Exhibitors List Astana Zdorovie 2014


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Intermedika Almaty specializes in equipping and maintenance of clinical diagnostic laboratories, offices of functional diagnostics and veterinary surgeries. Exclusive representative in Kazakhstan manufacturers HTI (USA), Opti Medical (U.S.), CDS (U.S.), Streck (USA), Alpinion (Korea), Terason (USA), Medge (USA). Intermedika Customer Service provides full information and customer support: - The installation, - Training of personnel working on the equipment of medical institutions, - Consulting and methodological support for users - Warranty service, - After-sales service of the equipment, - Maintenance and repair of equipment. Our equipment is used in medical and veterinary laboratories, intensive care, spa facilities and medical schools. Dealer network and service support throughout Kazakhstan.

Analyzer; Reagents; Ultrasonic diagnostics; Centrifuge;


Kazakhstan - Astana

«перевод от организаторов»

Diagnostic devices and devices; Computer tomography; Sterilizers; Ultrasonic diagnostics;


Kazakhstan - Aktobe

Autoclaves and sterilising solutions; Analyzer; The Anesteziologichesky equipment; The aspiratsionnoe equipment; The disinfection and sanitary equipment; Defibrillators; Diagnostic preparations; Diagnostic devices and devices; Other labware; Preparations for dentistry; Dentistry; Invalid carriages; Instrument for dental surgery; Tools and devices for infusion; Information systems in public health services; Computer tomography; Laboratory furniture; Laboratory equipment; Laser therapy; Furniture for dental facilities; Medical furniture and the equipment; Medical clothes; Medical gloves; Medical lamps; Microscope; Microsurgery; The equipment for medical examination; Metal workplaces; Ceramic workplaces; Plastic workplaces; The equipment and devices for operational halls; The equipment and materials; OPTICAL & OPHTALMOLOGY; Orthodontic tools and materials; Orthopedic production; Portable physiotherapeutic apparatus; Therapy instrumentation; Devices with a diamond dusting and their delivery; Design, manufacture, installation, validation of clean operation rooms and intensive care units; Other medical items; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; The rehabilitational equipment and devices; Reagents; X-ray apparatuses; The x-ray equipment; The respiratory and oxygen equipment; Systems of disinfecting of air; Sterilizers; Dental equipment; Dental X-ray equipment; Dentistry; Traumatic surgery equipment; Ultrasonic diagnostics; Foetal monitoring; Surgical instruments; Surgical materials; Surgical toolkit; Centrifuge; Maxillofacialsurgery; Small suitcases of the doctor and emergency aid bag; Electrocardiography and accessories; Electro-medical instrumentation and units; Electrotherapy; The electrosurgical equipment; Electroencephalograph; Endoscopes and accessories;