Exhibitors List GLOBAL OIL&GAS ATYRAU 2018


Russia - Moscow

NPO YUMAS is the design, manufacture , sale, General pressure gauges, corrosion resistant (tocr= - 83С, magnetism=+300C), gidratirovannykh shakeproof, shakeproof without hydrocapillary, manometers high accuracy class. t is 0.6 , the reference class. t 0,4 ; 0,25 for small pressure signal (electric), including explosion-proof 1ЕхdIIBT4, including enforcement for mines PBExdI/1ЕхdIIBT4, EKM shake-proof , differential pressure gauges etc. Ball valves with fitting, under a test pressure gauge KTM, needle valves, CDP, CSIS, KIM, KIT in different versions for different pressures (60 MPa) and temperatures (from -60 to +600 ° C) . Separators, dampers (models for the different measured environments), taps, coolers, lugs, gaskets etc. Bimetal thermometers : General purpose, corrosion resistant, vibration resistant .




Kazakhstan - Almaty

UniFlo Kazakhstan LLP specializes in supplying components of industrial piping systems and in particular as a distributor of a number of European, American and Chinese companies, we offer pumps, shut-off valves, pipes and fittings made of special steels and plastics to aggressive environments, as well as auxiliary products and materials for enterprises of the mineral complex

Nuts, Bolts, Fixtures & Fittings ; Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ; Flanges;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

The Russian-Swedish company LLP Unified Trading System-Kazakhstan has existed for more than 10 years in the market of Kazakhstan, we sell various chemical additives and raw materials in such different directions of industry and also can offer chemical ingredients for oil production. We offer various brands of low viscosity and high viscosity polyanionic cellulose, biopolymers based on polysaccharides, clay swelling inhibitors, raw materials for lubricating additives, as well as surface-active substances of various classes, the use of which makes it possible to produce drilling fluids with the required performance characteristics. And also Tamponage solutions, chemistry for enhanced oil recovery and for fracturing.

Chemical Reagents & Materials;



Russia - Moscow

One of the largest companies in the market of mineral fertilizers in the RF, CIS countries and Eastern Europe. The product line of the holding, along with mineral fertilizers includes innovative products for the oil and gas industry, such as chemicals for making heavy-weigth brines and reagents for preventing reservoir souring on Offshore projects.

Wireline, Workover & Sidetracking Equipment & Services; Oil & Gas Exploration & Production; Chemical Reagents & Materials;



Kazakhstan - Uralsk

The plant “UralskAgroRemMash” JSC is the main supplier of special equipment in Kazakhstan. The plant was established in 1955 and over its more than half a century of history has accumulated a solid production and technical potential. The main activity is the production of fire-fighting, communal and capacitive filling equipment, metal structures with anti-corrosion coating. Within the framework of the State Program of Forced Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014 and the Roadmap of Business – 2020 the enterprise has implemented several projects included in the industrialization map of the country: “organization of hot galvanizing production”, “organization of production of special and municipal auto equipment on various models of auto-chassis”. Since 2000, “UralskAgroRemMash” JSC is engaged in the production of fire engines. In accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, we maintain constant feedback from consumers.

Corrosion Protection, Paints & Lacquer Services & Equipment; Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment;