Exhibitors List Astana Zdorovie 2011


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Official distributor of the following companies: Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, Topcon Corporation, Mani Inc. Products: ophthalmic equipment, soft contact lenses, lens care products, operating consumables for eye microsurgery. Activity: supplying of medical centers, clinics, optic shops, installation, service support, advisory help in organization of optic shops and clinics work, training of medical staff.

Diagnostic devices and devices; Computer tomography; Contact lenses, solutions; Medical furniture and the equipment; Microscope; Microsurgery; The equipment and devices for operational halls; Equipment & tools for opticians; The equipment and materials; Preparations, products for treatment of eye illnesses; Projects "on a turn-key basis"; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; Sterilizers; Ultrasonic diagnostics; Surgical materials;


Kazakhstan - Petropavlovsk

Autoclaves and sterilising solutions; The Anesteziologichesky equipment; Anesthesia; The aspiratsionnoe equipment; Biologically active additives; Hospital bed linen; Hospital editions; Auxiliary means for walking and movement; Hygienic items for hospitals; Hormonal means; The disinfection and sanitary equipment; Disinfectants; A children's food; Defibrillators; Generics; Diagnostic devices and devices; Diagnostic the system test; A dietary food and nutritious means; Invalid carriages; Incubator; Tools and devices for infusion; Infusions & standard injections solutions; Medical products; Dressing materials; Professional and protective clothes; Other medical items; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; The respiratory and oxygen equipment; Chemical desinfection sterilisation devices; Surgical instruments; Surgical materials; Surgical toolkit; Rapid tests; Electrocardiography and accessories;