Exhibitors List Atyrau Build 2014

"Company ASK Produkt " LLP (Aktobe , Kazakhstan ) is the official representative of the following plants - manufacturers on the territory of Kazakhstan: OOO "Atrix" (Togliatti, Russia), specializing in the manufacturing of gaming equipment for children's playgrounds , sports facilities; OOO "Masterfibre" (Moscow, Russia) - manufacturer of safe, seamless, durable coatings of rubber crumb for children, sports grounds, industrial areas; CONTAINEX Container - Handelsgesellschaft mbH, engaged in the production of residential, office and household, sanitary containers and modular buildings under the trademark «Containex». And also, LLP "Company ASK Produkt" represents the interests of leading Russian producers of modern paneled fencing systems.

Fences and fencings; The equipment for athletic fields; Modular designs;


Russia - Novocheboksarsk

The company manufactures heat (up to 750 °C) and corrosion re¬sistant enamels Certa, 16 colors. Heat resistant silicon enamels and varnishes KO-08, КО-85, KO-075. КО-88, KO-813, КО-814, KO-815, КО-822, КО-828, КО-834, KO-835. Special purpose enamels: silicon KO-811, KO-84, and organosilicate ОС 11 -07, ОС 12-03, ОС 51 -03, ОС 52-20, ОС 82-03. Corrosion resistant metal and masonry enamels: silicon organic KO-174, KO-198, and organosilicate ОС 12-03. Zink enamels KO-42, ECOZIN. Forge paints CERTA-PLAST, CERTA-PATINA, Hammer Pattern CERTA- PLAST, 50 color blends. Chemical-resistant varnishes and enamels, vinyl chloride XB-784, ХВ-785, XB-124, acrylic АК-069, AK-070. Acrylic co-polymers SAS-150, SiAS-200.

Corrosion-resistant coatings; Aerosol paints; Water-repellent materials; Sheetings; Paints, varnishes; Fire-resistant materials; Enamel;