Exhibitors List Atyrau Oil & Gas 2015


Kazakhstan - Almaty
E-mail: sales@as.kz
Web: www.as.kz

ADVANTEK SYSTEMS LLP works at the Kazakhstan market since 2002, the company is specialized in the field of integration and implementation of modern telecommunication systems, WANs and LANs of any complexity. Here is the short list of the main products delivered by ADVANTEK SYSTEMS LLP for system integration tasks:WiMax equipment for broadband wireless access; Private automatic branch exchange stations (PABX); Call-centers; Multiplexing terminals; No-break power supply systems; Voltage stabilizers; Radio relay equipment; Equipment for radio-communication, HF/UHF/VHF radios; Antenna-feeder equipment; Wireless mobile terminals; Radio modems; INTERCOMS/PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS; Explosion-proof, weatherproof phones and phones for sterile environments; Weatherproof or ATEX flashing beacons.

IT & Software; Power supplies; Measuring & Control Equipment; System integration; UPS Systems; Monitoring systems; Monitoring systems; Computer systems; Oil&Gas equipment;



Russia - Moscow

Manufacturing of ultrasonic level alarms, ultrasonic and radio-wave level and interface level gauges, multidot temperature gauges, pressure, density and weight gauges, industrial controllers, measuring-and-computing systems and control complexes, flow counter units, power supply units, spark-proof protection barriers. Designing and "turn-key" installation of Automatic Control Systems for industrial objects, complex delivery of equipment, warranty and post-warranty service.

Automation systems; Measuring & Control Equipment; Putting into operation; Monitoring systems; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage; Oil&Gas equipment;



Kazakhstan - Aktau

AMERO - the only official agent of Motovilikhinskiye zavody trade company (Perm city) in Kazakstan. This trade company has the right to promote the oilfield equipment of "Motovilikhinskiye zavody" trade mark and to participate in auctions in Kazakstan on behalf of Motovilikhinskiye zavody trade company.

The chisel equipment; Tools;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Armaturnyi Centre LLP is a supplier of the leading manufacturer of electric actuators in the world – AUMA actuators (Germany). AUMA offers a wide range of actuators that meet the requirements of valve automation: multi-turn and part-turn actuators, lever and linear mechanisms and gearboxes based on both domestic and foreign valves. More than 40 years, AUMA Company has been focused on development, production and improvement of electric actuators with modular construction used to control and regulate various processes. AUMA also renders servicing of AUMA electric actuators with certified experts.

Wholesale and retail trade;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

ASTEL Company is the service integrator, one of the leaders in the Kazakhstan market of telecommunications. The main activity of the company is the provision of telecommunications services based on its own network KazNet ®, as well as the construction of corporate data and voice transmission networks, using advanced technology. The company provides a wide range of additional services, from network design and supply of equipment to commissioning and training of Client’s personnel.

IT & Software; Oil & gas services ; System integration; Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment; Maintenance Services; Engineering; Computer systems; Oilfield services;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau
E-mail: sales@anm.kz

«AtyrauNefteMash» (“AtyrauOilMach”) LLP is a domestic commodity producer, one out of not many special-purpose enterprises in Kazakhstan that have an experience of issue and maintenance of oil and gas trade equipment and its spare parts. Currently our enterprise has significant production capacities to render full spectrum of services in projecting, manufacturing, repairing and modernization of oil and gas trade equipment, and also has certificates of conformance ST RK ISO 9001-2009, OHSAS 18001, ASME ( section VIII part 1) with a right to apply «U» stamp. The following equipment types for collection, preparation and refining can be marked out as one of the principal production types of our plant: • oil line heaters of PP, PPTM type, capacity from 0,2 to 3 MWatt; •oil heat furnace of PPNP, PTB-1,6 type; •separators of GS, FS, BVST, NGSW, NGS, BNGSW, BVSD (in modular construction); •capacity equipment of EP, EPP, RVG, RGS type, capacity from 5 to 200 м3 •oil separating tanks

Oil&Gas Machine building ; The deposit equipment; Oil&Gas equipment; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ;



China - Baotou City

Our Factory, Baotou Liande Oil andMechanical Co., Ltd are one of the main providers of sucker rod. Oil extraction is indispensable to the world development. That is why; we have been devoted to the manufacturing of high quality oil extraction equipment,mainly sucker rods. Since 2004' s, we have playing a very important role in this field by introducing advanced equipment, adopting fine procedure and perfect inspection method as well as scientific management. Our annual output of more than 5 million meters high quality sucker rods have made us stepping forward shoulder to shoulder with other Chinese advanced sucker rod producers.

Oil & Gas Exploration & Production;



Russia - Moscow
E-mail: energy@bpc.ru

BPC Engineering is an integrated engineering company supplying advanced power-efficient solutions for oil & gas industry. As an EPC-company BPC offers engineering, turnkey construction and operation, services of distributed power plants with an output power ranging from 15kW to 10-20MW. As an OEM-company BPC manufactures ENEX power stations based on Capstone microturbines, COMPEX gas boosters, and accessories. BPC’s power solutions meet key requirements of oil & gas companies for field facilities construction, power supply for gas transportation infrastructure, and associated gas utilization projects. The equipment features efficiency, sustainability, and high reliability of operation with complex gases including gases with high contents of nitrogen and H2S (up to 7%). For today, more than 1300 microturbines are operating across Russia and CIS. BPC’s clients include GAZPROM, LUKOIL, TNK-ВР, TATNEFT, KAZPETROL GROUP, KazStroyService etc.

Compressors; Compressors, air and gas; Power Generation Equipment ; The deposit equipment; Industrial gas- and steam turbines for mechanical and generator drive, expanders ; Power and electrical equipment; Engineering;



Azerbaijan - Baku

Caspian Marine Services Limited (CMS) operates a fleet of offshore marine support vessels, serving the offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry. With vessels strategically deployed offshore in the Caspian Sea, we can provide a broad range of offshore support services coupled with the highest standards of safety, service and technology available to the industry in the region. The Azerbaijan Branch of CMS started its operations in Azerbaijan in the early 2006, the offices were located in Baku as the capital city and main shipping center of Azerbaijan. The main objective of settling its base in Azerbaijan was to become one of the leading marine operators and ship managers in the Caspian Region. . In early 2014 following a restructuring of the shipping industry in Azerbaijan, CMS has formed a strategic alliance with the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ACSC).

Other; Shipbuilding;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Caspian Offshore Construction LLP (COC) is a leading provider of marine offshore support fleet operation and management services in the North Caspian Sea. COC is a 100% private Kazakhstani entity with operation offices in Aktau, Bautino, Astrakhan, Ashgabad, and Turkmenbashi. At present COC manages the total fleet of 44 vessels, including 23 vessels belonging to NCOC N.V., present operator of Kashagan Oilfield in Kazakhstan. Company fleet is certified in accordance with ISM Code, while Company’s Quality and Environmental Management Systems are certified by Moody International in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards.

Transportation & Logistics;

Stands05, S200


Kazakhstan - Aktau

Supply and service in the oil and gas industry

Other; Lubricants;



Russia - Chelyabinsk

Chelyabinsk Machine-Building Plant LLC is a plant-manufacturer of the machinery for oil and gas industry and utilities. The main activity of the company is the production of cementing units, vacuum machines, mixing plants, tankers for petroleum products and utility services. Our equipment: • MB-4, MB-5, MB-7, MB-8 MB-10, MB-12 tank cars • MB-32 cementing units • mixing plants • AKH-10 tank cars for petroleum products • AKH-10 tank cars for service water and other fluids • repairing unit for machines and rocking devices (APOK) Our advantages: 1. Own production. 2. Short terms of production and delivery of equipment. 3. 1 year or 1000 m/h warranty for all equipment 4. After-sales, maintenance and service. 5. Individual approach to each client. Address: 454007, Chelyabinsk, 1 Malogruzovaya Str., of. 508 Phone: (351) 245-04-06, 245-04-07 e-mail: trade@chmz.org www.chmz.org

Oil&Gas Machine building ; Oil&Gas equipment;



Netherlands - Gorinchem

Damen Shipyards Group Damen Shipyards Group operates 40 ship- and repair yards, employing 8.000 people worldwide. Damen has delivered more than 5.000 vessels in more than 100 countries and delivers approx. 180 vessels annually to customers worldwide. Based on its unique, standardised ship-design concept Damen is able to guarantee consistent quality. Damen’s focus on standardisation, modular construction and keeping vessels in stock leads to short delivery times, low ‘total cost of ownership’, high resale value and reliable performance. Furthermore, Damen vessels are based on thorough R&D and proven technology.




Turkey - Ankara

Since 1929, De Meeuw is a leading builder of temporary and permanent steel prefabricated buildings for Construction and Oil&Gas sectors. De Meeuw Turkey provides; prefabricated buildings, containers, steel structures and modular units targeting Middles East, CIS Countries and Africa from facilities extends over 35,000 m2 land with 13,500 m2 closed area in Ankara. De Meeuw Turkey’s products are used as Labor Camps, Housings, offices, residential and commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools.



Turkey - Ankara

DORCE Prefabricated Building & Construction Industry Trade Inc., founded in 1989, is a Turkish General Contractor with a vast worldwide experience, which provides Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for projects requiring high quality services in extreme environments. In addition, Dorce owns one of the largest steel structure manufacturing facilities in the world. The manufacturing facility located in Ankara – Turkey, has 100,000 m? total area (55,000 m? workshop area) supporting its own construction projects and providing services to other clients all over the world with a manufacturing capacity; •160,000 m? Penalized Prefabricated Building Production per Month or, •3,600 ea Modular Units (Accommodation Containers) per Month or, •1,900 tons production of Heavy Industrial Steel Buildings per Month DORCE Inc. has been ranked at 212th on the ENR Top International Contractors list published on August 26, 2013.

Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment; Engineering;



Germany - Witten

DUCHTING PUMPEN, a privately owned german company based in Witten, with more than 75 years of experience in the field of advanced centrifugal pumps for the Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD), Seawater Desalination Reverse Osmosis (SWRO), Mining and Industrial Applications. Certified according to ISO 9001 we offer optimized high-pressure and booster pumps, hard metal slurry pumps and non-metallic lifetime anti-corrosion-warrantied pumps. Our motto “Quality through experience” forms the basis of our sophisticated product offering. The capabilities of our company in hydraulic design, combining conservative approaches and the use of CFD programs, construction, machining, assembly, testing and commissioning of our products are highly respected in the industries we serve. With various sets of hydraulics and ongoing tailor-made amendments we meet the best duty points for our customers with the goal of lowest lifecycle costs. Individual solutions are not an exception but our standard.

Pumps and systems;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

JSC “Embamunaigas” – is the first oil industry in Kazakhstan. Karashangul became the first producing field in Kazakhstan in 1899 after detection there the first oil flow. This event was the beginning of national oil production and the development of Kazakhstan’s oil industry. In 1911 was discovered the commercial field – Dossor For commercial development of oil fields in 1920 was created Management of oil patch of Ural-Emba region. And, for the oilfields development in Dossor and Makat in 1922 was created “Embaoil”. In 1945 was produced association “Kazakhstanoil”. And, in 1993 oil-production enterprise was transformed in “Embamunaigas” joint-stock company . In 1999 by way of merger “Embamunaigas” JSC with “Tengizmunaigas” JSC was created “Kazakhoil – Emba” JSC. In 2004 by way of merger “Embamunaigas” JSC with “Uzenmunaigas” JSC was created NC “KazMunaiGas ”. From 1st of October 2012 was transformed to JSC “Embamunaigas”. There are 6 brunches in JSC “Embamunaigas”. “Zhaiykmunaigas”, “Dossormunaigas”, “Kainarmunaigas”, “Zhylyoimunaigas’ and “Embamunaienergo” the total number of people are 5 525 employees. JSC “Embamunaigas” has 41 oil and gas fields, 35 of them in developing and 6 oilfields are in conservation and waiting for the conservation. Many of the old field is under development for over 50 years – as far as new fields were discovered in the last century in 70-80 years. For the moment more than 70% of the fields are on the final stage of developing. JSC “Embamunaigas” carries out its activities in accordance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Main activities of JSC “Embamunaigas” are: 1. Geological exploration, development of oil and gas fields 2. Oil and gas production 3. Treatment of oil and gas 4. Oil and gas transportation Company is actively finance capital construction and repair of community facilities. JSC “Embamunaigas” provides support to the medical, educational and cultural institutions in Atyrau.

Integrated Project Management; Oil & Gas Exploration & Production;



Kazakhstan - Astana

The Netherlands is an energy country. We are among the leading gas producers in Europe and are an important hub in the global oil and gas trade. Dutch companies are active worldwide and in the whole value chain, from exploration and production to transport and services. The Netherlands has particularly relevant expertise in state of the art production technologies, construction and logistics, energy efficiency, environment technology and marine technology. On top of that it is one of the largest investors in Kazakhstan, especially in the energy sector. Companies like Shell, Fugro, Witteveen & Bos and Wagenborg Offshore, are active in Kazakhstan since its independence.

Governmental bodies and trading organisations;



Russia - Saransk

"EM-CABEL" Ltd. produces -heat-resistant, uninsulated wires for high-voltage lines, with core of aluminum clad steel wires and conducting part of Al-Zr alloy, types ASPT, ASPTk, ASPTz; - uninsulated overhead wires, types A, AS, ASP - aluminum wire and ABE alloy wire; - corrosion-proof ground wire made of aluminum clad steel wires, type GTK; - self-supporting wires, types SIP-1, SIP-2, SIP-3, SIP-4; - plastic-insulated power cables rated for voltage 0.66, 1 and 3kV; - fire-resistant flame-retardant power cables with low smoke and gas emission –LS, -FRLS, -FRHF; - power cables of increased reliability for explosion hazard zones. Products quality of "EM-CABEL" Ltd. is confirmed by various certifications, including certificate of quality management according to international standards ISO 9001-2011 and the Russian standard GOST-R.

Cable; Power and electrical equipment;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

LLC "EuroSpecArmatura" realizes the supply is spoilt-adjusting armature in Republic Kazakhstan. Is a representative of the row european plant on territory Kazakhstan, realizes technical support and project consultations on using of armature. Is an exclusive representative Samson AG (Germany) in RK.

Valves and services; Heat exchangers and thermal processing;



Russia - Izhevsk

Export Support Center of the Udmurt Republic represents the interests of the following companies: 1) IPK LLC. The production of manifolds and their elements, mufts, adapter bushings, flanges and valves. http://ininco.ru/ 2) Promtehkomplekt LLC. The production of drill rods,mounting spools, mufts and glass-plasctic tubes. http://promtk.com/ 3) Rusvelt LLC, products under Stievel trademark. The Company produces different products for oil and oil refining industry and different types of filtering systems. www.stievel.com 4) Corporate group Nefteprom - Service. The production of machine tool station, pressure reduction valves, field control station with frequency transformer and repair parts for all types of machine tool station. http://www.nefteprom-service.ru/

Oil&Gas Machine building ; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage; Hoses & Hose Fittings ; Oil&Gas equipment; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Oilfield services;



Russia - Moscow

Our company is an exclusive distributor of the Hy-Lok CORPORATION, A-Flow, Drastar, Classic Filters on the territory of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. We are engaged in complex supply of equipment and components, such as fittings (pipe, welded, threaded, for clean environments, hoses, beading and high pressure); make-and -break joints; ball and needle valves; check and safety valves; pipes made of stainless steel and polymers; clamps; metal hoses and high pressure hoses; pressure regulators; means for measurement of level, pressure and temperature; consumption control devices; discharge stringers; gas panels for pure gases and many others

Airlines; Automation systems; Petrol stations; Rapid-erected buildings; Downhole motors (PDM) and turbodrills; Caps, Ellipsoidal caps; Tools; Valves and services; Compressors; Compressors, air and gas; Measuring & Control Equipment; Laboratory equipment; Pumps and systems; Oil&Gas Machine building ; The equipment for the Atomic Power Project ; Oil & Gas Exploration & Production; Regulators; Monitoring systems; Tees; Filters; Hoses & Hose Fittings ; Analyzers of gas and processes; Gas detection equipment; Hydraulic Tubes; Engineering; Transportation & Logistics; Workover equipment; Oil&Gas equipment; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Oilfield services;


With over 50 years of experience in the upstream and downstream oil & gas industry, we can supply a reliable and robust protective coating for every aspect of your business. At Hempel, we understand that the oil & gas industry has its own unique challenges. We supply anti-corrosive coating systems for every aspect of the market, from oil rigs and pipelines to unconventional oil exploration and refineries. Whatever the project, we work closely with you to find the ideal solution, and can supply coating systems specified to global and local regulations, as well as your own specific standards.

Anticorrosion protection;



United Kingdom - Kent

HMT Rubbaglas Ltd provides Storage Tank repair and maintenance products & services for above ground storage tanks (AST’s) for more than 30 years. HMT product lines are widely known as the leading name in Tank Maintenance products and solutions for External Floating Roof and Fixed Roof Tanks including the HMT sealing systems, roof drain systems, fire fighting foam systems, Internal Floating decks, Geodesic Domes and other ancillary products. The HMT Group has the manufacturing capacity and flexibility to handle any tank maintenance product requirement anywhere in the world from the standard solutions and custom engineered products to new tank construction projects that could require many units.

Tank equipment;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Whether mining the minerals in difficult circumstances or the construction of modern industrial enterprises, or supply of megacities with water and energy – in most cases is an engineering ingenuity, which is a guarantee of success in the continuous improvement of quality of life. ILF Consulting Engineering (ILF) is an international engineering company with head offices in the cities of Innsbruck, Austria and Munich, Germany, and with more than 20 branches around the world. Permanent staff of the company with more than 900 employees develop and implement successful design solutions for customers around the world. All offices of ILF are certified under ISO 9001. ILF Kazakhstan office has a license for the design of the 1st category, a survey license and the license for environmental design. Services provided by the company for the oil and gas industry are as follows: • Designing • Engineering support for the projects • Project Management • Conceptual designing • Reengineering • Feasibility and financiability studies • Special services: conducting of HAZOP, HAZID, PHASER, etc. • Research and development • Investment analysis • Supply of materials and machinery • Technical supervision in the construction • Putting in operation




Kazakhstan - Almaty
E-mail: info@ikbtu.kz
Web: ikbtu.kz

IPE&IT is aiming for qualification improvement of country’s oil and gas professionals. We are providing wide area of training courses for senior and middle managers as well as for ordinary professionals. Education programs: · IWCF and modern methods of drilling · Geology and Geophysics · Development of NG fields · Production NG fields · Transportation of hydrocarbons · Refining and Petrochemicals · Environment and safety in oil and gas production · Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and equipment · Production Management (law, finance, management, HR

Explosives and explosive works; Opening of chinks; The integrated oil and gas companies; IT & Software; Consultancy and Professional Services ; The control and testing of chinks; Measuring & Control Equipment; Laboratory equipment; Oil & Gas Producers; Putting into operation; Oil & Gas Exploration & Production; International Business Development; Central airs in oil and gas branch; Systems of rising of petroreturn; Well Construction, Completion & Maintenance Services & Equipment; Pipeline Construction & Pipeline Laying; Pipelines; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage; The chisel equipment; Gas detection equipment; Hydraulic Tubes; Oil&Gas equipment; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Oilfield services;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

LLP "Industrial Complex Kazelektrym» -domestic manufacturer of electrical equipment in Western Kazakhstan. The company manufactures a complete transformer substations .

Transformers; Power and electrical equipment;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

“K2 KRANPOSTAVKA” LLP operates in the market of lifting equipment of Kazakhstan for more than 3 years. We have proved ourselves as a responsible and reliable supplier and can display an extensive range of our clients. At the same time we are active and open to new things. The main advantages of “K2 KRANPOSTAVKA” LLP include: competent experts will help you to choose the best model of crane and orient you in the proposed range of our equipment. keeping prices at a reasonable level while maintaining the quality of the supplied equipment and related services. appropriate storage facilities adopted for keeping autocranes for sale in proper conditions. technical support services for our customers. the cranes purchased in our company have the warranty.

Transportation & Logistics;


Kazakhstan - Аstana

Kazakhstan Welding Association «KazWeld» is • IIW Authorized National Body (ANB) • IIW Authorized National Body for Company Certification (ANBCC) The scope of activities: • Accreditation of training centers according to the requirements of International Institute of Welding; • International education, examination and qualification of welding personnel according to the program of International Institute of Welding; • Company certification according to IIW Manufacturer Certification Scheme complying with ISO 3834 "Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials"; • IIW Personnel Certification System in welding complying with ISO 14731; • Certification of International Welding Inspectors; • Certification of welders, welding operators and brazers in accordance with Scheme of the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EN 287, ISO 9606, ASME BPV Section IX, AWS D 1.1, EN 1418, EN 13133, EN 13067 and so on) Kazakhstan Welding Association «KazWeld» is • A member of the International Institute of Welding (IIW) • A member of the International Authorization Board of International Institute of Welding ( IAB) • An observer of the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) Technical Committee for Standardization №82 «Welding and allied processes" operates under the Kazakhstan Welding Association. Kazakhstan Welding Association «KazWeld» was created due to the initiative of the French oil company Total in 2011. This initiative was supported by the President Nursultan Nazarbayev and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The project was entrusted to the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Oil and Gas (currently the Ministry of Energy) of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



Kazakhstan - Almaty

" KazPromLogistic " Limited Liability Partnership is a company, offering services in the areas of: drilling of oil & gas wells, and raw water wells; work over activities; industrial and civil construction, oil treatment facilities, oil and gas fields development, sales of petroleum products, rental of oil truck, purchase of crude oil, delivery of equipment and materials for the oil and gas fields.

Workover equipment; Oilfield services;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

KROHNE provides instruments and solutions for volume and mass flow measurement, level measurement, pressure and temperature devices as well as water & wastewater analysis. Established in 1921, KROHNE is a family-owned business employing over 3,000 people around the world with representatives on all continents. The company has its headquarters in Duisburg, Germany where it develops, manufactures and sells products in the field of measuring technology. KROHNE stands for innovation and superior product quality and is one of the market leaders in industrial process measuring technology.

Automation systems; Heating & Ventilation; Laboratory equipment; Measuring & Control Equipment; Oil & Gas Exploration & Production; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage; Tank equipment; The equipment for the Atomic Power Project ; Gas detection equipment; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ;




Our company is a subsidiary of Zhongman Petroleum and Natural Gas Corp.,Ltd. Main of our services including oil and gas well drilling, well logging, cementing and well completion service. We can manufacture land-skid mounted drilling rig, truck-mounted drilling rig and workover rigs and also can provide IPM drilling engineering service.

After sales services; Crude oil and oil products trade, gas trade; Downhole motors (PDM) and turbodrills; Enhanced oil recovery; Flange; Foundations; Gas Suppliers; Integrated Project Management; Oil & Gas Exploration & Production; Oil & Gas Producers; Oil & gas services ; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage; Pumps and systems; Valves and services; The chisel equipment; Geology and geophysics of oil & gas fields; Hydraulic Tubes; Engineering; Oil&Gas equipment; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Oilfield services;


Kazakhstan - Astana

The company “LAPP KAZAKHSTAN”, entering into the world group Lapp Group, represents the following production: LAPP KABEL – cables and wires for any kind of industry, wide range of cable accessories: •OLFLEX® - power- and control cables; •UNITRONIC® - data communication systems; •HITRONIC® - optical transmission systems; •ETHERLINE® - data communication systems for Ethernet-technology; •EPIC® - industrial rectangular and circular connectors; •SKINTOP® - cable glands; •SILVYN® - protective cable conduit systems and cable chains SILVYN® CHAIN from steel and nylon used for cable protection and guidance for highly dynamic applications; •FLEXIMARK® - wide range of marking systems for cables, wires and components.




Germany - Nuremberg

For the oil and gas industry, Leistritz offers a wide range of screw pumps for crude oil, emulsions and multiphase products. On ageing and marginal fields multiphase pumps handle gas fractions up to 100 %, reduce back pressure and paraffin build-up and boost the well flow. Our uniquely designed crude oil and emulsion pumps ensure long service life even with products containing solids and entrained gas.

Oil & Gas Exploration & Production; Pumps and systems; Lubricants;



Switzerland - Zug

LOTIS group of companies comprising of Lotis SA (Switzerland) and its wholly owned subsidiaries Lotis LLP (Kazakhstan) and Lotis LLC (Russia) offers world class no-man-entry oil storage tank cleaning service. Utilising only the safest and most effective methods, professional fully trained personnel and modern equipment, we deliver to clients the benefits of recovery of hydrocarbons for resale or refining, safety, greatly reduced tank down time and savings in waste disposal costs. Our service is Safe, Efficient, Fast.

Maintenance Services; Oil & gas services ; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage;



Russia - Rybinsk

Manufacturing company. A full range of services for pre-fabricated construction and supply of equipment: design, production, transportation and installation. Buildings and facilities of varying degrees of complexity and functionality: - made of metal work (warehouses, shops, shopping centres, etc.); - block-containers and modular buildings based on them, building based on prefabricated panel constructions with a full set of engineering systems (hostels, canteens, office building, etc.); - wagon-houses (mobile houses) on the chassis, removable/non-removable skid; - complete maintenance crew settlements; - lifting equipment. Autonomous life support systems: modular boiler rooms (water heating and steam), diesel and gas-fired power plants, cogeneration plants, water treatment and desalination plants, purification systems for industrial and household waste water.

Rapid-erected buildings; Other; Power supplies; Modular trailers & self propelled transporters; Power Generation Equipment ; The deposit equipment; Heating & Ventilation; UPS Systems; Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment; Filters; Power and electrical equipment; Engineering;


The deposit equipment; Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment; Bolts and nuts; Engineering;



Ukraine - Zaporozhye

Development, manufacture, overhaul and in-service support: - gas-turbine drives for gas-lifting, oil/gas-pumping units and gas – turbine power generating sets; - automated gas-turbine power-generating sets; - gas-pumping units. Motor Sich products are successfully operated in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Oil&Gas equipment;



Russia - Perm

Motovilikha Plants Corporation produces a wide range of drill collars and pipes, sucker rods, equipment for subsurface major repair of the well, road-building equipment, metallurgical products. AMERO TOO - the only official agent of Motovilikhinskiye zavody trade company (Perm city) in Kazakstan. This trade company has the right to promote the oilfield equipment of "Motovilikhinskiye zavody" trade mark and to participate in auctions in Kazakstan on behalf of Motovilikhinskiye zavody trade company.

The chisel equipment; Tools;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Pavlodar Tekhsnab LLP is an exclusive distributor in Kazakhstan of the Research and Production Company Kubanneftemash LLC. RPC Kubanneftemash LLC produces well equipment for the oil and gas industry. It provides a full production cycle from design and manufacturing to installation supervision and commissioning works. The main customers in Russia are: LUKOIL, Rosneft, RN-Sahalinmorneftegaz, Russian Interbranch Scientific and Technical Complex Nefteotdacha. Foreign customers are: Cuba and Georgia. Products: Downhole equipment and packers for the operation of the ESP and SRP; Heat-resistant equipment for production of high-viscosity oil by steam injection into oil reservoirs; Equipment for sand control in oil and gas wells Oil and gas equipment for individual orders



Kazakhstan - Almaty

“NDT Services Ltd.” LLP renders the following services: • Pipeline diagnostics with magnetic flaw detector pigs. • Mechanical and chemical cleaning of pipelines, calibration of new and operated pipes. • Technical diagnostics of freight cars, repairs of boilers in railway tanks and special containers used for the transportation of dangerous goods. • Chemicals for oil industry. Demulsifiers, inhibitors of corrosion, paraffin, and scale, removers of hydro scales, pour point depressants. • Technical diagnostics and examination with non-destructive methods of quality control of facilities and equipment of oil refineries, chemical plants, pipelines, equipment of oil and gas industry with the right to issue conclusions and determine the residual life. • Performance of construction and installation works on oil and gas pipelines and various industrial and civil facilities.

Non-destructive testing; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Pipeline Construction & Pipeline Laying; Pipelines; Chemical Reagents & Materials;



Russia - Orenburg

ООО «NEOGEN-N» - a company, providing services in the field of well test, well logging and technological operations in oil and gas wells since 1998 . The main activity of the Company – well testing in reservoirs with abnormally high pressure and temperature (100MPa,150°C) and high corrosive environments (H2S up to 30%). Important activity of our Company are: determination of current hydrocarbon saturation, sonic waveform logging, operations at well repair. The office and production base is located in the city of Orenburg. Quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2011. Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certified According to OHSAS 18001:2007. Regions of operations: the Orenburg region, Astrakhan region, the Republic of Kazakhstan

Geology and geophysics of oil & gas fields; Oilfield services;


Kazakhstan - Atyrau

North Caspian Operating Company acts on behalf of the Consortium of seven energy companies: KazMunayGas, Eni, Shell, ExxonMobil, Total, CNPC and INPEX as appointed Operator to carry out exploration and production of hydrocarbons on 11 offshore blocks under the North Caspian Sea Production Sharing Agreement dated 18th November 1997, as amended and supplemented. The NCSPSA Contract Area of 5,600 square kilometers includes the giant Kashagan Oil Field located 80 km south-east of Atyrau. The Contract Area also comprises Kalamkas-Sea, Kashagan South West, Aktote and Kairan fields. The development of Kashagan, in the harsh offshore environment of the northern part of the Caspian Sea, represents a unique combination of technical and supply chain complexity. The combined safety, engineering, logistical and environmental challenges make it one of the largest and most complex industrial projects currently being developed anywhere in the world.

Oil & Gas Exploration & Production;

Stands29, S206


Russia - Moscow

CJSC “Novye Technologii” was created by a group of enthusiasts and masters of their trades. We provide a wide range of innovative services in the sphere of construction, overhaul repair, reconstruction and diagnostics of pipeline transportation system and engineering expertise of these works. Our company is willing to become the leader in the sphere of continuous tie-in operations and connections at the active pipelines, pioneer in the sphere of implementation and updating the methods of chemical treatment and in-line inspection of pipelines. All works are carried out in compliance with the technological standards and are subject to engineer expertise. The implemented business strategy of the enterprise, continuous professional development of employees, ensuring high quality of performed works, creation and development of material and technical base, creation of favorable working conditions for employees, active cooperation with home and foreign producers – all these factors allowed to create mobile and competitive structure capable to perform its work in time and to ensure good quality. Areas of activity • Connection of nodes and active pipeline tie-in while continuing product transportation; • Construction and assembling operations at trunk pipelines; • Chemical cleaning of pipeline shank bores of fuel and energy complex; • In-line inspection of pipelines; • Manufacture and delivery of cleaning units for pipelines; • Industrial safety expert review; • Corrosion monitoring at pipelines; • Development of normative and technical documentation; • Research works and pilot tests; • Cleaning the bottom sediments in the tanks (VST) and preparation to diagnostics;



Russia - Oktyabrsky
E-mail: ozna@ozna.ru

OZNA is a modern Russian company that started 60 years ago as a small factory and has become today a large engineering holding, which provides design, manufacturing and services. The company offers a range of solutions to the oil and gas industry: design, manufacturing and maintenance of surface oilfield equipment; engineering of oil, gas and water treatment facilities; metering solutions and EPC projects management. Among our strategic partners are the international leaders: Schlumberger, Siemens, Emerson, General electric, ABB etc. All oil companies in Russia, including internationally joint ventures, are among the clients of OZNA. Being a leader in the industry, OZNA participates in all the large projects of the oil and gas industry in Russia and the CIS.

Oil&Gas Machine building ; The deposit equipment; Enhanced oil recovery; Systems of rising of petroreturn; Flange; Engineering; Oil&Gas equipment;




Kazakhstan - Petropavlovsk

LLP "Patent-Double" has been operating since 1992.Our specialization - complex supply measuring, testing, diagnosis, metrological equipment for energy, communications, oil and gas industry. We are ready to provide expert assistance in the selection of equipment, as well as replacement of obsolete equipment, depending on customer requirements, based on continuous monitoring of the products of leading Russian and world manufacturers, optimal by the "price-quality" equipment is reserved. Benefits we can offer to our customers: the acquisition of a large range of devices from different manufacturers in one place at factory prices, saving customers time and reduce their transportation costs.

Measuring & Control Equipment; Laboratory equipment; Non-destructive testing;


Kazakhstan - Pavlodar

Heating & Ventilation;



China - Shenzhen

Petro-king Oilfield Technology Ltd.( stock code: 2178) is a leading independent China-based provider of high-end oilfield services specializing in well drilling and completion. Its services mainly include technical consultation, project management, well drilling, completion, stimulation, production, surface equipment, and testing equipment in oilfield. It also provides associated products. Petro-king has experts in oil exploration evaluation, drilling and completion program design, and oil and gas well engineering, who are not only experienced in coping with tough and complicated problems related to HPHT, high sour gas well, unconventional resources development and deep-water operations, but also capable of serving offshore and onshore projects. Looking forward, Petro-king remains committed to creating value for its customers and determined to turn itself into a truly globally advanced oilfield service company.



Kazakhstan - Almaty

From our headquarters in Blomberg, Germany, we maintain contacts throughout the world. Being innovative – this does not just apply to our products. We also work together with you, where necessary, to break new ground. Personal and customer-specific, from an individual product right up to a complete solution. Together with customers and partners, we design solutions for the future using trend-setting connection and automation technology. Our products prove themselves daily, particularly in the following areas: Control cabinet: From the terminal block to the controller; Field installation: Innovative I/O wiring systems and industrial plug-in connectors; Systems and solutions: Our products are based on a systemic approach and can be combined in a variety of ways. You can therefore put together a customized package to implement your special tasks.

Automation systems; Power supplies; Power Generation Equipment ; System integration; UPS Systems; Monitoring systems; Monitoring systems; Junction boxes and control stations; Power and electrical equipment;



Canada - Toronto

Phoenix Geophysics (Toronto, Canada) has been the world leader in Magnetotellurics (MT) systems since 1980. We manufacture and sell electromagnetic (EM) instruments and also offer complete survey operations. EM can help you cost-effectively explore for oil and gas, mining, underground water, diamonds etc. MT, the most-used EM technique,requires no man-made energy source but enables great depth of exploration,has a small equipment footprint, and is easily deployed. MT complements seismic in poor-seismic areas; provides rapid reconnaissance of new basins where seismic is expensive or difficult; and in some cases, shows direct hydrocarbon indicators. Phoenix equipment is used in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Geology and geophysics of oil & gas fields; Monitoring systems; Oil & Gas Exploration & Production;



Russia - Penza
E-mail: ks@pktba.ru

PKTBA is a Russian leading manufacturer of valve repair and testing equipment in terms of production volume. Since 1962 we have been successfully working in designing and manufacturing of valve repair and testing equipment. Through the decades we have remained the leader of the industry. The company PKTBA designs and manufactures equipment for repair and testing of pipeline valves with nominal diameter of up to 56 inches as well as test benches for anti-blow-out equipment with pressure rating up to 1600 bar and machines for welding, grinding and lapping. The equipment produced by PKTBA is up-to-date with the requirements of API, ASME, ANSI, ISO, DIN and other pertinent international and local standards. On top of everything, PKTBA is a recognized pro when it comes to designing a workshop equipment layout and its full implementation considering ergonomics and the specific technological process on-site.

Measuring & Control Equipment; Modular trailers & self propelled transporters; Oil&Gas Machine building ; The equipment for the Atomic Power Project ; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Oil & Gas Exploration & Production; Welding & Welding Services; Oil & gas services ; Shipbuilding; Pipelines; Gushing fixture; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage; Hydraulic Tubes; Engineering; Oil&Gas equipment; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Oilfield services;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

REDA is a leading chemical distributor providing solutions for users of industrial and specialty chemicals. We are dedicated to working closely with you to provide optimal solutions quickly. REDA is associated with global technology leaders with established products, services, manufacturing and R&D facilities. we provide a broad range of products, innovative services and tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements. We supply products to the following Industries: Polyolefin Industry Petrochemical Intermediates Oil & Gas Coatings, Inks and Adhesives Building Materials and chemicals Mining & Minerals Main product lines for Oil and gas industry handled by REDA include: Fuel improvers/enhancers Organo sulphur Alkanolamines, MDEA, Polyglycols Antifoam silicones, polymers, fumed silica, silicone rubber Organic peroxides, pyrosulphates Catalyst grade solvents Heat Transfer Fluids Teal and full range of metal alkyl catalyst, additives & inhibitors Ion Exchange Resin

Lubricants; Fuel detergent additives; Chemical Reagents & Materials; Chemical Reactors; Anticorrosion protection;



Russia - Moscow

RHI offers complete refractory solutions including Engineering, Material production and supply, and Installation and Supervision service for the Oil & Gas Industry. We have experience and offer refractory solutions for the following equipment: FCCU, Coker, Flexi Coker, Fired Heater, Visbreaker, Hydrocracker, Platformer, Adsorber, Steam reformer, Gasifier, Hydrogen and Synthesis Gas Reformer, Syngas Boiler, Transfer line, Secondary Reformer, Auto thermal Reformer, Sulfur Recovery (Thermal Oxidizer, Reaction Furnace, Condenser, Incinerator and Sulfur Pit) as well as ethylene furnaces. Our solutions have proven reliability and meet specifications of leading process licensors. We have experienced people and we are partners of many oil and gas companies worldwide.



Russia - Obninsk

Ruukki Construction serves customers in the construction business. We deliver products and services ranging from design to installation to promote the business of our corporate customers, who include investors and construction companies.





SAFEHOUSE are the world leading providers of ATEX certified Engineered Control Measures that manage the risks of naked flame Hot Work and other ignition sources within Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas. Our trusted, integrated solutions deliver safe, operational efficiencies to clients and mitigate deferral to shutdown. UK headquarters with regional hubs in the US, Middle East, Far East and Australia: we have worked extensively across the Caspian Sea Region. Globally we have successfully delivered >0.5M man-hours of incident free Hot Work across a wide range of Asset Integrity Projects within the Oil & Gas Industry.

Environment Protection, Services & Equipment; Monitoring systems; Oil & gas services ; Oil&Gas equipment;



United Kingdom - Bristol

- Seetru - Manufacturer of Safety Relief and other special purpose ancillary valves for compressed air, industrial gas, refrigerants, powder, steam, liquid and liquefied gas applications. - Full maintenance services for all types of safety valves including on-site in-situ testing & Seetru Condition Rating®. - Manufacturer of liquid level gauges & sight glasses for industrial, chemical, petrochemical & marine applications. Optional electronic output from gauges to control systems. - Training services.

Maintenance Services; Measuring & Control Equipment; Monitoring systems; Monitoring systems; Non-destructive testing; Oil & Gas Exploration & Production; Oil & gas services ; Oil & Gas Tanks and Storage; Pipelines; Pumps and systems; Shipbuilding; Tank equipment; Training ; Valves and services; Welding & Welding Services; Well Construction, Completion & Maintenance Services & Equipment; Bolts and nuts;



China - Shenzhen

Ocean's King is one of the leading providers of industrial lighting products and solutions. We manufacture and sell various professional lighting fixtures, and undertake all lighting projects. Ocean’s King has set up branch offices in Kazakhstan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, as well as Southeast Asian Countries, such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

Energy-efficicent lighting equipment; LED lamp; Power and electrical equipment;



China - Dujiangyan City

Oilwe is a supplier of Sub Sucker Rod Pump and Fitting, having rich experienced management and Research & Development group, especially devoting to manufacturing series of valves balls & seats and alloy lining valve cages. Meanwhile, its sophisticated equipment, strict and effective quality control specification, excellent processing technology and the most competitive price are the most powerful guarantees for reducing the comprehensive cost of oil drilling and exploitation industry and providing the highest quality products.

Valves and services;



Kazakhstan - Ust-Kamenogorsk

Silumin-Vostok LLP is a specialized company providing engineering services in the field of power engineering, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical industry, machinery, and infrastructure. Moreover, the company provides service support and maintenance of implemented projects. The company's activities cover such areas as designing; delivery of equipment; installation and commissioning; technical support of projects; service support.

Automation systems; Other; Compressors; Pumps and systems; Oil&Gas Machine building ; Putting into operation; Heat exchangers and thermal processing; Filters; Power and electrical equipment; Engineering;


Kazakhstan - Astana



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

Swagelok provides a range of instrumentation products with unparalleled performance in the field, an ability to provide customised solutions to meet non-standard requirements and harsh environmental conditions, and an overriding dedication to quality. With over 290 000 product variations backed up by Swagelok’s Lifetime Product Warranty, you can be confident in choosing the best components and systems to meet your application needs across all industrial markets.

Valves and services; Measuring & Control Equipment; Pumps and systems; Regulators;



Kazakhstan - Aktau

«TasCom Supply & Services» LLP is an authorized Dealer for Kazakhstan factories "FLOTENK" (sewage treatment plants, CND, tanks), "Mitsubishi Electric" Japan (high-quality ventilation system, heating and air conditioning) and Promet (safes, metal furniture,shelving and metal doors).

Pumps and systems; Heating & Ventilation; Central airs in oil and gas branch; The warehouse equipment; Wholesale and retail trade; Services in material support; Filters; Governmental bodies and trading organisations;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Tek Know Technology has more than 10 years of experience in supply and installation of metrology equipment in Kazakhstan. The company is the exclusive representative of leading manufactures like GE Druck, Transmille, Isotech, Ruska, Pressurements, Ametek Crystal gauges, GE General Eastearn, Fluke, Fluke DHI, Michell, Alfapasсal, Astava. Tek Know can suggest complete calibration benches and solutions within measuring and calibration of electric signals, pressure, temperature, humidity and flow (gas and liquid). Our products cover the range from primary standards to portable industrial calibrators and sensors. The staff of Tek Know is trained at the factory of our suppliers and has the appropriate certificates. The loyal customers of "Тек Know Technology" are: "Kazzinc", "Kazakhmys", "TengizShevroil", "Mittal Steel Temirtau", "Kazhrom" and other leading enterprises of metallurgical, chemical, pulp and paper, mining and food industries.

Measuring & Control Equipment; Laboratory equipment; Regulators; Hoses & Hose Fittings ; Oil&Gas equipment;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

Tengizchevroil is a Kazakhstan partnership that explores, develops, produces and markets crude oil, gas and sulfur in accordance with the world–class safety and environmental standards. The Tengiz field in Western Kazakhstan was discovered in 1979 and now is one of the world's deepest producing super giant fields. In April 1993, Tengizchevroil LLP was formed between the Republic of Kazakhstan and Chevron Corporation. Current partners are: Chevron, 50 percent, KazMunaiGas, 20 percent, ExxonMobil, 25 percent and LukArco, 5 percent. Crude production for 2014 was 26.7 million metric tonnes. From 1993 to 2014, TCO invested $995 million to fund social projects in the Atyrau Oblast for the community and employees. TCO budgeted $25 million for it’s Egilik (“benefit” in Kazakh) program in 2015. In 2015, TCO’s Community Investment Program, focused its budget of more than $1 million on programs designed to improve the quality of health care, education and training in Atyrau oblast.

Oil & Gas Exploration & Production; Crude oil and oil products trade, gas trade;




Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum machinery Co.,Ltd is a private joint-stock enterprise which integrates designing, manufacturing, assembling, commissioning and technical services. Our company commits itself to researching, developing and popularizing new technology, new product and new process in petroleum drilling equipment.

After sales services; Tank equipment; The warehouse equipment; The chisel equipment; Workover equipment; Oilfield services;



Kazakhstan - Astana
E-mail: info@tspc.kz

TSPC KAZAKHSTAN offers a wide range of protective coatings for surface treatment, using gas-thermal spraying and welding. One can significantly improve wear and corrosion resistance with their help. Protective coatings minimize the influence of corrosive environments, increasing the life of the product. Coating may be applied on metal, ceramic and plastic parts. The temperature of the surface does not rise over 120° C during this process. A product does not change its structure when applying gas-thermal protective coating on it. Plasma and laser welding provides a metallurgical bond of coating to the base. Thanks to this, it is possible to operate it when exposed to strong shock and shear loads.

Pumps and systems; Refining & Processing, Petrochemistry & Gas Chemistry (equipment & Services) ; Welding & Welding Services; Maintenance Services; Chemical Reagents & Materials; Anticorrosion protection; Oil&Gas equipment; Oilfield services;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

UTS Group (United Trading System) is the official distributor of the international company ASSA ABLOY, which includes the world famous company "Megadoor" (Sweden), producing standard (S800 and S1000) and special (S1500) automatic hangar gates. Gates "Megadoor" ideal for steel production, enrichment plants minerals, aviation hangars, the energy industry.

Airlines; Oil&Gas Machine building ; The deposit equipment; Oil & Gas Exploration & Production; Construction Work, Machinery & Equipment; Shipbuilding;



Turkey - Istanbul

Unika Universal Kablo founded in 1936 is marine and offshore electrical cable manufacturer based in Istanbul,Turkey Unika IEC 60092 series of Halogen free ,Zero Halogen ,Flame Retardant marine cables are Type Approved by major classes such as DNV ,ABS ,LR ,GL,BV,RINA and RMRS. Our range of Nek TS 606 mud resistant offshore cables are approved by DNV, ABS and RMRS . Unika Universal Kablo manufacture power,control and instrumentation cables for all kinds of vessels ,FPSOS and Drilling and Production Platforms.




Russia - Miass

The “Ural” Automobile Works” OJSC incorporated in GAZ Group is the Russian biggest manufacturer specializing in production of all-terrain URAL trucks. The “URAL” Automobile Works” OJSC manufactures all-wheel-drive 4x4, 6x6 & 8x8 trucks having a carrying capacity ranging from 4.5 to 18 tons. Over 400 types of special equipment applicable for oil-and-gas industry, enforcement authorities, timber industry, road building and construction are mounted on URAL chassis. The new trend of the factory activities is manufacture of radically new class of URAL-6370 heavy all-wheel-drive 6x6 trucks, GVW 33.5 tons, carrying capacity of 20.4 tons, which are equipped with up-to-date aggregate base.

Transportation & Logistics; Shift and tourist buses;



Russia - Yekaterinburg

Research and Production Complex "UralNeftServis" is specializes in the design, manufacture and service of oil and gas equipment. At the enterprise the research and development works to the creation and improvement of the hydraulic drive for deep well pump are being carried out. This technology is replacing the outdated mechanical pumping unit.

Oil&Gas Machine building ; Power Generation Equipment ; The deposit equipment; Enhanced oil recovery; Monitoring systems; Monitoring systems; Systems of rising of petroreturn; Engineering; Oil&Gas equipment; Oilfield services;



Russia - Votkinsk, Udmurt Republic

Manufacturing, sale, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service, upgrading of equipment for the oil and gas industry. - centrifugal pumps «ЦНС» with delivery of 25, 40, 63, 80, 180 and 240 m3/hour and drive from 1000 to 2100 m; - electrically-driven and hydraulic wrenches «КМУ-50» and «АПР 2-ВБМ»; suspended hydraulic split tongs «КПГР-9» and «КПГР-16»; spiders «СП-50» and «СП-80»; swivels «ВЭ-50», «ВЭ-60», «ВЭ-80», «ВП-50», «ВП-60», «ВП-80», «ВБ-100», «ВБ-160»; tubing wrenches, elevator types «ЭШН», «ЭХЛ» and «ЭТАД»; - valves «ЗКС DN 15-50 мм», «PN 16- 250 атм», «ЗКС» in NACE design for H2S fluids, shut-off valves «ВКЗ» types «15с», «лс 65 нж», «15с», «лс 18 нж», «15с», «лс 22 нж», «15с», «лс 68 нж», ball valves «DN 6-150мм», «PN 16-160 атм», parallel-slide valves «65-210», oil-filled steel valves «65-210»; - packers, valves «ЦКОД», сentralizers; - odorant transport casks «СПМ», pressure controllers «РДУ-80».



Russia - Mosckow
E-mail: info@zers.ru

From its establishing in 1998 GK ZERS developed and introduced into production more than 300 different technical products in different schedule-sizes aimed at improving quality of well construction. These include complex technical means for zonal isolation, cement-inflatable and hook-wall packers for different applications, multiple stage c cementers and collar cementers, liner hangers, complex solutions for hydraulic fracturing, non-return valves, stop collars, filters and other casing string equipment

Oil&Gas equipment; Oil & gas services ;



Kazakhstan - Uralsk

Asia Flow Group” LLP is a domestic Kazakhstan's producer who organized the production of modern microprocessor electronic flow-measuring equipment for oil and gas sector in Uralsk, West Kazakhstan region. Our product is - industrial gas meters AFG-200 based on ultrasonic pulse-time principle of gas consumption measurement. Ultrasonic flow-meters are modern measuring equipment which corresponds to all metrological safety requirements and standards of gas production and transporting enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Basic specifications: • Measurement error in the ranges from Qt to Qmax – ±1%, from Qmin to Qt – ±2 % • Diameter – 50-500 mm • Measured flow speed – 0,15 – 22 m/s • Operating excessive pressure – 0-16 MPa • Testing interval – 4 years (check is made in the Republic of Kazakhstan). • Interface exits – RS232 and RS485 • Analog output – 4-20 mA

Measuring & Control Equipment;



Kazakhstan - Almaty

Explosion-proof equipment plant GORELTEX designs and manufactures the whole range of explosion-proof electrical equipment: terminal, junction and connection boxes; control cabinets according to customer specification; lighting panels; control and indication units, signalling and alerting units; sockets and end switches; magnetic starters; LED, energy-saving and fluorescent lighting fixtures, high-pressure mercury arc and high-pressure sodium arc lamps; cable glands; connection elements for piped electric wiring, fittings; IT-equipment; motors, fans, pumps; heated cabinets, heating cables and plates; intrinsically safe tools. Certificates available: Certificate of conformity GOST R, Conformance certificate of Customs Union Technical Regulations, Certificates of JSC Gazprom, Rostekhnadzor Permit to Use, Permits to use of Kazakhstan and Ukraine, Certificate of Quality Management System, Certificates of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Russian River Register.

Motors; Pumps and systems; LED lamp; Power and electrical equipment; Oil&Gas equipment;



Kazakhstan - Atyrau

Toyota Centre in Atyrau was the first in the West Kazakhstan to become an official dealer of Toyota. Auto Centre was opened after renovation in 2008 in accordance with the new standards adopted by Toyota Motor Corporation. Our main principle of work is “Customer 1st”, meaning that the customer always comes first. We are doing everything we can to ensure that the cooperation with Toyota Centre in Atyrau is comfortable in all respects. We invite you to cooperate and we will be glad to see you among our customers! Operating mode of our Auto Centre: from 9.00 to 19.00, 5 days a week, on Saturdays from 10 to 17-00, without breaks. Our address: Atyrau, 94 Abylkhair Khan Prospect, on the way to the airport. Contact phone: 303-303, www.toyota-atyrau.kz

Transportation & Logistics; After sales services;