Exhibitors List KIHE 2014


Russia - Ekaterinburg

OJSC " Ural Instrument Plant" - Russia's leading manufacturer of equipment aviation applications , development and mass production of medical equipment. The plant is part of the International Association of developers and manufacturers of medical equipment , releasing anesthetic respiratory equipment presented model range devices "Faza" , "Faza-21" for use in ambulances , hospitals and homes . Anesthetic complex "Faza-23" with universal vaporizer, allowing to conduct anesthesia using any anesthetic. Ventilator high-end "Aventa", equipped with a large informative display and auxiliary modes. Apparatura relatively inexpensive , reliable and easy to use. The equipment has a lot of feedback from hospitals, clinics , emergency and structural units of the Defence Ministry of Russia and CIS countries.

The Anesteziologichesky equipment; Anesthesia; Medical furniture and the equipment; The equipment and devices for operational halls; Reanimation blocks;


Kazakhstan - Karaganda

"Uzhdan MD" Ltd, established August 4, 2008, hasthe state license for pharmaceutical activity the implementation of X-ray equipment and on theprovision of service in the field of nuclear energy. "Uzhdan MD" Ltd is the official distributor of the companies: - Philips-Dameca Denmark, a manufacturer of anesthesia devices; - Endo-Flex GmbH, Germany - manufacturer of surgical instruments for the flexible endoscopy; - Lawton GmbH, Германия – manufacturer of surgical instruments for general surgery and specialized disciplines; - Air Liquide Medical Systems, France – manufacturer of an equipment for artificial ventilation lung; - АМА, Russia – formulators and manufacturer test system for instant diagnosis Helicobacter pylori; - Ardo Medical AG, Switzerland – manufacturer of Developmental care and medical suction pump.

General surgery; Health products; Surgical instruments; Endoscopy;