Exhibitors List Astana Zdorovie 2014


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Medical furniture and the equipment; The equipment and devices for operational halls; Projects "on a turn-key basis"; Disinfecting photocatalytic air purifiers ; Laminar ceilings; Clean rooms; Technology of photocatalysis; Medical equipment ; Ducted air purification system;


Russia - Saint-Petersburg

перевод от организаторов

Diagnostic devices and devices; Other labware; Laboratory furniture; Laboratory equipment; The equipment for medical examination; Equipment for patologo-morphological services;


Latvia - Liepaja

Tonus Elast manufactures a wide variety of elastic medical products, ranging from elastic bandages to complex corsetry, both stylish and functional, for pregnant women, nursing mothers and modern highly effective compression products. Our high quality products offer preventative solutions, as well as treatment of varying illnesses in the areas of orthopedics, rheumatoid diseases, varicose, areas of sports medicine and at rehabilitation after mammary gland operations. Our strategy is consistent achievement in collaboration with our customers!

Orthopedic production; OTC Products; Prostheses, corsets, dressing materials; Other medical items; Sports medicine;