Exhibitors List Kioge 2015


Kazakhstan - Almaty

EcoRisk LLP was established in 2013 at the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to execute project on Development of Risk Mapping Technology for Estimation of Biota Damage from Oil Spills on the Caspian Shelf. The project has been executed within the framework of the Technology Commercialization Project, as financially supported by the World Bank. This technology is a result of 10-years scientific research. The technology of risk mapping for estimation of biota damage from oil spills on the Caspian Sea forms the basis for the information system RANDOM (Risk Assessment of Nature Detriment due to Oil spill Migration), the core of which being a probability-theoretical risk model. RANDOM is a cloud based system, which provides standardized dynamically scalable services. In order to achieve the highest information security levels, RANDOM web system is a private cloud using SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) technology.

Environment Protection, Services & Equipment; Consultancy and Professional Services ;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

“Company ECOS” LLP is on the market since 1994. Main direction is providing safety of industrial facilities, including certified Safety equipment, systems of fire & gas alarm, fire extinguishing and emergencies alarms. Also company is working in the process of automation and instrumentation. Company executes contracts in design and supply of equipment, its installment and commissioning, as well as service maintenance and training of Customer’s personnel. In purpose of providing optimized periods of maintenance on site, functioning 8 regional service centers in Almaty, Aktau, Aktobe, Aksai, Atyrau, Uralsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Pavlodar. At present time Company ECOS is an official distributor of the following companies: «Drager», «CAMERON», «CHEMGUARD», «MINIMAX», «Roxtec», «United Electric Controls», «Cooper-Medc», «Magnetrol», «SICK», «BAUER», «TIANHE», «APOLLO», «ADVANCED», «TYCO»

Analyzers; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Tools; Cables & Wires Equipment & Services; Consultancy and Professional Services ; Measuring & Control Equipment; Laboratory Equipment & Services ; Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ; Gas Detection & Gas Leak Detection ; Automation, Motion Control and Flow Management Equipment & Services; Oil & Gas Processing Services & Equipment; Engineering, Facilities and Construction Design & Services (EPC); Personal Protective Clothing & Equipment; Shipbuilding, Ship Equipment & Maintenance; Pipeline Maintenance & Repair Equipment & Services; Filters, Filtration Equipment & Systems ; Flanges; Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;


Russia - Ekaterinburg



Austria - Weiz

With more than 120 years of experience in development and production of electrical machines, ELIN Motoren GmbH is one of the most traditional industrial enterprises in Austria. The leading position is cultivated with consistent enhancement of the competencies, ongoing expansion of the optimised service packages and a perfectly balanced “intelligent network” encompassing the entire range of products. The production range of ELIN Motoren GmbH includes: • Electrical high- and low-voltage motors from 37 to 35,000 kW • Asynchronous generators from 500 to 5,000 kW • Synchronous generators from 5,000 to 50,000 kVA • Explosion protected Motors and Generators • Support throughout the life cycle of the machine as well as an extensive scope of services, with central technical handling at Preding/Weiz and the support of an international network of certified service partners worldwide.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ;



Russia - Nizhny Novgorod

Energogazpribor, ltd. 14, Trudovaya str., Nizhny Novgorod, 603155, Russia. Tel/Fax +7(831)434-11-23/24 e-mail: info@vvgnn.com Energogazpribor, ltd.(Russia, c.Nizhny Novgorod) works in the field of production planning and purchasing, promotion and sales of products of NPO VNIIEF-VOLGOGAZ, Ltd (c. Sarov, region of N. Novgorod), which is one of the most famous development contractor and manufacture for companies of fuel and energy complex. Complex decision: automatic control systems of technology process, telemechanic systems, gas-odour automatic systems, equipments and pipelines technical diagnostics, database special control systems, vibration diagnostic complexes, rotation frequency, temperature measuring. Systems’ components: sensors of vibration (velocity, movement, axial shift and motion), rotation frequency , temperature (of pipeline, ground, liquid and gas), indicators of level.

Automation, Motion Control and Flow Management Equipment & Services; Measuring & Control Equipment; Oil & Gas Processing Services & Equipment;



Russia - Саратов

Energomashcomplekt – the group of companies, engaged in production and deliveries of pipeline fittings more than 20 years. Among our clients over 500 large enterprises of fuel and energy complex, oil and gas industry, metallurgy, nuclear, chemical, pulp and paper industry. The individual approach, flexible price policy and convenient delivery time are that does cooperation with us convenient and favorable!



Belarus - Minsk
Web: enotec.by

ENOTEC Analytics is a representative office of German company ENOTEC GmbH in Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. ENOTEC GmbH was established in Gummersbach, Germany in 1980. Since 1986 ENOTEC have produced self developed oxygen analyser based on zirconium oxide technology, continuously expanding product range and improving technologies. So that ENOTEC today is your competent partner for all ranges of emission and process analyzing applications for Oil & Gas industry: whether supplying a system with a single probe of its own production, to project specific systems combining ENOTEC products with external products to turnkey emission measurements in an analyser container, offering perfectly configured analyser systems to meet diverse customers requirements and legal regulations. ENOTEC products and services: • OXITEC – O2 gas analysers • COMTEC – O2 and COe gas analysers • CEMTEC – sampling probe for cement industry • Complete analyser systems • Turnkey emission measurements

Analyzers; Environment Protection, Services & Equipment; Instrumentation; Measuring & Control Equipment;




Erse Kablo was established in the year 1996, and it conducts its management, production, logistics activities and its other main activities at various locations in Istanbul. Erse takes national and international standards as basis, and it maintains its production activities at its modern and up-to-date facilities located in Selimpasa, which is established on area of 16.000 m2, 12.000 m2 of which are indoors. As for its logistics services, it is carried out from its main warehouse located in the city center and established on an area of 2800 m2. It plays an active part in the cable sector with a large product range, through producing coaxial, signal-control, data communication, telecommunication, fire-resistant cables, instrumentation, silicone, marine and shipboard cables and all kinds of special cables within itself.

Cables & Wires Equipment & Services;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

«EurasiaSlot» LLP produces products for oil producing, oil processing, mining and concentrating, and food industry, for water treatment industry. The company manufactures the following products: Bottom-hole pump BeeOilPump, sleeve valves for bottom-hole pumps and electrical submersible pumps with nanodiamond chromium coating. Advantages of these valves are: increased operational life of the valve (up to 1,600 days), valve operation at the angle up to 90°, increase in the delivery rate for the bottom-hole pump by ~30%, increase in the amount of additionally produced oil due to growth of mean life of the bottom-hole pump before failure, operation in complicated conditions (abrasive environment, high-viscosity oil etc.); nanodiamond chromium coating substantially increase the lifetime of plunger and cylinder. Frameless slotted filters, shaped wire filters -cassettes (patrons) spalt, welded slotted and perforated screens of various types and configurations, internal devices of reformers and hydrotreaters, rotors with vertical and horizontal grates, slit drums, evaporating screeners of wet and dry classification, different types of pulp catchers, filters for different purposes.Innovativeness of production of frameless down hole filters is in absence of the pipe frame, which provides for reservoir fluid linear radial filtration and prevents formation of dead zones, it, in its turn, prevents from filter calmatation and its erosive destruction. The main element of this construction is the shaped wire filter, which consists of the wedge wire screen, coiled spirally around the longitudinal bents (shapes), joined by means of butt welding in the contact points. This technology enables producing of filters of various diameters from 30 to 900 mm. Excellent anticorrosion properties of these filters are achieved by the use of profile wire exclusively of stainless steel grade (10Х17Н13М2Т; 12Х18Н10Т), which is particularly important for filters, applied in aggressive environments, where it is necessary for filters to be made of congenerical grade of steel to prevent local corrosion. Tanks and vessels with the capacity up to 200 m3, ВУК-3 water dispensers (are utilized for storage and transportation of potable and process water, or may be used as sprayers), underground steel tanks, underground vessels (UV), underground heated vessels (UHV), insulated vessels, elevated horizontal steel tanks, underground horizontal steel tanks. Tanks and vessels are intended for gas or liquid storage, meet current standard requirements and have permits for use. Vessels are produced using materials that carry quality certificates. Weld strength and accuracy is ensured by 100 % ultrasonic inspection. The possibility to produce tanks and vessels from any materials, including corrosion-resistant steel 12Х18Н10Т (AISI 304) allows extending the service life of vessels for up to 40 years and using them to store aggressive products, including acids. Process equipment, including: level gauges, samplers, floatation intake units, receiving and distribution units, vent valves and a few other products of Samara Plant of Oil Tank Equipment, LLC. Qualified staff of Samara Plant of Oil Tank Equipment includes designers and engineers who allow creating any type of vessel with minimum operating costs to meet your expectations to the full. Such vessels also meet all requirements of world standards and other regulatory documents. Vessels may be produced within a short time.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Filters, Filtration Equipment & Systems ;



Kazakhstan - Pila

Leading provider of onshore drilling and oilfield services in Central and Eastern Europe. By merging the potential of the five PGNiG Group companies, Exalo Drilling has established itself as the largest player – in terms of the size of its drilling and workover fleet – on the Polish onshore drilling market, and a leader of the market, also in terms of capacities, in Central and Eastern Europe. We have also established a foothold in selected markets across Europe, Asia and Africa, including major hydrocarbon production markets, such as Kazakhstan.We operate seven foreign branches, which brings us closer to our customers and allows us to respond faster to their needs. At present, we provide our services to several dozen companies from a dozen or so countries, including a number of international leaders of the exploration & production industry.

Oil & Gas Producers; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Tools; Wireline, Workover & Sidetracking Equipment & Services; Oilfield Services; Drilling Equipment & Technologies; Oil & Gas Exploration & Production; Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment;



Russia - Saratov

Manufacturing & trading company Ex-Forma Ltd. is situated in Saratov. Our company has been actively developing for more than 20 years and now has more than 500 employees.We design and manufacture a broad range of industrial gas equipment for natural and liquefied gas including gas pressure regulators,safety shut-off and relief valves, gas filters, ball valves, gas-regulating sectional and cabinet-type plants, transportable boiler plants which makes us one of the largest vendors on the Russian Federation and CIS countries market. A lot of our developments specifically the line of direct-flow regulators RDP, combined regulators RDK, shut-off valves PZK, ball valves GShK are patented and unique on the market.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Filters, Filtration Equipment & Systems ; Flanges;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

EXTECO CA (official distributor of PETRO-CANADA Kazakhstan) carefully selects a range of solutions for your business, optimize your costs in the process of lubricating and maintenance. Our company has more than 10 years of professional work with lubricants in Kazakhstan, supplying lubricant companies virtually all industries: mining, metallurgy, machine building and metal processing, construction, transport (freight, rail, sea), agriculture and others.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ;



Russia - Moscow

ExxonMobil, the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, uses technology and innovation to help meet the world’s growing energy needs. ExxonMobil holds an industry-leading inventory of resources, is the largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products, and its chemical company is one of the largest in the world. For more information, visit www.exxonmobil.com.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ;