Exhibitors List Astana Zdorovie 2014


Kazakhstan - Astana

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Analyzer; Other labware; Laboratory equipment; Microscope; Centrifuge;


Kazakhstan - Astana

CDL OLYMP is the largest network of clinical diagnostic laboratories in Kazakhstan. The purpose of establishing a network of clinical laboratories - improving the quality of medical research in the country according to international standards, the introduction of innovative technologies in the field of diagnosis, improve the system of medicine. OLYMP has branches in all cities of important regions (more than 120 treatment rooms). Our priority: • Keeping the patient's diagnostic history • Confidentiality • The use of sterile disposable sampling systems for biomaterials • Test systems of last generation, guaranteeing high precision analyzes • Daily internal quality control assessments in accordance with international standards CDL OLYMP is also a participant of the external quality contro • Operational feedback from customers (phone, email, SMS) • Free thematic lectures and seminars for doctors • The possibility of consulting with the doctor-laboratory assistant

laboratory diagnostics;