Exhibitors List Horex Kazakhstan 2012


Russia - Moscow

ABH "MIRATORG" is the pork and compound feed manufacturer No.1 in Russia , as well as one of the leading operators on the Russian foodstuff market. Enterprises, incoming the holding, realize complete production cycle: from field to the shop board. Vertical integration enables ABH ‘’Miratorg’’ to maintain quality control of the manufactured products and provide the utmost efficiency on all production stages. Business activities of the holding include the following: crops production, compound feed production, pig breeding, beef production, poultry production, meat processing, transport and warehousing logistics, distribution. Geographic reach of the holding covers 15 regions of the Russian Federation, the number of employees exceeds 9000 persons. Total implemented investments of ABH ‘’Miratorg’’ is more than RUR 55 BLN.

2.04 Meat production; 2.05 Poultry, egg; 2.07 Fruit and vegetables; 2.08 Mushroom;