Exhibitors List Kioge 2018
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Russia - Kazan

R&D Center performs development and implementation of technologies for treatment from sulfur compounds: 1) DEMERUS – mercaptans removal from hydrocarbon feedstocks; 2) LOCOS – Treatment of sulfur alkaline wastes, process condensates and produced waters; 3) DeCOS - Treatment of hydrocarbon gases from carbonyl sulphide; 4) H2S - Treatment of hydrocarbon gases from hydrogen sulphide. R&D Center has developed and patented for the above processes heterogeneous KSM-X catalyst, which has a high oxidation activity of mercaptans, mercaptides and inorganic sulfides, resistance to catalytic poisons, and high thermal stability. Guaranteed service life of the catalyst is 8 years. Main services: 1) Development of Basic Design Projects and provision of Licenses for the construction of new and revamp of existing units; 2) Manufacturing, delivery and loading of KSM-X catalyst; 3) Supervision of design, commissioning and start-up procedures; 4) Personnel training.

Environment Protection, Services & Equipment; Oil & Gas Processing Services & Equipment; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Chemical Reagents & Materials;

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Kazakhstan - Aktau

"Aktau Machine Building Plant" LLP was founded in 2014, the enterprise is located in the industrial area of Aktau city, Mangistau region. Owing to company's location in the center of oil and gas Pricaspian region and considering opportunities of unique machine building base, AMP LLP has potential to manufacture a wide range of oil and gas production, drilling, oilfield equipment, explosion-proof electrical devices equipment and almost the whole set of spare parts including non-standard. Integrated Management System including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ST RK ISO 9001-2016, ISO 50001:2011, GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009 is adapted successfully at the enterprise, it is aimed in whole to provide competitive productions, with satisfaction of the consumer demand, in safe conditions with minimal impact on environment. "AMBP" LLP is the official representative of Ruhrpumpen GmbH Company (global manufacturer of pumping equipment) in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage;



Russia - Moscow

Manufacturing of ultrasonic and radiowave level gauges and indicators, pressure transmitters, multidot temperature gauges, density gauges, industrial controllers, automation equipment and systems. Designing, complex delivery of equipment, introduction of control systems of technological processes for industrial objects on a turn-key basis.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Instrumentation; Measuring & Control Equipment; Automation, Motion Control and Flow Management Equipment & Services;



Austria - Brunn am Gebirge

The ALLRUS Group (ООО “Аllrus”, Russia; Allrus Maschinenhandels GmbH, Austria; TOO “Allrus Kaz”, Kazakhstan; LLC “Allgroup-Ukraine”, Ukraine) is the exclusive supplier to the former CIS countries of CIRCOR / ALLWEILER (Germany), HOUTTUIN (The Netherlands), IMO (Sweden, USA) (centrifugal, 1-, 2-, 3- screw, propeller, peristaltic pumps) and LUTZ (Germany) pumps; the authorized supplier of JESCO (Germany) and ARGAL (Italy) equipment (drum, double diaphragm, dosing and chemical centrifugal pumps, chlorinators, water disinfection, measuring / control technology) for oil and gas industry. Aftersales Service. Pumps for oil product transfer. The Allrus company TOO “ALLRUS KAZ”, Almaty is the exclusive supplier of the above mentioned equipment to Kazakhstan (t. +7 7272612013, info@allrus.kz). Also, Allrus represents 3P Prinz (Italy) 2-screw pumps, TRUFLO (USA) centrifugal pumps of API standard and distributes successfully SONNEK Water Injection Modules for oil & gas in Kazakhstan.

Measuring & Control Equipment; Oil & Gas Processing Services & Equipment; Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ;

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Kazakhstan - Almaty
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“Alstron” LLP is Kazakhstan oilfield service company, estsablished in 2000. Over the past 17 years, the company has achieved a leading position on the market of maintenance services in the sphere of hydrodynamic and tracer studies of wells, processing of received research information, analysis of the current state of field development facilities. Much work on the introduction of enhanced oil recovery technologies, including polymer flooding is in progress. “Alstron” LLP pays special attention to the development, testing and introduction of innovative equipment, technologies and specialized software. The competitive advantages of “Alstron” LLP: selection of research technologies with the minimization of oil production losses; evaluation of the characteristics of the bottomhole zone of the well without lifting equipment; planning and evaluation of the efficiency of geological and technical measures; complex approach and analysis of the development target. Today, “Alstron” LLP has modern equipment, technology and highly qualified personnel for performing hydrodynamic and tracer studies, as well as works to improve oil recovery of reservoirs of any complexity and volume.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ;

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China - Hengshui

Hebei Anping Shengjia Hardware Mesh Co., LTD is located in “the hometown of wire mesh all over the world”Anping County,Hebei Province,China,is built on the basis of Anping Yahua Wire Mesh Factory,start on 1989,have developed and made innovations over ten years,now have formed with production,sales and trading for an intergrated enterprice. As a specialized producing “Dongrui brand”series wire mesh,and mainly produce a variety of oil shale shaker screen ,Stainless steel wire mesh,Composite Screen ,Water well screen , Johnson screen, sand control screen ,Steel grid plate,Steel grating,Welded wire mesh and mesh,Barbed wire and razor wire,Perforated metal mesh,Windproof and dust net,Welded fence series ,a complete range of specifications,mainly used by oilfield, agriculture industry ,petrochemical industry, transportation, mining filtering and others, which are sold the Middle East ,Europe and America, Southeast Asia and other countries ,which was given high evaluation by customers.

Oil & Gas Exploration & Production;

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Kazakhstan - Aktau
E-mail: ansc@ansc.kz

“Aktau Oil Service Company” LLP was established in 2014 in Aktau city, on the basis of the production division of “ANEK” LLP, carrying its history since 2005. “Aktau Oil Service Company” is a domestic producer of goods, works and services. Currently, “Aktau Oil Service Company” LLP has the following production facilities: ESP production and repair shop in Aktau; ESP Repair shop in Zhanaozen; ESP Repair shop in Aktobe region at Alibekmola field; The company produces: Individual selection of equipment for each well, stators for submersible motors, as well as provides repair services for submersible telemetry, manufacturing of ESP, EPCP and UHV, carrying out of current and major repairs of ESP, installation of ESP equipment, EPCP and UHV equipment with its subsequent output for operation mode etc. Full information You can find in our company brochures.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Wireline, Workover & Sidetracking Equipment & Services; Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

APLISENS Middle Asia LLP is the authorized representative of APLISENS Plant for the customers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Company deals with the sales of various types of the control and measuring devices produced by APLISENS.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Instrumentation; Oilfield Services; Flanges; Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;




"Areopag" Dosing Equipment Plant, LLC is the leading manufacturer of dosing equipment on the Russian market. Since 1992, the company designs, manufactures and delivers more than 1000 standard sizes of dosing pumps of various modifications, as well as modular pumping stations in all regions of Russia and for export. The company has 7 patents. Timely equipment release is provided by two production sites in St. Petersburg and Luga. ZDT "AREOPAG", LLC has a full set of Approval Documentation.The main goal of the company is the introduction of innovative technologies (including the import substitution program in accordance with API 675 standard), which contribute to the effective supply of new solutions to the Russian industry. Product portfolio: Plunger and membrane, modular construction, hermetic, three-plunger dosing pumping units, packaged modular equipment (chemical dosing units, antifoam dosing units, methanol dosing units), protection safety valves, filters.

Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ; Drilling Equipment & Technologies; Oil & Gas Processing Services & Equipment; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Reservoir Engineering; Filters, Filtration Equipment & Systems ;

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Kazakhstan - Almaty
E-mail: info@arzax.kz
Web: arzax.kz

Almaty reservoir factory – started its activity in 2004, received the status of LLP in 2013 and engaged in the production of various types and high quality of reservoirs (silos, bunker, receivers, vessels, mixer reactors, tanks, tank trucks, separators) for different needs. We supply products to whole Kazakhstan and CIS countries. The production uses the latest technological achievements and modern technologies to meet the demands of our customers in the shortest time and the best quality.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Corrosion Protection, Paints & Lacquer Services & Equipment; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage; Oil & Gas Processing Services & Equipment; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Welding & Welding Services ; Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment; Pipeline Maintenance & Repair Equipment & Services; Pipeline Construction & Pipeline Laying ; Filters, Filtration Equipment & Systems ; Chemical Reactors;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

"Asia Techno Complect" LLP is a dynamically developing company that specializes in a complex supply of high-quality equipment for engineering systems, fire-fighting and detection systems, design and installation of integrated security systems for industrial and civil facilities. The company has the status of exclusive partner within the world's leading manufacturers of equipment. "Asia Techno Complect" is pleased to offer the following services: technical consultations regarding the application of fire-fighting and engineering equipment as well as the design on their basis of the systems of fire-prevention protection; scientific and technical consultation on maintenance of complex security in design, construction, modernization, renovation and operation of facilities;design of integrated security systems; complex supply of equipment from leading manufacturers;installation and commissioning of fire-fighting water supply systems, water, foam and gas extinguishing and fire alarm system.



Russia - Moscow

Professional scientific and technical magazine is addressed progressive employees of the oil and gas industry who are interested in the latest achievements in the field of automation and information technologies in the modern oil and gas complexes. The magazine is intended to establish a dialogue between experts in the field of technology of oil and gas industry and experts in the field of information technology and automation. Subscription index in the joint catalogue “Press of Russia” - 43716. «Newspapers. Magazines» Agency “Rospechat” - 83165



Germany - Obernkirchen

ITT Bornemann has achieved and secured a worldwide leading position in Design, sales and Production Of Twin Screw pumps & systems with numerous ground-breaking developments over the decades. Our Pumps and systems are ideal solution for tank terminals, oil Production and processing. Core applications are served in multiphase, petrochemical, marine and general industry as well as in food and pharmaceutical markets.

Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ;



Kazakhstan - Uralsk

LLP "Nitrogen plant", the first enterprise in West Kazakhstan region, which mastered the production of liquid and gaseous nitrogen, oxygen. The main activities are the provision of services in the oil and gas sector and manufacturing, the selling of cryogenic products on the market of Kazakhstan. The company has the ability of delivering liquid nitrogen by Kazakhstan. The Company has autonomous mobile units and carries out the gasification of liquid nitrogen on the Customer’ site, and providing other related services. Company has own the special vehicles for delivery of products both on public roads and outside roads. Our goal is to take a leading position among service providers of the oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan, and among manufacturers of cryogenic products. Consistently high quality of products is guaranteed by constant quality control using digital gas analyzers.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Measuring & Control Equipment;