Exhibitors List Astana Zdorovie 2011


Belarus - Borisov

"Borisovskiy zavod medicinskikh preparatov" JSC is a modern dynamically developing pharmaceutical factory with new technology and high quality production. It is the biggest pharmaceutical enterprise in the Republic of Belarus. The core business of enterprise: - production of injection preparations in ampoules and sterile powder antibiotic vials; - tablet production; - production of liquid phytochemical preparations and soft medical prepatations; - production of drugs in hard gelatinous capsules; - production of original prepaarations bazed on oxidized celulose.

Medical products;

The company operates in 4 distinct segments: physiotherapy, cardiology, pneumology and medical aesthetics. Its products for physical therapy include electrotherapy, lasers, ultrasounds, magnetic therapy, shockwaves and manufacture of couches and whirlpools. Its cardiology segment offers a wide range of electrocardiographs, software solutions, and products for holter monitoring. The pneumology products include a desktop spirometer and spirometry options for ECGs. The BTL aesthetic medicine division manufactures cutting edge technologies for body shaping, skin tightening, and wrinkles reduction.

Diagnostic devices and devices; Cosmetology, aesthetic medicine and dermatology; The kurortno-therapeutic equipment; Laser therapy; Medical massage; Medical furniture and the equipment; The rehabilitational equipment and devices; Sports medicine; Electrocardiography and accessories; Electrotherapy; Ergometer;