Exhibitors List Astana Zdorovie 2018
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Kazakhstan - Karaganda

DiAKiT LLP is a domestic manufacturer of diagnostic reagent kits for biochemical research. Reagent kits can be used both for manual determination on photometers, spectrophotometers and semi-automatic analyzers, as well as on fully automatic open-type analyzers. Our main goal is to equip the KDL of the Republic of Kazakhstan with high-quality and affordable diagnostic test systems for an extensive range of biochemical studies. The company has developed and registered 20 items of diagnostic kits. We are also pleased to present the company «Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.» - "We offer more than 5000 specialty research Laboratory Chemicals, our actual strength is also in our Biochemicals and Molecular Biology products, Dehydrated Culture Media and Nanotechnology products. We work almost 250 Distributors in India and about 70-80 Distributors Globally in 80 countries.

Diagnostic the system test; Dyes, Agents, Indicators and solutions; laboratory diagnostics; Nutrient mediums; Reagents;

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Kazakhstan - Almaty

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and commercial consortium of Dolce and Dolce-Pharm companies was formed in 1998. Today it is one of the largest Kazakhstan’s manufacturers of all kinds of professional surgical and examination gloves, complex surgical, obstetric and gynecological kits, disposable clothes and linen, plastic medical instruments, and medicines (activated coal 0.25 No.10 “Ultra Adsorb”). For more than 20 years, well organized manufacturing and constant innovations have allowed complying even highly specialized customer demand. The consortium supplies needs of medical treatment facilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan, fulfills the state order on supplying MP and medicines under a long-term contract with North Kazakhstani branch, and is focused on export to Central Asia and CIS countries.