Exhibitors List Atyrau Oil&Gas 2019


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Accu-Energo LLP has been working on the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2004 and is an official representative and exclusive distributor of the Exide-Technologies concern in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and represents European and Asian manufacturers of stationary lead-acid accumulative batteries and represents them under EXIDE, B.B.Battery, Ventura brands. During its activities, the Company has gained not only productive but also positive experience and has achieved its strategic goal - enhancement of leading positions in the supply of industrial accumulative batteries in all possible industries. The high technical and technological level in researchers, developments and manufacturing, absolute sophistication in hi-tech production, allows enhancing leadership in the solution of any tasks in regard of reliable power supply almost in all industries and fields of a modern global industrial production.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;



Turkey - Istanbul
Phone: 90 216 00 00

Aksa Power Generation manufactures gasoline, diesel, natural gas and marine generating sets range between 1 kVA to 3000 kVA as well as lighting towers and generator hardware in the manufacturing facilities in Istanbul (Turkey 20.000 м? of indoor space ), Changzou (China 100.000 м? of indoor space) and Louisiana (U.S.A., 10.000 м? of indoor space); and has become a leader and pioneer within the sector. Aksa Power Generation exports more than 50% of its products and is among the top ten global firms of the sector with 13 offices located in Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Altyn Burkit LLP is a vertically integrated supplier with the modern system of corporate management, where functions of internal development policy management and business management are traditionally separated. Altyn Burkit LLP was established in 2007. It is engaged now in procurement and supply of construction materials, as well as equipment and spare parts for the oil and gas industry. Altyn Burkit LLP closely cooperates with companies such as PetroChina, Asia Gas Pipeline LLP, and Sinopec. It is also engaged in export and import trade and sub-contracting of petroleum engineering. Altyn Burkit LLPrenders cleanup services for pipelines and oilfield preheater coils with the use of advanced cleaning technology under international standards. Cleaning of pipes and oil and gas equipment is being made according to the up-to-date technologies, with the use of physical and chemical means. Physical cleaning is a process of removing scale and corrosion from the internal pipeline surface with high-pressure air jets. During the cleanup, process sediments are being dissolved and 100% removed without damaging pipeline walls. Chemical cleaning is a process with the use of a series of cleansers, providing for defatting, and removal of rust and mud from the surface of a subject being cleaned. This technology is used for cleaning of oilfield water preheater coils in the oil and gas sector.



Russia - Smolensk

Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Smolensk Production Association ANALITPRIBOR” is one of the leaders in Russia in development and producing apparatus and systems for gas analysis. For 55 years it produces and supplies its products to such branches as oil and gas industries, oil chemistry, power engineering, transport and utilities, etc., both in Russia and CIS states, and abroad. The output includes instruments for maintaining safety rules (gas analyzers and signal systems for the control of poisons, flammable and combustible liquids and gases), and for technological processes and environmental control.

Gas Detection & Gas Leak Detection ;



Kazakhstan - Petropavlovsk

AQUAPHOR is one of the world leaders in the production of water filters. The Company was established in 1992. Today, AQUAPHOR is an international company with manufacturing and research centers in Estonia, Germany, Russia, the United States of America and other countries. We conduct studies and each day create more efficient technologies for water purification, which allow us to solve all sorts of problems with water and produce the best products in each category of different capacity purifying filters. Offering high-quality solutions for water purification both in household use and in industry, we design, install and serve water purification systems. System specifications are customized and depend on water quality, the number of users, complexity of installation and Your specific requirements.

Filters, Filtration Equipment & Systems ;



China - Taizhou

Asoe manufactures differnt hoses, including through-the-weave PU layflat hoses, through-the-weave NBR layflat hoses and jacketed fire hoses etc. Jacketed fire hoses are lined with EPDM, Polyurethane (PU), Nitrile rubber (NBR), PVC, Natural rubber (NR) and CR etc. Asoe fire hoses can meet or exceed the technical standard requirement of NFPA 1961, UL19, FM2111, EN14540, EN14811, DIN and BS6391 etc. Some PU covered layflat hoses meet NSF61 standard, which are appropriate for transfering potable water. Asoe designs and manufactures hose couplings which works with Asoe hoses. According to different technical requirement in different applications, Asoe team design appropriate couplings. The materials applied in couplings are aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel 304, SS316, SS316L, PA6 reinforced Nylon, PE, and PP etc. The couplings includes LDHC series of couplings, HPHC FM couplings, Storz couplings, camlocks, instantaneous forestry couplings, bauer couplings, etc. Asoe offer some equipments which are used to handle hoses, assembly hoses, installing hose projects etc. Asoe team would like to work with its customers to design new customized solutions which no other layflat hoses manufacturer can supply. Asoe team have enthusiasm in challenging new hose solutions and have expertise in hoses manufacturing, designing, and application, which ensure that Asoe can be a strong back for its customers.



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

Astratrade - integrated supply of construction and infrastructure. Official dealer of manufacturing plants DeWalt, Geho, Uvex, Tencate, Yanmar, Lincoln, etc. We are selling: Premium construction tools: generators, compressors, pumps, power tools, hand tools Geotextiles, polyethylene films Personal protective equipment: overalls, safety shoes, helmets, glasses, etc.

Vehicle Equipment; Nuts, Bolts, Fixtures & Fittings ; Geosynthetics; Hydraulics & Pneumatics Equipment & Services; Government Departments & Trade Organisations ; Oil & Gas Producers; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Environment Protection, Services & Equipment; Corrosion Protection, Paints & Lacquer Services & Equipment; Tools; Cables & Wires Equipment & Services; Wireline, Workover & Sidetracking Equipment & Services; Instrumentation; Computers & Telecommunication Equipment ; Measuring & Control Equipment; Laboratory Equipment & Services ; Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage; Refineries, Petrochemical and Gas Plants; Oilfield Services; Drilling Equipment & Technologies; Oil & Gas Processing Services & Equipment; Heating & Ventilation; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Engineering, Facilities and Construction Design & Services (EPC); Oil & Gas Exploration & Production; Welding & Welding Services ; Seismic Equipment & Services; Personal Protective Clothing & Equipment; Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment; Well Construction, Completion & Maintenance Services & Equipment; Shipbuilding, Ship Equipment & Maintenance; Security, Safety & Inspection Services & Equipment; Maintenance Services; Reservoir Engineering; Transportation & Logistics ; Pipeline Construction & Pipeline Laying ; Filters, Filtration Equipment & Systems ; Flanges; Hoses & Hose Fittings ; Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau
E-mail: info@anm.kz

AtyrauNefteMash LLP is the local producer and one among the few specialized enterprises having experience in production and maintenance of oilfield equipment and spare parts. Currently our company has significant production capabilities to provide the full range of services including design, manufacture, repair and modernization of oilfield equipment and holds certificates of conformance ST RK ISO 9001-2009, ST RK ISO 14001-2009, OHSAS 18001, ASME with the right to apply U, U2, R, S -mark.

Nuts, Bolts, Fixtures & Fittings ; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Corrosion Protection, Paints & Lacquer Services & Equipment; Laboratory Equipment & Services ; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage; Drilling Equipment & Technologies; Heating & Ventilation; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Engineering, Facilities and Construction Design & Services (EPC); Welding & Welding Services ; Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment; Filters, Filtration Equipment & Systems ; Flanges;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

AYACOM has been working in the field of information technology and automation since 2010, maintaining a strong position in the market of system integration, outsourcing and consulting. During the years of successful and dynamic development, we have created our own principles. The fundamentals of which are flexible and constantly improving service system, strong network, highly qualified personnel and focus on meeting the growing business requirements. We are implementing technological innovations among wide range of consumers: from small and medium companies to state institutions and large enterprises. Our work includes not only detailed study of technical specifications of the equipment being installed, but also thorough organization and systemizing business processes for consistent improvement of the service.

IT & Software; Cables & Wires Equipment & Services; Instrumentation; Computers & Telecommunication Equipment ; Measuring & Control Equipment; Automation, Motion Control and Flow Management Equipment & Services;



Kazakhstan - Karaganda

Our company is a leading Kazakhstan manufacturer of geosynthetic materials and polyethylene products. Production capacities of the company allow to execute orders of a wide range of products with various technical purposes. Geomembrane MGM- polymer waterproofing material. Geomembrane made of HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE polyethylene , with the use of stabilizing additives, is a durable, elastic material that is resistant to aggressive chemical environments Waterproofing geocomposite sheet MGM — GKO- is combined multifunctional material made by thermal bonding of geotextile layers and a polyethylene membrane. Geoframe MGM GR- is a volumetric geogrid of polymer tapes connected by high-strength welds forming a cellular structure. During the installation of material, a frame is formed, fixing any used filler (sand, soil, ballast, concrete)

Geosynthetics; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Environment Protection, Services & Equipment; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage;


Supply of dosing equipment and industrial chemistry to industrial enterprises. Repair and maintenance of dosing equipment.

Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

Borkit Safety LLP - is one of the leading Kazakhstani suppliers of high quality PPE, Safety Garments, Chemical protective coveralls TYVEK® and TYCHEM®, aluminized clothes, NOMEX® fabric fire–resistant clothes, protective and safety footwear, portable and fixed gas detection systems, air breathing apparatus, escape breathing apparatus and related services. In 2014 Borkit Safety started local Safety Garment Production, where we applied our 15 years of work experience in the market of Kazakhstan. Supporting our customers, we have a network of facilities, including offices, warehouses, stationary and mobile laboratories, as well as production workshops, in Atyrau, Astana, Almaty, Aktau, Aktobe, Aksai and Tengiz, staffed by a team of qualified and industry experienced personnel. The State accredited laboratory of Borkit Safety provides services and calibration of gas detectors and maintenance of the SCBAs. Supplying only OEM materials from world class manufactures, we ensure the quality and integrity of services provided. Sourcing products from across the globe and to mention only a few of the reputable producers we are proud to partner: Delta Plus, DuPont, BW Technologies, Portwest, Scott Safety, CalGaz, Ergodyne, Wolf Safety, Giordani Giancarlo, VF Imagewear, Timberland PRO®, Honeywell, Justrite, Blackline Safety and our approach being to provide a consultative sale for product selection and technical support. Local manufacturing allows Borkit Safety to offer a range of tailor made Safety Garments, meeting customer’s requirements and with over 2 billion tenge of PPE in stock, we are able to provide an efficient service on goods delivered with product availability in each region of Kazakhstan. Quality, Innovation and Reliability is the basis of our work ethic and our focus are our customer and their requirement.



Kazakhstan - Алматы

Borusan Kazakhstan was established in Almaty in June 1999 and is an official dealer of Cat® in Kazakhstan. We are a part of the significant Turkish conglomerate Borusan Group, which since its establishment has become a unified group of companies with the staff of more than 8,000 employees. This year we celebrate our anniversary. Today, our company has 22 representative offices in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the total number of employees over 900 people. Company’s scope of activities cover three main sectors of the economy: • Mining • Construction • Oil and gas BMK delivers a complete range of Cat equipment, and it is also a certified producer of Cat components restoration. Services: 1) Selling, leasing and service maintenance of construction, mining, pit, and road Cat specialized equipment 2) Cat diesel and gas piston generators 3) Original spare parts and lubricants for Cat equipment 4) Metso crushing stations 5) Genie underground equipment 6) Syxes self-priming pumps 7) Allight light towers 8) AccuGrade leveling systems 9) Trimble Loadrite scales. 10) Sleipner systems for transportation of crawler excavators 11) Allmand convectional heating plants 12) RCT solutions for remote control and automation of mining industry 13) SEM equipment



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Caspian Valve Automation is in the business of manufacturing of Control Valves, Motor Operated Valves, Gas Operated Valves and Emergency Shutdown Valves. It is a division of Caspian Energy Corporation based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The automation center is a technology collaboration with USA based JFlow Controls & Emerson.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ; Oil & Gas Processing Services & Equipment; Pipeline Construction & Pipeline Laying ; Flanges; Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;


Kazakhstan - Atyrau

The CPC pipeline system is one of the largest investment projects with foreign capital in the energy sector in the CIS. The length of the pipeline connecting oil fields in Western Kazakhstan with Marine Terminal in Novorossiysk is 1,511 km. CPC’s Marine Terminal is equipped with Single Point Moorings that allow to load tankers safely at a significant distance offshore, including bad weather conditions. CPC Shareholders: Russian Federation (represented by Transneft – 24% and CPC Company – 7%) – 31%; Republic of Kazakhstan (represented by Kazmunaygaz – 19% and Kazakhstan Pipeline Ventures LLC – 1.75%) – 20.75%; Chevron Caspian Pipeline Consortium Company - 15%, LUKARCO B.V. - 12.5%, Mobil Caspian Pipeline Company – 7.5%, Rosneft-Shell Caspian Ventures Limited – 7.5%, BG Overseas Holding Limited - 2%, Eni International N.A. N.V. - 2% and Oryx Caspian Pipeline LLC – 1.75%.

Pipeline Construction & Pipeline Laying ;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

The company "Chemistry and Technology" - a link between the major global manufacturers of chemical products and significant domestic and foreign companies in the mining, agricultural, oil and gas, construction and other industries. We work with the best suppliers on the most favorable conditions that we are happy to offer our customers! In our work, we focus on reliability, unsurpassed quality of supplied products, delivery on time and long-term cooperation. Our advantages: • More than 300 certified chemical products • Prompt delivery anywhere in Kazakhstan and other countries • The goods are available in the own warehouse and also by order • Possibility to order a test batch of products • Availability of a license for precursors and other special products

Oilfield Services; Chemical Reagents & Materials;



Kazakhstan - Астана
E-mail: kzt@ktc.ru

«СTC Kazakhstan» LLP one of the leading enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the production of road and bridge barrier fences, pedestrian retaining and limiting barrier, metal goffered structures, corrugated pipes, street lightning supports, power lines (supports of lines of electricity transmission) masts supports, lightning rods, lightning conductors. The production cycle of «СTC Kazakhstan» LLP includes all stages- from cutting rolled and flat rolled products to applying a protective zinc coating at its own hot-dip galvanizing factory, which located in Uralsk, West-Kazakhstan region. All products are certified according to the interstate and international standards (EN 1317) also we have certificate of product origin ST KZ.



Turkey - Esenyurt/Istanbul

Discover the EAE Elektrik oil and gas solutions that is designed and produced with using the latest technology for high power distribution at the Atyrau Oil & Gas Exhibition. Low & medium voltage busduct distribution systems , cable trays support systems will exhibit the fair from EAE Elektrik.



Russia - Omsk

Scientific production enterprise “Electrotochpribor” is a developer and manufacturer of: - energy saving LED lamps for petrochecmical industry, street lighting and housing and utilities lamps; - electric measuring analogue and digital tools including tools for hard usage, tools of 0.2 and 0.5 accuracy classes; - explosionproof equipment for mining industries: - explosive devices, gas indicators, methane meters for mining machines and individual portable lamps.

Analyzers; Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;



Russia - Arzamas

For more than 20 years ELSTER Gaselectronica is the leading enterprise, manufacturing gas-measuring equipment in residential and industrial fields: from residential meters up to gathering pipelines. We provide a cyclical turnaround of development, implementation and support of automated systems for data gathering and data communication. The massive network of service centres ensures the support of our goods in every region of Russia, as well as in the countries of the Customs Union. In the regions the calibration of gas-measuring equipment is carried out using the calibration rigs manufactured by ELSTER Gaselectronica. Combining the best practices, global innovations and Russian market needs ELSTER Gaselectronica addresses the issues of any facility: gas disposition terminal - gathering, transferring and processing of data - service backup - calibration of gas-measuring equipment.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Instrumentation; Measuring & Control Equipment;



Germany - Burbach

The eltherm Group is a leading global specialist and solution provider for electrical heat tracing. The company is a one-stop shop for complete solutions ranging from frost protection and temperature maintenance to all-in-one systems all the way to industrial plant engineering and implementation. Headquarters of eltherm, its engineering, production as well as research and development facilities are located in Burbach in north-western Germany. A total of 40 years of expertise, a staff force of 265 and 11 locations across the world mark eltherm’s global profile.

Cables & Wires Equipment & Services; Heating & Ventilation; Hoses & Hose Fittings ; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;



Kazakhstan - Karaganda
E-mail: sales@elto.kz

“ELTO Energysystems” LLP is a domestic commodity producer and one of the leading electrical products suppliers in the energy market of Kazakhstan. Over the years, our lighting poles and floodlight masts have been installed in all regional centers and major cities, our equipment has completed thousands of power facilities in Kazakhstan and CIS countries. Currently, about 400 types of electrical products are produced in the following areas: 1. Lighting equipment: masts and lighting poles, contact line poles, power poles and video surveillance poles, support under traffic lights 2. Electric-installation products: The entire list of products for convenient and high-quality installation of electrical equipment of cable lines. 3. LED lamps for street and indoor use.

Flanges; Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

Embamunaygas JSC is a Kazakhstani oil and gas company with a promising future, carries out geological exploration, development of oil and gas resources, oil and gas production and treatment.

Oil & Gas Exploration & Production;



Russia - Moscow

Group of Companies ENERGOCONTRACT is the leading Russian developer, manufacturer and supplier of Personal Protective Equipment against thermal and biologic hazards. JSC ENERGOCONTRACT is nowadays the world's largest manufacturer of protective sets made with Nomex® aramid fabrics, which are used to ensure safety of personnel of energy and metallurgical companies, of the Russian Railways, firefighting and rescue divisions. ENERGOCONTRACT is the author of an innovative development - the blend of heat-resistant fibers "Termol". The company's special garments, shoes and accessories have saved hundreds of lives in emergency situations. At present about 70% of the production processes of JSC ENERGOCONTRACT - from weaving to garment manufacturing - are located on the territory of the Russian Federation. The company has its own research center and a modern production complex. The Quality Management System of ENERGOCONTRACT complies with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001: 2011.

Personal Protective Clothing & Equipment;

Stands04, S136


Kazakhstan - Алматы

As an exclusive regional distributor of HCM with total 600 employees and 20 offices, Eurasian Machinery supplies the state-of-the-art Construction & Mining Machinery to Kazakhstan as well as to Kyrgyz, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. The company provides clients with high-quality technical services through 10 facilities deployed in the region.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

EuroSpecArmatura Company is a representative of the European company Metso (Finland) in the Republic of Kazakhstan, provides technical support and consultations. We offer you locking, control valves, etc. Our equipment is produced in compliance with the international quality standards and is recommended for use in industry.

Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ;



Russia - Moscow

“Fluid-Line” LLC is the exclusive distributor of Hy-Lok Corporation in Russia and the CIS. We carry out direct regular supplies of products from Hy-Lok plant in South Korea since 2009, our company is one of the leaders in the supply of this product in the Russian Federation and in the countries of the Near abroad. Our experience and powerful production base allow us to produce high-quality products in the shortest possible time, and the availability of our own production allows us to assemble and configure complex equipment. We have proven ourselves as a supplier of reliable equipment in such industries as oil and gas and chemical industry, microelectronics, cryogenics, nuclear industry, shipbuilding, metalworking. We can offer you the highest quality equipment, such as: - Fittings (pipe, welded, threaded, for flaring, for high pressure) - Quick disconnect couplings - Ball Valves and Needle Valves - Safety and Non-return Valves - Stainless and Polymer Pipes - Clamps - Metal hose and high pressure hoses - Pressure Regulators - Tools for measuring pressure, level and temperature - Equipment for flow control - Bit ramps - Gas shields for clean environments and many more

Pipeline Construction & Pipeline Laying ;



Kazakhstan - Astana

GAMMA-KOMPOZIT LLP is a company for the sale in the Republic of Kazakhstan and other Asian countries of composite couplings of the KONUS-KOMPOZIT, KONUS-KOMPOZIT PLUS, HERMES and pipeline composite coupling(PCC) series for repair of through and non-through defects of metal and non-metal pipelines of any type of installation , including underwater, with a diameter from 57 to 1420 mm with a maximum pressure up to 20 mPa. A feature of these composite couplings is that their installation refers to the permanent methods of repair, guaranteed service life of 30 years. At the request of the Customer, composite couplings are completed with magnetic markers for registering the repair location with in-line diagnostic pistons and electromagnetic markers for their location from the ground. All composite couplings offered by the company have permits for use at hazardous production facilities of the oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan, as well as the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. The integrated management system of GAMMA-KOMPOZIT LLP has a Certificate of Compliance with international quality standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007. The warehouse and office of the company is located in Astana. The Showroom of composite couplings, open on working days from 09 am to 19 pm is also located in Astana.

Stands17, 100


Kazakhstan - Almaty

“Gateway Ventures (CA) Ltd” LLP is a global supplier of manufactured goods, engineering and manufacturing services in the field of oil and gas, marine, coastal, mining and electric power industries. “Gateway Ventures (CA) Ltd” LLP cooperates with most of the largest oil and gas, mining companies and their contractors, performing worldwide standards in production and service to the world's most distant energy markets. In our partnership arsenal, there are about a hundred brands of manufacturers with various types of equipment, such as Parker (fittings, high-pressure hoses), Ingersoll Rand (compressor installations, pneumatic tools, blowers, pumps, lifting equipment), LESER (safety valves), LMF (compressors installations), Doosan (portable compressors, lighting masts,) Xylem (pumps), etc. In addition to high-quality equipment, we provide services. Our specialists realize technical diagnostics, periodic maintenance procedure, scheduled repairs and urgent repairs of equipment. Additionally we provide services for supervision of installation, commissioning, displaying to operating variables and comprehensive testing of equipment. Service departments are located in Almaty, Kostanay, Uralsk, Pavlodar. Therefore, in a short time we can provide our partners a quick visit of specialists and the required original spare parts and repair kits. Comprehensive customer service is our main goal at any level of cooperation - from the supply of standard original parts and equipment to remote monitoring and optimization. We want you to consider “Gateway Ventures (CA) Ltd” LLP as a reliable long-term partner to whom you can fully entrust the care of your equipment.

Measuring & Control Equipment; Filters, Filtration Equipment & Systems ;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

"ZAVOD GORELTEX" is a high-tech enterprise of a full production cycle, producing a wide range of explosion-proof electrical equipment and leading advanced scientific and technical developments.

Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

HeidelbergCement, a German company, which is one of the world’s largest building materials producers. HeidelbergCement now operates 156 cement plants with capacity of 197 million tones. This makes HeidelbergCement the second largest cement producer in the world. In Kazakhstan HeidelbergCement operates three cement plants: Bukhtarma Cement Company, CaspiCement and Shymkentcement. The company also has a network of cement terminals located throughout the country, as well as a number of ready-mix concrete plants and crushed stone quarries. The company currently produces cement conforming to GOST Standards and API (American Petroleum Institute) certified Oil Well Cement. The plants’ integrated management system conforms to ISO 9001, API – Q1 and ISO 14001.

Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment; Well Construction, Completion & Maintenance Services & Equipment;



Russia - Moscow

Honeywell (www.honeywell.com) is a Fortune 100 software-industrial company that delivers industry specific solutions that include aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings and industry; and performance materials globally. Our technologies help everything from aircraft, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains, and workers become more connected to make our world smarter, safer, and more sustainable. For more news and information on Honeywell, please visit www.honeywell.com/newsroom.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Instrumentation; Measuring & Control Equipment;



Russia - Togliatti

HT-IMPEX is an authorized distributor of the world leader in the field of industrial automation Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley, Rockwell Software) concern, as well as ProSoft Technology, ABB, SICK, HNC companies and delivers equipment, solutions and services (technical support, maintenance, training, etc.) in the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan. The company uses reliable logistic channels, providing prompt deliveries and is a stable and reliable business partner with respect from its customers and a good reputation. Our status allows us to offer competitive prices and good payment terms. Our customers for many years are General Motors, Bridgestone, SMS/Demag, ArcelorMittal, PSA, Krupp Polysius, BP Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Procter&Gamble, Danone, Mars, Nestle, and other companies.

IT & Software; Cables & Wires Equipment & Services; Instrumentation; Computers & Telecommunication Equipment ; Consultancy and Professional Services ; Measuring & Control Equipment; Automation, Motion Control and Flow Management Equipment & Services; Training; Maintenance Services; Transportation & Logistics ; Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;



Kazakhstan - Aktobe

The official distributor of RIDGID,GEDORE,RITMO, SENKO in Kazakhstan

Analyzers; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Tools; Cables & Wires Equipment & Services; Measuring & Control Equipment;



Russia - Moscow

NGO YUMAS - instrument company. Designs, manufactures, sells - pressure Gauges: General-purpose, corrosion resistant (tocr= - 83С, magnetism=+300C), hydrogeologie shakeproof, shakeproof without hydrocapillary, manometers high accuracy class. t is 0.6 , the reference class. t 0,4 ; 0,25 for small pressure signal (electric), including explosion-proof 1ЕхdIIBT4, including enforcement for mines PBExdI/1ЕхdIIBT4, EKM shake-proof , differential pressure gauges etc. Ball valves with a fitting under the control pressure gauge KTNM, needle valves KZS, KZM, KZI in different versions for different pressures (up to 60 MPa) and temperatures (from -60 to +600 ° C) . Separators, damping devices, taps, coolers, bosses, gaskets, etc. Bimetallic thermometers: General industrial, corrosion-resistant, vibration-resistant

Instrumentation; Measuring & Control Equipment;


Kazakhstan - Astana

The Association of oil service companies of Kazakhstan (further - KAZSERVICE)was established in 2011 with the aim to unite and consolidate the efforts of all service companies working in the oil and gas and mining fields. KAZSERVICE unites about 200 large and medium-sized oilfield service companies, helping them to cooperate with the state bodies, and major operators, such as: Tengizchevroil, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating BV, North Caspian Operating Company, etc. Major contractors of Future growth projects of Tengiz, Karachaganak expansion project etc. are the Members of KAZSERVICE The other aims of KAZSERVICE include: • The involvement of the Members of KAZSERVICE in large oil and gas projects in Kazakhstan (TCO, KPO, NCOC etc.); • Increasing of local content level in major oil and gas projects of Kazakhstan; • Defending of the Members of KAZSERVICE interests in interacting with government and operators; • The establishment of the informational-dialogue platform, developing networking on the basis of KAZSERVICE; • The consolidation of proposals and problems of the members of the Association.


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Kaspersky Lab is a global cybersecurity company founded in 1997. Kaspersky Lab’s deep threat intelligence and security expertise is constantly transforming into security solutions and services to protect businesses, critical infrastructure, governments and consumers around the globe. The company’s comprehensive security portfolio includes leading endpoint protection and a number of specialised security solutions and services to fight sophisticated and evolving digital threats. Over 400 million users are protected by Kaspersky Lab technologies and we help 270,000 corporate clients protect what matters most to them.



Kazakhstan - Almaty
E-mail: reg@k-g-s.kz

KazGeoSynthetics LLP is the first and leading in Kazakhstan domestic producer, manufacturing a full range of modern geosynthetic materials, operating since 2009. The company obtains ISO9001 Quality Management, IDO 14001 Environment Management, and ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certificates. In 2009, the enterprise acquired the CT-KZ Certificate of Goods Origin, based on it the enterprise is included in the Register of Domestic Producers, approved by the Board Decision of the JSC Fund of National Welfare Samruk-Kazyna, dated 10.02.2009 # 04/09. The manufacturing site of KazGeoSynthetics LLP is situated in Almaty city.




Kazakhstan - Uralsk

KAZINTRUST LLP engaged in providing industrial safety for for a long time and acting as an official distributor worldwide manufacturers of PPE : «The MSA Safety», «General Monitors», «Latchways», «DAPRO», «Senscient» ,«Comptrade», «Uniphos». The main activity of the company is supplying, maintenance and servicing of personnel protective equipment such as self-contained and filtering respiratory protective equipment, fixed and portable gas detection, flame detection, fall protection , head, hearing, face, eye protective equipment , protective clothing and shoes. Also KAZINTRUST LLP is specialized in H2S early detection systems and its monitoring during work activity with protection of personnel in industrial fields, providing H2S risk management services.

Measuring & Control Equipment; Gas Detection & Gas Leak Detection ; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Personal Protective Clothing & Equipment; 18. Gas analyzers;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

Keller Central Asia LLP is a part of Keller Group in the Central Asian Region and located in Atyrau, Kazakhstan. Availability of I category license allows providing a full range of services at the local market. Keller Group plc is the world’s largest independent ground engineering contractor and the leading independent piling contractor. With permanent operations in more than 40 countries across five continents, Keller has the financial strength, know-how, capacity and the global reach to tackle some of the largest and most demanding projects around the world. Keller has successfully developed many of the ground engineering techniques which are now widely accepted in the construction industry, i.e.: ground improvement, specialty grouting, piling and earth retention, anchors, nails, minipiles, post-tension concrete, instrumentation and monitoring.

Engineering services; Engineering of buildings, life-support systems and safety; Designing; Building;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Klinkmann Kazakhstan is the leading industrial provider of automation and services. Klinkmann’s technical focus areas comprise machine and production automation, industrial data communication and IoT. Klinkmann offers solutions and support services which help our customers to improve their products and operations. Klinkmann employs over 250 professionals and technical experts, and distributes and supports the world leading manufacturers in its sales regions. The company has offices in Finland, the Baltic countries, Russia and other CIS countries. Klinkmann’s strong technical service teams are committed to ensure the best consultation and solution maintenance for customer needs and delivering of certified customer trainings and support.

IT & Software; Measuring & Control Equipment; Automation, Motion Control and Flow Management Equipment & Services;



Germany - Osnabruck

KME Germany GmbH & Co.KG. Osnaline® Tubes & Tubing Bundles with heating system, stainless steel tubing, CuNi Piping systems. With its 15 productions plants in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China and the USA, KME is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of copper and copper alloy products. KME offers innovative product solutions tailored to the respective individual requirements of our customers from the most various industrial sectors. KME is divided into three corporate divisions – the COPPER DIVISION (tube systems and rolled products), the SPECIAL DIVISION (special products) and the BRASS DIVISION (brass products) – and has a worldwide sales network. The structure of KME into its three divisions provides important prerequisites for concentrating on the different markets for the respective product groups. This enables customized solutions to be developed and exemplary engineering and services to be provided. The central headquarter of KME is in Osnabruck.

Instrumentation; Hoses & Hose Fittings ;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau
E-mail: info@kmga.kz

KMG Automation is a joint venture of KazMunaiGas (KMG), represented by the subsidiary KMG Systems & Services and Schneider Electric. The joint venture is engaged in the development and implementation of projects for the automation of technological processes for various industries in Kazakhstan and primarily the oil and gas industry. The joint venture includes the business unit "Industrial Automation" of Schneider Electric in Kazakhstan and represents products and solutions under the following brands: TRIONEX, FOXBORO, WONDERWARE, AVANTIS, SIM SCI. As well, in December,14 KMG Automation opened the first Kazakhstan factory for the production of Foxboro pressure transmitters by KMG Automation

Instrumentation; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage; Refineries, Petrochemical and Gas Plants; Oilfield Services; Automation, Motion Control and Flow Management Equipment & Services;



Russia - Yaroslavl

Kompania Diesel LLC - new generation Russian industrial enterprise, taking leading positions in terms of diesel gen set production volume among domestic manufacturers, with market share of 24%. Today “Company Diesel” LLC produces: - Diesel generating sets of different modifications and specification, based on:Locally-made engines (YaMZ, MMZ) and Imported engines(Scania, FPT-Iveco, John Deere, Perkins, Volvo Penta, Doosan, Cummins). - Gas generating - sets built on the basis of the following engines: YaMZ, TMZ, MAN, MAN, Scania, Liebherr,Cummins,MTU, Caterpillar.Modification: Gas gensets could be open type, or packed in a weatherproof and soundproof canopy as well as in containers “Sever” or “Sever M” Series. - Рroduction of auxiliary and emergency diesel generators for vessels and the supply of main engines and ship kits for the newly built ships, as well replacing old equipment on ships in use. All equipment is manufactured on the basis of modern reliable diesel engines Scania.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Kulan Oil is an official distributor of ExxonMobil in Kazakhstan since 1997. ExxonMobil is among the leading producers of lubricants. It is due to innovative methods of manufacture and perfect conditions for the development and production of oils and greases. Kulan Oil offers you the broadest range of Mobil lubricants: hydraulic oil, oil for agricultural equipment, lubricants for industrial application, gearing oil, special cooling liquids, compressor oil, gas engine oil, circulating oil, food industry oil, as well as automobile oil for all types of equipment. You will always find any ExxonMobil’s product and get information on the properties and application of all products. It means you can focus on your main job and entrust us with the care about your needs regarding lubricants for machines and industrial equipment.

Vehicle Equipment; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Refineries, Petrochemical and Gas Plants; Oilfield Services;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

Layher is the world's largest scaffolding manufacturer. We offer a wide range of scaffolding, protection systems and event systems, as well as towers and stairs. But that's not all: we offer first-class service. In 2014, our representative office opened in Kazakhstan. What does this mean to you? Personal consultations and a constant stock of goods in a local warehouse. We will help you find the most suitable technical parameters and the most effective solution that will fully comply with national safety standards and regulatory requirements.Due to inventory products in stock, we can ensure prompt delivery, allowing you to better plan their operations and reduce costs for the implementation of your projects. This is the advantage of working with the company "Layher" - we create more opportunities for you.

Engineering, Facilities and Construction Design & Services (EPC); Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Leica Geosystems is the global leader in the sphere of geospatial measurements. Leica Geosystems is the part of Hexagon AB Corporation (Stockholm, Sweden), a leader in the information technology market that supplies solutions which help to increase productivity and quality of implementation of complex geospatial and industrial tasks in different enterprises. For more than 200 years Leica Geosystems is bringing fundamental changes in the world of surveying and measuring technologies for professionals from different countries. Our company provides premium quality products and develops complex solutions for oil and gas, mining, construction, space, defense and other fields of activity for companies from all over the world. By supplying high precision tools, developing advanced software solutions and providing high quality services, Leica Geosystems contributes to the work of those who create the future of our world.


Kazakhstan - Atyrau

KAZAKHSTAN COMPANY ON INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS IN THE FIELD OF CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS MADCAPS LLP IS A 100% KAZAKHSTANI COMPANY PRESENTING A FULL RANGE OF SERVICES IN THE FIELD OF CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS, AS WELL AS ORGANIZATION OF LARGE SOCIAL AND COMMERCIAL EVENTS. All works are performed in compliance with Kazakhstani and world quality standards. MADCAPS is a modern company distinguished by a creative and comprehensive approach to projects implementation in 4 main fields: BRANDING, DESIGN, EVENT, and PRODUCTION. During the years of its activities our company has successfully implemented over 100 projects related to corporate branding, company style, printing production, advertisement, marketing, and PR. A crucial component of the company’s activity is an integration of creative solutions from different fields of our operations to achieve the best outcomes on the formation and delivery of idea to the customer’s target audience. Our customers are large international corporations from the oil producing sector of Kazakhstan.

Exhibitions, Conferences, Media & Information Services ;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

MATRADE is a principal government agency responsible for promoting the export of Malaysia manufactured products, semi-manufactured products and services. Services provided by MATRADE include: (1) Providing information on Malaysian products and services available for export (2) Organizing business matching between foreign buyers or importers with Malaysian exporters. (3) Facilitating visits of foreign buying missions and individual foreign buyers into Malaysia.

Government Departments & Trade Organisations ;



Kazakhstan - Astana

Our company is the official representative of OFITE company (Houston, USA), in the Republic of Kazakhstan. OFITE is a producer of a wide range of equipment for quality control for mud flushes and oil well cement, used both in laboratories and on site. This equipment is designed to define characteristics such as density, filtration properties, rheological properties, mud components content, time of immobilization, gel time, consistency, cement density and so on. Our company has a full catalog of equipment we produce in Russian and in digital format. Also, on the market of Kazakhstan Most-T presents such brands as (PerkinElmer Inc.(США), Mettler Toledo (Swiss), VinciTecchologies (France), Lauda (Germany), Vacuubrand(Germany), Hamilton SundstrandAIT (USA), OFITE (USA), Horiba (Japan). Besides of equipment delivery, we provide service support.

Oil & Gas Producers; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

The main profile - delivery of chemical products from Europe, Asia, America for various industries: metallurgy, petroleum, gas, paint and varnish, polymer, construction and building industries and others. The product range includes more than 150 varieties of raw materials and more than 1000 names of goods. We offer products of the biggest world manufacturers: Afton Chemical, Olin, DOW, Akzo Nobel, Ineos, Huntsman, Evonik, Sichuan Lomon Titanium, BASF SE, Ineos Styrolution, HEXION Gmbh, SOPRIN Srl, AlzChem Trostberg GmbH and others. 8 offices and warehouses on the territory of the Russian Federation (Dzerzhinsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Rostov-on-Don) and also 4 representative offices abroad (Germany, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China) organize effective cooperation with our customers and suppliers.



Russia - сit. Dzerzhinsk

NICA-MS LLC was established in 2013. It is specializing in delivery of control equipment and electrotechnical devices and equipment for different purposes in fuel and energy companies.

Instrumentation; Measuring & Control Equipment;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

The North Caspian Project is the first major offshore oil and gas development in Kazakhstan. Today, the consortium includes seven of the world’s largest and most experienced energy companies: KazMunayGas, Eni, Shell, ExxonMobil, Total, CNPC and Inpex. The most important contribution so far has been the multiplier effect of the Project on Kazakhstan’s economy. Mangystau and Atyrau Regions have received more than 620 million US dollars in social and infrastructure related projects funded by NCOC. Overall payments for local goods, works and services have totaled almost US$14 billion since 2004.

Oil & Gas Producers;



Russia - Perm

Novomet is a dynamically developing group of companies with US$ 300 million revenue and more than 5000 employees. The company was established in 1991 and during its more than 25-year long history developed from the manufacturer of ESP stages made of metal powders to the supplier of a wide range of technologies for artificial lift, pump equipment for water injection and treatment, well completion for onshore and offshore, auxiliary equipment and innovative technologies. Service bases are open in Romania, Egypt, Argentine, Iraq, Ecuador, Kuwait, Indoneisia, Colombia, USA. Novomet equipment operates in 23 countries around the world.



Russia - Omsk

ORKO LLC is a Russian company specialized in design and manufacturing of pneumatic plugs for sealing and plugging pipelines, oil and petroleum pipelines, pneumatic jacks, plugs for pipes of small diameters and other non-standard industrial rubber goods.

Pipeline Maintenance & Repair Equipment & Services; Pipeline Construction & Pipeline Laying ;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

Our vision in PACOS is to lead the world for being effective (doing right things) and efficient (doing things right). Our mission in PACOS is to develop and maintain long term partnerships with companies in energy industry, help our partners to achieve or exceed their safety, financial and operational goals by providing optimization services and solutions. Our serviсes in PACOS: 1. Provide expert support services in regard to Rockwell Automation solutions/products; 2. Provide highly skilled professionals for all stages of Plant lifecycle to support Rockwell Automation solutions/products; 3. Delivery of Rockwell Automation solutions/products which include: - Providing solutions based on client needs; - Engineering; - Programming, software modifications, upgrades; - Assembly of automation cabinets and Testing; - System Installation and Integration; - Commissioning & Start up.

IT & Software; Cables & Wires Equipment & Services; Instrumentation; Computers & Telecommunication Equipment ; Consultancy and Professional Services ; Measuring & Control Equipment; Automation, Motion Control and Flow Management Equipment & Services; Training; Engineering, Facilities and Construction Design & Services (EPC); Maintenance Services; Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

PCA POWER Co., Ltd is a dynamically growing company, producing diesel power plants. PCA POWER has the highest rating among the leading producers of generators globally. Own dealer network in many world countries allows providing its customers with the highest level of services. A wide distributors network of the company offers comprehensive solutions in the various fields of economies worldwide, including hotels, hospitals, telecommunications, finances, civil aviation and transport, power, oil and gas, mining and chemical industries. PCA POWER is engaged in engineering, manufacturing, and installation of diesel power plants and delivers generators to more than 50 world countries.

Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;



Russia - Podolsk

OJSC " PE "PODOLSKKABEL" is one of the largest producers of cable products. The variety of products consists of more than 120000 types and sizes of wires and cables with copper conductors, in plastic insulation and sheath with operative voltage up to 1000V. The management system is certified for compliance with the requirements: ISO 9001:2015, GOST R ISO 9001-2015, GOST R ISO 14001-2016. The Certificate of Conformity of SDS ElectronSert certifies that the quality management system that covers the production of cable products meets the requirements of GOST RV 0015-002-2012, which gives the right to fulfill orders for the needs of the Ministry of Defense

Cables & Wires Equipment & Services;



Russia - Omsk

JSC “Policon” provides engineering services of a full cycle. Designs and manufactures the equipment for various industries and makes analogs of the expensive import equipment. Performs upgrade of productions, manufactures spare parts, makes balancing and commissioning, servicing and repair of the equipment. Works in sphere of complex projects on upgrade and automation of productions. JSC “Policon” is a full cycle engineering company which can execute in steel any idea - from the elementary detail to the difficult and multipurpose automated production lines that exclude people from routine production operations. We constantly watch tendencies of the market and needs of our clients therefore in our assortment there is always a place, to both high-technology innovations, and the demanded equipment, checked by time.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics Equipment & Services; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; IT & Software; Wireline, Workover & Sidetracking Equipment & Services; Measuring & Control Equipment; Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ; Drilling Equipment & Technologies; Automation, Motion Control and Flow Management Equipment & Services; Oil & Gas Processing Services & Equipment; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment; Well Construction, Completion & Maintenance Services & Equipment; Maintenance Services; Pipeline Maintenance & Repair Equipment & Services; Pipeline Construction & Pipeline Laying ; Hoses & Hose Fittings ; Pipeline Construction & Pipeline Laying ; Pipeline Maintenance & Repair Equipment & Services; Maintenance Services; Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment; Well Construction, Completion & Maintenance Services & Equipment; Drilling Equipment & Technologies; Oil & Gas Processing Services & Equipment; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

«ProfTechTools» LLP was established in 2017 and has an office in Almaty and Aktau. Our company is the official dealer and representative of hand tools and special equipment in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Products and services include manual and power tools, pneumatic tools, welded tools, tool storage, diagnostic equipment, pumping equipment, etc. Our wide range of tools and equipment can cover the needs of our customers working in various industries, including mining, oil and gas, construction, energy , automobile, agricultural and aviation. We help our clients find the best tools for solving individual and complex tasks. The company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.




Russia - Moskow

The ProMinent group of companies is based in Heidelberg and for over 55 years has been developing and manufacturing components and systems for metering liquids and solutions for water treatment and water disinfection. Our foundation The foundation of ProMinent’s global success story is high-quality products based on decades of engineering expertise, an in-depth understanding of applications and continuous innovation. The group of companies therefore invests continuously in research and development. ProMinent also has a high degree of vertical integration at its 12 production sites worldwide, including Heidelberg, guaranteeing outstanding levels of quality for our customers and ensuring our independence from fluctuations in supplier markets. Our aim The modular ProMinent range, integrated in carefully designed solutions, enables our customers in a wide range of industries to achieve maximum safety and efficiency in their production processes, at all times and in any location.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ; Oil & Gas Processing Services & Equipment; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Filters, Filtration Equipment & Systems ;


Russia - Moscow



Russia - Perm
E-mail: export@pss.ru
Web: pss.ru

The enterprise develops and produces the up-to-date equipment for corrosion prevention. Based on “Anod” ZNGA” we produce all kinds of active cathodic protection for pipelines, reservoirs: - IPKZ-RA cathodic protection pulse converters, - Mg, Al, Z sacrificial anodes, - drain protection devices, - ENES-4M reference electrodes, - AZP-RA grounding anodes, - telemetry systems. Our developments in the electrochemical protection are used by such enterprises as “Gazprom”, “Lukoil”, “Rosneft”, “Rosatom”.

Corrosion Protection, Paints & Lacquer Services & Equipment; Cables & Wires Equipment & Services;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

Engineering, Procurement & Construction Fabrication of steel structures, pipe spools and HVAC Supply of modular buildings of Austrian Brand Containex Professinal Services, Provision of Manpower and Equipment Facilities Management and Maintenance

Nuts, Bolts, Fixtures & Fittings ; Environment Protection, Services & Equipment; Corrosion Protection, Paints & Lacquer Services & Equipment; Wireline, Workover & Sidetracking Equipment & Services; Consultancy and Professional Services ; Oilfield Services; Heating & Ventilation; Engineering, Facilities and Construction Design & Services (EPC); Welding & Welding Services ; Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment; Maintenance Services; Pipeline Maintenance & Repair Equipment & Services; Pipeline Construction & Pipeline Laying ;




For over 40 years Robertson Geo has pioneered the development of wireline logging instrumentation technologies and techniques. The comprehensive range of geophysical logging solutions and software is developed and built at its North Wales manufacturing and calibration centre. On-site test facilities include a 100m test borehole, calibration blocks, ovens and autoclaves capable of testing complete probe assemblies in “real world” conditions, providing a full suite of traceable calibration and quality assurance data. From the Arctic to Australia, from coal mines to windfarms, energy developments to sky-reaching superstructures, Robertson Geo technologies have been used to acquire quality geophysical data from over 160 countries around the globe. As an end user of its own products, the Robertson Geo engineering feedback loop from direct field experience fosters a continuous improvement culture driven by own use, leading to mature systems that are truly “industry hardened” innovative products. Robertson Geo believes safety and quality assurance to be of prime importance in executing an efficient and safety-focused approach to field investigations, and the satisfaction of client requirements. You can be sure that Robertson Geo technologies are easy to work with, validated and ready to go. All sales and service activities are reinforced by focussed development engineering and manufacturing teams to provide comprehensive technical support and the reassurance only an OEM can offer. Highly trained field engineers are available to be deployed for borehole logging services to any location worldwide. Downhole probes and surface equipment is offered for purchase, lease to buy (GeoKey®) or rental offering a range of flexible options for any project requiring calibrated wireline logging data of proven quality and reliability.

Geology, Geophysics & Earth Science; Instrumentation; Training;



Russia - Chelyabinsk

The plant has a complete production cycle of electric motors: components production, assemblage, products testing.

Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;



Russia - Omsk

JSC "SPA "Sibelektroshield" produces: - open and closed distribution devices - 10, 35, 110, 220 kV; - block-modular buildings; - complete transformer substations of the type: BKTP, KTPNU, KTPGS, KTPP for voltage of 35, 20, 10 (6) /0.4 kV; - complete distributing devices of external installation: KRU-N-K-10-SVL, KRUN K-59, internal installation: KRU K-61, K-63, K-68, K-104, K-105, K-129, К-204, К-205, КРУ with solid insulation RM-S, KRU with gas-insulated switch RMU Susol; - chambers national teams of one-sided maintenance KSO-2 (207, 2-10, 285, 298, 202, 203), KSO-3 (307, 366, 393); - low voltage equipment: SHO-07, SHO-70, SHRNN, SHOT, SHUOT; - remote control cabinets, automated process control systems, RZA cabinets, self-produced vacuum switches of the VL series. Services: - Design. - Construction and installation work at facilities from 0,4 to 330 kV. - Commissioning and testing up to 220 kV. - Consulting services and staff training. - Service and maintenance.

Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;



Azerbaijan - Baku
E-mail: info@swhs.az

“Silk Way Helicopter Services” LLC is the largest airlines in the Azerbaijan Republic operating in the field of small aviation. The aviation company has an opportunity to implement the below mentioned operations due to diversity of helicopter fleet and possibility to install additional equipment: - Air transportation of passengers, excursions, VIP flights. - Transportation of air cargo by store or in a cabin. - Construction and assembly operations. - Air patrolling and monitoring of oil and gas pipelines and electric transmission lines. - Medical evacuation (Med.Evac), search and rescue operations (SAR), emergency medical service (EMS). - Flights to ships and offshore drilling rigs (offshore operations). Flights are currently operated by S-92A helicopters of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, AS 332L1 (Super Puma) “Airbus Helicopter” company, AW 139 “Agusta Westland” helicopters, russian helicopters Mi-8-MTV 1 and Mi-171 as well as Cessna Skyhawk 172S aircraft.

Airline & Aviation ; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Marine; Oilfield Services; Well Construction, Completion & Maintenance Services & Equipment;



Kazakhstan - Alamty

Skyward Kazakhstan is a leading company in the supply of hand tools and electrical equipment in Kazakhstan. The company is the general distributor of the manufacturing company SNA Europe (Snap-on inc.) In the Republic of Kazakhstan and supplies more than 24,000 hand tool brands from Bahco, Irimo, Lindstrom, Boehm, Facom, KVT. It is also the official distributor of Hensel, Mennekes EDS, Lapp companies and offers a wide range of electrical and cable equipment. Our Company has established itself as a reliable Partner and Supplier. We are able to carry out both point retail deliveries and large wholesale orders. We guarantee impeccable observance of the deadlines for the fulfillment of obligations and the high quality of all delivered products.

Airline & Aviation ; Vehicle Equipment; Hydraulics & Pneumatics Equipment & Services; Oil & Gas Producers; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Tools; Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ; Refineries, Petrochemical and Gas Plants; Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;



Russia - Togliatti
E-mail: smd@inbox.ru

"SMD Company" LLC is a modern enterprise with complete production cycle with a wide range of explosion-proof electrical equipment, based on modern technical requirements and standards. All this allows to maintain high quality, efficient logistics and stable pricing.




Kazakhstan - Almaty

Look around you. Regardless of where you are – at home, at the office, on the street – something nearby has been built or painted using Tambour products. Since its founding in 1936 and to this very day, Tambour is synonymous with paints and with pioneering the construction industry in Israel. Tambour’s story is interwoven with the story of Israel – events, growth and building of the country. Over the years, Tambour has developed a broad and diverse selection of products and progressed to its current status, as Israel’s leading company in the paint and construction market.

Corrosion Protection, Paints & Lacquer Services & Equipment;



Kazakhstan - Aktau

TasCom Supply & Services LLP started operating as a supply company in Kazakhstan, which was established in 2011. The company is also a representative of multinational oil and gas companies that manufacture products in the territory of Kazakhstan and Central Asia: – ZARGES (Germany) transport and lifting equipment; - Equalizer International Ltd. (United Kingdom) - tools for leveling and extending flanges, lifting equipment; - IDROJET (Italy) – leader in the production and supply of extractors used in the oil industry; - FloTenk (Russia) - production plant sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants of drinking and service water containers. We cooperate with international partners and manufacturers from around the world.

Oil & Gas Producers; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Tools; Marine; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage; Refineries, Petrochemical and Gas Plants; Oilfield Services; Drilling Equipment & Technologies; Oil & Gas Processing Services & Equipment; Oil & Gas Exploration & Production; Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment; Well Construction, Completion & Maintenance Services & Equipment; Shipbuilding, Ship Equipment & Maintenance; Reservoir Engineering; Flanges;




Teksan Generator, a leading Turkish engineering and technology company established in 1994, manufactures tailor-made uninterrupted power solutions that efficiently operate under the most challenging conditions for major international projects such as construction, telecommunication, data centers, shopping malls, hotels, residences, stadiums, mines, hospitals and industrial plants in more than 130 countries.



Russia - Naberezhnye Chelny

JSC Naberezhnye Chelny Tube Works TEMPO makes over 300 standard sizes of steel pipes of profile and round section, steel drive casings, pipes with outside and internal anticorrosive coverings. Products of plant are used in different sectors of economy: construction, agricultural, automobile, oil and gas. Production basis are 5 modern workshops in which 8 hi-tech mills allowing to make high-quality pipes with observance of all production schedules and requirements of GOST are located. The modern and hi-tech equipment acts as the guarantor of the highest qualitative indexes of products, each of which production lines is capable to provide release of rolling in required volumes, in fixed terms, taking into account all possible normative requirements. Reliability of cooperation is steadily confirmed by the widest geography of deliveries of TEMPO plant products.



Austria - Linz

Tencate Geosynthetics is one of the biggest producers of the rolled geosynthetic materials in the world (nonwoven and woven geotextile, geogrid, getnet, drainage composite and others). TenCate geosynthetics is applied in oil and gas and mining fields for reinforcement of weak soils of internal open pit roads, for soil reinforcement constructions, sludge settling pits construction and tailing ponds.




Kazakhstan - Atyrau

Tengizchevroil LLP is a Kazakhstan partnership that explores, develops, produces and markets crude oil, gas and sulfur in accordance with the world-class safety and environmental standards. Crude production in 2018 was 28.6 million metric tonnes (228.2 million barrels). From 1993 through 2018, TCO made direct financial payments of over $135 billion to Kazakhstani entities, including Kazakhstani employees’ salaries, purchases of Kazakhstani goods and services, tariffs and fees paid to state-owned companies, profit distributions to Kazakhstani shareholder and taxes and royalties paid to the government. In 2018, direct payments to the Republic of Kazakhstan totaled more than $10.1 billion.

Oil & Gas Producers; Oil & Gas Exploration & Production;



Russia - Tomsk

TOMZEL manufactures and delivers equipment for trunk pipelines as well as carries out the warranty service and regular maintenance of its high-tech products. TOMZEL manufactures over forty modifications of electric actuators for block valves, along with various import-substituting products. The time span between generating an idea and starting the batch production is one or two years. The R&D is carried out by a special design bureau. The factory controls the whole chain of the making of a product: from the selection of materials to the testing of samples. The shop floors of the company are equipped with the most up-to-date machinery conforming to the highest world-class standards. The products by TOMZEL successfully compete with foreign analogues and are highly valued for their quality and reliability.

Pipeline Maintenance & Repair Equipment & Services; Power & Electrical Equipment & Services;



Russia - Lukhovitsy, Moscow Region

Transneft Diascan provides the following services: 1. In-line inspection of oil, gas and product pipelines: - In-line geometry inspection; - In-line magnetic, ultrasonic and combined inspection. 2. Comprehensive survey of tanks. 3. Inspection of process pipelines.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Pipeline Maintenance & Repair Equipment & Services;



Russia - Chelyabinsk

Transneft Oil Pumps, Joint Stock Company – TOP JSC was found by AK Transneft OAO in collaboration with a foreign partner – Termomeccanica Pompe S.p.A, Italy and KONAR JSC (Chelyabinsk, Russia) with a purpose to localize production of horizontal and vertical pumps and units based on such pumps with high-quality performances that meet the requirements of Transneft PJSC in the territory of the Russian Federation. The focus of the plant is production of highly reliable, energy-efficient pumping equipment and components that comply with all quality standards, in order to ensure faultless transportation of oil products.

Pump & Valve Equipment, Systems & Services ;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

The “TuranMunaiConsulting” company was established in 2012, as a company focused on solving complex problems of development and equipping oil and gas fields, providing for the introduction of advanced scientific and technological achievements and equipment of world leaders in the oil and gas industry. We present for your attention: Elcos – Leading Kazakhstan manufacturer in the field of energy and related equipment. Oliver Valves – Manufacture of valves for instrumentation for oil and gas and petrochemical industry. Victaulic is the originator and world's leading producer of mechanical pipe joining solutions and grooved pipe joining systems.



Russia - Miass

The “Automobile plant “URAL” JSC incorporated in GAZ Group is the Russian biggest manufacturer specializing in production of all-terrain URAL trucks. The “Automobile plant “URAL” JSC manufactures all-wheel-drive 4x4, 6x6 & 8x8 trucks having a carrying capacity ranging from 4.5 to 20 tons. Over 400 types of special equipment applicable for oil-and-gas industry, enforcement authorities, timber industry, road building and construction are mounted on URAL chassis. Since 2018 the “Automobile plant “URAL” JSC has started manufacture of the the new-generation URAL NEXT 6х4 trucks.

Stands18, S140


Kazakhstan - Uralsk

UARM - the largest enterprise Kazakhstan for the production of special equipment The plant was founded in 1955 and for more than 60 years it supplies the market of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries with necessary special equipment, tank-level equipment, metal structures and fences of various types. Today, UARM offers its customers a wide range of goods and services. In the line of the plant are tank trucks, trailed capacitive-filling equipment, semi-trailers, fire and utility equipment, various types of metal constructions, eurocontainer for solid waste of 0.24; 0.36 and 1.1 m3. And of course, anti-corrosion coating services are in great demand in the market of Western Kazakhstan: hot-dip galvanizing, electrochemical galvanizing and spraying with a zinc-containing paint and varnish coating. UARM was acquired by nationwide fame thanks to the release of fire tank trucks, which have been produced since 2000.

Airline & Aviation ; Vehicle Equipment; Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Corrosion Protection, Paints & Lacquer Services & Equipment; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage; Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment; Transportation & Logistics ;



Russia - Oktyabrski

NPF VNIIGIS-ZTK LLC is one of the leading research and production Russian company engaged in the development and producing MWD/LWD systems for oil and gas wells. Among the unique developments is the overhead module that allows geosteering data to be obtained while drilling near the bit. NPF VNIIGIS-ZTK LLC: - provides directional drilling service and MWD/LWD systems rent.

Drilling Equipment & Technologies;



Russia - Samara
E-mail: wgs@gcvep.ru

Welding Group Samara it is trading and engineering company operating in the market of welding technology for over 13 years. The company is the largest official distributor of the concern LINCOLN ELECTRIC (USA) - the world leader in the production of high-quality welding equipment, automatic welding equipment, mechanization of the welding process, equipment for thermal cutting of metals, welding consumables. At its own production site, the company produces a unique welding complex Gorizont-2, which is a self-propelled automated machine for welding tanks. The welding complex is already successfully used at a number of facilities in Russia. The following tanks fields were build using the Gorizont-2: Uralsky Combine FGKU in the Chelyabinsk Region, Transneft reservoir park in Nizhnevartovsk, Novator FGKU in Yekaterinburg, Lukoil Aero in Perm, the reservoir parks in Severodvinsk and Kaliningrad, etc.

Other Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

"Western Vista" LLP is the official distributor of "Lubetech" company - it is an English manufacturer of high-quality sorbing substances for liquidation of oil and chemical spills. Lubetech, taking care of the environment for the future generation, offers you various types of goods from sorbent napkins to a comprehensive spill response kit, pallets of different sizes. The company "BBA Pumps" is a Dutch producer of high-quality Pumping systems with the lowest cost of ownership, Optimal operational flexibility and the most up-to-date Constructions. The range of pumps "VBA" includes the following Equipment: self-priming centrifugal pumps, slurry and Bentonite pumps, low and medium pressure pumps, jet pumps High pressure and piston pumps for drainage by needle filters. "Airblast" - founded in 1974. Is the leader in production Surface preparation equipment, and coating applications.

Airline & Aviation ; Oil & Gas Producers;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Success history of Colorificio Zetagi includes three main factors: strong inclination towards innovation, reliability of solutions, great production flexibility coupled with a fast delivery service – factors that led the brand to reach prestigious and challenging objectives from 1957. Secrets of Zetagi lie in the ability to select outstanding human resources, the understanding of team building, the great competence on specific expertise and production field. Success of Zetagi based on constant integration of qualified professionals in R&D laboratories, positively affecting the innovation of protective treatments offered to customers. In 2011, Zetagi further strengthened its position within the protective coatings sector by completing of acquisition of historic Veneziani brand that known in the field of anti-corrosive and naval paints from 1863.

Corrosion Protection, Paints & Lacquer Services & Equipment;


Kazakhstan - Atyrau

Almaty Management University is an entrepreneurial, world of socially responsible university level. 30 years on the market, education, the oldest private university in the country, the first university business of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the pioneer of business education in CIS. Representative offices of the cities has AlmaU in Astana, Atyrau, Kyzylorda, Shymkent, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Aktobe. In work the Main direction of training programs and representative offices of heads of small and medium business is MBA DBA on, as well as seminars and trainings.