Exhibitors List Astana Zdorovie 2018
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Kazakhstan - Almaty

Medical platform MedElement.com (MedElement) is "cloud" services and referral systems for patients, doctors and medical organizations. Cloud Clinic Automation System (MIS) - MedElement Electronic Clinic: - Electronic queue - Online control of receptions schedule. - Electronic medical records of patients. - Cash desk: accounting of finances and services. - Policy administration, limits accounting. - Reporting. - Marketing: messaging, questioning. Kazakhstan doctors searching service Medelement.kz: - Quick search for clinic, doctor, services - Online appointment - Contact center: selection of clinic and doctor Medical tourism service: selection of a clinic abroad Information services: - Electronic database of clinical protocols of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Reference book of medicines, KNF MR

Medical information systems;

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Russia - Kazan

“Innovation and Implementation Firm “Medfarmservice” Limited Liability Company was founded in 1996 by immigrants from military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation. Taking into account knowledge and production experience of the founders, the company became a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of instruments and tools for such areas of minimally invasive surgery as abdominal and thoracic surgery, rhinology, arthroscopy, vein surgery and plastic surgery. Many outstanding practical scientists in Russia cooperate with us. The enterprise is the owner of many patents. The firm successfully combines production with research and development activities, each year offering its own developments on the market. We have diplomas and certificates in numerous exhibitions, conferences, congresses and seminars. 420036, Russian Federation, RT, Kazan, 36 Pobezhimov st. Tel / Fax: (843) 533-03-14, 533-03-31 E-mail: mfservice@mail.ru Website www.mfsendo.com

Medical equipment ; Endoscopy; Endoscopes and accessories;

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Kazakhstan - Almaty

We provide with modern medical equipment that contributes to the effective restoration of health and working capacity of citizens, the rehabilitation of disabled people and the elderly, as well as the prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction. Our products are of high quality and are designed to preserve, strengthen and restore your health. The main activities of the company: - Sale of alcohol testers for professional and individual use; - Equipping medical institutions with medical gas supply systems; - Realization of oxygen and rehabilitation equipment - oxygen - concentrators, inhalers, oxygen cylinders, wheelchairs and wheelchairs; - Realization of spare parts and components for medical devices: cables and sensors for medical devices; - Medical devices for professionals; - Copper pipes and fittings, fittings; - Mind machines, for transcranial electrotherapy (TET); - Systems for backbone treating of Detensor brand.

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Kazakhstan - Astana

"Meditec" Company has been operating since 2006 and today is official distributor of global manufacturers. We have an experienced team of professionals. "Meditec" Companyy is a regular participant in public procurement, and has extensive experience in supplying of medical equipment to medical and educational institutions of our Republic. One of company's advantages is high-quality technical support of equipment supplied, achieved through improved knowledge and advanced qualifications of engineers and specialists of our team, regular training on the basis of our manufacturing partners in Germany, USA, Great Britain and Korea.

Defibrillators; Other labware; Cardiology; Laboratory equipment; First aid; Electrocardiography and accessories;

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Kazakhstan - Pavlodar

Merusar and K LLP is Kazakhstan manufacturer of disposable medical clothing and underwear. The company produces disposable medical clothing and underwear for surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, intensive care and other areas of medicine. All products are registered in Drug Tariff. Only modern non-woven materials certified for medical use are applied for production. Product range: Disposable medical underwear sets; sets of surgical clothes; obstetric sets; bedding sets, procedural sets, masks; caps; medical shoe covers for visitors; diapers, disposable wipes, alcohol wipes, etc. The key to competitiveness of our products is constant quality control, use of environmentally friendly raw materials and modern equipment.





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Russia - Mytishchi
Web: medsil.ru

SC “MEDSIL” was founded in 1992 on the basis of laboratory medical equipment Special Design Bureau of the cable industry (OKB KP), working since 1958 in Mytischi, Moscow Region. The staff of the company for more than 40 years develops and manufactures products made of silicone rubber and other polymer materials for use in medicine, food, electrical industry, construction and other fields. Over the years, we developed and put into production: the first national multi-channel pipes and drains of the silicon-organic (silicone) rubber implantable system for treatment of hydrocephalus Silicone implants for eye surgery for scleroplastic operations carried out by retinal detachment Laryngeal mask of silicone rubber subclavian catheters Today, a wide range of products of SC “MEDSIL” successfully used in medical institutions throughout Russia.

General surgery; Disposable medical items made of polymer; Supplies for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; Aid for laboratory; Consumables for clinics/hospitals and beauty parlours; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; Vascular neurosurgery; Urinology; Surgery; Endoscopy;

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Russia - Kazan

"Production-technical association "Medtehnika" LLC Year of foundation - 1992 The total number of two companies - 187 people. Manufactured products: Ilizarov apparatus, needles for treatment of bone fractures, titanium screws and plates for osteosynthesis of tubular bones and tools for their installation, microsurgical instruments for Ophthalmosurgery, Vascular Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Sigal ratractor titanium, suture material with atraumatic needles on the basis of imported and domestic raw materials (metal made in Germany, threads manufactured in England, Germany, Korea, Russia, USA, Japan)

Cardiac surgery; Microsurgery; General surgery; Plastic surgery; Vascular neurosurgery; Traumatology; Surgical instruments; Surgical materials; Surgical toolkit;