Exhibitors List Astana Zdorovie 2014


Turkey - Antalya

Remed is a consulting expert company at medical tourism field that helps patients from all over the world who are needs different type of medical treatment and travel programs. Our staff not only doctors and medical specialists, we have also professional consultants who speaks Russian, Turkish, English, French, German and Arabic thats why every patient feels comfortable and can communicate in their native language without any barriers. The Remed has different types of medical transportation services: - Land and sea transportation, - Air transportation and complex evacuations

Hospitals, medical centers; Dermatological; Dentistry; Computer tomography; Cosmetology, aesthetic medicine and dermatology; Laser therapy; Low-invasive surgery; Microsurgery; Organization of individual medical assistance programmes; First aid; Plastic surgery; HEALTH & BEAUTY; Sports medicine; Dentistry;