Exhibitors List KIHE 2014



Medical equipment ;


Kazakhstan - Astana

Disinfectants; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories;


Kazakhstan - Rudnuy
Web: kfd.kz

KazFarmoDez is the official distributor of world wide known brands as Lysoform ( Russia ), the whole range of disinfectants , Metrex ( USA), endoscope disinfection, Medivators (USА) endoscope reprocessing technologies, Sterisol ( Sweden) - the entire line for the hands treatment, Hydroclave ( Canada) equipment for processing medical waste class B and C. All the products offered by our partners , have been tested and have a long history of application in the international market . We are a recognized expert in the field of flexible endoscopes reprocessing.

Autoclaves and sterilising solutions; The aspiratsionnoe equipment; Disinfectants; The equipment and materials; Disposable medical items made of polymer; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; Hygiene Products; Endoscopy; Endoscopes and accessories;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

KAZKOR supplies and sale of medical equipment. Ultrasound apparatus. Ultrasound scanners Chison - most optimal value for money. Advanced technology, a complete package of calculations provides the best solutions in all areas of ultrasound studies. Lohr harvesters. Multifunction system Chammed microscopic control, ergonomic design maximizes useful doctor workplace, conduct medical treatments and minor surgery. Lithotripters. Patented new generator Urontech cylindrical electromagnetic type ensures accurate focusing waves directly into the zone of interest, crushing virtually painless. Glucometers. Portable devices GlucoDr for self-measurement blood sugar levels. Lasers. Cosmetic lasers DSE company will help you in performing cosmetic surgery: skin rejuvenation, removal of age spots, acne, vascular "stars ", hair removal and ablation of tissue.

Diagnostic preparations; Diagnostic devices and devices; Diagnostic the system test; Medical equipment ; Health products; Ultrasonic diagnostics;


Kazakhstan - Shymkent

Company «KAZMEDPRIBOR» is the first and only manufacturer in Kazakhstan high quality medical equipment and medical laboratory furniture. The company was established in 2005. The company "Kazmedpribor" is working successfully in several ways: -Manufacture and sale of medical and laboratory equipment; -Equipment of ambulances; -Production and Sale of medical furniture; -Complex equipment of medical facilities.

Analyzer; The disinfection and sanitary equipment; Disinfectants; Diagnostic preparations; Diagnostic devices and devices; Clinics, diagnostic clinics and rehabilitation centres; Other labware; laboratory diagnostics; Medical massage; Ambulance cars and saving vehicles; Medical furniture and the equipment; Medical equipment ; The equipment and devices for operational halls; The equipment and furniture for drugstores; Projects "on a turn-key basis"; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; The rehabilitational equipment and devices; Reagents; Reanimation blocks; X-ray apparatuses; The x-ray equipment; Means of transport; Ultrasonic diagnostics; Foetal monitoring; Centrifuge; Electrocardiography and accessories; Endoscopy;


Croatia - Samobor

Klimaoprema d.d. is a leading Croatian manufacturer of cleanrooms, operating rooms and HVAC systems. We provide complete solutions based on "turn-key" which includes engineering and design, manufacturing, installation, equipment, validation services, HVAC and BMS. Klimaoprema is a modern organized company with the manufacturing experience of more than 35 years, with more than 220 employees, top engineers, quality CNC machinery, testing laboratory and ISO 9001 certified. Numerous references in the pharmaceutical, medical and food industry confirm our experience. We have designed and delivered cleanrooms for Teva, Novartis, NYCOMED, JGL and many clinics and hospitals all around the world. Please visit our web site www.klimaoprema.hr with many pictures of finished projects.

Laminar ceilings; Medical equipment ;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

The equipment and materials; Disposable medical items made of polymer; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; Health products;


Russia - Moscow

Systems of Computer Radiography, Laser Printers, DR systems, film and PACS systems produced in Japan.

Diagnostic devices and devices; The x-ray equipment;


Turkey - ANKARA

Kurt & Kurt Inc. was formed in 1977. Nowadays, Kurt & Kurt Inc. is the parent company of group of companies performing import/export and exclusive representation activities, providing turnkey hospital solutions and after sales maintenance to its customers across Turkey, Middle East and Central Asia. After 30 years of experience indomestic market Kurt & Kurt Inc. reached leading positions in the radiology and endoscopy fields. Mostly it was achieved thankfully to secured ultimate customer satisfaction. In the year 2003 due to severe demand in neighbour countries, the area of company's operations was enlarged to Republics of Central Asia. As of today, our company is proud to announce the complete installation of more than 175 CT scanners, over 85 open MRI systems, 141 bone densitometer and 70 mammography units.

Computer tomography; The x-ray equipment;


Kazakhstan - Shymkent

Disinfectants; Diagnostic preparations; Diagnostic devices and devices; Diagnostic the system test; Other labware; Medical furniture and the equipment; Nutrient mediums; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; Reagents; The x-ray equipment; Health products; Surgical instruments;