loaders, graders, bulldozers, minidredges; PVC extrusion;