Exhibitors List KIHE 2014


Kazakhstan - Almaty

R Optics Medical provides health care and research bodies with the high-quality ophthalmology and surgical equipment and materials, education and trainings for medical staff to operate with innovative devices and tools. The company accomplishes full cycle of services from initial consultation on a product, issues commercial offers and technical requirement to the installation including service and medical staff training. Our highly qualified specialists perform an individual selection based on comparative market analysis taking into account specialization, wishes and budget of the hospitals. Qualified service engineers, who regular have trainings at the producer sites, provide on time and sales and after sales services for the equipment supplies.

Autoclaves and sterilising solutions; Cardiac surgery; Contact lenses, solutions; Diagnostic devices and devices; Disposable medical items made of polymer; Equipment & tools for opticians; General surgery; Laser therapy; Medical furniture and the equipment; Microscope; Microsurgery; Plastic surgery; Surgical materials; The disinfection and sanitary equipment; The equipment and devices for operational halls; The equipment for medical examination; Ultrasonic diagnostics; Vascular neurosurgery;


Kazakhstan - Astana

Ramtec Ltd is a well-know supplier which offers advanced disinfectants, hand antiseptics, disinfection equipment and medical devices of the leading world manufacturers. The company is the exclusive representative of Laboratoires ANIOS and Jasol (France) within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Owing to this fact, a whole range of modern disinfectants, hand antiseptics, disinfection equipment presents in the market of Kazakhstan. The company also holds a sale of medical equipment and medical devices of such manufacturers as: Medivators(USA), Neurelec (France), Euroclinic (Italy), Inventis (Italy), Audio Technologies (Italy), Earteknik (Turkey).

Disinfectants; Medical furniture and the equipment;


United Kingdom - Crumlin

Randox Laboratories research and develop innovative, high quality solutions designed to make diagnostic testing quicker with higher accuracy and reliability for results of the highest quality. We are committed to saving lives by ensuring individuals worldwide have access to timely and correct diagnosis. Randox products are used in over 145 countries worldwide by: Hospital Laboratories, Forensic Laboratories, A&E Units, Food & Wine Laboratories, Sports Organisations, Horse Racing Authorities, Veterinary Clinics, Pharmaceutical Companies and CRO Companies.

Analyzer; Diagnostic devices and devices; laboratory diagnostics; Reagents;


Russia - Ekaterinburg

Production and wholesale of products for disinfection and aerosol generators.

The disinfection and sanitary equipment; Disinfectants; The equipment and materials;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

ReaMed-KZ LLP (ReaMed-KZ) is the official representative of REAMED LLC, which has been producing the reagents for haematological analyzers since 1996, and exclusively presents the Blood sampling devices PUTH® (vacuum system) in the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Analyzer; Diagnostic devices and devices; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; Reagents; Health products;


Kazakhstan - Alamty

REMI LLP is the Kazakh manufacturer of disposable medical clothes and accessories. We have been producing disposable medical clothes in assortment since1998. The majority of products are patented. The introduction of the Quality Management System ISO 9001 in January 2005 was aimed at production conforming to the level of the world standards, and increase in the level of competitiveness of the output products. Disposable medical linen. All products are registered in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and have certificates of conformity. The products are also registered in Kyrgyzstan.

laboratory diagnostics; Medical clothes; Medical gloves; Disposable medical items made of polymer;


Korea - Seongnam

Hilthera 4.0: High Intensity Laser Therapy device for pain management with Nd:YAG laser. Hilthera 4.0 is the evolution of non-surgical treatment for arthritis, muscle pain, and inflammation. TriCeLL PRP KIT Safe : 100% closed system Exact : 3 chamber + 2 lokcing bar make perfect separation of blood Effect : TriCeLL PRP KIT can concentrate 7~10 time more platelet than whole blood PDCT spine system Treat your disc with Localized Fire Ball! For Minimally Invasive Herniated Disc Treatment System. Make wonderful results with Combination of Plasma Light Fiber and Group Pulse Mode Thermal damage of Lumbar is 3mm and Cervical is 2mm. TriCeLL BMC KIT Concentrate stem cells and platelets from bone marrow with TriCeLL BMC KIT. Use BMC for bone graft and fusion to enhance recovery speed. LIPOQ It is a Pure Fat Collector. It needs only 1 step for preparing fat graft. During lipo suction, you can get pure fat in your hand piece automatically It is full closed system.

Centrifuge; Dermatological; Laser therapy; Medical products; Orthopedics; Physiotherapy;