Exhibitors List Horex Kazakhstan 2015


Kazakhstan - Karaganda

«Red-Line INTEGRATION» it is unconventionally thinking and high qualified team of specialists in the climate control equipment field. The team that knows their business and likes to solve difficult problems in matters of the most comfortable room climate - quickly and correctly. The team with the latest Japanese technology will provide you high service, guaranteed quality of equipment and perfection of performed work. The company Mission statement is in its title - «Red-Line INTEGRATION» . "Red" - the colour of dream, "Line"-the way in which we go to the goal in the process of combining parts into a single unit (INTEGRATION) The Team connecting your crazy dreams with advanced and modern technology. We will go with you all the way from the idea to its realization! Your dream - is our project of perfection!

1.14 Refrigerating equipment; Climatic equipment and air-conditioning system;