Exhibitors List KIHE 2014


Russia - Moscow

For more than 60 years CAM produces packaging machines for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, perfumery, food and other solid, liquid and powdery products. During its existence, it has made about 17 000 of various equipment units. Now CAM consits of 15 enterprises with more than 800 employees. "Campak Russia" LLC is the unique, official and authorized representative of CAM in Russia and the CIS countries for service and sales of spare parts and expendable materials. Being one of the leading enterprises in the field of the packaging equipment deliveries, “Campak Russia" LLC will help you to solve problems with packing of finished goods and will offer prepackaging machines and complete technological lines corresponding to the highest world standards.


Belgium - Herstal
Phone: 32 4 3676722

CEFALY Technology company is the leader in the field of medical applications thanks to the impressive expertise offered by its research and development team. CEFALY Technology company’s specific expertise lies in rationalising and simplifying sophisticated medical technologies to create simple systems and devices that are available to a wider public. Its creative team uses the results of research carried out in medical laboratories to design electronic devices intended for medical, sporting or aesthetic applications. CEFALY Technology company is commercialising a medical device so called CEFALY which is the first cranial neurostimulation device specifically designed for treatment and prevention of migraines and tension headaches. Neurostimulation medical technique has made huge progress. Thank to very precise electrical impulses it is now available to apply an external cranial neurostimulation on the trigeminal nerve.

Electrotherapy; OTC Products;


Russia - Moscow

Company Centre of Perinatal Medicine, ltd is specializing in promoting ideas and production of high technology medical equioment and devices in intensive care reanimatology. Our company represents such brands as CareFusion, Natus in Russia and Former Soviet Union Republics (CIS countries).

The Anesteziologichesky equipment; The respiratory and oxygen equipment;


Germany - Salzkotten

Medical precision technology of the highest quality - this is the Condor GmbH. We design, develop and produce user-specific Surgical Retractor Systems - 100% "Made in Germany". "Doing more" guides our actions. Our corporate slogan we understand as an obligation to help our customers with medical precision technology of the highest quality to achieve more: more comfort, more flexibility, more freedom of movement in the operating rooms around the world. The driving force for this closeness to customers is for us, which from the beginning - has determined our path - since 1997: the desire to offer something better than already existing. From this we derive our pursuit of continuous improvement - and the results confirm us: our customers are clinics and hospitals in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East.

Medical products; Surgical instruments;


Russia - Moscow

Auxiliary means for walking and movement; Medical furniture and the equipment; Orthopedics; Projects "on a turn-key basis"; The rehabilitational equipment and devices;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Designing and complex laboratory equipment. More than 20 years CHIMMED has been the largest supplier of chemical and biochemical reagents, laboratory and analytical equipment on the Russian market. We supply reagents, analytical instruments and labware from Merck, Sigma–Aldrich, Acros Organics, Supelco, The European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare, USP, IKA, WALDNER, AppliChem, BASF, BD, BioWest, Millipore, R&D Sistems, Roth, etc. For the producers of medicines and food additives CHIMMED supplies excipients and API’s from leading manufacturers. All products of our partners corresponds to leading pharmacopoeias (EP/USP) and it issue according to GMP. We also supply Laboratory chemicals for performance of qualitative laboratory analyses, standards of API’s and impurities for an estimation of quality of pharmaceutical products, the lab ware.

Analyzer; Disinfectants; Other labware; Medical furniture and the equipment; Microscope; The equipment and materials; Nutrient mediums; Projects "on a turn-key basis"; Reagents; Chromatography; Centrifuge;


Kazakhstan - Astana

The official distributor of ultrasound systems SonoScape on The Republic of Kazakhstan. Nowadays we are selling and providing technical maintenance for ultrasound systems that meet the highest requirements. The service centers throughout the territory of presence, the real-time consultation and training of medical staff make SonoScape a reliable partner focused on long-term partnership.

Diagnostic devices and devices; Ultrasonic diagnostics;