Exhibitors List KIHE 2014


Kazakhstan - Almaty

SANA-L LLP is a supplier of medical equipment and a dealer of a following producers: Dornier MedTech (Germany), Sopro-Comeg (Germany / France), Carl Zeiss (Germany), Sutter (Germany), Baush & Lomb (USA), Pentax (Japan), ООО "ZERTS" (Russia), "MEDIN" (Belorussia)and others. The main spheres of activity of the company is a delivery of equipment for operation rooms like tables, lights, surgical instruments (including endoscopic sets), monitors, inhalation ventilators, anesthesiology equipment; surgical units like surgical lasers, High frequency units, Radio frequence units; operational microscopes; ophthalmologic surgical equipment like microscopes, lasers, surgical instruments; ophthalmologic disposables like IOLs, silicon oil, DK-line etc. Company has an experience in making "turn-key" projects

The Anesteziologichesky equipment; Lithotripters; Medical furniture and the equipment; Microscope; Miсrotome; Microsurgery; The equipment and furniture for drugstores; General surgery; Disposable medical items made of polymer; Reanimation blocks; Vascular neurosurgery; Surgical instruments; Surgical toolkit; Electrocardiography and accessories; Endoscopy; Endoscopes and accessories;


Germany - Quickborn

As a globally active company, Soring has been developing innovative high-tech products “Made in Germany” for almost all surgical disciplines and international markets for over 25 years. The excellent reputation of our absolutely reliable, high-performing coagulation and dissection systems is founded on an uncompromising quality assurance concept. From contact-free cold plasma coagulation up to Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement (UAW), we are continuously working on trendsetting solutions for medical advances, to the advantage of doctors and users and above all for the well-being of the patient.

Cardiac surgery; General surgery; Medical products; Medical products of veterinary appointment; Microsurgery; Orthopedics; Plastic surgery; Surgical instruments; The electrosurgical equipment; Traumatology; Vascular neurosurgery;


Kazakhstan - Kostanai

Autoclaves and sterilising solutions; Analyzer; The Anesteziologichesky equipment; Anesthesia; The aspiratsionnoe equipment; Auxiliary means for walking and movement; The disinfection and sanitary equipment; Disinfectants; Defibrillators; Diagnostic devices and devices; Diagnostic the system test; Clinics, diagnostic clinics and rehabilitation centres; Other labware; Preparations for dentistry; Dentistry; Incubator; Infusions & standard injections solutions; Computer tomography; laboratory diagnostics; Laser therapy; Lithotripters; Medical furniture and the equipment; Medical clothes; Microscope; Nebulizers; The equipment for beam therapy; The equipment and devices for operational halls; General surgery; Disposable medical items made of polymer; Orthodontic tools and materials; Orthopedics; Portable physiotherapeutic apparatus; Prostheses, corsets, dressing materials; Reagents; X-ray apparatuses; The x-ray equipment; The respiratory and oxygen equipment; Systems of visualisation and oxygen systems; Sterilizers; Dental products; Traumatology; Ultrasonic diagnostics; Installations for a dialysis; Foetal monitoring; Physiotherapy; Surgical instruments; Surgical materials; Surgical toolkit; Centrifuge; Small suitcases of the doctor and emergency aid bag; Electrocardiography and accessories; Electrotherapy; The electrosurgical equipment; Electroencephalograph; Endoscopy; Endoscopes and accessories;


Russia - Saint-Petersburg

The main activities of the StroyReanimatsiya Ltd. is full cycle of design and construction of the equipped hospitals, including the installation of centralized medical gas supply systems and the creation of clean rooms. Production companies in the group of companies develop and manufacture medical equipment and supplies for surgery, anesthesiology and intensive care.

The Anesteziologichesky equipment; The equipment and devices for operational halls; Projects "on a turn-key basis"; Reanimation blocks;