Exhibitors List Horex Kazakhstan 2014


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Founded in 1912, the company derived its name from a major pioneering invention, the world’s first mechanical retractable pencil called the ‘Ever-Sharp’. With sincerity and creativity as the two chief ideals that drive its innovation, today Sharp is a leading global technology pioneer in the field of home, office, and mobile electronics contributing to the society and wellbeing of people throughout the world. Employing more than 59,000 people and running seven factories worldwide, its primary business activities include audio-visual and communication equipment, health and environment equipment, information equipment, and crystalline and thin-film solar cells. True to its innovator spirit, Sharp relentlessly looks for opportunities to provide solutions with the user in mind, offering simple human benefits, for the home, business, environment and society. Through its continued commitment to future innovation, Sharp employs 8,000 researchers in several facilities around the world and invests over 6.5% of its net sales in R&D. The protection of the environment is an important part of Sharp’s business philosophy. The company develops ecofriendly products based on cutting-edge technologies and considers a sense of responsibility and credibility to be the elementary foundations of its success. Sharp Middle East FZE was established in 1998 in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, UAE as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sharp Corporation. The office is the regional hub for the Middle East and Africa regions, covering 60+ countries, where Sharp offers multifaceted, custom-made Business Solutions and software. Some of Sharp Business Solutions. Division’s core offerings include: - Information and Display Panels, developed with specific vertical markets in mind (retail, healthcare, corporate), while offering content management and customized software solutions. - Intelligent Interactive LED’s (Interactive Whiteboards) including touch display link software that enables users to take a picture from a handheld device and transfer to the screen. - Multi-Function Printers, that answer the needs of business customers ranging from small offices to large corporations, with specific vertical customization alongside embedded cost and usage management software. - Document and Print Management solutions including archiving, retrieval, printing cost recovery, usage and accounting software solutions. In addition, Sharp Business Solutions works closely with its dedicated research and development team based out of Bangalore, India to offer tailored, integrated software solutions to its customers in the region. For more information please visit www.sharpmea.com

1 EQUIPMENT; Agents of multimedia;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

2 FOOD STUFF AND DRINKS; 2.01 Diary products; 2.02 Ice-cream; 2.03 Cheese; 2.04 Meat production; 2.05 Poultry, egg; 2.06 Fruit-and-vegetable preservation; 2.07 Fruit and vegetables; 2.08 Mushroom; 2.09 Fish and seafood; 2.10 Syrups, toppings; 2.11 Butter and fats; 2.12 Spices, seasonings, spices; 2.13 Soft drinks; 2.14 Juice and nectars; 2.15 Coffee, tea, cocoa drinks;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

2.10 Syrups, toppings; 3.1 Ware and table layout;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Cooks.kz is interested in cooperation with a big number of both domestic and international companies that associate themselves with the food industry, hospitality, as well as major food suppliers for super market and grocery stores. If you want your potential customers to learn more about your product, while they spend less time and money on that, request us to create a detailed article that describes the product you are selling. A customer will access the description by using a QR code. This is a very easy, fast, and convenient way to promote you product to your specific audience. Cook.kz will help you to sell your product and will suggest the best options of purchasing your desirable commodity.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Doctor Web – Central Asia is a daughter company of Doctor Web – a well-known Russian developer of information security programs branded Dr.Web. The company offers efficient anti-virus and anti-spam solutions for enterprises, state institutions and for personal use. Dr.Web anti-virus solutions have been developed since 1992. They have always shown perfect results of detection of malicious programs and comply with international security standards. Various certificates and awards and a lot of customers all over the world can be seen as a clear evidence of the utmost trust to the products of the company. Doctor Web is the first anti-virus vendor that offered an anti-virus as a service on the Kazakh market.

Anti-virus means; Information protection; Information protection in local networks;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Kazakhstan Association of Hotels and Restaurants (KAHR) – a republican industry related association with more than 15 year experience in protecting the interests of hotel services of Kazakhstan! KAHR unites: hotel facilities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, health resorts,representative offices of international hotel brands, restaurants,hotel operating equipment vendors, professional mass-media, colleges and universities dealing with education of hospitality industry specialists. The activities of KAHR are oriented to: protection of the interests of KAHR, hotel services market survey and analysis, promotion of hotels and companies, trainings and consultations, Hoteliers Club, Housekeepers Club, forums, contests, personnel center, social partnership. KAHR admission requirements: apply for KAHR membership - http://www.kagir.kz/kg_0103.html,provide copy of Certificate of Registration/Re-registration, pay admission and membership fees. Join us!

6.7 Trade associations;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

3.1 Ware and table layout;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

1.01 Turn-key projects; 1.02 Confectionery equipment; 1.03 Equipment for restaurants, bars, cafes; 1.06 Kitchen equipment; 1.07 Fast food equipment; 1.09 Coffee machines and coffee; 1.14 Refrigerating equipment;



Turkey - Denizli

During 7 years of work in Kazakhstan ZUGO became a reliable partner and trustworthy provider of the textiles for number of respectable hotels and sanatoriums, prestigious recreation centers and fitness clubs of the country. Our target is to provide our customers with best fabrics only, according to worldwide established high-quality standards. There was opened the show room «ZUGO HOTEL & SPECIAL TEXTILE» in Almaty in order to introduce our samples designed for different institutions: hotels, fitness clubs, spa centers, recreation centers, uniform for consumers services employers, samples of promotion textiles and many other pieces of textiles. Show room’s address: Seifullina avenue 422 Almaty, Kazakhstan +7 727 279 49 49, +7 727 279 57 24

3.1 Ware and table layout; 3.3 Design and interior furnish; 3.4 Textiles, uniform, professional clothes;



Kazakhstan - ALMATY

3.1 Ware and table layout;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

The SCAN CITY Company Ltd. is an international leading business automation equipment distributor with broad partner and service networks. We offer: • mobile computers, • labels, cards, tickets and wristbands printers, • POS-systems, • barcode readers. We cooperate with the leading vendors, such as: Datalogic, Star, PartnerTech, Honeywell, TSC, Point Mobile, Mindeo and many others. We offer high-quality equipment to speed up and improve your business, depending on the application: transportation & logistics, warehouses, manufacturing, retail, services, as well as other solutions. For over 20 years, our pros are the wide range of products, prompt service, fast delivery and quality maintenance.

1.02 Confectionery equipment; 1.03 Equipment for restaurants, bars, cafes; 1.04 Equipment for billiards, casino; 1.07 Fast food equipment; 1.10 Cash registers, the weight equipment;



Kazakhstan - Karagandy

Serikov Coffee Company-the first production of coffee roasting in Kazakhstan. The company was founded on the family traditions and values in 2009,based on the experience of international companies. The main idea of the company is the development of coffee culture in Kazakhstan,as well as the promotion of the profession Barista. SCC is a member of SCAE (European Association Speshiliti Coffee) and visit various world coffee events,we always watch for new coffee technology and new trends in the coffee business.The main product of company is freshly roasted coffee.Blends are created on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and have the status Made in Kazakhstan. All products have a Declaration of conformity of the Customs Union.We combine new technologies with old tradition,giving the individual flavor and taste in coffee blends;introduce a new high-tech equipment for cooking coffee in Kazakhstan;improve the quality of coffee in the institutions, promoting the baristas profession.

1 EQUIPMENT; 1.03 Equipment for restaurants, bars, cafes; 1.09 Coffee machines and coffee; 2.15 Coffee, tea, cocoa drinks;



Kazakhstan - Almaty
E-mail: info@smeg.kz

Smeg is an Italian manufacturer of home appliances and professional equipment, based in Guastalla, near Reggio Emilia, Italy. Smeg has 16 subsidiaries worldwide, two overseas offices in Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia, and an extensive sales network.For over 60 years, Smeg appliances have been meeting and anticipating customers' demands and tastes, allowing the company to confirm its uniqueness not only in terms of domestic appliances, but also in professional business sectors. The Foodservice andInstruments divisions specialise in the area of large-scale restaurant/catering appliances and electro-medical instrumentsrespectively. The Smeg Group, thanks to a corporate culture which dictates that maximum emphasis be placed on product quality, technology and design, is consequently known all over the globe as one of the key representatives of "Made in Italy" standards.

1.02 Confectionery equipment; 1.03 Equipment for restaurants, bars, cafes; 1.06 Kitchen equipment;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

«TURKUAZ HORECA» LLP is one of the divisions of TURKUAZ GROUP OF COMPANIES. It’s main dedication is the supply of food and non food products to the hotels, restaurants, catering, food and beverage industries etc. This division was formed 7 years ago and has spread its marketing and logistic presence in all major cities of the RoK. «TURKUAZ HORECA» LLP is proud to represent the following reputable international manufacturers of catering equipment and products: Hygiene products: Diversey, Ipek Kagit, TASKI, 3M Kitchen and Laundry Equipment: Inoksan, AngeloPo, Hobart, Frenox, IPSO, Tolkar, Malkan. Food products: Unilever Food Solutions, Nestle, MacCoffee

1 EQUIPMENT; 1.01 Turn-key projects; 1.02 Confectionery equipment; 1.03 Equipment for restaurants, bars, cafes; 1.06 Kitchen equipment; 1.07 Fast food equipment; 1.09 Coffee machines and coffee; 1.12 Trading and shocase equipment; 1.14 Refrigerating equipment; 2 FOOD STUFF AND DRINKS; 2.12 Spices, seasonings, spices; 2.15 Coffee, tea, cocoa drinks; 3 INTERIOR; 3.1 Ware and table layout; 5 CLEAINING AND HYGENIC; 5.2 Hygiene and sanitary; 5.3 Cleaning equipment; 5.4 Dry-cleaner, laundry; 5.5 Cleaning and washing-up liquids;


Trade Design is a leading multi-business joint Russian-Kazakhstani company that specializes in integrated equipping of hotels, sales outlets, public catering enterprises and enterprises of food industry. Main activities are as follows: • design of sales outlets and public catering enterprises, hotel complex, baking and confectionery industry, meat processing plants, laundries; • complex equipping of shopping centers, hypermarkets and supermarkets, various shops, pharmacies, laundries, restaurants, bars and cafes, canteens and enterprises of food industry. • retail and wholesale sale of trade, refrigerating, processing, bar, bakery and meat processing equipment, professional cookware and accessories of leading Russian and foreign manufacturers-partners. • service maintenance, works on putting the objects into operation, warranty and post-warranty service performed by its own service centers in Kazakhstan.

1.02 Confectionery equipment; 1.03 Equipment for restaurants, bars, cafes; 1.06 Kitchen equipment; 1.07 Fast food equipment; 1.09 Coffee machines and coffee; 1.12 Trading and shocase equipment; 1.14 Refrigerating equipment; 3.1 Ware and table layout; 5.1 Professional cleaning;



Kazakhstan - Almata

'Vanilla Handmade Coffee' is a young but rapidly growing company that is confident towards gaining fast momentum in roasting and the promotion of high quality coffee. Our company imports green coffee directly from Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Indonesia. Roasted in Kazakhstan, with the use of certified modern equipment, there is no doubting the fact that our product equals the highest international standards. The collection of 'Vanilla Handmade Coffee' is rich and diverse. We roast certified organic coffees at the same time developed a roasting style which creates a variety of espresso blends and its mixtures are designed and prepared by professional baristas.

1.09 Coffee machines and coffee;



Kazakhstan - Astana
E-mail: tu@viprok.kz

The company specializes in supply of high-quality wall materials: professional vinyl wallcoverings for commercial interiors, designer Wallpaper. We offer our customers a wide choice of finishing materials directly from factories.