Exhibitors List Atyrau Build 2014


Kazakhstan - Atyrau

Atyrau Valve Plant (AVP) has started operation by the State Commission Acceptance Certificate dated August 21, 2013. The plant produces new valves, their features are long life time, manhole free installation and rubber wedge. The plant construction project was implemented for foreign investments, but the entire personnel of AVP are citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, staff number is 75 people. The plant production capacity is 30,000 pc a year with diameter range from 80 up to 400 mm, for water and sewage systems with pressure to 16 bars, for natural gas with pressure to 10 bars. The AVP produced valves have an "A" air tightness class which means ensuring complete valve tight closure in accordance with GOST 9544-2005. As a result of the AVP conducted accelerated service life test the mean time between failures makes up 5000 open/close operation cycles according to standard EN 1074.

Pipes and pipeline fixture;