Exhibitors List Astana Zdorovie 2014


Other; Hospitals, medical centers;


Pakistan - KARACHI

1.Nabiqasim Industries(Pvt.)Ltd.2.Surge Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd.3.Stancos Pvt. Ltd.4.Eastern Trade and Distribution (Pvt.) Ltd. 5.Plastech products (Pvt.) Limited For nearly 5 decades Nabiqasim has been offering high quality affordable pharmaceutical products. The core business activity includes formulation development, manufacturing & marketing of branded generic pharmaceutical products and offering services related to health sector, to its local and international customers. The company has its cGMP compliant manufacturing facility located in Karachi. Surge Laboratories are among the leading pharmaceutical group engaged in manufacturing and marketing of branded generics & taste masked granules/ microencapsulated products in Pakistan as well as overseas markets. Stancos is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Skin Care and Color Cosmetic Products from Pakistan since last 18 years.

HEALTH & BEAUTY; Medical products; Packing equipment;


Italy - Cerasolo, Coriano (RN)

The Newster Group is one of the European leaders in manufacturing and marketing certified waste treatment systems offering ecological answers to solve the problems related to hospital hygiene with a range of on-site products that are able to satisfy all sanitary needs for waste disposal. We have three main lines of production: 1.Treatment and sterilization of potentially infectious healthcare solid waste 2.Disinfection of hospital waste water 3.Treatment and neutralization of laboratory fluid waste

The disinfection and sanitary equipment; Sterilizers;


Japan - Tokyo

Nichiban has made “creating useful products supporting comfortable living” its objective, developing leading technologies in adhesives and adhesion on the shoulders of the company's heritage in a wide array of fields. We offer a variety of useful products based on our unique adhesives and adhesion technologies, supporting people's health, our everyday lives, business workplaces and industrial development. Nichiban's medical products under our “Medical Business” deal not only with meeting clinical needs, but also with our general needs in everyday life.We will continue to make strides in the future, with the aim of supporting global economic development through innovations in both branches of our business. Nichiban is making daily progress in extending its markets, continuing to grow globally through aggressive entry into “overseas markets” in Asia and Europe.

Dressing materials; Other medical items; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories;