Exhibitors List Astana Build 2018


Paint and varnish materials;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-3


Russia - Saint-Petersburg

SAH steel – our strong steel brands. Our two brands SAH steel bars und SAS thread bar systems ve­ri­fy our pro­mi­se of "Qua­li­ty and know-how – mo­re than just two word­s”, as ba­sed on our four ele­men­ta­ry prin­ci­ples. As a long-las­ting and tra­di­ti­on-rich com­pa­ny we of­fer our cust­o­m­ers high qua­li­ty round steel bars and thre­ad bars. Ma­ny ye­ars of ex­pe­ri­ence and high­ly qua­li­fied em­ployees en­su­re our world­wi­de suc­cess. Re­lia­bi­li­ty and punc­tu­al de­li­very are our hall­marks. The com­pany’s high le­vel of fle­xi­bi­li­ty enables us to re­act quick­ly and to en­su­re a smooth pro­duc­tion chain. We pro­vi­de our cust­o­m­ers with cust­om-tailo­red pro­ducts and so­lu­ti­ons de­ve­l­o­ped in clo­se co­ope­ra­ti­on du­ring every con­cept and pro­ject pha­se.

Ferro-concrete designs; Building materials ; Metal rolling steel;

StandsЗал-А, С-19


Kazakhstan - Astana
E-mail: info@qsf.kz
Web: qsf.kz

Manufacture and sale of quartz agglomerate and articles thereof: - countertops - window sills - door slopes / elevator portals - floor and wall coverings We are the only producer of quartz agglomerate in the territory of Kazakhstan. We are also the exclusive distributor of the European manufacturer Technistone in the territory of Kazakhstan.

Granite and marble; Interiors and finishing materials; Finishing stone; Ceramic Granite; Building materials ; Marble; Facing materials;

StandsЗал-А, стенд B-27


Kazakhstan - Astana


Designing, installation and manufacturing of metal designs;


Kazakhstan - Astana
E-mail: alit1@mail.ru

StandsЗал-А, стенд B-5


Russia - Troykhgorny

Aluminum composite panels; Aluminium profile; Ventilated facades; Finishing stone; Ceramic Granite; Fixture, fixing materials; Facing materials; Designing; Siding; Facade;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-9


Kazakhstan - Taraz

Sale of high-quality metal roofing and components for roofing.

Drains; Waterproofing; Decorative paints and plasters; Interiors and finishing materials; Paints, varnishes; Fixture for metal designs; Fixture, fixing materials; Roofing materials; Roof metal; Stairs; Aluminium, zinc, enameled sheets; Waterproofing materials ; Insulating materials; Building materials ; Siding; Construction materials ; Thermal insulation;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-59


Belarus - Minsk

Designing, installation and manufacturing of metal designs;

StandsЗал-А, стенд В-11


Russia - Smolensk

Bohrer is the exclusive importer of a wide range of fasteners, hand tools and accessories for electric tools, which are produced by the leading manufacturers in China, Europe and the Republic of Belarus. Bohrer is one of the main suppliers in Russia and it is considered to be a reliable partner for foreign manufacturers. The company Bohrer started its foreign trade activities in 2008 and since that time it has been dynamically developed. A lot of companies consider our company as a strategic partner. Our common efforts allow the cliens to develop successfully and to reach new results in increasing the market share and financial resources.

Drill; Tool for are sharp a stone; Measuring tool ; Painting tool ; Pneumatic tool ; Professional tool ; Cutting tool ; Manual tool ; Garden tool ; Sets of tools; Fixture for metal designs; Fixture, fixing materials; Hardware;

StandsЗал-А, стенд С-22


South Korea - Gyeonggi-do

Boolimtech Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, beginning with hardware related to doors using various metal materials. We are expanding our business areas such as mailboxes, furniture hardware, folding doors and automatic sliding door.Based on manufacturing experience and technology through various products, we are firmly established as a leading company in the field of architectural hardware. We are constantly striving for continuous research and development and quality improvement.We promise to do our best for customer satisfaction value and ask for your continued interest and encouragement.

Automatic doors ; Windows, doors, facades;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-18


Russia - Ekaterinburg

The company "Brandlend" produces packaging adhesive tape, special tapes and protective films. We have been in the packaging materials market since 2005. In the production process, it is possible to place logos on adhesive tape and protective film. The branded adhesive tape will ensure the uniqueness of the packaging of the goods and its safety during transportation and storage. We produce packing adhesive tape for industrial corrugated paper, gluing paper, various films and other packaging operations. Our company produces various kinds of technical adhesive tapes, which have found wide application in industry and everyday life. Are ready to give responses and recommendations of our clients. All products are certified.

Aluminium; Protective films; Painting tool ; Air-conditioning and ventilation, accessories; Insulating materials;


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Decorative paints and plasters; Paints, varnishes; Construction materials ;

StandsЗал-А, Стенд С-14


Kazakhstan - Astana

"CorkCenter" (Corkcenter) - the cork center is an exclusive distributor in Kazakhstan, such plants as Corkstyle, Corkart, Granorte, Egger. These are the best manufacturers of cork coatings in Portugal and Switzerland. In the center there are floor and wall coverings, textiles and furniture made of cork.

Mosaic, tile, coverings; Wall-paper; Parquet; Floor moulding; Floor covers; Laminated floor covers; Wall covers;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-67


Kazakhstan - Astana

Company “Das erste Haus” is the official representative of composite tile factory GERARD, modular metal tiles VENECJA, ceramic tiles BRAAS and LA ESCANDELLA, plastic gutter system MARLEY, steel gutter system FLAMINGO, wooden windows and doors COMMIRUS, as well as dormer windows and roofing vapor-waterproofing membranes MDM in Kazakhstan.Specialists of the company “Das erste Haus” have learned all that is associated with water, wind, snow and ice, temperature extremes on the roof before offering you their products. Exclusive representatives of the manufacturing plant 1. Factory AHI ROOFING (Hungary). 2. Factory Budmat (Poland). 3. MDM ST (Poland) 4. Marley (Germany) 5. La Escandella (Spain) 6. COMIRUS (Belarus) 7. Braas (Germany)

Drains; Wooden houses; Wooden windows and doors; Roofing materials; Roof metal; Copper; Travertine;

StandsЗал-А, стенд В-3

For 17 years, DOMAL manufacturing plant has been producing paving slabs and FORMS for their manufacturing. As of now, Domal company has developed over 50 kinds of plastic forms made of the primary polypropylene for the casting of paving slabs. The forms are produced at the advanced Italian casting machine. Only high-quality polypropylene with the addition of co-polymers to strengthen its sliding motion and shock-resistance properties is used as the raw material. Such admixtures provide for the excellent anti-adhesive characteristics of the ready forms. By using these forms, the clients get their end products with the outstanding physical and mechanical parameters. After shaking-out, the surface has a strong luster appearance and clear geometry. All forms are tested during the in-house production process which guarantees the due level of the ready product quality. We can produce an exclusive customized form of any configuration according to the client’s requirements and needs. The key competitive advantage of the plant resides in the professional supervision of the entire technological process of the production of paving slabs after you buy our forms.

Finishing stone; Building materials ; Forming equipment ; Moulds (for concrete products) ;

StandsЗал-А, стенд С-22


Korea - Namyangju

Dae Yeon Co., Ltd. is a company that creates technology and sells quality of product. According to the ever changing residential environment, we are leading the related laundry drying rack industry by developing Wellex "Automatic laundry drying rack" and multi shelf and hanger "which helps to produce effective residential space. Wellex considered functionality, reliability, convenience and furthermore customer's aesthetic sensitivity of the product.

Home appliances; Kitchen equipment ; Shelves; Systems for drying of walls; Window and door PVC;

StandsЗал-А, стенд С-15


Russia - Tyumen

Concrete, cement and technologies; Paving blocks ; Water-dispersion paints ; Wooden houses; Other; Ferro-concrete designs; Sets of tools; Paints, varnishes; Building materials ; PVC materials; Saw-timbers; Technical consultations; Cement, mixes;

StandsЗал-А, стенд D-2


Russia - Moscow region

TTS Tooltechnic Systems (TM Festool) is the official representative of the German concern TTS Tooltechnic Systems AG & Co. KG (Wertstrasse 20 D-73240 Wendlingen) on the territory of the Russian Federation. In 2018, the company TTS Tooltechnic Systems will celebrate its 25th anniversary in Russia. Our products under TM FESTOOL, including power tools, accessories and consumables, are designed to meet the highest demands of functionality, durability, safety and are ideal for training workshops, carpentry, furniture, manufacturing, decoration painting and automotive workshops. One of our tasks is to popularize mechanized labor using qualified, innovative, functional, robust power tool systems. Our products and services fully meet the requirements of the most demanding professionals.

Abrasive materials; Painting tool ; Professional tool ; Cutting tool ; Sets of tools; Fixture, fixing materials; Woodworking equipment; Equipment for insulation materials; Equipment for warehouse; Building equipment ; Punchers; Polishing machines; Dust removal systems; Grinding machine tools; Contractor construction and repair ;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-57


China - Beijing

For years, FUETA devoted to hardware tools industry. insists the principle “honor the contracts and keep the promise”, holding high credit standing in banking, customhouse and business administration group. Its turnover increases year by year. The corporation passed ISO9002 international quality system certificate. FUETA will adhere to the quality course of “taking sincerity and trust as the base, keeping good quality & high efficiency”, and will cooperate sincerely with enterprises and the figures from all over the world for reciprocal & mutual benefit and joint development as well as in future.


StandsЗал -А, стенд В-19


Kazakhstan - Almaty city

The company GEYSER produces water filters since 1986. One of the leaders in the Russian market of water purification equipment. It produces filters for both domestic and industrial purposes, while it implements the whole complex of works on creating a water treatment system "on a turn-key basis". The company's products are based on their own are based on their own developments. Today, the company's main efforts are focused on optimizing technical solutions in the field of water purification and developing new high-tech products.

Water filters, water treatment;

StandsЗал-А, стенд С-25


Canada - Levis

Canadian company HONCO designs, manufactures and installs pre-engineered steel buildings for commercial, industrial and recreational projects. HONCO™ buildings offer numerous advantages: durability, energy efficiency, large spans. HONCO buildings are ideal for warehouses, logistics centers, aircraft hangars, commercial centers, sports complexes and for agricultural projects. HONCO's team is glad to propose you a full range of turnkey services and solutions.


StandsЗаочное участие


Kazakhstan - Astana

Paving blocks ; Ventilated facades; Drains; Finishing stone; Ceramic tile, floor; Ceramic tile, wall; Ceramic Granite; Brick, building blocks; Roofing materials; Curtain wall systems; Facing materials; Tile for pools; Floor covers; Hand-rail and balustrades; Building admixtures; Steps and footboards; Dry admixtures; Facade;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-45


Russia - Chelyabinsk

Research and Production Enterprise "INTERPRIBOR" has more than 25 years of experience as one of the leading specialists in the sphere of the development of nondestructive testing devices in the construction industry and other manufacturing sectors.

Concrete, cement and technologies; The tool professional; Devices and equipment for tests and quality control of construction materials ;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-10


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Manufacture and sale of aluminum profiles

Finishing mouldings;

StandsЗал-А, Стенд А-1


Russia - Moscow

Equipment for office; Power saving up equipment ; Wall sockets; Smart Home systems; Videosurveillance system; Access monitoring systems; Electrical equipment; Wiring accessories;

StandsЗал-А, стенд С-10


Russia - Kirov
E-mail: vcpe@mail.ru

Manufacturers of the Kirov region offer construction materials, including bricks, artificial stone, boards and moldings, as well as wooden housing construction kits, doors, metering devices

Interior, exterior, folding doors; Metal, fire-prevention and armour doors ; Wooden houses; Ceramic brick; The water systems; Joiner's products;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-60


Kazakhstan - Astana
Web: kzk.kz

Our company since 2000 delivers the equipment - boilers pumps and many other things, for the systems of heating, water-supply, water purification, cooling and conditioning. In addition to delivery of the necessary equipment we render all complex of services in the field of design, complete sets, mounting, balancing and commissioning, warranty and service of systems. Experts of "KZK ASTANA" can design, complete with material and mount boiler rooms and internal systems of any volume: from the small private house in 100-200 sq.m to big housing estates, industrial and large entertaining facilities. Boilers, pumps, chillers, fan coils and other equipment which is delivered by our Company differs in high quality and it is made according to the most advanced technologies that is confirmed by the systems of certification of quality and also certificates of conformity of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Air-handling units; Shutoff valves; Drainage systems and materials; Engineering services; Engineering of buildings, life-support systems and safety; Water drain, the sewer equipment; Air-conditioning and ventilation, accessories; Inspection of buildings and constructions; Heating equipment; Polypropylene pipes; Designing, installation and manufacturing of metal designs; Industrial water heaters and heat accumulators; The water systems; Sewerage systems; Heating systems; Thermal insulation; Heat Supply; Technical consultations; Pipes polyethylene; Water filters, water treatment; Plugs for pipes and valves;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-42


Russia - Yoshkar-Ola

The company "Kalina" was founded in 1997. The goal of its creation was to achieve high positions in the doors market. Our company is a manufacturer of quality interior doors of various types, as well as furniture facades. Today our company focuses on interior arches for interiors of apartments and offices. Stylish and inexpensive arched openings for decorating the interior design are made from solid wood of coniferous species. For more than 20 years, the company "Kalina" has been producing high-quality paneled doors made of softwood with the use of decorative glass. In its work, the company "Kalina" uses woodworking equipment manufactured by Richman, Weinig: the Rondamat 950 grinding machine, as well as the splicing line for Profi Joint mines from Grecon Dimter.

Interior, exterior, folding doors;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-44


Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek

Our company is a producer and distributor of the standardized and customized products made of natural cladding travertine stone which is mined in the Kyrgyz Republic at the Sary-Tash deposit. We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of products, from standard slabs to various architectural items (arcs, columns, banisters, 3D murals with paintings, profiles and so much more). We create different projects, taking into consideration all preferences and needs of our customers. Our ready products are exported to many countries of the world.

Granite and marble; Finishing stone; Building stone ; Marble; Facing materials; Tile for pools; Window sills and ledges; Floor covers; Wall covers; Hand-rail and balustrades; Building; Contractor construction and repair ; Travertine;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-21


Kazakhstan - Astana

Wooden houses;

StandsЗал-А, стенд С-12


E-mail: sales@lode.ru

At present, LОDE Corporate Group consists of five specialized plants that deal with the production of clinker brick (Liepaja, Gozdnitsa, Patoka) and ceramic hollow blocks (Ane, Kozlowice), and two distribution companies (LODE RU, LODE Polska). The products of the LODE Corporate Group are distributed within the territory of Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Hungary, and they continue to expand the geography of sales. The clinker brick products are sold under the brands of LHL Klinkier (produced in the city of Gozdnitsa, Poland), LODE (produced in Liepaja, Latvia), and Patoka (made in Patoka, Poland). LODE Corporate Group also offers a wide choice of ceramic hollow blocks under the trademark of KERATERM (produced in the city of Ane, Latvia) and Cerpol (Koslowice, Poland). You are welcome to find out more about these products at the corporate website: www.lode.ru

Brick, building blocks; Building; Building materials ; Paving blocks ;

StandsЗал-А, Стенд А-13


Russia - St. Petersburg

«LAMINATED PLASTICS PLANT» is industrial enterprise of the Russian Federation that manufactures and supplies decorative high-pressure paper-based plastic laminate sheets, also called HPL plastic. Decorative plastic is offered on the market for various industries under the trade mark SLOPLAST, also the company has the brands stenopan and stenopan ECO (composite materials).

Roofing materials; Building materials ; Construction materials ; Facade;


Russia - Chelyabinsk

Lawn grass; Landscape design;

StandsЗал-А, В-9


Russia - Moscow

Company League operates in the market of construction and decorative finishing materials since 2003 and is a manufacturer of glass cloth reinforcing, and other construction and finishing materials, as well as one of the largest and most stable Federal sellers of building materials, including reinforcing glass cloth mesh. At present, our company manufactures and supplies products of its own brands: X-Glass, PentaIzol, FasadPro, TDStels. Production of all products is conducted in accordance with the technical specifications developed by the engineers and subject to the Standards and regulatory documents. The quality of the product and its safety are confirmed by mandatory fire certificates, as well as certificates of conformity. In order to promote our brand, we provide customers a variety of promotional and informational materials: stands, banners, point-of-sale, advertising print production, and background information on the use of our products.

Aluminium profile; Design of interior; Adhesives; Waterproofing materials ; Sound-proof materials ; Insulating materials; Building materials ; Heat insulation materials; Wall-paper; Undercoating, priming; Reinforcing profile; Fiber glass products; Building; Contractor construction and repair ; Facade;

StandsЗал-А, стенд С-6


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Since 2011, ADK Index LLP is a Kazakhstan manufacturer of the LEPKA trade mark polyurethane and polystyrene decorative elements, used in finishing the facade and interior of buildings. The manufacturing facility of the company with an area of 1500 m2, located in Almaty, is equipped with automated European equipment. Qualified technical personnel working in the production was trained and had internship in a partner company in Istanbul. All LEPKA products have ST-KZ quality certificate and meet the safety (quality) requirements established in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our company consider the quality of its products as a priority, as a guarantee of success of the enterprise and as a guarantor of customer confidence. Products go through careful quality control and only after that goes to the warehouse.

3D Panels; Decorative sections and drop aprons; Interiors and finishing materials; Building materials ; Facing materials; Finishing mouldings; Construction materials ; Facade;

StandsЗал-А, стенд В-2


Russia - Leningradskiy region, Kirovskiy rayon, Otradnoye

Ceramic brick; Brick, building blocks; Building materials ; Road coverings ; Construction materials ;

StandsГалерея, стенд D-1


Kazakhstan - Astana

Lawn-mowers and saws; Sealants; Diesel compressors; Drill; Tool for are sharp a stone; Measuring tool ; Pneumatic tool ; Professional tool ; Cutting tool ; Manual tool ; Garden tool ; Sets of tools; Compressor; Aerosol paints ; Stairs; Technics for garden works; Assembly foam; Woodworking equipment; Drilling equipment ; Building equipment ; Punchers; Polishing machines; Welding equipment; Silicone; Machine tools, the equipment; Electrical equipment;

StandsЗаочное участие


Russia - Moscow

ООО "MAKALINI SYSTEM" is the Russian manufacturer that uses its own patented technology and advanced plant facilities to produce building thermal panels for the erection of passive houses. The plant with the operational capacity of 80 000 m2 of thermal panels for passive housing per year is located in the Chekhov district of the Moscow region. Simplicity, high quality and outstanding heat-insulating characteristics of our panels bring the construction of passive houses at the new level of efficiency and timeliness. This technology allows erecting permanent residence buildings in the areas which are not connected to the main gas pipeline system. Makalini panels, manufactured at the modern plan under the strict quality control system, constitute an actual, reliable and ecologically-friendly solution for the low-rise construction.

Wooden houses; Building materials ; Heat insulation materials; Wooden panels ; Construction materials ; Building;

StandsЗал-А, стенд В-15


Kazakhstan - Almaty citi

Maris Polymers S.A. is one of the well-known European leaders in the field of development and production of liquid polyurethane waterproofing products and polyurethane cold-setting resins which are widely used in the construction industry. We use only the latest technologies for the development of our products so you can take this advantage to enter new markets. Our corporate values which Maris Polymers lives with every day, namely, credibility, customer-oriented service and innovations, are focused at the best interests of the clients. The Company has a solid reputation confirmed by nearly 30 years of rewarding cooperation with the top abroad and domestic suppliers of the manufacturing raw stock. The Company owns a number of in-house patents and internal regulations compliant with the international standards. All products of the company are environmentally-friendly and go through the strictest inspection at every stage of the production process. We will be glad to offer you the most beneficial terms of collaboration and help to find effective solutions in matching all your needs and objectives.

Abrasive materials; Bathrooms and bathroom accessories; Water-repellent materials; Waterproof materials; Sealants; Waterproofing; Secondary glazing, reflecting, anti-reflecting, strong, insulating; Decorative coverings, antiseptics (means for wood protection); Wooden staircases; Sheetings; Water drain, the sewer equipment; Complex materials for a water-proof roofing; Sealing materials; Waterproofing materials ; Bulk floors; Concrete surface finishing; Processing of tiled seams; Anticorrosive coverings ; Undercoating, priming; Polymeric septums; Polymeric floor coatings; Enamel;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-20


United Arab Emirates - Sharjah
E-mail: sales@mbs.ae

Founded in 1997, Memaar Building Systems (MBS) is a subsidiary of Emaar Industries and Investments (EII), and is one of the largest manufacturers of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB) and sandwich panels in the world. MBS is specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB), using internationally recognized engineering software and the most advanced production machineries in the PEB industry. Our current monthly production capacity is 8,000 MT of steel buildings and 150,000 m? of sandwich panels (consisting of PUR and PIR as core insulation) which allows us to handle large fast track jobs in the shortest time period.

Building; Metal staircases; Other; Roof metal; Roofing materials;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-14


Belarus - Minsk
E-mail: misom@mail.ru
Web: misom.by

Concrete mixers; Landscaping ; Road engineering; Construction equipment;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-12


Russia - Moscow

MOSTORG is a producer and also a dealer of many domestic and foreign companies, which make finishing materials and industrial goods. We produce polyethylene film (hotbed and technical) and also fiberglass mesh, adhensive fiberglass tape, bands and PVC profiles with fiberglass mesh. Own production allows us to keep the prices affordable for our buyers. We offer a wide range of production for building, repair and gardening. Our assortment: - Film (hotbed, reinforced, technical); - mesh (fiber-glass mesh, adhesive); - tapes (paper, metallized, plastic); - adhesive tapes; - household and building containers and etc. We invite you to cooperation!

Waterproofing; Protective films; Sheetings; Interiors and finishing materials; Complex materials for a water-proof roofing; Waterproofing materials ; Insulating materials; Building materials ; Construction materials ; Building materials from fiber glass; Facade; Plaster;


Kazakhstan - Astana

Employees of "Novatex KZ" LLP in the market of construction and services more than fifteen years. On own production capacities products on technology "the washed concrete" (garden and Park furniture from concrete) are made. Recently, the company has established cooperation with LLC" KEDROF " becoming their official representatives in the Republic of Kazakhstan. One of the important directions of activity of company is construction – construction of turnkey cottages, houses and baths of laminated veneer lumber produced in the Altai mountains with the use of precious woods of cedar and larch. The main distinguishing feature of the enterprise is the use in the production of elite wood such as: Altai cedar, larch and more economical materials –Siberian fir, spruce and pine, as well as high quality work in the installation of the house.

Concrete, cement and technologies; Landscaping ; Timbered structures; Paving blocks ; Granite and marble; Wooden houses; Wooden staircases; Furniture, components for its manufacture; Facing materials; Windows, doors, facades; Window frames, accessories; Parquet; Interior partitions; Saw-timbers; Wooden, metal, log floors; Garden furniture; Garden arbours and canopies; Joiner's products; Contractor construction and repair ; Steps and footboards;

StandsЗал-А, Стенд А-28


Russia - Novosibirsk

The INTENTION trading and production company-one of the few producers of the domestic painting tool, the long-term leader in quality of the rollers made in Russia. Company "Intent" has its own production base, equipped with the unique European equipment and finished goods warehouse. The company sells its own products in 15 regions of the country through an extensive network of dealers who work according to a single quality standard. We render a full cycle of services in advance and sale of goods: from consultations on specifics of the painting tool, before providing the necessary equipment and exhibition samples. One of our key tasks is the supply and promotion of products of our own production in retail chains, small and medium stores. The company provides information support to shops, unique equipment in the form of product catalogs, price lists, mini-seminars for sellers specialized departments.

Painting tool ; Manual tool ; Sets of tools; Building equipment ;

StandsЗал-А, Стенд В-10


Kazakhstan - Astana

Internal partitions; Water-repellent materials; Waterproof materials; Aerated Concrete Blocks; Sealants; Waterproofing; Gypsum; Decorative paints and plasters; Interiors and finishing materials; Adhesives; Tile glue ; Paints, varnishes; Fixture, fixing materials; Waterproofing materials ; Sound-proof materials ; Insulating materials; Building materials ; Heat insulation materials; Mineral cotton wool; Assembly foam; Bulk floors; Fire-resistant materials; Interior partitions; Wall covers; Undercoating, priming; Dry admixtures; Thermal insulation; Cement, mixes; Plaster;

StandsЗал-А, стенд В-24


Poland - Siedlce

Your idea is our realization "OLAN was founded in late 2006 as a result of the merger of Lithuanian, Polish and Norwegian capital with many years of experience in the field of steel and aluminum structures and their applications in construction. Currently we are doing business in Poland and the countries of the European Union, as well as in other countries of the world. We carry out orders based on the quality control system in accordance with the PN-EN 1090 standard. In our work we use the long-term experience and know-how of our foreign partners. Within 10 years we have introduced into production 3 forest systems, which are compatible with the most popular systems on the market. Safety certificates "B" confirm compliance with safety requirements.

Timbering, accessories;

StandsЗал-А, стенд В-4


Kazakhstan - Almaty

Opt Trade LLP is an official distributor of FIRAT Plastik products in Kazakhstan. FIRAT Plastik was established in 1972, focusing its activities around such first-priority principles as “excellence in production processes” and “excellence in the product quality”. The company offers a large assortment of items: various plumbing equipment and pipes made of polypropylene and PVC as well as heating, water supply and sewerage systems, providing the customers with an optimal solution due to their credibility, durability and simplicity in use. The products are manufactured at the advanced factory facilities with the area of 750 000 m2, located in the European part of Istanbul. FIRAT Plastik company, with the operational capacity of 510 000 tons per annum, is the fifth largest production plant in Europe and satisfies the needs of the customers in more than 60 countries of the globe. The company has numerous international certificates, such as RAL, GOST, SKZ, EMI, DVGW, TSE, and is certified in compliance with the international quality management systems of ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 10002 и ISO 9001.

Water drain, the sewer equipment; PVC materials; Polypropylene pipes; The water systems; Sewerage systems; Heating systems;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-23, А-24

Manufacture and sale of metal racks and fences. Design and installation of racking systems. Delivery to the regions of Russia and the CIS countries.

Fences and fencings; Racks;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-62


Kazakhstan - Kapshagay

PolymerMetall-T LLP is a domestic producer of high-quality sandwich panels, metal tile roofing, profiled sheetings and modular blocks. We are a progressive enterprise that uses the advanced high-precision equipment, and that is why PolymerMetall-T LLP can be justly named as the industrial construction brand of the Republican significance.

Roofing materials; Building materials ; Construction materials ; Sandwich panel ;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-46


Kazakhstan - Almaty

PRIO LTD-is the manufacturer of rubber goods. Average total productivity of 600 000 kg per year. Range of production includes: *EPDM Rubber Seals *Plastic pipe seals *Road seals *Speed bump PRIO ltd.is oriented to the B2B sector and cooperates with manufacturers of window profiles and plastic pipes; construction and design organizations, including companies that deal with the construction and repairing of roads.

Windows, doors, facades; Rubber seal for windows and doors;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-6


Germany - Frankfurt am Main

Leading Technology Supplier to the Precast Industry PROGRESS GROUP provides complete solutions for the precast and rebar industry. The machines and plants are designed for the production of precast walls and floors, hollow core slabs, constructive and pre-stressed precast elements as well as wire reinforcement. PROGRESS GROUP consists of the 5 mechanical engineering companies EBAWE Anlagentechnik, Progress Maschinen & Automation, Tecnocom, Echo Precast Engineering, UltraSpan Technologies as well as the precast concrete producer PROGRESS and the software developer Progress Software Development. Thanks to the complementary product portfolios and the valuable synergies PROGRESS GROUP acts as a full-range supplier, providing “all from one source”.

Concrete precast batching plants; Precast plants;

StandsЗал-А, стенд С-11


Kazakhstan - Temirtau

«Russian aluminium tubes» is a leading Russian producer of flexible aluminum tubes for air conditioning and refrigeration. Our company produces pipe since 2011 and every year it grows and expands its range of products. Thanks to the rich experience gained while working A/c business, we were able to create a unique, innovative product, which received the State certificate of conformity and is normalized by GOST EN 378-2-2014. Our pipe is recognized not only in CIS countries but also abroad. Our pipes are made only from primary raw materials–aluminum 99,96%. Quality control examines closely all stages of the production process. Our pipes are all 100% pressure tested before winding and packaging. Our pipes have a unique single package, which is convenient in logistics and storage. Our mission was the creation of the best pipes on the air conditioning market, best pipes ever produced! And we did it-our product is more convenient, reliable and cheaper! For more information on the website

Aluminium; Air-conditioning and ventilation, accessories; Plugs for pipes and valves;

StandsЗал-А, стенд А-47


Russia - r.p Vorovskogo
Phone: +79637725898

Plant Regupeks produces synthetic surface Regupol since 1982 on German equipment and technology company Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk GmbH (Germany) in accordance with German quality standards. Regupol is made from Russian raw materials which part the high-quality rubber crumb and polyurethane. In the process of further processing, the material is cut into sheets and rolls of different thickness. Regupol is a product of processing, it is environmentally friendly and does not contain hazardous elements, which allows its use in the construction of any facilities, including food warehouses.

Landscaping ; Sheetings; Interiors and finishing materials; Landscape design; Sound-proof materials ; Building materials ; Equipment for packing and processing of floors; Floor covers; Laminated floor covers; Wall covers; Polymeric floor coatings;

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Russia - Kostroma
E-mail: info@rsp44.ru

Interior, exterior, folding doors; Interiors and finishing materials; Finishing mouldings; PVC materials; Window and door PVC; Apportion for tile; Screen; PVC extrusion;

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Resimart® specializes in the design and manufacture of machinery and accessories for the production of precast pre-stressed concrete products. We offer a complete service of design and integral assembling of production plants for precast concrete products. Our experienced team of technicians and engineers guarantees the highest quality of our products and services. We have an extensive range of machinery, covering both technologies the EXTRUSION and VIBRO-COMPRESION, allowing combining the advantages of each one, always aiming to satisfy the most demanding needs of our customers.

Concrete precast batching plants; Precast plants;

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Kazakhstan - Semey

LLP "Silikat" - one of the largest enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which produces lime brick. The company also specializes in the lime, which is used in various technologies and non-ferrous metals used in gold mining. The technology of production of dry lime-sand mixtures for plaster and mortar of sand produced in its own field.

Brick, building blocks; Construction materials ;

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Russia - Krasnoyarsk

Casting-Extrusion Plant "SEGAL" – is one of Russia's largest developers, manufacturers and suppliers of aluminum profiles for building constructions. The plant produces a wide range of aluminum alloy profiles according to customer drawings.

Aluminium windows and doors; Aluminium profile; Balcony; Ventilated facades; Internal partitions; Building materials ; Curtain wall systems; Windows, doors, facades; Interior partitions; Fire-prevention translucent stained-glass windows; Fire-prevention translucent doors ; Fire-prevention translucent windows ; Fire-prevention translucent partitions ; Siding; Translucent structures; Facade;

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Kazakhstan - Semey

The history of the Cement plant in the city of Semey began 60 years ago, its first technological line was put into operation in November 1958, the other two were put into operation in February-April 1959. On October 4, 1965 the fourth rotary kiln was launched. At present the plant is modernized with high-tech equipment, which provides a high degree of protection against adverse environmental impact. The testing laboratory of the enterprise has state accreditation and checks the quality of products at each stage of production: • Input control of raw materials (limestone, clay, gypsum, sand, blast furnace slag, pyritic cinder, coal, etc.) • Operational control (from the beginning of processing of raw materials to the output of finished products) • Control of finished products (physical-mechanical and chemical indicators). The design capacity of the plant is 1 150 000 tons of cement per year. Production of cement from 1958 to 2017 amounted to 56 425 603 tons.

Cement, mixes;

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Kazakhstan - Astana

Ventilated facades; Facing materials; Facade;

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Russia - Moscow

Aluminium; Roofing materials; Brass; Copper; Metal with coverings; Facing materials; Windows, doors, facades; Facade;

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Russia - Cherepovets

Severstal-metiz is a group of companies which unites the metalware assets of the Severstal company. It is among the Top-5 European producers of wire and wire products in its segment. Production sites are located in Russia. Major customers are in construction, oil and gas, automotive, metallurgy and engineering.

Silo accessories; Shutoff valves; Fixture for metal designs; Fixture, fixing materials; Concrete surface finishing; Fencing; Wire grids;

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Kazakhstan - Astana

Granite and marble; Design of interior; Finishing stone; Ceramic Granite; Ceramic brick; Facing materials; Construction materials ; Travertine; Facade;

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Poland - Kokotov

The Sustainable Cluster Infrastructure is a project jointly implemented by entities interested in the development, implementation and commercialization of innovative technologies in the field of construction and in-house automation and the promotion of ecological construction in Poland. Gor-Stal is one of the largest Polish record producers layered and panels thermoinsulative termPIR® TiA is a company with many years of tradition. We operate on the market of heating, sanitary and electrical installations.

Construction equipment; Construction materials ; Manufacture of metal rolling for building;

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Kazakhstan - Almaty

Tikkurila is a leading company in the paint and varnish industry with many years of experience. We develop premium products and services, the quality of which can withstand the tests of time and weather conditions. In more than 10 countries, 3 thousand dedicated business professionals share the joy of forming a bright future, creating surfaces that matter. In 2017, the proceeds of Tikkurila amounted to 582 million euros. The company is listed on NASDAQ Helsinki.

Paint and varnish materials;

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Uzbekistan - Tashkent

TOSHAFUS Company manufactures, installs and provides service for elevators. Company has launched elevator manufacturing in 2013, together with South-Korean partners in Tashkent city of Uzbekistan. Toshafus produces several types of elevators with machine room and machine roomless: • Passenger, • Hospital, • Freight, • And other types for individual order. Elevator assembly is practiced by original Korean technology, and main lift details, such as: control panel and safety parts are imported from South Korea. Our company tries to attain a position of reliable, safe and technological manufacturer.


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Russia - Voronezh

Concrete, cement and technologies; Other; Brick, building blocks; Concrete block machines or equipment for concrete products industry ; Ready equipment ; Modular designs; Building;

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Turkey - Istanbul

Vekon, which is among the most experienced brands of the world in pre-engineered building sector, undertakes individually to the design, production, and implementation processes of living containers, prefabricated, lightweight steel, and structural steel buildings by turnkey service model. It offers pre-engineered buildings solutions in a very large area from worker camps to public housing, from collective housing to social facilities, from commercial buildings to warehouse and hangars, from modular living units to industrial structures, from multi storey buildings up to specifically designed buildings.

1.01 Turn-key projects; Building; Construction equipment; Construction materials ; Contractor construction and repair ; Engineering equipment; Engineering services; Facade; Light gauge steel frame; Manufacture of metal rolling for building; Metal rolling from nonferrous metals, stainless steels in building; Panels from expanded polystyrene; Sandwich panel ; Steel;

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Russia - Volzhsky
Web: vinkub.ru

Volgograd Regional Business Incubator (Export Support Center of the Volgograd region) represents the producers of the Volgograd Region: 1. DOP, LLC - manufacturer of light transparent wooden and aluminum and wooden structures tel .: + 78442-41-24-24 e-mail: stollervolga@gmail.com 2. NPO Bronya, LLC - producer and saler of innovational construction materials. «Bronya» series liquid ceramics heat-insulating coatings, fireproof compositions, waterproofing, primers. tel .: + 78442-50-62-30 e-mail: info@nano34.ru 3. StekloPlast, LLC - producer of fiberglass composite rebar with 4mm-32 mm diameter. tel .: + 78443-33-68-41 e-mail: info@stekloplast34.ru 4.Energokomplekt, LLC - electrical equipment (high voltage and low voltage) tel .: + 78442-26-33-88 e-mail: ek134@bk.ru 5. Volgogradskiy Kompozitniy Zavod, LLC - producer of fiberglass items and structures of various shapes and design tel .: + 78442-96-24-62 e-mail: info@kompozitzavod.ru

Wooden windows and doors; Other; Heat insulation materials; Non-metallic Composite Armature; Electrical equipment;

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Kazakhstan - Astana

"ZZBO concrete plants — No. 1 in the TOP of the sellers of concrete plants in Russia and CIS countries in 2013-2017. ZZBO products: stationary concrete batching plants with the capacity from 7 up to 144 cu m per hour, compact concrete batching plants from 15 to 90 cu m per hour, all-weather concrete plants FLAGMAN, cement silos, batching complexes, wide range of concrete mixers including twin-shaft mixers, heating centers for CBP, block making machines, vibrating molds for producing concrete goods and other accessories for CBP. Manufacturer's warranty - 2 years. Reliable component parts from the leading global manufacturers. Spare parts in-stock any time. Our own truck fleet guarantees continuous supply throughout Russia and CIS countries. "

Concrete, cement and technologies; Concrete mixers; Concrete precast batching plants; Diesel power; Batching plants ; Road construction ; Ferro-concrete designs; Precast plants; Brick, building blocks; Building admixtures; Building;

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Russia - Saint-Petersburg

Electrotherm company is a specialized manufacturer of industrial water heaters and heat accumulators with capacity of 1,000 to 100,000 liters. The larger portion of manufacturing program is formed by water heaters with capacity of 1,000 to 3,000 liters, since these ones are most requested by municipal and commercial institutions, such as manufacturing workshops, public catering facilities, kindergartens, sports clubs, etc. Electrotherm is also capable of making customized equipment with special parameters as per customers requirements. Electrotherm company is already operating for 4 years at Kazakhstan market. Main customers are petrochemical plants and large construction companies. Advantages of Electrotherm company: - maintaining the stock of all types of industrial water heaters and heat accumulators with capacity of 1,000 to 3,000 liters; - design of custom-made items, starting from as match as one piece only; - detailed client consultations regarding selection and calculatio

Heating equipment; Industrial water heaters and heat accumulators; The water systems; Heating systems; Heat Supply;

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Russia - Nizhny Novgorod region, Kstovsky district, Afonino village

Kerma is one of the largest manufacturers of facade ceramic brick in the Russian Federation. Our products are sold all over Russia, in the CIS countries. In 2014, the company became part of the combined group of companies "Brick Company". Since 2015 under the brand "Kerma" more than 70 positions of facade ceramic brick are produced, which are produced by two production sites: "Stroma" in Bryansk region and "Kerma" in Nizhny Novgorod. The total output reached 100 million. bricks per year.

Ceramic tile, wall; Ceramic brick;

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Belarus - Mogilev

JSC Mogilevliftmach is one of leading lifts manufacturers in Eastern Europe. Today the production program of JSC Mogilevliftmach numbers 180 base lift models: - Passenger lifts with load capacity of 225, 300, 320, 400, 450, 630, 1000 and 1275 kg and traverse speed of up to 2,0 m/s; - Fright lifts with load capacity 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3200, 5000, and 6300 kg; - Lifts for hospitals with load capacity 500, 630, 1000, 1275 and 1600 kg; - Lifting platforms for disabled people; -Spare parts and equipment for the update of depreciated and worn out lifts are manufactured. Besides lift equipment JSC Mogilevliftmach manufactures the following products: - construction equipment: mast construction hoists and construction platforms; - low forest chippers; - consumer goods: woodworking machines, winches for cultivation of private gardens, fodder shredders.

Lift; Woodworking equipment; Escalator;