Exhibitors List GLOBAL OIL&GAS ATYRAU 2018


Russia - Moscow

NPO YUMAS is the design, manufacture , sale, General pressure gauges, corrosion resistant (tocr= - 83С, magnetism=+300C), gidratirovannykh shakeproof, shakeproof without hydrocapillary, manometers high accuracy class. t is 0.6 , the reference class. t 0,4 ; 0,25 for small pressure signal (electric), including explosion-proof 1ЕхdIIBT4, including enforcement for mines PBExdI/1ЕхdIIBT4, EKM shake-proof , differential pressure gauges etc. Ball valves with fitting, under a test pressure gauge KTM, needle valves, CDP, CSIS, KIM, KIT in different versions for different pressures (60 MPa) and temperatures (from -60 to +600 ° C) . Separators, dampers (models for the different measured environments), taps, coolers, lugs, gaskets etc. Bimetal thermometers : General purpose, corrosion resistant, vibration resistant .




Kazakhstan - Almaty

UniFlo Kazakhstan LLP specializes in supplying components of industrial piping systems and in particular as a distributor of a number of European, American and Chinese companies, we offer pumps, shut-off valves, pipes and fittings made of special steels and plastics to aggressive environments, as well as auxiliary products and materials for enterprises of the mineral complex

Nuts, Bolts, Fixtures & Fittings ; Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ; Flanges;