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Russia - Moscow

NGOs YUMAS : pressure Gauges: industrial, corrosion resistant (tocr= - 83С, magnetism=+300C), hydrogeologie shakeproof, shakeproof without hydrocapillary, manometers high accuracy class. t is 0.6 , the reference class. t 0,4 ; 0,25 for small pressure signal (electric), including explosion-proof 1ЕхdIIBT4, including enforcement for mines PBExdI/1ЕхdIIBT4, EKM shake-proof , differential pressure gauges etc. Ball valves with fitting under control pressure gauge KTNM, needle valves KZS, KZM, KZI in different versions for different pressures (up to 60 MPa) and temperatures (from -60 to +600 ° C) . Dividers, damping devices, taps, coolers, bosses, gaskets, etc. Bimetallic thermometers: General industrial, corrosion-resistant, vibration-resistant




Kazakhstan - Almaty
E-mail: info@jumo.kz

The firm "JUMO GmbH & Co.KG" supplies a wide range of measurement and control instrumentation: pressure instruments, thermostats, dial thermometers and timers, controllers, transducers for temperature and humidity, indicators, recording instruments, analytical measurement equipment.

Measuring & Control Equipment;



Russia - Ufa
E-mail: zavod@uuvz.ru

URAL SABLE is a major Russian plant that produces weighing equipment. It’s been in the Russian market since 2002. Since 2016, URAL SABLE has been operating as a fully-integrated enterprise. The production range includes full array of weighing equipment: motor-truck, railway truck, crane, roller, conveyor, platform and special scales (for non-standard weighing systems) etc. Our plant performs a full complex of work and services for development and production of industrial electronic scales, as well as all work on assembling and commissioning of weight measuring equipment. It performs warranty and post-warranty maintenance of weighing equipment. URAL SABLE invites you for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation aimed at comprehensive dealing with material and product accounting at your enterprise.

Vehicle Equipment; Geosynthetics; Government Departments & Trade Organisations ; Oil & Gas Producers; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Measuring & Control Equipment; Refineries, Petrochemical and Gas Plants; Gas Detection & Gas Leak Detection ; Drilling Equipment & Technologies; Automation, Motion Control and Flow Management Equipment & Services; Oil & Gas Processing Services & Equipment; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Engineering, Facilities and Construction Design & Services (EPC); Oil & Gas Exploration & Production; Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment; Well Construction, Completion & Maintenance Services & Equipment; Maintenance Services; Pipeline Maintenance & Repair Equipment & Services; Reservoir Engineering; Transportation & Logistics ; Chemical Reagents & Materials; Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;