Exhibitors List KIHE 2014


Kazakhstan - Almaty

OrdaMed Corporation was established in 2006. Today OrdaMed has exclusive distributorship agreements with dozens of foreign companies-manufacturers. It is one of the largest suppliers of medical devices and disposals in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company’s product line includes over 3,000 items. OrdaMed Service Center works in every big city of our republic. By delivering the best medical equipment, offering a high professionalism and quality service, OrdaMed provides the prerequisites for successful and mutually beneficial relationships with their customers, as the result in 2010 the corporation OrdaMed was honored as "Best supplier of medical equipment 2010" in the festival-competition "Choice of the year #1 in Kazakhstan" and in 2011 was received an award - "Bezuprechno" - the national mark of quality. The medical corporation "OrdaMed" has opened offices in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Russia in 2011.

Autoclaves and sterilising solutions; Analyzer; The Anesteziologichesky equipment; Anesthesia; The aspiratsionnoe equipment; The disinfection and sanitary equipment; Defibrillators; Diagnostic preparations; Diagnostic devices and devices; Diagnostic the system test; Incubator; Tools and devices for infusion; Interventional cardiac; Cardiac surgery; Laser therapy; Ambulance cars and saving vehicles; Medical furniture and the equipment; The equipment for beam therapy; The equipment and devices for operational halls; First aid; Portable physiotherapeutic apparatus; Projects "on a turn-key basis"; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; The rehabilitational equipment and devices; X-ray apparatuses; The x-ray equipment; The respiratory and oxygen equipment; Sterilizers; Health products; Blood Pressure Monitors; Ultrasonic diagnostics; Foetal monitoring; Physiotherapy; Electrocardiography and accessories; The electrosurgical equipment; Electroencephalograph; Endoscopy; Endoscopes and accessories;


Kazakhstan - Ust-Kamenogorsk

The aspiratsionnoe equipment; The disinfection and sanitary equipment; Disinfectants; Defibrillators; Diagnostic devices and devices; Diagnostic the system test; Other labware; The kurortno-therapeutic equipment; Laser therapy; Medical furniture and the equipment; Microscope; The equipment and devices for operational halls; General surgery; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; Health products; Physiotherapy; Electrotherapy; Electroencephalograph;


Kazakhstan - Astana

CDL OLYMP is the largest network of clinical diagnostic laboratories in Kazakhstan. The purpose of establishing a network of clinical laboratories - improving the quality of medical research in the country according to international standards, the introduction of innovative technologies in the field of diagnosis, improve the system of medicine. OLYMP has branches in all cities of important regions (more than 120 treatment rooms). Our priority: • Keeping the patient's diagnostic history • Confidentiality • The use of sterile disposable sampling systems for biomaterials • Test systems of last generation, guaranteeing high precision analyzes • Daily internal quality control assessments in accordance with international standards CDL OLYMP is also a participant of the external quality contro • Operational feedback from customers (phone, email, SMS) • Free thematic lectures and seminars for doctors • The possibility of consulting with the doctor-laboratory assistant

laboratory diagnostics;


Russia - Saint-Petersburg

ORION MEDIC is a large Russian company, dealing with developing, production and complex deliveries of modern high-technology medical equipment for gynecology, surgery, ophthalmology, pathologic anatomy and other medical fields. The mission of ORION MEDIC is to provide clinics of Russia, CIS and other countries with qualitative domestic medical equipment, which meets the requirements of modern standards and increases the quality of medical services. ORION MEDIC was established in 1993. Now it has own design engineering bureau and assembly machining production, actively participates in national projects and federal target programs. We invite government-financed and private clinics of Russia and other countries for fruitful collaboration

Other labware; laboratory diagnostics; Microscope; Microsurgery; Equipment & tools for opticians; Preparations, products for treatment of eye illnesses; Dental products;


Russia - Moscow

23 years in the market of health of Russia. Professional supplier of solutions for laboratory diagnostic studies: Siemens, EliTech, Analyticon, Advanced Instruments, Hettich, Greiner Bio-One, Infomed CS, Hemacore.

Diagnostic devices and devices; Diagnostic the system test; Other labware; laboratory diagnostics; Reagents;