Exhibitors List Astana Zdorovie 2018
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Kazakhstan - Almata

GLORYON – IS IN YOUR BEST INTERESTS! Gloryon represents only its own exclusive brands. Own international Scientific and Cosmetic departments of the Holding are engaged in the development. Gloryon products, thanks to additional quality control of raw materials and careful selection of manufacturers in Russia, China and the United States, consistently high quality. All products are certified. More than 130 products for beauty and health were highly appreciated by doctors, cosmetologists and athletes. The demand for Gloryon products is the best indicator of their effectiveness and help in maintaining and restoring health and beauty. We develop and produce the highest quality products for the best physical shape, health and beauty, choosing the best contract manufacturing all over the world.

SPA and Wellness centres; Biologically active additives; A dietary food and nutritious means; Preparations for dentistry; Production for hygiene of an oral cavity; Hygiene Products; Agents on care of a skin and hair; Phyto tea;

PavilionHall A


Kazakhstan - Almaty

The company "G.Kaami" exists since 2013. During this time, we were able to combine the provision of high-quality medical services with the sale of orthomolecular complexes, becoming the exclusive representatives of the German pharmaceutical company Orthomol on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Orthomol are specially selected orthomolecular complexes for energy supply and optimal functioning of the organism of all age categories from children and pregnant women to adult men, women and athletes. The daily dose of "Orthomol" provides the body with all the vitamins and microcells necessary to it, being leaders among the orthomolecular complexes of Germany. For the production of Orthomol, only high quality raw materials of natural origin are used. The safety of preparations is guaranteed: all products comply with the strictest international standards ensuring the cleanliness of food products (DIN ISO 22000/GMP).

Biologically active additives; A dietary food and nutritious means; Health and beauty products distribution;