Exhibitors List Astana Leisure 2017


Kazakhstan - Karaganda

Currently, Karaganda region – is the largest area of territory and industrial potential, rich in minerals and raw materials. This is a powerful industrial center. According to economic, cultural and scientific potential, infrastructure area occupies a leading position in Kazakhstan.Railway connects the region with the cities of CIS countries, Germany and China. International Airport "Sary-Arka" carries out direct flights to Russia, Germany, United Arab Emirates and other countries. Freely and widely spread over the Karaganda region in the vast steppes of Sary-Arka. The region's territory is the most elevated central part of Kazakhstan hills. From Karkaralinskmountains in the east to the west of Lake Tengiz, from Ishim in the north to Sherubai-Nura reservoir in the south stretches the wide steppe, where the Kazakh people since ancient times awarded the poetic name of Sary-Arka, which means “yellow mountain range”.

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South Korea - Goyang City

Goyang, the city chosen as the most livable place, is a dynamically growing with 1,000,000 residents and medical tourism in one of its strategic industries incubated by City. Goyang city has geographical advanteges. It takes only 40 minutes to Incheon International Airport and 21 minutes to Kimpo Airport from Goyang. It is also equipped with convenient transportation facilities including KTX(Korea Train Express), express ways and the underground train system. Goyang-city has not only 5 general hospitals where you can enjoy state-of arts medical facilities: it also has 1,000 hospitals with 9,800 members of specialized medical staff. Moreover, cutting-edge medical infrastructures allow you to receive medical treatments conveniently and comfortably. In Goyang, there is the largest in Korea and the 5th largest in Asia global lever complex exhibition hall KINTEX. KINTEX has international and cultural space and One Mount Mall, lake park that offers you to enjoy shopping,leisure one-stop.

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