Exhibitors List KIHE 2014


Kazakhstan - Almaty

International Medical Trade House LLC is an official distributor of Schulke&Mayr GmbH that is a leader in the sphere of hygiene and infection prevention as well as in the sphere of microbiologic quality management. The company produces a wide assortment of preparations for disinfection and sterilization, skin and mucous membrane antiseptics, products for chemo-thermal disinfection in wash machines and etc., thus we offer overall protection against dangerous microbes, whether they are pathogens or fungi. Our preparations protect people and materials against infections and contaminations, they provide the maximum assured protection and give therewith serious economic advantages. Schulke&Mayr GmbH preparations fight a battle for Your health and prosperity everywhere – at home and at work, in medical centers and field hospitals, in industry and agriculture, on trains, planes, sea-crafts.

Disinfectants; The kurortno-therapeutic equipment; Medical furniture and the equipment; Nebulizers; Dressing materials; Production for hygiene of an oral cavity; Contraceptives; Hygiene Products; Agents on care of a body;


Russia - Cheboksary

"Eye Мicrosurgery" & "Kontur", Ltd is a specialized enterprise that manufactures surgical sterile suture material in a complex with atraumatic needles, canulas, eye microsponges and needles for acupuncture.

Microsurgery; Surgical materials;


Russia - Barnaul


Russia - Nizhny Novgorod

Group Med-Continent specializes in complex delivery of a wide range of high quality medical instrument Russian, German and Pakistani producers, as well as a representative of the brand "VolgaMedikal" - Russian manufacturer of disposable medical garments and linen for surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, intensive care and other areas medicine.

Other; Dentistry; Medical clothes; Orthodontic tools and materials; Dental products; Surgical instruments; Surgical toolkit;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

The main activities of the Kazakhstan company “Medical Gas Systems” are: • equipping of medical institutions of centralized systems of the medical gas. Consulting, design and renovation of medical gas supply, installation and commissioning of equipment and pipelines; • implementation of oxygen equipment, alcohol breath tester, medical devices, rehabilitation equipment (wheelchairs, anti-decubitus mattresses), copper pipe and fittings, spare parts, consumables (electrodes for ECG, ECG cables, sensors, oxygen sensors, saturation tips for aspiration, anesthesia masks, aspiration system, oxygen mask and much more). Shipment is could be carried out in any direction from the warehouses of the cities of Almaty and Astana. We offer you to use our services and we hope that you will appreciate our professionalism, accountability, convenience, quality and reliability of the equipment.

Analyzer; The Anesteziologichesky equipment; The aspiratsionnoe equipment; Auxiliary means for walking and movement; Diagnostic devices and devices; Diagnostic the system test; Invalid carriages; Tools and devices for infusion; Medical furniture and the equipment; Nebulizers; The equipment and devices for operational halls; Disposable medical items made of polymer; Projects "on a turn-key basis"; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; The rehabilitational equipment and devices; The respiratory and oxygen equipment; Systems of visualisation and oxygen systems; Health products; Blood Pressure Monitors; The electrosurgical equipment;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

The Medioartlab company works at the market of Kazakhstan since 2007. Now the company represents dynamically developing versatile structure focused on service and goods, the medical institutions of Kazakhstan connected with equipment by the advanced decisions and the modern equipment answering to the international standards, for the purpose of a conclusion of medical services in Kazakhstan on the highest and qualitative level.

Analyzer; Dermatological; Diagnostic preparations; Diagnostic devices and devices; Diagnostic the system test; Other labware; Medical gloves; The equipment for medical examination; The equipment and materials; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; Reagents; Centrifuge;


Russia - Moscow

LLC " Onco - Medipal " - a healthy outlook on life. The scope of the company " Medipal - Onco" includes distribution of pharmaceutical products in the Russian Federation , as well as the export of medicines , dietary supplements and cosmetics in the CIS and zarubezhya.Nash portfolio includes a wide range of major import drugs and Russian manufacturers of drugs , dietary supplements and cosmetics. We work with prescription and OTC drugs , broad and highly specialized applications in pharmacy and hospital segments. We are constantly working to optimize range , looking for new products that can satisfy even the most demanding needs in any of the export markets. Partners represented on the stand MEDIPAL-ONKO: " Altai bouquet " - development , production and sales of health and beauty products from natural raw Altai. " Mirrolla " - a Russian research and production company engaged in the design, development and promotion of cosmetics and dietary supplements. " BIOKOR " - producer of dietary supplements and healthy foods . «BIOCAD» - an innovative biopharmaceutical company full cycle. Development of drugs for the treatment of viral diseases is one of the priorities of the company BIOCAD. " Coloplast " - Coloplast specializes in the design and manufacture of skin care stoma care products in violation of separation of functions and tools Wound Care . " Biotics " - the company develops and manufactures unique products , metabolites , representing different combinations of amino acids and other natural compounds to the body . "Marbiopharm " - a large pharmaceutical company in the full technological cycle of production of pharmaceutical substances obtained by chemical synthesis to finished dosage forms based on them. "Marbiopharm " is a group of companies " Biotec " - the largest Russian pharmaceutical holding . "Veropharm" - the leading Russian pharmaceutical manufacturer . The company produces more than 300 drugs and medical devices used in various fields of medicine . OJSC "Veropharm" ( together with its subsidiary OOO " Lance -Farm" ) is a leader in the production of drugs for the treatment of malignant neoplasms in the Russian Federation . " Onkologicheky portfolio" includes more than 40 companies INN drugs for chemotherapy , hormonal therapy and concomitant treatment . «DarsCare A / S» - Portfolio Danish Companies represented by products to ensure quality of life for women . Femikod - this beauty formula , aimed at improving the condition of hair , nails and skin from the inside, due to the action of natural active components in the composition. Ekofemin - a complete line of products for women , aimed at normalizing the vaginal and intestinal microflora , as well as intimate hygiene and comfort in the intimate zone .

Biologically active additives; The disinfection and sanitary equipment; Disinfectants; Dermatological; A children's food; Generics; A dietary food and nutritious means; Cosmetic means; Medical products; Medical editions; Disposable medical items made of polymer; Orthopedic production; Perfumery agents; Dressing materials; OTC Products; Prostheses, corsets, dressing materials; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; Hygiene Products; Agents from intestinal disorders and gastric agents; Agents on care of a skin and hair; Agents on care of the child; Agents on care of a body; Health products; Phyto tea;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Medonica Co. Ltd. – quickly developing company which was founded in 2009 in Seoul, South Korea. In April, 2009 of Medonica opens the representation in the city of Alma-Ata, confirming that Kazakhstan and the countries of Central Asia are one of priority activities. Same year, in June, Medonica opens the office to St. Petersburg, directing the knowledge and experience on development of medical branch of Russia and CIS countries. We are a Producer The main direction of the company is production high-quality and modern a X-ray devices, and as advanced magnetic and resonant tomograph. We are Suppliers Besides, Medonik's company is the exclusive distributor of leading South Korean producers of medical equipment in the territory of Kazakhstan, to providing clients the qualitative medical equipment.

Medical furniture and the equipment;


Russia - Moscow

Auxiliary means for walking and movement; Invalid carriages; Orthopedic production; Orthopedics; The rehabilitational equipment and devices; Health products; Traumatology;


Kazakhstan - Astana

Research and manufacturing association of enterprises «Miass Factory of Medical Equipment-K» (Kazakhstan Republic) «Miass Factory of Medical Equipment» and «Aseptic Medical Systems» (Miass, Chelyabinsk region, Russia) plroduce complexes of cleanrooms and extra cleanrooms for creation of abacterial area in medical institutionss of Russan Federation, Kazakhstan Republic and other CIS countries. The main directions of our products: designing, production, mounting, attestation of complexes of cleanrooms for medical institutions and industries, local clean areas; producing of elements of air preparing and it's supplying; building envelops; laboratory equipment; biological safety modules with the BSL-4 class; bandageless healing units.

Other labware; Medical furniture and the equipment; The equipment and devices for operational halls; Projects "on a turn-key basis"; Reanimation blocks; The respiratory and oxygen equipment;


Russia - Yekaterinburg

Microscopes MICROS made in Austria: School microscopes, Material Science Microscopes , polarizing microscopes, fluorescence microscopes, stereo microscopes, microtomes.

Microscope; Miсrotome;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Miele of Germany is the world's famous manufacturer of specialised equipment for treatment and prevention facilities, CSD and laboratories - washing and desinfection machines for labware, surgical instruments, anaesthetic, dental, gynecological and ENT instruments, minimally invasive surgery instruments, and drugstore ware. A representative office in Kazakhstan, maintenance service, equipment start-up, warranty and after-warranty repaire, maintenance of the equipment.

The disinfection and sanitary equipment; Other labware; Medical equipment ;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

The Company MedExpert was created in 2004, with its main purpose becoming proving services in the area of medical equipment and article registration in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Our team of expert has been providing professional assistance to the makers and distributors of medical equipment that has long ago moved beyond registration alone. Your work with us has given us an unbelievable amount of experience with state bodies regulating your direct business. Currently, MedExpert provides a full suite of services in various areas of medical practice, such as: REGISTRATION: • For medical equipment • Articles intended for medical use LICENSING: • Pharmaceutical activities: production, manufacturing, wholesale and retail sales • Medical practice • For importing X-ray equipment • For the provision of services involving the use of atomic energy (technical maintenance, installation, dismantling) METROLOGY: • Confirming the TYPE Of measurement device (obtaining a metrological certificate) • Calibrations • Assignment of measurement device type PREPARING IMPORT PERMITS: • For medical equipment • For articles intended for medical use • Medicinal remedies TRANSLATIONS: • Translations of medical and pharmaceutical documentation • Text editing • Document notarization BROKERAGE SERVICES: • Declarations for medical goods (MT, IMN and LS) • Freight customs clearance • Calculating customs duty rates and determining TN VED product codes LEGAL SERVICES: • Legal entity registration (LLP, JSC) • Registration of trademarks and service symbols at KazPatent • Representation in courts at different levels. MedExpert: Professional Help to the Medical Business for 10 Years.


Kazakhstan - Alamty

«Меdicus Eurasia LTD» founded in 2002, is the biggest supplier of world well-known manufacture companies of radiology, diagnostics, medical equipment and its disposables in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main direction of our development - complex equipment of medical statement by modern high technology diagnostic and medical equipment for functional diagnostics, surgery and resuscitation, obstetrics and gynecology, endoscopies, X-ray, disposables and etc. Company provides the whole range of service support for delivered goods at very high level meeting the international requirements that guarantees superior work during the whole term of production run. Participation in specialized medical exhibitions, conferences and seminars let us be well informed in the latest developments of medicine and close contacts with doctors – better understand specific aspects of this field. Earned reputation of our company let us regularly extend the clients list.

The Anesteziologichesky equipment; Defibrillators; Diagnostic preparations; Incubator; Interventional cardiac; Cardiac surgery; Computer tomography; laboratory diagnostics; Lithotripters; Medical furniture and the equipment; Microscope; The equipment for beam therapy; The equipment and devices for operational halls; The equipment and materials; General surgery; Portable physiotherapeutic apparatus; X-ray apparatuses; The x-ray equipment; Traumatology; Ultrasonic diagnostics; Surgical instruments; Surgical toolkit; Electrocardiography and accessories; Electrotherapy; Electroencephalograph; Endoscopes and accessories;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Hospital editions; Disinfectants; Sterilizers; Foetal monitoring; Surgical materials; Electrocardiography and accessories;


Kazakhstan - Astana

Medical equipment ; Blood Pressure Monitors;