Exhibitors List Kazbuild 2013


Canada - Saint-Nicolas, Quebec

Canadian company HONCO designs, manufactures and installs pre-engineered steel buildings for commercial, industrial and recreational projects. HONCO buildings offer numerous advantages: durability, energy efficiency, large spans. HONCO buildings are ideal for warehouses, logistics centers, aircraft hangars, commercial centers, industrial projects, sports complexes and for agricultural projects. HONCO's team is glad to propose you a full range of turnkey services and solutions.

Building; Building materials ;


Russia - Omsk

New Light Company, Ltd offers the following services: - Modern Design and Planning of Lighting: + office centers + hotels + shopping centers + sports facilities + highways - Procurement of Lighting Equipment from European and Russian manufacturers: + LED Lighting + architectural lighting + technical light + elite decorative lamps - Maintenance and Technical Support: + lighting calculations + warranty and post-warranty service + installation supervision For you - our working experience of 15 years in lighting technology industry, the most advanced lighting solutions and favourable conditions of cooperation.

Engineering services; Interiors and finishing materials; Illumination for premises, offices and houses; Lighting of bathrooms and swimming pools; Illumination street; Indoor lighting, design of audio and video appliances; Designing; Lighting systems; Technical consultations; Trade houses, shops;


Russia - Nizhny Novgorod

Production of facade systems from stainless steel for all types of cladding materials.

Ventilated facades; Facing materials; Designing; Facade; Curtain wall systems;


Italy - CHIETI

NORDIMPIANTI is the world´s leading suppliers of machinery and plant for the manufacture of pre-stressed concrete elements. Nordimpianti’s casting machines (Slipformer and Extruder Systems) can produce a wide range of products such as vineyard posts, T beams, lintels, Predal panels, U-Panels, up to the large 1m hollow core slabs used for the most demanding construction applications. Nordimpianti designs also casting beds, saw machines, stressing and lifting equipment.

Concrete, cement and technologies; Engineering services; Equipment for packing and processing of floors; Extrusion equipment; Floor covers; Floor moulding; Flooring; Reinforcing profile; Roofing materials;



Novello has been creating exclusive landscapes, turn-key and finished, for thirty years; from supplying to laying, up to maintenance. From project to plants, green products, flooring, irrigation and lightning systems, lakes, water games, swimming-pools, sports fields, CCTV-safety and anti-intrusion devices; these are all made contemporarily through a single management. In a private garden, in outside spaces of accommodations, in big parks, in terraces; made by Novello, you experience a high-quality life, because they are made in perfect balance between aesthetical and functional choices. We propose ourselves as valid interlocutor to those who wish to have a unique, high-end external setting of great effect, whether created according to a style following the real tradition of great Italian gardens, or according to the style of green and modern scenic designs, but above all built by professionals taking care of the balances imposed by nature. Europe, Asia, Africa, environmental

Design of interior; Engineering services; Garden tool ; Landscape design; Equipment for irrigation; Illumination for premises, offices and houses; Lighting of bathrooms and swimming pools; Illumination street; Indoor lighting, design of audio and video appliances; Landing material; Designing; Garden furniture; Garden arbours and canopies; Garden ornaments; Alarm systems; Street furniture; System of lawns and flower beds; Electrical equipment;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Water-repellent materials; Waterproof materials; Waterproofing; Sheetings; Roofing materials; Waterproofing materials ; Insulating materials; Heat insulation materials; Bulk floors; Fire-resistant materials; Anticorrosive coverings ; Floor covers;