Exhibitors List ColdChain Kazakhstan 2016


3.2.3 Governmental organisations; 3.2.5 Consulting;




SUPPLIERS and contructor of COLD DEPOTS&WAREHOUSES.INDUSTRIAL COOLING SYSTEMS,Sandwich cold room panels,cold room devices,cold room doors,all equipments for cold depots,warehouses.

1.1 FOOD STUFF; 1.1.3 Bakery, cakes; 1.1.4 Chocolate, cocoa products; 1.2 GROCERY; 1.2.2 Macaroni; 1.2.5 Dried seafood; 1.2.8 Nuts, dried fruits, seeds; 1.3 FATS AND OILS; 1.3.1 Mayonnaise; 1.3.2 Sauces, ketchups, mustard; 1.4 MEAT PRODUCT; 1.4.1 Canned meat; 1.4.2 Meat semiproducts; 1.4.3 Sausages and meat delicatessen; 1.4.4 Poultry and game; 1.5 FISH AND SEAFOOD; 1.5.1 Canned fish; 1.5.2 Caviar; 1.6 DIARY PRODUCTS; 1.6.1 Canned diary; 1.6.2 Ice-cream; 1.6.3 Sour-milk products; 1.6.4 Cheese; 1.7 EGGS; 1.8 FRESH FRUITS, BERRIES AND VEGETABLES; 1.8.1 Frozen fruits and vegetables; 1.8.2 Canned fruits and vegetables; 1.8.3 Mushrooms; 1.9 HEALTHY FOOD; 2.1.1 Dietary and diabetic products; 2.1.2 Baby food; 2.2 SOFT DRINKS; 2.2.1 Flavored drinks; 2.2.2 Mineral water; 2.2.3 Drinking water; 2.2.4 Tea, coffee, cocoa drinks; 2.2.5 Kissel, compote; 2.2.6 Juices and nectars; 2.2.7 Energetic drinks; 2.3 ALCOHOLIC DRINKS; 2.3.1 Vermouth; 2.3.2 Wine; 2.3.3 Whisky, bourbon; 2.3.4 Vodka; 2.3.5 Gin; 2.3.6 Cognac, brandy; 2.3.7 Liquors; 2.3.8 Beer; 2.3.9 Rum; 2.4.1 Champagne; 2.4.2 Low alcohol drinks; 2.4.3 Tequila; 2.5 TOBACCO, CIGARETTES; 2.6 INGREDIENTS, ADDITIVES, SPICES; 2.6.1 Flavoring agents; 2.6.2 Yeast; 2.6.3 Gelatin; 2.6.4 Ingredients for confectionery; 2.6.5 Ingredients for diary industry; 2.6.6 Ingredients for meat industry; 2.6.7 Ingredients for bakery; 2.7.1 Starch and derivatives; 2.7.2 Minerals and vitamins; 2.7.3 Sausage coating; 2.7.4 Sugar, sweeteners and sugar substitute; 2.7.5 Syrups, toppings; 2.7.6 Salt, spices; 2.7.7 Soybean products; 2.7.8 Herbs and spices; 2.7.9 Vinegar; 2.8 EQUIPMENT AND PACKAGING; 2.8.1 Confectionery equipment; 2.8.2 Coffee-machines and coffee; 2.8.3 Kitchen equipment; 2.8.4 Laboratory and analytical equipment; 2.8.5 Turn-key projects; 2.8.6 Meat processing equipment; 2.8.7 Fat and oil processing equipment; 2.8.8 Equipment for macaroni, ravioli production; 2.8.9 Fruit and vegetable processing equipment; 2.9.2 Drying and roasting equipment; 2.9.3 Bakery equipment; 2.9.4 Brewery equipment; 2.9.5 Fish processing equipment; 2.9.6 Heating equipment; 2.9.7 Trade and showcase equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment; 2.9.9 Packaging equipment;



China - Taizhou

International leader in the design, manufacture and installation of complete equipment for the retail sector. Solod Roots JiangSu Aolike Commercial Refrigeration Co.,Ltdis a professional refrigeration technology manufactureer intergrated research and development, manufacure and sales for commerical food sector and drink showcase cooler.? Excellent geographical position 20 years of experience ,continuous technological growth and the ISO9001 Quality system Management system.put Aolike along the top China manufactures of display cabinets for the commercial refrigeration center. In 2012 ,Aolike celebrate 20 years activity ,an important achievement wich makes the sucess of a company able to understand the market needs. making available products up to date ,environmentally friendly ,and always suitable to the different customer's demands . 20 years ,on the aim and company practice ,is always to consider products development respecting the environment for a better quality of life.

1.14 Refrigerating equipment;



Netherlands - Nieuw-Vennep

Celtic Cooling is your reliable supplier if you want to build a high quality cold store for any kind of product. The main office of Celtic Cooling is located in the Netherlands. We are experienced in the design and installation of cooling and freezing plants, ventilation systems for vegetables and air-conditioning systems for almost any imaginable purpose and our customer’s base includes companies from a broad range of business sectors. Celtic Cooling has its branch office including service department in Kazakhstan since 2009. Since this time we have built several stores for vegetables, fruits and flowers in the southern and northern parts of Kazakhstan and neighbouring countries.

Agricultural equipment; Agricultural machinery; Components for agricultural machinery; Fertilisers, agrochemistry; Fruit and vegetable storages; Irrigation, watering systems; Plant growing;



Poland - Gdynia

FLOWAIR was founded in 2003 and a few years later became an expert in economic heating and ventilation of buildings with medium and big cubatures. Flowair's product offer consists of three groups: 1) air heating (water heaters, gas heaters, electric heaters, dedicated for farms and chicken coops), 2) ductless ventilation with heat recovery - ventilation unit OXeN 3) air curtains and curtain-heater units. Our products are not only well-designed and innovative but are also distinguished by their quality. Units manufactured by FLOWAIR have the CE certificates (Conformite Europeenne) and hygiene certificates issued by the National Institute of Public Health.

Agricultural equipment; Agricultural machinery;



Italy - Milano

FCE company was founded in 1952. It is considered national and international leader in sphere of DCA storing technology, which is entirely manufactured within this company. FCE has been constructing storehouses throughout the whole world, owing to more than 30-year-old cooperation between FCE and the engineer, Felice Bonomi, who is considered the “founder” of DCA storing technologies. The main priority of the company is the designing, elaboration and installation of “turnkey” refrigerating equipment. FCE is proud of its positive results in this direction guaranteeing quality and durability of its installations. For company is important to supply equipments which could be entirely controlled by customers. Materials and technologies, which are used within the production can allow the reduction of technical support up to minimum, however, in the case of need, company’s experts can render a technical help within briefest periods.

Fruit and vegetable storages;



Ukraine - Kiev

At present, the Guntner Group focuses on manufacture of modern high-quality state-of-the-art equipment. The long experience and commitment of our staff made the Guntner Group the world’s leading enterprise in production of heat exchange equipment. Application of developments in science and technology guarantees continuous success to our customers and partners. We take our extended responsibility to the environment and society very seriously. Thanks to the effective systemic approach to operational safety proven over many years, we ensure safeguarding resources and preserving health and quality of life. Acknowledging this, we will successfully continue our business with our staff, customers and partners. Safe, professional and custom-made.

2.9.6 Heating equipment; 2.9.7 Trade and showcase equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

“HOLODOM-IMPORT” LLP is a leader in the industrial refrigeration equipment market of Kazakhstan. The Company sells accessories of leading European manufacturers of industrial refrigeration equipment from Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France,also from Turkey, China and Iran. Our Company provides the following services in the market of Kazakhstan: development, manufacture and implementation of industrial refrigeration units, cold storage rooms and water cooling systems, supply of materials, spare parts, Freon, etc. The basic work is providing refrigeration units to the food industry and non-food industry businesses, where products should be cooled according to the technology requirements. Since 2013 a representative office is opened in Azerbaijan, Baku.

2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Heat Cool, LLC is a production company that specialisesv in manufacture of refrigeration, freezing and climate control equipment. The company offers more than just refrigeration equipment but a complex high quality and energysaving solution that in the long run allows to signifi-cantly reduce operational costs. Heat Cool, LLC is the official partner and the authorised service centre of the GUNTNER AG&Co.KG (Germany), the leader on the European market of industrial heat-exchange equipment in the RK and the CIS countries.

2.9.7 Trade and showcase equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment; 3.1.7 Food automatisation; 3.1.8 Spare parts;



Kazakhstan - Алматы

• “Holod Market” LLP is a fast-growth company supplying the Kazakhstan market with modern industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment. • The company offers direct delivery of high-quality components and spare parts for refrigeration systems and industrial refrigeration equipment for cooling, freezing and air conditioning from leading European manufacturers. • The company specializes in sales of up-to-date components with a high level of energy efficiency performance.

2.9.7 Trade and showcase equipment; 2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment; 3.1.7 Food automatisation; 3.1.8 Spare parts;



Belarus - Grodno
E-mail: holod@hig.by


1.14 Refrigerating equipment;



Kazakhstan - Астана

SKANDI GC is an official master - dealer of the world’s largest producer of commercial equipment - ARNEG concern. “SKANDI” Group of Companies is a team of professionals, which has many years of experience in comprehensive fitting out of trading enterprises. Our company’s main areas of activity: - Design of retail and catering facilities of different formats and complexity; - Supply, installation and servicing of refrigeration and processing equipment; - Design and assembly of refrigeration units and central units with the use of energy-efficient systems and technologies; - Design and installation of freon pipe trackers.



Kazakhstan - Shymkent

"Sino Connect Logistic" - is a universal logistics company providing integrated logistics and trade, as well as consulting services on supply chain management from China. The company manages projects of any complexity, offering the optimal scheme of export-import transactions for your business. The company also supplies equipment from renowned Chinese manufacturers such as "Simex Industry Company" one of the areas of activity is the production of equipment for processing of oilseeds - line extraction, refining, deodorization. The company "Simex Industry Company" is one of the leading enterprises in China for the production of production lines for the processing of oilseeds. All products presented in the assortment of the company, made of the best components that meet international quality standards and is used in the production of not only in Kazakhstan but also in most countries of the world.



Kazakhstan - Alma-Ata

«TECHNO COOL ENGINEERING» is a dynamically developing engineering company specializing in the realization of modern projects of refrigerating and climatic control systems used in the food and chemical industry, agriculture, as well as during transport of products. On the basis of specialization, the company on turnkey basis carries out projects of industrial cold stores for different purposes, and the production capacity of 1 to 50 ths. tonnes. The activity of «TECHNO COOL ENGINEERING» includes a range of services: the design, construction, technical support and introduction into service such objects as goods-logistics centres, storages for fruits and vegetables, including the use of modern storage technologies in a controlled gaseous environment, freezers, industrial complexes shock freezing food, climate control and ventilation systems, as well as ice rinks.

Agricultural and logistic buildings; Plant growing; Agricultural equipment; Gardening, viticulture; Fruit and vegetable storages;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

"KAZPROMHOLOD" Company Ltd was created in 1998. Main activities: Designing systems – refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heating; Manufacture, delivery, installation, repair and service of various refrigeration units and systems; Manufacture, delivery and construction of modular industrial refrigerators of different capacity, as well as modular cold rooms; Delivery, installation, start-up of technological equipment for processing meat, milk and other food products; Delivery and sales of refrigeration materials, components and accessories of leading world producers. For the Company is available: Industrial bases the area 2500м2; An administrative 2 floor building 350м2; Industrial and warehouse a total area 1000м2;

2.9.8. Refrigerating equipment;



Germany - Taufkirchen

Plattenhardt & Wirth as the enterprise of average business for 50 years works worldwide at the building of industrial and complete ready for use constructions and included specialist areas like heat, refrigeration, sound and fire protection. In order to optimize and accelerate the realization of such building projects, especially when constructing complete installations, we appear predominantly as general planners and general contractors in close association with local companies. • Long term CA/ULO stores for the storage of fruit and vegetables • Wholesale markets • Sorting and packing centers • Standard type cold stores, climatic stores for types of foodstuffs, fruit and vegetable products in all temperature ranges • Storage and transhipment stores for fruit and vegetable • Banana ripening rooms with standard type and pressurized ripening systems and stores for tropical and exotic fruits • Deep-freeze facilities for the storage of foodstuffs like poultry, meat, fish and diary products etc.