Exhibitors List KIHE 2014


Kazakhstan - Almaty

So far, the value of own health becomes more and more significant for people, and the level of medical service depends largely on equipping the medical institutions with high-quality and affordable medical furniture and equipment. The IDmed company’s activity is aimed at furnishing medical furniture and medical equipment in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company is the official representative of the Russian production company CJSC CONMET HOLDING, which produces: the functional medical beds; medical furniture; prosthetic and orthopedic appliances; and equipment for exercise therapy rooms. All the company’s products meet high international standards, they are manufactured using the foreign high-tech equipment, registered and certified.

Medical furniture and the equipment;


Russia - St.Petersburg

Research and development of rehabilitation equipment of "Аmbliocor" series: «AmbliocorTM-01» esigned for improvement of eye vision in all cases of eye vision pathologies, “Remiocor” for restoration of the joints mobility, “Oscor” for correction of the stamina and scaliosis, treatment of radiculits, “Autorelax” for anti-stress therapy for patients with neurosois, depressions and for stabilization of psychoemotional status in case of drug dependency, “Uroproctocor” for the treatment of urinary disfunctions of women, restoration of sphincter functions and male erection, “Astmacor” – for the treatment of astma and chronic bronhitis

Medical furniture and the equipment; The equipment and materials; Preparations, products for treatment of eye illnesses; The rehabilitational equipment and devices; Physiotherapy;


Russia - Moscow

«INFAMED» LLC is a Russian company which specializes in manufacturing and wholesale distribution of a unique antiseptic drug Miramistin® of a wide scope of action belonging to a group of surface-active substances. These days "INFAMED" completes the whole cycle: from the synthesis of the substance to dosage and packaging of a ready-made drug. The product is delivered together with official certificates, protocols of analysis and the passport of the producer.



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Our company is engaged in supplying, installing laboratory and ultrasound equipment as well as consumables and reagents for hematology and biochemistry analyzers.

Analyzer; Microscope; Ultrasonic diagnostics; Centrifuge;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

International Medical Trade House LLC is an official distributor of Schulke&Mayr GmbH that is a leader in the sphere of hygiene and infection prevention as well as in the sphere of microbiologic quality management. The company produces a wide assortment of preparations for disinfection and sterilization, skin and mucous membrane antiseptics, products for chemo-thermal disinfection in wash machines and etc., thus we offer overall protection against dangerous microbes, whether they are pathogens or fungi. Our preparations protect people and materials against infections and contaminations, they provide the maximum assured protection and give therewith serious economic advantages. Schulke&Mayr GmbH preparations fight a battle for Your health and prosperity everywhere – at home and at work, in medical centers and field hospitals, in industry and agriculture, on trains, planes, sea-crafts.

Disinfectants; The kurortno-therapeutic equipment; Medical furniture and the equipment; Nebulizers; Dressing materials; Production for hygiene of an oral cavity; Contraceptives; Hygiene Products; Agents on care of a body;


Germany - Porta Westfalica

Invacare is the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative home and long-term care medical products that promote recovery and active lifestyles.

• Medical services: preventative treatment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation; Medical furniture and the equipment; Orthopedic production; Orthopedics; The rehabilitational equipment and devices; The respiratory and oxygen equipment;


Poland - WARSAW

Brand CORBBY - the highest quality products and professional service. From fifteen years we care about satisfying your requirements and we support taking care of hygiene. Combining all the forces we offer a very high level of product combined with professional service advisors, which is essential in the study of your needs. Our objective is first and foremost care about the customer, providing comfort and convenience of use of our products. Anyone can become our client. We guarantee that by buying products from CORBBY you make a right choice

Orthopedic production; Orthopedics;