Exhibitors List Astana Zdorovie 2011


Russia - Saint-Petesburg

UAB "Orion Medic" - is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of medical equipment, which is 18 years develops and manufactures medical devices for various applications. All the products the company meets the modern world standards. Currently, commercially available: Lab equipment: Rotary Microtome-ROTMIK-1; Sledge Microtome-MC-1; Freezing device-ZS-1; The heating table-NA-1. Gynecology: A colposcope, modular KM-1 KM-2 KM-3 Microscopy: Ophthalmic Microscope, operating MICRO-01; Microscope operating dental MICRO-C1. -ENT Microscope operating MICRO LOR1. Test-sets of glass lenses and frames NPOL. -Frames for the selection of trial lenses; -Rules skiaskopicheskie All products have registration certificates, certificates of compliance, certificates of type of measurement. Our instruments are operating successfully in Russia and CIS countries.

Autoclaves and sterilising solutions; Analyzer; The Anesteziologichesky equipment; Anesthesia; The aspiratsionnoe equipment; Biologically active additives; Hospital bed linen; Hospital editions; Vaccine; Water treatment equipment; Auxiliary means for walking and movement; Hygienic items for hospitals; Homoeopathic preparations; Hormonal means; The disinfection and sanitary equipment; Disinfectants; Dermatological; A children's food; Defibrillators; Generics; Diagnostic preparations; Diagnostic devices and devices; Diagnostic the system test; A dietary food and nutritious means; Other; Other labware; Preparations for dentistry; Dentistry; Invalid carriages; Incubator; Instrument for dental surgery; Tools and devices for infusion; Information systems in public health services; Infusions & standard injections solutions; Computer tomography; Consulting, planning, construction, validation; Contact lenses, solutions; Cosmetic means; Cosmetology, aesthetic medicine and dermatology; The kurortno-therapeutic equipment; Laboratory furniture; Laboratory equipment; Laser therapy; Medical products; Medical products of veterinary appointment; Medical massage; Glasses lenses; Ambulance cars and saving vehicles; Furniture for dental facilities; Medical furniture and the equipment; Medical packing; Medical editions; Medical portals in the internet; Medical managements and training auxiliary materials; Medical lamps; Mechanical instrumentation; Microscope; Microsurgery; Mineral preparations and vitamins; The equipment for beam therapy; The equipment for medical examination; The equipment for inspection; Metal workplaces; Ceramic workplaces; Plastic workplaces; Equipment for radiation medicine; The equipment and devices for operational halls; Equipment & tools for opticians; The equipment and materials; The equipment and furniture for drugstores; Spectacle frame; OPTICAL & OPHTALMOLOGY; Organization of individual medical assistance programmes; Orthodontic tools and materials; Orthopedic production; Orthopaedic devices; Perfumery agents; First aid; Dressing materials; Portable physiotherapeutic apparatus; Embassy; Preparations, products for treatment of eye illnesses; Therapy instrumentation; Devices with a diamond dusting and their delivery; OTC Products; HEALTH & BEAUTY; Production for hygiene of an oral cavity; Design, manufacture, installation, validation of clean operation rooms and intensive care units; Projects "on a turn-key basis"; Prostheses, corsets, dressing materials; Contraceptives; Professional and protective clothes; Other medical items; Account material for hospitals, clinics and laboratories; The rehabilitational equipment and devices; Reagents; Reanimation blocks; X-ray apparatuses; The x-ray equipment; The respiratory and oxygen equipment; Systems of visualisation and oxygen systems; Press; Rescue equipment and gear; Sports medicine; Agents from intestinal disorders and gastric agents; Agents on care of a skin and hair; Agents on care of the child; Agents on care of a body; Chemical desinfection sterilisation devices; Sterilizers; Dental equipment; Dental X-ray equipment; Dentistry; Technical equipment for hairdressing salons; Traumatic surgery equipment; Means of transport; Ultrasonic diagnostics; Installations for a dialysis; Packing equipment; Enzyme; Foetal monitoring; Filtration systems; Surgical instruments; Surgical materials; Surgical toolkit; Chromatography; Centrifuge; Maxillofacialsurgery; Small suitcases of the doctor and emergency aid bag; Rapid tests; Electrocardiography and accessories; Electro-medical instrumentation and units; Electronic computer ENGINEERING; Electrotherapy; The electrosurgical equipment; Electroencephalograph; Endoscopes and accessories; Ergometer;


Kazakhstan - Ust-Kamenogorsk